Despite the fact that they’re over a million people who share over 130,000 posts per week on LinkedIn, as well as half of whose readers are professionals and company managers, are you still hesitant to start creating content on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn content ideas

As a marketer, if you tend to introduce your brand to the LinkedIn professional network, you need to come up with the best LinkedIn content ideas. Also, if you have good LinkedIn post ideas, you’ll definitely strengthen your position as an expert in your field.

What is the purpose of creating LinkedIn content?

LinkedIn is one of the most reliable and extensive professional social networks in the world.

Compared to other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., besides job search and recruitment, and more, this platform has provided you with a great opportunity to share your work experience and expertise with potential audiences through creating content on LinkedIn.

It isn’t always easy to create content and dream up good ideas on LinkedIn. One of the big challenges in this area is finding new and creative content ideas that can engage the audience and get a good click-through rate on LinkedIn as well.

Accordingly, you may wonder how to produce content on LinkedIn. And what are the best ideas for creating LinkedIn content and posts to boost your brand and business?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about producing worthwhile ideas for their LinkedIn posts!

Here we put forward the most powerful and brilliant ideas for creating content on LinkedIn, the use of each of which can well meet the needs of your target audience on this platform. So stay tuned.

Do you know what’s the key to success in creating content on LinkedIn and often making it viral? The answer is very simple and it’s the personalization of LinkedIn content.

Having said that, along with business and other professional activities on this platform, LinkedIn can be used as an invaluable forum for the exchange of views and ideas.

So, this can be the best solution to prove that LinkedIn users not only find jobs and further sales but can establish real and interactive relationships with their target audiences via new and organic ideas for LinkedIn content.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

As mentioned regarding the importance of LinkedIn content, it’s interesting to know that more than 50% of B2B traffic on social media is related to LinkedIn, and therefore LinkedIn content has had a major impact on this statistic.

You might ask, with so much content on the web, isn’t it getting very repetitive? Your answer is no. Tens of different types of content can be created on LinkedIn, and this has caused a wide range of content so that the users can make the most of them and, as a result, their posts get noticed on LinkedIn.

In this section, we’ll introduce different types of LinkedIn content ideas:

1. Learning content: LinkedIn learning posts have one main goal, and that is to teach the audience useful knowledge and skills.

By sharing informative posts, your connections can learn how to do various skills from cooking to content creation and SEO, and consequently, they can advance their career.

2. Live Events: LinkedIn is the best option for promoting and marketing live events that you may need to hold in the future. With the help of this LinkedIn feature, you can invite professionals to your event.

3. List content: Posts whose titles begin with words like best teach you about various topics. It’s important to remember that the best ways to create content and the best leads in the world are list posts.

4. Video and image content: This type of content doesn’t need to be explained, but you shouldn’t underestimate it in any way.

With the help of LinkedIn posts, you can share videos and multiple photos on LinkedIn. They are considered the most effective types of marketing content in the world of digital marketing.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

According to published statistics, the engagement rate of video or photo posts is much higher than other content, hence, they have a much higher chance of going viral.

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5. News content: LinkedIn is regarded as one of the best places for publishing newsletters and company-related content, and through it, you can quickly notify your contacts and other companies about the events of your organization or company.

However, you don’t have to publish a full article every time you hire a new employee, but you can do it when you launch a new product.

Remember that for less important news, it’s better to share short news on LinkedIn.

6. Webinar: It’s an online conference on LinkedIn. By using it, you can provide valuable content to your professionals’ network in the field of your business.

As a business social network, LinkedIn is the best option for holding webinars for your target users.

7. Slideshare: It’s one of the very useful tools of LinkedIn, through which you can provide completely professional online presentations to a wide range of your connections on LinkedIn.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

You can upload slides, images, videos, infographics, etc. on this gadget. In addition, slideshares are one of the best bets for receiving information.

8. Infographic: This is a very effective and powerful way to show information to your audience and to make your statistical content interesting.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

You can use Photoshop and various images to indicate your statistics in an attractive and ideal way that can quickly catch the audience’s attention.

A great infographic should be both educational and visually appealing.

9. E-book: E-books are one of the most successful strategies for generating potential leads among B2B audiences that usually have invaluable content.

That’s why sharing them with professionals on your LinkedIn professional network is the best thing you can do.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

10. Repost: Interacting with content created by other users shows that you’re participating in other discussions in your professional field. For example, you can reshare other members’ useful posts on your LinkedIn company page. The audience will surely enjoy your attention.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

11. Poll Posts: LinkedIn’s poll feature allows you to engage with LinkedIn members by discussing and asking for different opinions on trending topics.

You can create a poll directly from the homepage of your LinkedIn account.

What kind of content to post on LinkedIn?

12. Carousel posts: This is one of the best features of LinkedIn that helps you scroll through carousels of images that makes your brand and company content look attractive.

Furthermore, Carousel posts bridge the gap between short videos and single-image posts so that you can gradually express your story across multiple images.

13. Long content/article: Most social networks don’t allow you to share long content, but with LinkedIn’s article publishing feature, you can write more than the character limit of LinkedIn posts.

Although LinkedIn posts perform better in terms of views, comments, shares, and likes compared to articles on LinkedIn, their value is higher due to their durability on the web.

LinkedIn post ideas for businesses

Increasing the engagement rate on LinkedIn posts means more engagement of your potential clients with your job posts on this social network.

Therefore, in order to have the desired result on this platform, you should draw inspirational ideas for your LinkedIn posts.

Here are some of the best post ideas for businesses on LinkedIn, let’s dive in!

1. Share work & personal experiences that motivate others

One of the best content to post on LinkedIn is to share personal experiences, especially in your industry and career.

This is why not only is it less likely that others will copy the content of your posts, but it’s also more likely to get comments and likes than other topics.

2. Share your company milestones

As a company owner, you need to share your achievements in showing your strengths. By sharing company victories, you can also convey the feeling of success to your employees so that they can be inspired to advance their career goals by sharing in the joy.

3. Share your success in a job interview

Everyone is stressed before an important job interview, so it makes sense that your contacts want to know how you go for the interview well and get hired.

on LinkedIn, you can post the most challenging job interview questions and interesting things that might have happened during a successful job interview.

4. Take a poll of your LinkedIn network

You can create polls on LinkedIn posts. With polls on this platform, you can ask your connections to give feedback on ideas, events, plans, products, or anything else.

This is a great way to increase engagement and help you get more connections on LinkedIn. (how to get more LinkedIn connections?)

5. Be as reactive as you can in your LinkedIn posts

Answer your network’s questions in your posts and react to their comments. The best way to interact with your prospects is by turning on comments on your LinkedIn company page, where you can connect with them directly.

6. Share your work story

Sharing a brand or work story is one of the most obvious ideas for LinkedIn posts. You can share how your business started from a low point, then made great strides, impacted, and helped your customers.

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7. Share information about a new job opportunity

If you’re looking for an employee in your company and have a new job opportunity, be sure to share it with your LinkedIn network to help others and get more likes and comments on this platform.

8. Share clearing misconceptions about your industry

If there are still common misconceptions about your industry & career that are widely grown up and you know they’re incorrect, decide to dispel them and then share it with your connections on LinkedIn.

9. Share your customers’ interesting stories

Although it’s considered the most common idea for LinkedIn posts, it’s still effective. You can post all your clients’ reactions to your products and services with your LinkedIn network.

10. Share your work process

Explain your career process and specific techniques you use to stay focused. For example, how do you deal with work pressure? What is your solution to stress? keep in mind that sharing them is a great strategy to boost engagement on LinkedIn.

Good LinkedIn post examples

In this section, we show you some examples of good LinkedIn posts so that you can see well why they have received many views, likes, comments, and reposts on LinkedIn.

#Example 1:

Here is a very simple and effective post on LinkedIn by Paloma Pena Firme, a learning experience designer, which shows very well how she has gotten reactions from her audiences by writing a very simple and uncomplicated text and using 3 hashtags about a career issue. So you can also use this idea!

#Example 2:

Another example of a trending LinkedIn post is about a person who shared an interesting and ambiguous image with his LinkedIn network and asked them to double-click on the image and express their opinions.

#Example 3:

Some LinkedIn posts receive good feedback from the audience for sharing their company’s and organization’s designs and inventions, such as Oxford University’s LinkedIn post about its students’ inventions.

You can also get more interaction with your contacts on LinkedIn by sharing an invention or achievement of your company and organization.

#Example 4:

You can share the tweet of one of the experts and specialists in your field, as well as tell your audience on LinkedIn who you’re inspired by in your career, just like the post below.

#Example 5:

If you creatively, sincerely, and simply publish your unemployment problem in the form of a LinkedIn post with your network and explain to your contacts honestly that you’re looking for a job, you can definitely get a lot of views, likes, and comments on LinkedIn.

How to create good LinkedIn posts?

As mentioned earlier, one of the great ideas for creating good LinkedIn posts is to use images, emojis, videos, tags, mentions, hashtags, etc. in posts.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a good LinkedIn post.

Step 1: Navigate to your LinkedIn page and click on the Photo or Video icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage, from the sharing box.

Step 2: Select your favorite images from your PC gallery to upload to your LinkedIn post. At this point, you can upload up to 9 photos to share.

How to create good LinkedIn posts?

Step 3: After uploading and editing the photos, to mention other members or tag companies on LinkedIn posts, click the Tag tab from the pop-up window and then click the Done button.

How to create good LinkedIn posts?

At this step, you can select the Alt. text option to add an alternative text for members using voice-over screen readers.

Step 4: Enter or type your text in the special text box.

Step 5: Click the Add hashtag button and enter the text associated with your hashtag next to the # symbol.

Step 6: After writing your text and adding links related to the topic, emojis, and mentions, then click the Post button in the Create a post window.

How to create good LinkedIn posts?

LinkedIn post tips

If you’re looking to become a LinkedIn superstar, as well as you’re looking to stand out on LinkedIn that engages your audience, you need to consistently share great posts with your LinkedIn network.

To create the best content on this platform, you should have a strong strategy for publishing your LinkedIn posts, you can take the hot tips we’ve given and then start your unique posts.

Now let’s get into some of the top tips for LinkedIn posts.

1. Know your target audience:

Before sharing a post on LinkedIn, the first thing you need to do is to understand who your audience is.

To do this, check the posts of your target contacts to find out about the types of their posts, their habits & interests, as well as the intervals at which they post and the times when they’re most online on LinkedIn.

On top of that, you can create a LinkedIn Premium account. With this account, you’ll figure out which people visit your LinkedIn profile.

Accordingly, you can start a post on LinkedIn based on the audiences’ needs and interests and their high-traffic days and hours.

2. Keep your posts simple:

Your posts should be as simple as possible and have a proper structure so that the audience can easily read and receive the information you provide.

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Also, keep in mind to avoid complicated and unnecessary phrases as much as possible, as well as avoid creating long posts and spamming the audience’s feed.

It’s suggested that you create a simple posting calendar and review the previous content every 6 months. You may be able to reshare them with a little change.

3. Post regularly and on schedule:

Job stability is the key to the success of any business, and you need work stability to succeed on LinkedIn.

It’s better to set an exact date for posting on LinkedIn so that the audience knows when you’re going to share new posts. This makes it easier for your LinkedIn network to follow your posts.

As a rule of thumb in social media, it’s better to post consistently, but this means that sharing your content on LinkedIn must be planned correctly.

It seems reasonable to suggest that you don’t share more than 20 posts on LinkedIn in a month.

4. Use worthwhile headlines and subtitles:

People mostly tend to click, like, and comment on LinkedIn posts that have useful headlines and titles.

With their aid of them, you leave your audiences this feeling that they can immediately utilize your ideas and implement them.

Some of your practical titles might start with: How, when, why, what, and so on.

5. Don’t forget to use images:

Social media posts that include photos can significantly increase engagement rates and usually result in more sharing.

With the photo-sharing feature on LinkedIn, you can straightforwardly engage your contacts.

To optimize images, you can crop, resize, and rearrange them for LinkedIn posts.

6. Don’t overuse hashtags:

Don’t ignore hashtags to get more views on your LinkedIn posts. But it’s recommended not to use more than 3 hashtags per LinkedIn post.

You can make up any hashtag you wish, but it’s better to include the ones in your posts that your LinkedIn network uses the most.

7. Avoid over-tagging of irrelevant people:

Tagging on LinkedIn posts is a great way to increase engagement and get more traffic.

Although it’s advised to always mention or tag on social media content, be careful not to overly put tags of irrelevant people into LinkedIn posts.

Because this leads to sending negative signals to LinkedIn algorithms. So it’s worth bearing in mind that you only tag people who you’re sure will respond to you.

8. Never link to content outside of LinkedIn:

Keep in mind that LinkedIn doesn’t like its members to be redirected off the site. This is why using external links on LinkedIn posts is likely considered negative by the algorithms of this platform.

In any case, you shouldn’t include in your posts anything that drives users away from LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is the best-growing professional social media platform whose target audience consists of business owners, brands, employees, recruiters, job seekers, freelancers, etc.

However, standing out on this platform is difficult because many members use the same strategies for posting on LinkedIn to get the best engagement.

Hence, to maintain and drive your interactions on LinkedIn, you need to produce unique LinkedIn post ideas that will get you to your goals faster and easier. In this article, we reviewed the most important tips and best ideas for sharing content on LinkedIn. We hope it will be useful for you.


What should I write in a LinkedIn Post?

In a LinkedIn post, focus on sharing professional insights, achievements, or updates that would be relevant to your network. Consider writing about recent industry trends, a book you’ve found valuable, lessons from a project, or even asking a thought-provoking question. Ensure your post is clear, concise, and encourages engagement from your connections.

How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

The minimum activity on LinkedIn is to post a few times a month. This is not a much-suggested schedule, though, unless you think that you don’t have enough time to produce a high-quality post.

This schedule might end up forgetting to post even once or twice a month, and what happens then?

People will forget about you and your business or when you finally post, they might ignore it. The worst thing is to post and disappear for a long time! You should interaction with other users to get the ideal result of being on LinkedIn.

So if you can’t be that much active on the network, setting the alarm to remind you to post is recommended.

Make it a monthly regular thing or post every two weeks, but don’t forget that you should post something on LinkedIn. The best posting schedule for LinkedIn regular users is to post every 2-3 days, and don’t forget the high-quality content.

What posts are popular on LinkedIn?

Popular posts on LinkedIn typically include personal success stories, insights into industry trends, actionable career advice, company achievements, and thought leadership content. Posts that evoke emotion, provide value, or invite meaningful discussions tend to gain more traction in terms of likes, comments, and shares.

What topics are most popular on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, the most popular topics often revolve around career development, industry innovations, leadership insights, networking tips, and company culture. Content that provides actionable advice, shares personal experiences, or highlights new industry research tends to capture the attention of professionals on the platform.

What is a good first LinkedIn post?

A good first LinkedIn post should introduce you or, if for a company, the brand, to the platform. Share your motivations for joining LinkedIn, what you aim to share or learn, and a bit about your professional background or expertise. Encourage feedback and connections from others, inviting them to engage or collaborate in the future.

What is a good post impression on LinkedIn?

A good post impression on LinkedIn varies based on the size of your network and your industry, but generally, it’s when your content reaches a significant portion of your connections and even extends beyond them. If a post garners engagement rates (likes, comments, shares) upwards of 1-3% of the total impressions, it’s often considered successful, as it indicates that the content resonated and prompted action among viewers.

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