Different activities are the things that can get you to your goal on social networks. Posting is one of the most important ones, whether on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Post views are one of these factors on LinkedIn. How many post views are good on LinkedIn? How many kinds of posts do we have On LinkedIn? How to write a post to go viral on LinkedIn?

1000 to 5000 views is generally considered good on LinkedIn. However, this can vary depending on the industry, the size of the network, and the level of engagement of the post. Some posts may get much higher or lower views depending on these factors.

How many post views are good on LinkedIn?

How Many Post Views Is Good on LinkedIn?

When you post anything on LinkedIn, it gets loaded on your contacts feed and LinkedIn starts counting your post view every time it has shown in their feed.

Although most views don’t mean that they are read, and it’s not as valuable as likes, comments, and shares.

But to be honest, the more your post views, the more probable likes, comments, and shares you may get.

When the views spike, your profile view will increase, which is perfect for growing your network and presenting your business to more lead generators.

It is said that 1000 to 5000 post views are good on LinkedIn. But remember that the post view doesn’t mean people actually spent their time reading your posts.

The views only mean they happened to scroll over their feeds, and your posts have shown in there.

You need to remember that it doesn’t work like Instagram, and it might take more than 90 days to get more than 2000 views if you are an average user.

So you should be patient to get to the number of post views that are considered good.

Video posts are movies, video clips, and any other video content you share directly, which are called ‘native videos’ or the posts that you link a video on YouTube or anywhere else in it, which are considered ‘external video’.

Although the result of these two types of posts is the same, it is said that native videos are much more LinkedIn algorithm friendly, and it is suggested to post the videos directly to get a better result from it.

Native video views start to get counted just 3 seconds after the video starts playing. It means unlike text postings, just scrolling them doesn’t count as views.

This makes video post views much more valuable because their views mean they attract users’ attention.

In fact, the estimates show that a video post view’s worth is 5 times more than the text posting views.

How Many Post Views Is Good on LinkedIn?

Articles views that you post on LinkedIn are different from post views. It seems that LinkedIn counts article views only when a user clicks and opens its URL.

That’s why article and post views are considered as intended vs. might have.

Because someone should see your article, get tempted to read it, click and open the URL, and then a view of your article is counted, and that is why the articles are the most valuable content on LinkedIn.

The chance of them getting shared is much and the chance of getting your profile checked by the reader is so high.

How to get more than 100,000 post views on LinkedIn?

How Many Post Views Is Good on LinkedIn?

Getting viral on LinkedIn might be a cakewalk or a back-breaking task; it’s up to you! If you want to write a post and want it to get viral, there are some strategies besides having a solid network that might help you in this process.

How Many Post Views Is Good on LinkedIn?
  1. Emotional components can get users involved. Go for meaningful content and choose something that makes your audience think. People are likelier to like, comment, and share posts that they are emotionally engaged with. Not only will this increase your views, but if they decide to share your post, your profile view also will definitely increase. This is a perfect opportunity to represent your business and improve your network of LinkedIn connections. So create your posts a way that raises an emotional response.
  2. Pick up the topics that users are more willing to discuss. People like to talk about gender, diversity, discrimination, etc. Writing about these kinds of topics will not only increase your views but also will enhance other users’ involvement. They are more likely to comment and/or share your post and start a hot discussion with others in that post comment section. It will tell LinkedIn that your post is valuable and convinces the network to show it further and to more and more users. What happens after that? More people will see and comment on your posts, and more users will see your profile.
  3. If you are seeking a perfect business connection on LinkedIn, take special care of your posts’ stats. These numbers will tell you how effective each post was and on who it had an impact. The stats will help you to create better and better posts, and who knows, one of them might get viral. When you are viral, you can see more prominent companies appearing in your post views stats. You can always learn from your stats and optimize how you create posts.
  4. Creating engaging posts definitely will reach your post views and, therefore, your profile views to the top. This is so important to make people notice you and your business. More comments and shares push your posts to get more views and go viral.

Related Questions & Answers

Is 1000 Impressions on LinkedIn Good

Having 1000 impressions on a LinkedIn post can be considered good, but it ultimately depends on various factors such as your target audience, the content of the post, and your overall LinkedIn presence. Impressions refer to the number of times your post was displayed on LinkedIn, which indicates the potential reach of your content. Achieving 1000 impressions shows that your post has gained some visibility and has been seen by a significant number of people. However, it’s important to consider other engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares, as they provide a more comprehensive understanding of how well your post resonated with your audience. Ultimately, the success of your LinkedIn post should be evaluated based on your specific goals and the engagement it generates within your target audience.

LinkedIn Views vs Impressions

LinkedIn views and impressions are two different metrics that provide insights into the reach and engagement of your LinkedIn content. Views refer to the number of individuals who have actually viewed your content, while impressions represent the total number of times your content was displayed, regardless of whether someone clicked on it or not.

Views indicate the actual number of individuals who have engaged with your content by clicking on it and spending time to view it. On the other hand, impressions measure the potential reach of your content, showing how many times it was displayed on users’ feeds, even if they didn’t click on it.

In summary, views give a more accurate count of the number of people who have actively engaged with your content, while impressions give you an idea of the total potential reach. Both metrics are valuable in assessing the performance of your content and understanding its impact on your LinkedIn audience.


Post views are the times a post has been loaded into other users’ feeds. How many post views are good on LinkedIn?

1000 to 5000 views are considered good on LinkedIn, but you must know that most views don’t mean a user actually spent time reading your post.

It only means that they’ve scrolled over it. Of course, there is a chance that they’ve read your post, but you won’t know until they like, comment, or share a post.

It doesn’t mean that views are worthless! The more your post gets loaded in different users’ feeds. There is more of the possibility that they comment on it or share it.

We talked about how many post views are good on LinkedIn.

And the ways your post can go viral on LinkedIn.

Start creating valuable posts on LinkedIn to get viral and attract more potential entrepreneurs and lead generators in your direction. Start it today!


What is the average views on LinkedIn?

The average number of views on a post on LinkedIn can vary widely depending on several factors, including the quality of the content, the size and engagement level of your network, and the relevance of the post to your connections. Posts can receive anywhere from a few hundred views to several thousand views or more. The key to achieving higher views is to consistently share valuable and relevant content, engage with your audience, use relevant hashtags, and build a network of connections interested in your content. Keep in mind that LinkedIn’s algorithms also play a role in determining the visibility of your posts, so it’s essential to create content that resonates with your target audience.

Is 3000 impressions on a LinkedIn post good?

Yes, 3000 impressions on a LinkedIn post can be considered quite good, especially if your network is relatively modest in size. Impressions represent the number of times your post was displayed on users’ screens. Achieving 3000 impressions indicates that your post has reached a substantial audience and generated visibility. However, the quality of those impressions, such as engagement, likes, comments, and shares, also matters. A post with meaningful interactions is often more valuable than one with a high number of impressions alone. Ultimately, the success of a post depends on its relevance and impact within your professional network and industry.

How much post impression is good in LinkedIn?

The goodness of post impressions on LinkedIn can vary widely based on your network size, content type, and goals. However, as a general guideline, a post with hundreds or even a few thousand impressions can be considered good, especially if it’s reaching your target audience and generating meaningful engagement through likes, comments, and shares. The quality of interactions and the relevance of your content to your network matter more than just the sheer number of impressions. Focus on creating valuable and engaging content that resonates with your connections and industry to measure the true impact of your posts on LinkedIn.

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