Getting popular was always somehow important, you will become the center of any parties you attend, people trust you, your voice is heard much more accessible, you can have positive effects on everything around you, etc., since LinkedIn is a very massive community as well, getting popular by one of your posts is a perfect marketing and promoting tool.

More people will read or see your posts even if they are not in your network, and so much more interactions will happen. Why does a post get viral? How to make your post trend on LinkedIn? Why is trending important?

To make your post trend on LinkedIn, focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. Use eye-catching visuals and attention-grabbing headlines to capture their attention. Aim to provide value to your audience by sharing insights, tips, or resources related to your industry or interests. Encourage engagement by asking questions, starting discussions, or including calls to action in your posts. Additionally, consider timing your posts strategically and using relevant hashtags to increase their visibility.

“Your post is trending!” This is how LinkedIn will tell you that your post is getting a lot of engagement under a hashtag; people are reacting, commenting, and sharing your post, so more and more people will see it in their feed, and this will cause even more people to see your post. There are a lot of things that make getting trended on LinkedIn valuable.

How to Make Your Post Trend on LinkedIn?

For example, brand promotion boosts a lot while you are getting trended for a post. Your brand will gain a lot of credibility, and people will trust you much easier even if they never came across you or used your services and products.

Besides, when your posts get trended on LinkedIn, you are proving yourself as an industry leader.

You also have access to a much wider audience when your post goes viral. More people will see your post, and more people can use the information you are giving them.

When your post is trending under a hashtag, more people will see it, and the chance that it gets to people who might need it grows a lot. There are some ways to make your post trending on LinkedIn, although not all of them are officially verified by LinkedIn, the strategies are gathered from different credible sources like an article by LinkedIn Senior Director of Product Management, Pete Davies, and many other LinkedIn experts.

How to make your post trend on LinkedIn?

As we said, there are some ways that you can use to make your post trend on LinkedIn.

The first one is to find the correct hashtags. You might have seen it before; there are some hashtagged posts. This will happen much more if you follow that hashtag. It is essential to know which hashtag is trending right now, for when you find and use them, people who follow that hashtag will see your post in their feed, even those who are out of your network connections; also, you will get on the search result if people who are using the hashtag’s keyword.

The more people see your posts, the more the chance of getting engagement and getting trended. Although it is suggested not to use those too many popular hashtags with millions of posts that are published under them, it is better to use the less crowded ones with some thousand followers to elevate the chance of getting viral.

How to Make Your Post Trend on LinkedIn?

It is also suggested not to load your post with different hashtags, two to three proper hashtags are enough. When you use them, your post will get to people who are out of your network but too many hashtags will confuse LinkedIn algorithms.

Encourage engagement and respond to comments. The commenting section is different on LinkedIn than on other social media.

The ones that algorithms value more are the responded comments, so why not? Respond and even have a nice chat with people who spent their time writing for you. Believe it or not, other users will participate in these types of chats much easier.

Third-party scheduling apps are getting so popular these days, and they are very welcomed on LinkedIn, but let me tell you by experience that posting directly from yourself, even once or twice a month, will increase the amount of engagement much easier than the scheduled ones that are published regularly using these apps.

As always, adding a photo or video to your post will boost it a lot. As you know, people don’t really like to read that much; instead, they can spend thousands of hours watching videos (that is why Instagram and TikTok became so popular suddenly).

Yes, it is OK to read, even perfect, but the truth is that people like videos and photos. Although LinkedIn insists that its algorithms do not favor any particular format, people do, and they are the algorithms’ most crucial standard. So let’s say visuals matter.

How to Make Your Post Trend on LinkedIn?

The first hour is your golden time to show LinkedIn AI that your post is worthy of trending. So let your connections, colleagues, friends, and family know that you’ve just published a post.

LinkedIn supports a brand’s employees who are engaging in a company’s posts. So let your managers, recruiters, PR team, employees, etc. know that you’ve published a post on the company’s page. You can share the post link on your other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook to see a quick result.

How can LinkedIn trending help you with lead generation?

Although using LinkedIn trending as a lead-generating strategy is not that Practical and reliable for so many different elements that are out of your control, it still can help in this field in so many ways and we are going to talk about some of them.

1. Higher brand awareness

The more people see your content on LinkedIn the more people will notice you and your brand.

2. Higher trust

Getting trended on LinkedIn will show you as one of your industry’s thought leaders. When people search for a topic and see your posts are trending on LinkedIn will trust your brand much more accessible.

3. Wider audience

If your post trends under one of the hashtags you chose, it will get on top of the search results of that hashtag. So more people will see it, the engagement chance will grow and you will have much wider access to the target audience.

Related Questions & Answers

How to Find Trending Topics on LinkedIn

To find trending topics on LinkedIn, follow these simple steps. First, log in to your LinkedIn account and go to the LinkedIn homepage. Look for the search bar at the top of the page. Type in keywords or phrases related to the topics you want to explore. LinkedIn will provide suggested search results, including relevant hashtags and trending topics. You can click on these hashtags or explore the posts associated with those topics to discover what’s currently trending on LinkedIn. Additionally, you can also visit the “Discover” tab on the LinkedIn homepage to find curated content, popular discussions, and trending news articles. By utilizing these search and discovery features, you can stay informed about the latest trends and discussions happening on LinkedIn.


Trending is very important on any social media, you can make people notice you and your brand, prove yourself a leader in your industry, and reach people out of your connection network.

Trending helps to boost your marketing strategies for more people will notice and trust your brand and it has so many other benefits as well. How to make your post trend on LinkedIn? Well, you cannot control many different elements, but you can still find the most suitable hashtags and use the other strategies we just mentioned above.


What makes a post trending?

A post becomes trending when it gains significant engagement in a short period of time compared to other posts. Engagement includes likes, shares, comments, and views. The post’s relevance to current events, its quality, and its ability to resonate with a wide audience can contribute to its trendiness. Algorithmic platforms, like social media sites, may further boost trending posts, giving them more visibility based on user interactions and the content’s perceived value.

What counts as trending on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, a post is considered trending when it garners significant engagement within a specific topic or hashtag community relative to other posts. Engagement includes likes, shares, comments, and views. LinkedIn’s algorithm takes note of the rapidity and volume of these interactions to identify trending content. If a post is trending in a certain hashtag topic, the original poster might receive a notification saying their post is trending in “#topicname,” making it visible to more LinkedIn users following that topic.

How do I increase my post impression on LinkedIn?

To increase post impressions on LinkedIn:

  1. Share high-quality, relevant content that resonates with your audience. Use compelling visuals and concise, engaging text.
  2. Post consistently, ideally during peak engagement times when your connections are most active. Engage with comments and shares to foster community interaction.
  3. Leverage relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts, and encourage your connections to engage with and share your content, as this amplifies its reach.

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