Human societies were built on connections. This is the only thing that separates human societies from herds of animals. We are social animals that can talk to each other, which is the reason for the rapid development of our human civilization.

Our connections are the treasures of modern society and the cornerstone of all social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and it can be said that the connections you make on these platforms, at least on LinkedIn, are your most important assets.

Because everything you may want to do using LinkedIn should be based on your audience’s needs, tastes, interests, etc. From job search to sales of various products, advertising and marketing activities, recruitment, fundraising, building trust for various purposes, etc.

Since LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks, you may also be wondering what the LinkedIn connection limit is. How many connections can you have on LinkedIn? Is there a ceiling for sending connect requests?

LinkedIn has set a connection limit of 30,000 for personal profiles, which means that you can connect with up to 30,000 LinkedIn members. However, it's important to remember that building a high-quality and relevant network is more important than simply accumulating a large number of connections. 

LinkedIn Connection Limit

Many users of LinkedIn’s 840 million members community are currently trying to expand their communication network daily for various reasons.

Many of us use sales navigator accounts; maybe you are also trying to improve the success of the company page by increasing the number of your connections as an admin of the company pages.

Many of us want more connections just to be seen so that we can have a successful career and gain the trust of more people, including recruiters.

Connections are so meaningful that many users intentionally or unintentionally used to go too far in sending connect requests, and used spam attacks were common on LinkedIn.

Maybe it was for this reason that LinkedIn reduced the limit of these requests in recent years drastically. None of us likes to be bombarded with requests from too many people.

You should know that LinkedIn used to ask its users to only communicate with people they know. But this changed when this platform left the traditional format of social networks and became the largest business-oriented social network.

When it comes to marketing, learning, etc., it is practically pointless to rely only on the people you know and communicate only with them. But on the other hand, there were people who used to spam others with these requests for marketing purposes.

LinkedIn Connection Limit

That’s why LinkedIn set a limitation on the requests. Before this, the daily limitation of requests that you could send was 20 for basic accounts, 100 for paid accounts, and 225 for sales navigators.

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However, even this ceiling did not stop the spam. Many marketers were still sending more than 1500 requests per week using automatic programs, and this meant spamming many accounts and constant complaints from users.

For this reason, in 2021, LinkedIn reduced the request limit drastically and made it the same for all accounts.

100 requests per week, this reduced spam attacks so effectively. But at the same time, it made everything so hard for many people who were trying to increase their connections with automatic requests.

Because sometimes, these programs violated the limitations of requests and caused the user to receive a warning, and when they received a warning, the number of requests used to get decreased to 50 invitations per week, it was also possible that the account would be suspended entirely so the user could not log in for at least a few days. (Until he proved that he is not a robot).

You may disagree with LinkedIn’s decision. But if you have been on LinkedIn for several years, you may have seen these spams once or twice, and you know how annoying they are.

In addition, even if you are unhappy with this limitation, you can still cope. Honestly, in my opinion, this limitation can even be beneficial.

Because it forces users to use their weekly requests wisely and choose the most useful people to invite instead of opening the search list and sending requests to anyone.

You have a 30,000 first-degree connections limit, meaning when you get to this number, you need to remove people from your connections to get new connections.

LinkedIn Connection Limit

Imagine that you have this collection of antiques and you see this piece of art and really think that you can use it, but then you figure out that you don’t have enough space for it and you know that if you lose the piece of art, you will lose many opportunities.

Why don’t you have enough space? Because you collected everything you saw and thought, you may use them once in your life.

You need to throw many useless items to get space for the more useful ones. But what if you know that you can have a limited collection of antiques?

You will get very selective then and try buying the most useful and precious items. That is exactly what this 100 connections per week limitation did for LinkedIn users.

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LinkedIn connection limit and how to be smart about it?

As we said, LinkedIn’s limitation since 2021 can be beneficial. Not only will it stop people from spamming other accounts, but it also makes people more selective about the ones they want to connect with.

Since we have two kinds of limitations in the matter of LinkedIn connections, the 100-per-week request limitation and the 30,000 first-degree connections, it would be smart to start using some strategies in this matter.

LinkedIn Connection Limit
  • Try to optimize your profile as much as possible. It is essential to be presentable and look like a professional to persuade people to accept your request.
  • Try to be pickier than usual; you have a limited number of invitations every week and want to use them the best way possible.
  • Go for the more active users first. If you want to have a fruitful connection on LinkedIn, they need to be on the platform; I mean, many people create an account and never get back to them.
  • If you sent an invitation and they did not accept it for a few weeks, withdraw it.
  • If you request manually, don’t forget to send a personalized message. It spikes the response rate.
  • Be active on LinkedIn to make people trust you easier.

You have a LinkedIn connection limit when trying to expand your network, so be careful about your boundaries and move carefully since your account can get suspended for violating the rules. They might recognize you as a robot.


How to get more than 30,000 connections on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s maximum connection limit for a personal profile was set at 30,000 connections. This limit was in place to prevent spam and maintain network quality. It’s essential to focus on building meaningful connections rather than trying to reach the connection limit.

To grow your network on LinkedIn effectively, consider these tips:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Focus on connecting with individuals who share your professional interests or could be valuable connections in your industry.
  2. Personalized Invitations: When sending connection requests, always include a personalized message explaining why you want to connect.
  3. Engage Actively: Regularly engage with your network by sharing insightful content, commenting on others’ posts, and participating in relevant groups.
  4. Attend Events: Attend virtual or physical networking events and conferences related to your industry.
  5. LinkedIn Premium: Consider a LinkedIn Premium subscription, which may offer more InMail credits and additional features for networking.
  6. Build a Strong Profile: Ensure your profile is complete, showcases your skills and achievements, and includes a professional photo.

Remember that the quality of your connections and your engagement within your network can be more valuable than the quantity of connections. Building a strong, engaged network can help you achieve your professional goals on LinkedIn. For the most current information on LinkedIn’s connection limits, please refer to LinkedIn’s official help center or their terms of service, as these policies may change over time.

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Does LinkedIn limit connections?

Yes, LinkedIn does impose a limit on the number of connections a user can have. The maximum limit for connections on LinkedIn was set at 30,000 connections for individual profiles. This limit was designed to prevent spammy behavior and encourage users to build meaningful professional connections.

It’s essential to focus on quality over quantity when building your LinkedIn network. Instead of trying to reach the maximum limit, prioritize connecting with individuals who share your professional interests, are relevant to your industry, or can provide valuable insights and opportunities. Building a high-quality network with meaningful connections can be more beneficial for your professional growth on LinkedIn. Please check LinkedIn’s official help center or terms of service for the most up-to-date information on connection limits, as these policies may change over time.

What is the LinkedIn connection limit per week?

LinkedIn didn’t have a specific weekly connection limit explicitly mentioned in their policies. However, LinkedIn does have daily and overall connection limits. Users were generally allowed to send around 100 connection requests per day. The total number of connections a user could have was capped at 30,000 for individual profiles.

Please note that LinkedIn’s policies and limitations can change over time, and they may have introduced new features or restrictions since my last update.

Why does LinkedIn stop at 500 connections?

LinkedIn doesn’t have a hard stop at 500 connections, but 500 is a notable milestone because LinkedIn displays the number of connections up to 500 as an exact count. Beyond 500 connections, it simply shows “500+.” This is mainly a design choice to keep profile views clean and concise. It doesn’t mean there’s a technical or policy limitation at 500 connections. Users can continue to connect with others and grow their network well beyond 500 connections on LinkedIn. However, it’s essential to focus on the quality of connections and networking effectively rather than just accumulating a large number of connections.

What is LinkedIn monthly limit?

LinkedIn doesn’t publicly disclose specific monthly connection limits for users. However, they do have some automated systems in place to detect unusual or spammy connection behavior. If you send too many connection requests in a short period, you may encounter restrictions. To maintain a healthy LinkedIn network, it’s advisable to send connection requests primarily to people you know or with whom you share professional interests. This helps ensure your networking efforts are genuine and within LinkedIn’s guidelines.

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