Can you get someone’s cell phone number from the web? We mean anybody’s phone number that you need, like the number of a specific individual in a company, your old classmate at school, or even a decision maker in a large enterprise.

The marketers, who find out that connecting with companiesindividuals directly shortens the way needed to be passed to close a deal, are more in search of individualsphone number extraction methods.

Of course, various methods and many tools can be used for this purpose. But how?!

Finding someone's phone number can be done through various methods such as searching online directories, using people search engines, or utilizing social media platforms that may have contact information available. However, it's important to note that obtaining someone's phone number without their consent may violate privacy laws, so it's crucial to ensure you have a legitimate and legal reason for seeking their contact information.

Manually Methods

You yourself can search Google and other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc., or even famous social networks like LinkedIn to find the phone number of an individual, which is suitable when you need a few numbers.

Get a telephone number by manual search on the web!

If we want to have a more detailed look, you should search the name of any individual you like on Google or in social networks and then check the demonstrated results to find the phone number of the requested person.

What is interesting in manual phone number extraction is the matter of cost as it is totally free.

However, if we consider the low amount of money we pay for internet connection and electricity, it is not totally free anymore! If you want to know how to find the current phone numbers of individuals manually at no cost, please read the manual strategies mentioned at the end of this article.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Automatically Methods

Why wait days and weeks to find the phone numbers of a group of people? Smart marketers do not waste time searching individuals’ names in search engines and social networks, especially when they need many people’s phone numbers.

Find someone’s phone number by the use of automatic phone number extractors!

Instead, they apply automatic methods like phone number finders or extractors to collect the landline and cell phone numbers of persons in bulk and in a short time.

In this article, we will introduce and explain all manual and automatic methods to extract phone number lists of individuals.

First, all available automatic methods are explained in detail, and then the manual ways.

Compare these strategies and find the best answer to the question, “How to get contact numbers of people fast and accurately?”

Join us to connect with your old classmate that you have not seen for years, the CEOs of companies active in a certain industry, or any other prospect you wish through a phone conversation.

1. CUF

Are you tired of hearing this: “your dialed phone number does not exist” when you call new prospects for your business purposes?!

This issue has been solved if you use reliable services to find correct and verified phone numbers for your business purposes!

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

One perfect method suggested to any person whose mind is busy with the question “how do I get someone’s mobile number?” is to use the CUF phone number finder, the one that guarantees the 98% accuracy rate of the provided phone numbers.

CUF phone number finder is only one of its offered tools. In addition to a phone number extractor, CUF has other automatic gadgets like an email finder, domain finder, company database, and too many other services.

In other words, CUF is a lead generation and B2B company data enrichment website helping startups and organizations not to contact irrelevant individuals that will go nowhere.

CUF Services, Company URL Finder

Continue reading this part to learn the benefits of CUF and how to run someone’s phone number.

Working based on individuals’ names.

You can find the mobile numbers by the name of the person in CUF. It means that you enter the name of one or even hundreds of people in CUF and then get their phone numbers in real-time:

  1. Input: person’s name
  2. Output: person’s cell phone numbers

Single or bulk requests?! No difference…

CUF can find the phone numbers of one of the hundreds of people at once. If you enter one person’s name, then only the phone numbers of that certain person are discovered by CUF, and if you enter a list of individuals’ names, then their phone numbers are provided in a complete list that can be downloaded in Excel file:

  • CUF single phone number finder
  • CUF bulk phone number finder

You may delay, but time will not!

Both the single and bulk phone number finders of CUF work fast and with no pause or delay. This helps the users to generate more high-value leads per minute.

The faster you act in lead generation and marketing, the more chances you have to attract prospects and close deals!

Send qualified leads to your CRM!

Take your marketing to the next level with the help of accurate contacts and phone numbers provided by CUF.

Performance improvement, smarter decisions, and more marketing growth are all the benefits of accessing quality-assured and valid contacts of prospects.

Reverse phone number lookup

CUF also can find the names of individuals and business people if the user enters their cell phone numbers.

When you see a missed call from an unknown phone number on your cell phone, enter it in CUF and find out who the caller was.

Always have the most up-to-date phone numbers.

CUF provides up-to-date, and fresh phone numbers of leads, not outdated ones used many years ago by the requested person.

Databases of CUF are updated daily to find even the most minor errors and remove them.

CRM integration

The users can easily integrate CUF results with their CRMs to make them complete, checked, and verified.

Collect phone numbers with ease

Both versions of CUF on desktop and mobile are user-friendly and can be applied easily. Any person at any age and with any level of computer proficiency can pass all levels of CUF from the sign up to data download simply.

The most comprehensive database of contacts.

Over 130 million contacts are recorded in the CUF database, including companies’ and individualsphone numbers, domains, emails, profiles on social media, etc.

All countries & industries are covered

+200 countries and +400 industries are supported in CUF. The phone numbers of companies working in various industries and located in various countries are recorded in CUF.

Free access to phone numbers

Free credits for newcomers to CUF are available. However, CUF offered prices are competitive, helping startups and new companies reduce marketing costs and boost ROI.

CUF chrome extension

CUF also has a chrome extension that can be installed on your browser and instantly record the phone numbers on any page you like.

Imagine you are on the search page of LinkedIn, click on the chrome extension and get the whole contacts recorded on that LinkedIn page in a second.

2. Lead411

The phone numbers of individuals are prepared by Lead411 in real-time and in bulk. Lead411 both provides and verifies phone numbers, but it doesn’t mention the accuracy rate on its website.

Even the number of contacts available in its database is not declared.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

It provides unlimited capacity for the users and covers the whole world. Just select the filters offered by Lead411 and get prospectsphone numbers in real-time. Easy and fast.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

✅ Lead411 upsides

  •  A 7-day free trial is available to help users test this service’s quality.
  • It supports the whole world.
  • Easy API integration with CRM.

❌ Lead411 downsides

  • The number of contacts recorded in its database is not specified by the owner, and many believe that its database is limited. Also, the accuracy rate is not declared and guaranteed.
  • It only provides the phone numbers of companies. You cannot get people’s phone numbers through Lead411.
  • It doesn’t have a reverse phone number lookup service.
  • A few filters like location, industry, and job title are created in Lead411 to narrow down the results, which can be to make more relevant results.
  • By a simple search on the web, you see that many people are unhappy with the high prices of Lead411 services. It makes it difficult for marketing teams with a low budget to benefit.

3. Whitepages

Want to know how to get the phone numbers of individuals for free?!

Whitepages is one of the tools that can provide phone numbers of business people free of charge.

It asks for the name and locations of individuals to find their phone numbers in real-time. It can also tell you to whom any phone number belongs through its reverse phone number finder.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

It only gives the phone numbers of people in the USA, but it has a unique feature that compensates for the location limitation.

That is its ability to check the background of business people. If the requested person has any criminal background, Whitepages tells you! Interesting, isn’t it?

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Whitepages upsides

  • It checks the background of people to find if they have any criminal history or not. This service’s price is fair, making it more interesting. However, the data given about individuals is incomplete, and frankly, it is not very worthy.
  • It can find the people’s names based on their phone numbers.
  • It is free of charge as it provides public data available on the web. 
  • Both people’s and companies’ phone numbers are available in Whitepages.

Whitepages downsides

  • It only provides the phone numbers of American people and businesses.
  • It doesn’t support bulk requests, which could be very useful if supported. In fact, most marketers look for bulk lead generation services; frankly, single support cannot be very efficient. But if you want to check your old friend’s name to find his number, it can be a good choice.
  • The data given about the background of business people are not complete and very reliable based on reports of some marketers.
  • It has not mentioned what the percentage of its data accuracy rate is. Today people look for verified and guaranteed information in any field, especially when it is about business. Invalid data not only misleads the markets but also wastes their time. Even worse, it may cause business scams and frauds! If Whitepages does not show the criminal records of a prospect, it may be risky!

4. Lusha

How to get people’s numbers with the help of Lusha?

The cell phone numbers of people and landline phone numbers of firms are provided by Lusha. Based on people’s names, their contacts like their cell phone numbers and emails and the data and contacts of the company in which they are active are given.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of Lusha

  • It integrates with your CRM.
  • Both companies’ and individuals’ numbers are given, plus other kinds of data.
  • It gives 5 free credits to the users as a quality check.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of Lusha

  • One important issue which many marketers complain about is the low data coverage of Lusha. For many searches, it doesn’t provide a result.
  • Another important downside of Lusha is related to its customer service, which doesn’t support clients after purchase as much as they should, based on the idea of many marketers on the web. 
  • Some marketers are not happy with the quality of data given by Lusha. They believe that the data accuracy rate is low and the amount of incorrect data given by Lusha is unacceptable. Calling wrong people and an increased email bounce rate are some of the problems people working with Lusha’s face.
  • Some people on the web complaining that after giving their cell phone number to Lusha at the time of signing up, they received a lot of spam robocalls! While most similar tools do not ask for a telephone number in the process of signing up.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

5. BeenVerified

BeenVerified has the data of people, vehicles, and property. How to check someone’s number in BeenVerified? With the help of BeenVerified, you can check the phone number behind any missed call on your phone to find out who has called you.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

People’s location, email, age, and social media profiles are some other data given in BeenVerified. It only performs single requests to detect the phone numbers of businesses and individuals.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of BeenVerified

  • Both the landline phone numbers of companies and the cell phone numbers of their people are given.
  • It provides public data, so it is free of charge, helping startups to reduce costs.
  • It offers many other services, too, like email lookup, vehicle search, address lookup, etc. This comprehensive website meets users’ various needs- many tools under one roof!

Downsides of BeenVerified

  • As I said before in this article, we cannot expect a free tool to provide contacts and data with a high accuracy rate. BeenVerified, which has gathered public data for free, is not an exception too. It doesn’t guarantee to provide reliable data, and if we face a low accuracy rate, we cannot complain. Such a tool can be good for a few numbers of searches when accuracy is not very important for us, and we don’t want to pay for a bulk service.
  • It has the data of American people and companies. Therefore it is not a recommended tool if you struggle with people of the whole world.
  • It is time-consuming if you want to search names one by one in BeenVerified. However, compared with the manual methods explained in the last parts of this article, it takes less time.

6. ZabaSearch

How to find someone’s number by ZabaSearch? It is a free database providing phone numbers and contacts of people and firms in the USA.

The names and locations of individuals are required as the inputs to find their phone numbers. Also, it can convert phone numbers to individuals’ names too.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

It has designed and created a new feature named “View Full Profile,” which gives some more data about the individuals like their social media networks.

But to be honest, the speed of this interesting tool is not acceptable and causes some marketers to ignore it.

In addition to slow speed, it is also expensive, and it doesn’t guarantee the data to be accurate and valid. If it guarantees a high data accuracy rate, I will try it though it is expensive.

But as data reliability is very important for me, I, the same as many other marketers, prefer not to waste company budgets for data with a low accuracy rate.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

ZabaSearch upsides

  • Public data of both people and companies, like their phone numbers, are available in ZabaSearch for free.
  • It only needs the name and locations of people to find their contacts.
  • A reverse phone number check is also possible in ZabaSearch.
  • More data like leads’ social networks are given with an extra fee.

ZabaSearch downsides

It only provides the data of the American people.

It doesn’t support bulk requests. Only it is used for single searches.

More data about leads are provided by ZabaSearch, but this feature is expensive, and the given data is not guaranteed to be valid. Because it is based on public records on the web, it is not fresh and updated.

7. LeadIQ

The phone numbers of companies and their members are given by the LeadlQ prospector extension. Easily install it, search in LinkedIn and get the contacts recorded in these LinkedIn accounts through the LeadIQ extension.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of LeadIQ

  • LeadIQ can be integrated with sales tools.
  • It supports both single and bulk requests.
  • The phone numbers of companies and individuals are provided.
  • The whole world is supported.  
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of LeadIQ

  • Offer prices by LeadIQ are not competitive. Three main plans are demonstrated on their website, which you can see in the picture below. The first one with a few numbers of credits is prepared for free as a quality check for newcomers. The next one (Starter) provides 250 email addresses and only 25 mobile phone numbers! And it costs 60$ per month! The second offer is 120$ per month, which gives you 500 emails and 50 cell phone numbers of individuals.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?
  • Another serious downside of LeadIQ is that the number of phone numbers recorded in its database is low. Based on the opinion of marketers and experts, many of the searches lack phone numbers!
  • LeadIQ has not guaranteed data accuracy, and I have heard some serious complaints regarding this issue from marketers, which seem unpleasant.
  • Its website is not easy to use based on the opinion of many users, and finding out its capabilities and features is not simple. LeadIQ dashboard is so confusing and limited.
  • It doesn’t find the individuals’ names based on their phone numbers (no reverse phone number lookup is available).

8. ZoomInfo

With ZoomInfo, it is not hard to find the phone numbers of business people anymore. It keeps your CRM data up-to-date.

What makes it unsuitable for all marketing purposes is that it doesn’t provide the phone numbers of individuals, just the landline numbers of companies.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of ZoomInfo

  • Both single and bulk services are supported in ZoomInfo.
  • Good CRM integration
  • Free trial is available for quality check.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of ZoomInfo

  • It doesn’t give business people’s phone numbers; only companies’ landline numbers are provided.
  • If you get the data of international companies from ZoomInfo, then you have to transfer them manually to CRM, that’s so time-consuming.
  • The data accuracy rate is not mentioned in ZoomInfo and is not guaranteed though it is a paid service.
  • It doesn’t have a reverse phone number check system.
  • Based on the opinion of marketers on the web, the support team of ZoomInfo is not good.

9. AeroLeads

AeroLeads helps users in the detection and extraction of emails and phone numbers.

It works based on some filters like name, location, company name and size, job title, etc., to get the phone number and email of the selected person.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

If you select detailed filters and narrow down your request, the result will be about one person.

For instance, if you enter the first and last name of a person plus the name of the company in which he is working, only the phone number and email of that particular person will be given, but if you select just a country and one job title, the list of all people working in the selected job title and in that country will be shown with their contacts.

For instance, you can choose to see the data of marketers working in Chinese companies. This is a bulk search through which the data of many individuals are given.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

It has also provided a Chrome Extension for extracting data from web pages directly. You can enter LinkedIn and then use this Chrome Extension to extract the phone numbers of people from the search page or the direct page of each person.

Upsides of AeroLeads

  • The phone numbers of both people and companies are provided by AeroLeads in real time.
  • Single and bulk searches are supported.
  • It can convert phone numbers to individuals’ names too.
  • We should consider that working with AeroLeads is easy, and it is a user-friendly website.
  • Searches are done based on various filters, narrowing down the results and helping us to have more relevant data.
  • Like many other phone number finders, it has a free trial.
  • It can be connected to your CRM for data enrichment.

Downsides of AeroLeads

  • Only the contacts that are visible to the user after a LinkedIn search are given.
  • Are the found numbers by AeroLeads correct? It doesn’t guarantee the accuracy rate of its data, and I saw some complaints published by marketers on the web about inaccurate contacts given by AeroLeads. Even it may tell you that an email address is untrue while it is correct!
  • Some marketers reported on the web that the speed of AeroLeads in data extraction is not high enough.
  • Only the emails and phone numbers are given. If more contacts were recorded in AeroLeads, it would be better.

10. Uplead

Uplead has been designed and created as a lead generation tool that guarantees to provide a data accuracy rate of 95%.

One part of its website mentioned that 85 million contacts are recorded in Uplead, while another part of its weblog declared that 46 million contacts are in its database.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

One of the main tools of Uplead enables users to find anyone’s number in real-time. Also, it has a Chrome Extension, which can be installed on your browser to extract the phone numbers recorded on any web page.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of Uplead

Uplead has provided a 7-day free trial for all newcomers to check the services and quality before any purchase. 

It guarantees the provided data to be 95% accurate. It checks and verifies all phone numbers before the demonstration. However, other similar tools have a higher guaranteed data accuracy rate.

It has provided a Google Chrome Extension for phone number extraction in web browsers.·        It has both single and bulk services that can provide the phone numbers of individuals and companies.

Downsides of Uplead

  • Some marketers complain that Uplead has a limited amount of contacts, and this causes some or even many searches to remain with no result. While Uplead has mentioned on its website that it has recorded 85 million contacts in its database!
  • Some people believe that Uplead caters to the masses, collecting data from many platforms and websites, some of which are not updated and do not have fresh data.
  • Uplead support team is not responsive, as some marketers said on the web.
  • When it provides the contacts of people working in a company, the result may include the contacts of employees that had left the company many years ago!
  • Given contacts of Uplead are usually not fresh and not updated.
  • Sometimes the actual number of contacts exported is less than what you see after you filter. For instance, it shows 1000 contacts, but only 300 are given when exported!

11. InfoTracer

As its name suggests, InfoTracer can be used to track the American people as it is a complete database of people’s contacts like their profiles on social media and even their criminal backgrounds!

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?
How to Find Someone’s Phone Number?

As you can see in the picture above, the user can search by:

Name: Add a person’s full name plus its city (optional) and state (optional) to get that person’s phone number in seconds.

In addition to phone numbers, many other contacts are available, too, from email and social media profiles to some interesting data like his/her relative list, arrest records, education, image, professional licenses, or even traffic violations! Amazing, isn’t it?

See them in the picture below.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Phone: this enables you to convert a phone number to its owner’s name and much other interesting information about the owner.

Email: if you search the emails related to American people, other data of them will be given, such as their addresses, social network URLs, and so many other great details.

Username: this field converts a person’s username to his/her contacts, social media, assets, court records, etc.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Address: give it an address including state, city, unit, street name, and house number to get other available data of the owner of the house you entered its address.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?
How to Find Someone’s Phone Number?

Plate: plate number plus the state are required to find the individual’s data.

VIN: enter the 17-character VIN to get the data related to that.

IP: even the IP address can be used as an input.

Upsides of InfoTracer

  • Not just the phone numbers of people and companies, very other interesting and different data is given in InfoTracer too. It would be really amazing to get the arrest or criminal report of an individual, his/her image, properties, or even the list of his/her professional licenses! I like it, what about you?
  • One of the features I appreciate in InfoTracer is its ability to provide the data of people based on their images! Get the image of a person from his/her social platform, upload it in InfoTracer and see the background!
  • A reverse phone number check is possible in InfoTracer
  • It provides public data, so it’s free. However, only common data is given for free. Details require money!
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of InfoTracer

  • The given data by InfoTracer is public, so we cannot be sure of its correctness, and it is often worthless.
  • It only provides the data of the American people.
  • Detailed data of InfoTracer, which I like so much, is not free, and frankly, it’s so expensive.
  • Sometimes you will find missing information in some areas of the reports with the notation “Not on file!”
  • Many marketers on the web mentioned that the amount of data given by InfoTracer is not enough compared with the money they pay.

12. AnyWho

AnyWho has a free phone number finder that supports reverse phone lookup too. It means that the user can give it a name and get his/her phone number or give it a phone number and get its owner’s first and last name. It only supports the USA.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

AnyWho doesn’t mention how many contacts are recorded in its database on its website. Both companies’ and individualsphone numbers are provided by AnyWho, but it has limited capacity, and only single requests are covered.

Individuals’ first names, last names, and zip codes, as seen in the picture above, are the inputs required by AnyWho.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

AnyWho upsides

  • It is free, so it can be a good choice for startups and marketing teams with low budgets, but I believe that free online services may not be as reliable as non-free tools in terms of data accuracy. Users cannot expect a free tool to provide a high data accuracy rate. However, this story is not always true, and some may disagree with my opinion. 
  • It has a reverse phone number service too.
  • It is a very easy-to-use service. So if how to find a number very easily is essential for you, test AnyWho.

AnyWho downsides

  • It only supports the USA. It means that only the phone numbers of American people and businesses are recorded in it.
  • Based on the opinion of some marketers, the amount of data recorded in AnyWho is limited and not enough to reply to all requests. So many searches will remain with no result.
  • Very limited options. However, I believe that we cannot expect a free tool to be perfect.
  • It doesn’t support bulk requests, so the job of marketers who look for large amounts of data becomes very difficult.
  • This website was more reliable years ago, and now its quality is not the same as before based on the review of some marketers on the web.

13. RocketReach

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

How to find someone’s new number by RocketReach?

This B2b lead generation tool, founded in 2016, gets the name of people and converts them to their contacts and other interesting data like the name and address of the company they are working in.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of RocketReach

  • It works based on both single and bulk types
  • Chrome Extension of RocketReach can be installed on your browsers and extract contacts from web pages directly.
  • Free credits are available.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of RocketReach

  • The phone numbers given by RocketReach are not error-free, and many people do not like it because of its low data accuracy rate. Sometimes I prefer to find contacts through manual Googling though it is time-consuming, instead of getting inaccurate results that waste more time.
  • Offered prices by RocketReach are higher than other similar tools, and it has caused many startups and small marketing teams to refuse to use it.
  • If the user’s input is not exactly the same as the data that RocketReach has recorded in its database, it won’t help you find your requested contacts.

14. SpyDialer

Specializing in collecting the phone numbers of firms and people, SpyDialer is recommended by many it has a big database of the landline phone numbers of USA companies and even the cell phone numbers of American people. It is free but only contains American phone numbers.

How to get other phone numbers by SpyDialer? Take a look at the picture below.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

As you can see, this professional tool includes both a phone number finder and a reverse phone number lookup service.

The first offered tool, which you see above, asks for a phone number to be converted to the person’s name. The second one wants the name of the person, its city, and state to provide the individual’s cell phone number, as you can see below:

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

In the Address field, the user should add the street address, city, and state to get the name and phone number of the owner of this address.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

And the last one needs an email address to show the phone number of the owner of this email.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of SpyDialer

  • No payment is needed.
  • It has both the landline phone numbers of companies as well as the cell phone numbers of companies’ people.
  • A reverse phone number check can be done in SpyDialer.
  • Various types of filters are available, so it covers different needs. The phone number can be given to the user based on an address or email.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of SpyDialer

  • It doesn’t guarantee the provided data is correct. It has collected the phone numbers from public sources, so if we see errors in the results, it is not strange. I myself prefer to use a service with a high data accuracy rate, but you, I don’t know!
  • It provides the numbers of USA organizations and people. Other parts of the world are not included.
  • One important deficiency in SpyDialer is its inability to support bulk requests, the feature which has many fans and most marketers look for.

15. Intelius

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Intelius provides public data on people living in the USA. The input can be an address, a phone number, or a name.

If you enter a name plus the city and USA state where he/she lives, it checks the federal, country, and state data sources and finally provides public data, including that person’s phone number, fast.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

While it checks your inputs to find the relevant data, it asks some questions to narrow down the results, which can be seen in the picture below.

For instance, if you search the name of a person like John Smith, it asks you some questions while checking its database like:

  • Is John Smith an only child?
  • Is John Smith over 30 years old?
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

These questions help Intelius to have more details about the individual you are looking for, so it narrows down the results and provides more relevant information about John Smith.

Upsides of Intelius

  • It provides various types of data about people in the USA like their contacts, background, criminal records, etc.
  • It offers a mobile app for Android and iOS
  • The user can trace the source of a phone number through Intelius phone number reverse lookup.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of Intelius

  • Data inaccuracy is the most repetitive complaint we hear from the users of Intelius. It doesn’t guarantee the correctness of the provided contacts, and it’s very probable that it gives you inaccurate data.
  • We should consider that a few of its services are free. But generally, its price plans are confusing. It is hard to find pricing data on its website.
  • It only provides the data of USA people.

16. Clearbit

How to find someone’s new phone number with the help of Clearbit?

Clearbit has the contacts and data of around 20 million companies and businesses from all over the world. It sends the leads’ data to your CRM fast to increase the speed of marketing and stop time delays.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of Clearbit

  • Clearbit integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, and Segment.
  • Its database contains a huge amount of data which can be efficient for lead generation but keep in mind that it doesn’t guarantee data accuracy.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Downsides of Clearbit

  • It doesn’t provide the cell phone numbers of business people, and only companies’ landline phone numbers are given. So connecting decision-makers of firms directly through phone conversation is not met with this service.
  • With a simple search on the web, you will see that many people complain about the low accuracy rate of the data given in Clearbit. The issue of data correctness is so important and cannot be ignored. The amount of contacts provided by marketing services is not as important as the data correctness.
  • To find companies’ phone numbers with Clearbit, the user should purchase Clearbit’s “Enterprise Plan,” which costs $24k per year- so expensive! Therefore if the main target of the user is phone extraction, to pay this big amount of money is not fair! But if other services offered in Clearbit’s “Enterprise Plan” are required too, this high price may seem a little logical! 
  • It has no reverse phone number check.
  • First, to show you a demo, you have to sign up with an email and send a message to request the demo! While other similar services let you use free trials much faster.
How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

17. Google

Let’s finish the explanation of automatic tools and start checking the manual methods available for this purpose.

How to find someone’s phone number via Google or other search engines?

After explaining various automatic phone number finders like CUF, AnyWho, Lead411, etc., it’s time to talk more about manual methods to find any cell number.

Google, as the most famous and the most used search engine in the world with a market share of over 92%, can be a perfect choice for finding the contacts of companies and their members as millions of businesses share their contacts such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, location, etc. on the web.

Their websites and social networks are the showcase of their company and mostly include their contacts.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Just enter Google and type the name of the person whom you need its number.

You can just search his/her name, or you can narrow it down and search both his/her name and the name of the company in which he is working.

Even adding the country in which he/she lives can be helpful.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

As you see by searching the intended name, all websites with relevant data are shown fast.

You need to check them one by one to see if her phone number exists on the web or not.

In this request, her own website, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook are the three first results that may contain her number.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Upsides of Google

  • This strategy is free if we ignore the low payment for internet connection.
  • Are the phone numbers you find on websites offered by Google accurate and valid? It depends on many factors, the most important of which is the website that shows the contact. Usually, the contacts of companies and their individuals, which are mentioned on the company’s official website, are accurate as the owners of the company themselves added them to their website. But if the requested phone number exists on a yellow page, its accuracy rate decreases. After extraction, you can apply phone number verifiers offered by various tools like CUF to check whether it is true or not.

Downsides of Google

  • Of course, this method is good only when a few phone numbers are required. Imagine you have a list of 100 individuals’ names for which you need their cell phone numbers. Is it logical to ask your marketing team to search the names one by one on Google and check the offered websites with relevant data to find the phone numbers of 100 people?!! It is easy only when less than 10 names are available for check-in my view.
  • Google is not efficient for reverse phone number checks.

18. Facebook

How to get someone’s number from Facebook?

Founded in 2004, American Facebook is still a great channel for connecting people and even businesses to each other.

If you visit the Facebook profile of any person you like by searching his/her name on this platform, you can see the contacts he/she has mentioned there.

And if the owner of the page has added his/her phone number, you can easily get it.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

What has distinguished Facebook from Google in this field is that a reverse phone number check is possible on Facebook. It means that if you search a person’s cell phone number on Facebook, it shows the profile of that person to you unless the time

  1. that the Facebook user didn’t link his/her cell phone number to his/her profile and
  2. the user’s privacy settings don’t allow this feature.

Upsides of Facebook

  • Reverse phone number check available on Facebook is found in no other manual methods mentioned in this article, so it is helpful and efficient. However, do not forget that reverse cell phone number lookup usually does not end in a result.
  • Free of charge
  • Both the phone numbers of people and companies can be found there.
  • As the contacts are recorded in individuals’ profiles on Facebook by themselves, the possibility of mistakes is very low. Therefore the gathered contacts in this way are more likely to be real and correct.

Downsides of Facebook

  • Like all other manual ways, bulk phone number extraction is impossible on Facebook. It can be efficient to extract the numbers of a few people.
  • This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, this is a common problem among the manual methods of contact extraction. The difference between them is not significant.
  • Frankly, most people do not add their number on Facebook, so your efforts will go nowhere most of the time.

19. LinkedIn

How to find someone’s new cell phone number for free?

LinkedIn, as the biggest network active in the field of business with over 830 million professional users, can be a perfect place to extract the contacts of companies and even their individuals like phone numbers for free.

But as we mentioned before, manual ways of phone number extraction are available too for the people who have a single request, and this method is also considered a manual strategy which, of course, leads to time-wasting if you want to use it for many searches.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Four ways are available to manually extract people’s phone numbers from LinkedIn accounts. We start from the worst of them!

The first method

which frankly is not a good idea to go to the LinkedIn profile of any individual you want and then click on “Contact Info,” which you can see in the picture below.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

After that, if the LinkedIn user has recorded his/her phone number on LinkedIn, you can see that number in this part:

This is an easy way, isn’t it?! So why did we call it the worst and most inappropriate way?!!!

This is only good for extracting the contacts of a few numbers of people; not suitable if you want to extract the contacts of many leads. Then for bulk search, it would be time-consuming and very boring.

The most terrible characteristic of this strategy is that most people do not mention their cell phone numbers on LinkedIn!

They do not allow their number to be seen publicly! So it may take a long time to find a cell phone number through this method!

However, sometimes when all other methods do not respond, it is not bad to check this one.

You may be lucky, and the requested person has mentioned his/her phone number there. Almost 99% of people do not mention their numbers on LinkedIn based on my experience.

The second method

What seems more efficient and logical, is to send a direct message to any person you wish to have his/her number and ask him/her to send the cell phone number to you. After your polite request is sent, the user:

  1. May welcome your request and send the cell phone number with no delay.
  2. May not accept your request and refuse to send it.
  3. May read your message and simply ignore it with no response!
  4. And even he may not open your message at all.

However, remember that if the intended person responds to your request, you can ensure that the sent phone number is true as the owner of that number has delivered it to you!

Also, he/she has become acquainted with you, and when you call him or send a message to his WhatsApp, it is more likely that he replies to you with no latency.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

The third method

Simply use the Chrome Extension of CUF and install it on your browser, which can extract phone numbers from any LinkedIn page you like.

However, again the important issue that most people do not record their cell phone numbers on LinkedIn emerges again! So we cannot depend on it, frankly!

The fourth method

The last strategy, which is more difficult than the previous ones and it is usually inefficient, is to check the website of the company in which the LinkedIn user is working.

First, you need to go to the company page of that person, which can be seen in the profile of the individual and enter the website mentioned on the LinkedIn company page:

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

And sometimes, the LinkedIn user mentions his/her company’s website in the “Contact Info” part of his/her profile.

After entering the website, check the contact page or any other similar page.

If you are lucky, in addition to the landline phone number of the company, you may see the cell phone numbers of its employees, CEO, decision-makers, and even the person who you look for his/her number in that part.

As you see, LinkedIn wouldn’t be a great help as all the 4 explained methods:

  • are labor-intensive
  • are time-consuming
  • mostly do not respond!
  • are good only for single phone number lookup
  • do not support reverse phone number check

But when other ways such as automatic phone number finders (CUF, Uplead, Whitepages, etc.) didn’t work for us, we have to try LinkedIn too! It’s better to check all the ways to ensure the result.

20. Are YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram good sources for individuals’ phone numbers? Can you find phone numbers there?

In previous parts, we introduced LinkedIn and Facebook as two social networks which can be used to extract the phone numbers of individuals and business people.

However, they have serious downsides that were explained too.

What about YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram?! Are they a business phone number database or not? In short, we should say “NO”!

Let’s take a look at what is mentioned on the Twitter website about this issue:

“Can you find someone’s phone number on Twitter?”

“No, your email address and phone number are not publicly displayed on Twitter, even if you have enabled the setting that lets others find you by your email address or phone number.”

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Whatd=”urn:enhancement-3fd09cd2-061b-4071-8a28-4d9e37dd17c0″ class=”textannotation”> about YouTube and Instagram? Are they good platforms to get the mid=””>phone numbers of people manually?

They also are not recommended for this issue. Both of them do not show the phone numbers of people.

On Instagram, you may see the phone number of stores, online shops, or companies on their Homepage, but it is not common for individuals and business people to mention their numbers there.

However, some influencers or individuals that are using Instagram for business purposes may add their cell phone numbers to their Instagram homes.

But this is not common. Therefore, it’s better that we ignore checking Instagram and YouTube for people’s phone numbers.

How to Track Someone’s cell phone Number Using Social Media Platforms

In the digital age, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer valuable avenues to track down someone’s phone number. This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process to utilize these platforms effectively. Additionally, we will explore the benefits of tools like Truecaller and methods like Instagram search and Facebook ID to enhance your search capabilities.

Start with Instagram Search:

To initiate your quest, begin by conducting an Instagram search. Enter the person’s name in the search bar and browse through their Instagram account. While the phone number might not be directly available, examining their Instagram account can provide useful insights into their online presence.

Leverage Facebook and Messenger:

Expand your search to Facebook, a widely-used social media platform. Utilize the search functionality on Facebook to locate the person’s Facebook account, where you can gather further information. Additionally, check the person’s Messenger profile, as they may have shared their phone number there for contact purposes.

Unveiling the Facebook ID:

If the person hasn’t made their phone number public, consider obtaining their Facebook ID. This unique identifier enables you to access additional information using Facebook’s API or specialized search tools.

Explore Truecaller:

Truecaller is a powerful phone number lookup service that can significantly aid in finding someone’s phone number. It boasts an extensive database of phone numbers and user-contributed data, facilitating the identification of unknown numbers. While results may not always be precise, it’s a valuable resource to include in your search efforts.

Cross-reference Across Platforms:

People often link their phone numbers across multiple platforms. To maximize your chances of success, cross-reference the information you find on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This thorough approach may lead you to discover additional details that could help you obtain the desired phone number.

Important Considerations:

  • Privacy: Always prioritize and respect individuals’ privacy when conducting your search. Ensure that your search efforts align with applicable data privacy laws and regulations.
  • Accuracy: Bear in mind that phone numbers obtained through social media platforms may not always be accurate or up-to-date. Whenever possible, verify any discovered numbers through alternative means.

While tracking down someone’s phone number using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be challenging, employing the right strategies and tools can enhance your chances of success. By utilizing Instagram search, exploring Facebook accounts and Messenger profiles, utilizing Truecaller, and cross-referencing information across platforms, you can effectively navigate this process. Remember to approach your search ethically, respecting individuals’ privacy throughout the process.

How to Find Someone's Phone Number?

Related Questions & Answers

Find phone number by name

Finding a person’s phone number by name can be challenging, as it is considered private information. However, here are a few straightforward methods you can try:

  1. Use online directories or search engines: You can start by using online directories or search engines to search for the person’s name along with additional information like their location or profession. This can help narrow down the search results and increase the chances of finding relevant contact information. Keep in mind that the accuracy and availability of phone numbers may vary, and not all numbers may be listed.
  2. Social media platforms: Check if the person has a public profile on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Sometimes, people choose to display their contact information, including their phone number, on their profiles. However, not everyone makes their phone number publicly available, so this method may not always yield results.

Remember to respect people’s privacy and only use their phone numbers for legitimate purposes. It’s important to note that these methods may not always be successful, as individuals have control over their personal information and may choose to keep their phone numbers private.

How to get Anyone Number in the shortest time

When looking to find someone’s phone number for business purposes, it’s important to explore ethical and legal methods, such as utilizing professional networking platforms, online directories, or reaching out directly through appropriate channels to request contact information. Avoid using unauthorized or unethical means to obtain phone numbers, as it can violate privacy laws and damage professional relationships.

Find the phone number owner

Finding the owner of a phone number can be challenging, as phone numbers are considered private information. However, here are a few straightforward methods you can try:

  1. Reverse phone lookup services: Utilize online reverse phone lookup services that are designed to help identify the owner of a phone number. These services collect and aggregate public records and information from various sources. Simply enter the phone number into the search field, and the service will provide you with any available information associated with that number, such as the owner’s name or location. Keep in mind that these services may have limitations and may not always provide accurate or up-to-date information.
  2. Contact the phone company: If you receive unwanted calls or suspect fraudulent activity, you can reach out to your phone service provider. They may be able to assist you in identifying the owner of a specific phone number. However, note that they might have their own policies and procedures in place regarding privacy and disclosure of customer information.

It’s important to respect people’s privacy and only use this information for legitimate purposes. Keep in mind that these methods may not always yield accurate results, as individuals have control over their personal information and may choose to keep it private.

The last word

If you look for phone numbers of business people for marketing purposes, sales and negotiation, you are one of the smart marketers of the world who knows that connecting directly with decision makers of companies is more likely to lead you to your purpose of sales than sending your offer to companies through their @info emails mentioned in their websites.

How to find a friend’s cell phone number? The methods of phone number finding are not only used for getting the contacts of business people, they can be perfect when you want to find your old friend or relative by searching his/her name.

Imagine you want to find customers for your company’s products. Which one seems more efficient?

The first one sends your offer directly to the person who should decide whether to work with you or not, while the second one mostly sends your message to the companies’ secretaries, and it takes time to be delivered to decision-makers, and even it may not be delivered to them at last.

Also, it is very probable that a decision maker will read your message on WhatsApp fast.

Due to the significance of sending messages directly to business individuals, in this comprehensive article, almost all methods to find someone’s new cell number were explained, which were classified into two main groups:

The pros and cons of all manual and automatic ways were explained to help you choose the best based on your needs and preferences.

Remember that the manual method, which is so time-consuming, is more suitable when you need the phone numbers of a few people.

While automatic phone number extractors can save time and find the cell phone numbers of people and the landline phone numbers of firms in bulk.

Compare the mentioned methods and keep the below essential points in your mind before you choose one of them:

  • Select a method that saves you time.  Marketing teams that benefit from good time management are better positioned. Does your company marketer have to work longer? It means that you have to pay for overtime work and finally you get your purpose with delay and not on time.
  • The more accurate CRM data, the more real prospects are presented, and the more contracts are signed. Never underestimate the importance of data accuracy.
  • It’s better to choose a method through which both single and bulk phone number extraction can be done.
  • Select the one that supports the whole world as some of the explained methods cover only USA individuals and companies. However, your goal and requirements are essential too, and you should decide based on them at last.

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