CUFinder is a modern tool that can extract people’s emails from their LinkedIn accounts. The vast number of people active on LinkedIn from various types of companies and different countries can become prospects for you and then turn into long-term clients!

LinkedIn does not provide a direct feature to find people's email addresses, but you can try reaching out to them through LinkedIn messaging or use external tools and resources to search for their contact information.

Do not lose this opportunity and get their email via the LinkedIn email finder of CUFinder!

How to Find People's Email Addresses on LinkedIn?

How to find people’s email addresses on LinkedIn is no longer a question⁉️ in the mind of marketers if they trust CUFinder.

CUFinder not only extracts people’s emails from their LinkedIn accounts but also verifies them and checks their accuracy and validity to boost email sending reputation and increase email delivery rate. 👌

Marketing teams rely on high-quality contacts and emails to make critical decisions for their organization.

Wrong emails just mislead them.

Give your team confidence in their work by choosing reliable marketing services like CUFinder.

How to find people’s email addresses on LinkedIn by CUFinder?

Through a simple process and with only a few clicks of the mouse, you can access thousands of individuals’ email pages on LinkedIn.

If you want to know how CUFinder works, continue reading this fantastic paper.

How to find people’s email addresses on LinkedIn by CUF?

Each user must select one country of the world from the complete list of countries in CUFinder.

Also, he must select one company industry and category from the offered list of companies’ industries that has 427 businesses industries.

How to Find People's Email Addresses on LinkedIn?

After that, CUF shows the profiles of all people with LinkedIn pages active in that particular country and the selected industry type.

How to Find People's Email Addresses on LinkedIn?

When their profiles are demonstrated, the user chooses as many of these peoples’ accounts as he likes.

How to Find People's Email Addresses on LinkedIn?

And finally, CUFinder provides these people’s emails in real-time with no delay.

How to Find People's Email Addresses on LinkedIn?

For instance, you may need the email of all individuals that work in marketing agencies in Australia and have pages on LinkedIn.

So you need to choose Australia and the marketing industry, and then after the time that CUFinder shows their LinkedIn profiles, you can select as many of them as you prefer to get their emails in a few minutes.

Just finding the emails of people from LinkedIn is not essential.

The more significant point is the accuracy of these email addresses. 98% data accuracy rate of CUFinder has differentiated this tool from competitors and made it the best LinkedIn email finder globally.

The LinkedIn email finder extension of CUFinder can also extract the emails of each LinkedIn account that you order just with one click in real-time.

The gathered emails are checked and verified, and you can send emails to them without concern. It helps you to:

  • reduce email bounce rate and improve your reputation ✅
  • boost email deliverability ✅
  • improve marketing ROI and reduce costs ✅
  • achieve goals faster and save time and more energy ✅

Related Questions & Answers

How to get contact info from LinkedIn without connection

Getting contact information from LinkedIn without a connection can be a bit challenging since the platform prioritizes connecting and networking with other professionals. However, there are a few indirect ways to gather contact information:

  1. Utilize LinkedIn’s Advanced Search: Use the advanced search feature to narrow down your search based on criteria such as job title, company, location, etc. Once you find the profile of the person you’re interested in, check if they have included any contact details in their profile summary or experience sections.
  2. Look for external links or websites: Sometimes LinkedIn users include links to their personal websites, portfolios, or professional blogs. Visit these external sites as they may provide additional contact information like email addresses or phone numbers.
  3. Leverage LinkedIn groups and discussions: Join relevant LinkedIn groups where your target audience or professionals of interest are active. Engage in discussions and establish yourself as a valuable contributor. In some cases, group members may choose to share contact information in their discussions or profiles.
  4. Connect with mutual connections: If you have mutual connections with the person you’re trying to contact, you can request an introduction. Reach out to your mutual connection and explain why you’re interested in connecting with the person and politely ask if they can facilitate an introduction.

Remember, it’s essential to respect the privacy and professional boundaries of LinkedIn users. If someone hasn’t made their contact information public or hasn’t accepted your connection request, it’s best to utilize the platform’s messaging features to initiate a conversation and express your interest in connecting further.

Get email from LinkedIn for free

Getting email addresses from LinkedIn for free can be challenging since the platform prioritizes privacy and data protection. However, there are a few methods you can try:

  1. Utilize LinkedIn messaging: Send a personalized message to the person you’re interested in connecting with. In your message, express your purpose for reaching out and politely ask if they would be willing to share their email address for further communication.
  2. Visit external websites or profiles: Many LinkedIn users include links to their personal websites, blogs, or social media profiles. Visit these external sources as they may provide contact information, including email addresses.

Remember to always approach the process professionally and respectfully. It’s important to abide by LinkedIn’s terms of service and respect the privacy preferences of others. Building genuine connections and networking with professionals on the platform can often lead to obtaining contact information over time.

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