In the digital age, where professional networking is a cornerstone of career development and business growth, platforms like LinkedIn have become indispensable. Among the most sought-after functionalities is finding someone on LinkedIn by email address. This feature is particularly crucial for marketers, recruiters, and professionals seeking to expand their networks. But what makes this feature vital, and how can one make the most of it?

LinkedIn and Marketing

LinkedIn has come a long way from being a simple professional networking site. It has evolved into a comprehensive platform integrating marketing, recruitment, and networking. With features like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, businesses and individuals can precisely target specific demographics, making it a valuable tool for marketing strategies.

LinkedIn and Marketing

The ability to find someone by email address adds a layer of directness and personalization to these strategies, enabling marketers to tailor their outreach efforts more effectively.

Can LinkedIn See Email Address?

A common query is whether LinkedIn can access and display a user’s email address. The answer is nuanced. LinkedIn respects user privacy and does not publicly display email addresses without consent. However, if users have made their email addresses visible on their profiles or shared them with their connections, others can find this information. They can use the platform or associated tools like email extractors to do so. It’s important to be aware of these settings and use them to your advantage.

The Ways to Find Someone on LinkedIn by Email Address

Finding someone on LinkedIn by email can be accomplished in several ways, each with advantages and drawbacks.

1. Email Extractor Tools

Use an email extractor tool to find LinkedIn profiles associated with email addresses. These tools, like CUFinder, Zoominfo, Apollo, etc, often require you to input an email address, and they then attempt to find the matching LinkedIn account.

  • Pros: Can find profiles that could be more easily searchable on LinkedIn.
  • Cons: Privacy concerns; accuracy can vary.
Email Extractor Tools

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This premium feature allows for advanced search options, including the ability to search by email if you have a list of work emails.

  • Pros: Powerful tool with advanced features; designed for sales and marketing professionals.
  • Cons: It requires a subscription; it is more complex.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

3. Search Engines

Sometimes, searching the email address on search engines can lead to their LinkedIn profile if the email is listed publicly or visibly associated with their account.

  • Pros: Free and easy to try.
  • Cons: Hit or miss; relies on public email visibility.
Search Engines

4. Through Connections

If you share mutual connections, you can ask a connection to introduce you to the person. This method works within LinkedIn’s framework for building networks.

  • Pros: Warm introduction; uses the social aspect of LinkedIn.
  • Cons: It depends on mutual connections; it may not always be feasible.
Through Connections

Why Does It Matter to Find Someone on LinkedIn by Email Address?

Finding someone on LinkedIn by their email address can be important for several reasons, both for individual professionals and businesses:

Why Does It Matter to Find Someone on LinkedIn by Email Address?
  • Professional Networking: LinkedIn is a platform designed for professional networking. If you meet someone in a professional setting and only have their email, finding them on LinkedIn can help you connect on a platform designed for professional interactions. This connection can lead to opportunities for collaboration, job offers, or simply expanding your professional network.
  • Background Verification: Before hiring or collaborating with someone, companies and individuals often like to verify the person’s professional background. LinkedIn provides a convenient way to do this, as users typically list their work experience, skills, and education. An email address can be a direct link to finding the right profile among thousands with similar names.
  • Marketing and Sales: For businesses, finding potential clients or partners on LinkedIn via email addresses can be a part of targeted marketing or sales strategies. LinkedIn allows for more personalized outreach than cold calling or generic email campaigns. Knowing a person’s professional interests and background can help make communication more relevant and effective.
  • Reconnecting: Sometimes, individuals lose touch with former colleagues, classmates, or industry contacts. An email address might be the only contact information they have. Finding these individuals on LinkedIn can help reestablish mutually beneficial professional relationships.
  • Information Accuracy: People often update their LinkedIn profiles to reflect their current professional status, making it a reliable source for up-to-date information. LinkedIn can be a valuable resource if you’re trying to learn more about a professional contact or verify the information they’ve given you.

CUFinder Contact Email to Contact LinkedIn

CUFinder users can use the Contact Email to Contact LinkedIn service in the enrichment section of the CUFinder dashboard and easily find the profiles of people in their email lists. Let’s take a look and see how this should be done.

1. Log in to your account in CUFinder.

Log in to your account in CUFinder

2. Click on the enrichment engine option in the center of the bar above the page and change it from Prospect Engine.

 Click on the enrichment engine option

3. Scroll through the services to find the Contact Email to Contact LinkedIn service and click on it.

Scroll through the services to find the Contact Email to Contact LinkedIn service

4. Choose a name for your list.

Choose a name for your list.

5. Drop your Excel email list in the specified place.

Drop your Excel email list in the specified place

6. Click on the Run Bulk Request button.

 Click on the Run Bulk Request button

7. After the process is finished, download the file.

 After the process is finished, download the file

CUFinder extension

The CUFinder Chrome Extension is a free, user-friendly tool to revolutionize how professionals, students, and marketers connect and expand their networks. Users can extract email lists from any website with a single click, streamlining lead generation, funding search, and direct communication with industry leaders.

CUFinder extension

Its seamless integration with Chrome and advanced search capabilities across various content types make it invaluable for enhancing web browsing efficiency and saving time.

CUFinder is especially beneficial for those in B2B marketing, as it offers the unique feature of extracting email addresses from LinkedIn company pages. This boosts marketing strategies and networking opportunities.

Whether you want to enrich your LinkedIn profile or understand industry trends, CUFinder simplifies and enhances your outreach efforts. It also allows you to reach out to potential employers and partners directly. Download CUFinder today to unlock a more productive browsing experience and transform your professional networking and marketing endeavors.


Knowing how to find someone on LinkedIn by email address is a powerful capability that serves multiple purposes, from enhancing marketing strategies to broadening professional networks. While each method has pros and cons, they collectively offer various pathways to achieve this goal. As LinkedIn continues to evolve as a platform, understanding and utilizing these techniques will remain critical for professionals looking to maximize their digital networking efforts.

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