In today’s world, where all human activities, especially in the field of business and marketing, rely on the Internet and cyberspace, consequently, one of the best and most complete ways to connect with others is email.

LinkedIn is an effective and efficient tool and the best database for finding leads, such as emails and phone numbers, to communicate with many professionals these days, compared to other social media networks.

But the question⁉️ How to find an email from the LinkedIn profile may arise for you here.

To find an email on LinkedIn, you can check the "Contact Info" section of a user's profile or use external tools and methods to search for their contact information.

If you follow this article, it will be straightforward for you to understand how to find people’s emails on LinkedIn.

How to Find Email from LinkedIn Profile?

The best LinkedIn email finder

Are there any tools that make the process of finding email on LinkedIn easy and fast for you?

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Undoubtedly, you need one of the best LinkedIn email finders to assist you to find people’s emails from LinkedIn profiles and if you want to quickly extract personal email from a LinkedIn profile without extra cost or waste of energy, we will help you, in this article, to get acquainted with the best LinkedIn Email Finder.

CUFinder has generated the best LinkedIn email finder to gather the emails even in bulk from LinkedIn profiles.

The benefits of CUFinder LinkedIn email finder

  • Owing to utilizing the latest artificial intelligence technology to detect and verify all emails, data accuracy is very high and everything that is provided for users is greatly reliable and valid. ✅
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How to find an email from the LinkedIn profile by CUFinder?

Using the two practical and very easy ways that we teach you, you can identify and extract people’s emails from LinkedIn profiles through CUFinder.

The choice of the first or the second method in finding and extracting individualsemails depends on your necessities.

There is not much difference between them in terms of performance, speed, and accuracy.

OK! Without any worries, you can try one or both methods.

How to Find Email from LinkedIn Profile?

🥇 In the First way:

  • Open the CUFinder website at
  • Choose the CUFinder LinkedIn email finder service
  • Select your target country and industry in the country and industry options which includes 427 industries and the world’s countries
  • Choose a person or all of the individuals on the list to view their emails immediately

🥈 In a second way:

  • Open the LinkedIn website at
  • Use the Google Chrome Extension service on CUFinder
  • Click on an email box of individuals and companies and extract your target email from this list.

CUFinder LinkedIn email finder is certainly the best and easiest service to find email in less than a minute just by the fewest clicks, isn’t it?

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You can test it now!

Related Questions & Answers

How to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn for free

Finding someone’s email address on LinkedIn for free can be challenging as LinkedIn does not openly display email addresses on user profiles. However, here are a few strategies you can try:

  1. Check the “Contact Info” section: Some LinkedIn users include their email addresses in the “Contact Info” section of their profile. Look for this section and see if the individual has provided their email address there.
  2. Utilize advanced search engines: You can use search engines like Google or Bing to search for the person’s name along with the term “email” or “contact.” This might lead you to web pages, social media profiles, or professional websites where their email address is mentioned.
  3. Use email finder tools: There are several email finder tools available online that can help you find someone’s email address. These tools scan various online sources and databases to uncover email addresses associated with specific individuals. Some of these tools offer limited free searches before requiring a paid subscription.

Remember to always respect privacy and follow ethical guidelines when searching for someone’s email address. It’s essential to ensure that your intentions are genuine and in line with professional communication standards.

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