How to find people’s emails on LinkedIn? Email marketers mostly use LinkedIn as the largest business and employee source of data to extract companies’ and individualsemails and other contacts.

But how do they do so?

To find people's emails on LinkedIn, you can try connecting with them and sending a personalized message to ask for their email address. Additionally, you can use external tools or services specifically designed for email lookup to gather contact information associated with LinkedIn profiles, but it's important to ensure compliance with LinkedIn's terms of service and privacy policies.
How to Find People's Emails on LinkedIn?

A manual search by checking the LinkedIn profiles of all relevant people and finding their emails in their profiles is wasting time.

The solution is a CUFinder LinkedIn email finder! Accompany us to see what a LinkedIn email finder is.

LinkedIn email finder of CUFinder

CUFinder has answered the question of “how to find people’s email on LinkedIn” in the best way!

The LinkedIn email finder of CUFinder covers all your needs in the field of email extraction from LinkedIn and email verification.

Thousands and millions of emails are recorded in the LinkedIn profiles of individuals and companies, so collecting them and verifying them before use is really essential.

How to Find People's Emails on LinkedIn?

CUFinder LinkedIn email finder has been created to help you surpass the long and tedious process of email extraction and verification.

No limit and no time-wasting are the results of this creative and astonishing gadget- leading you to more marketing success in a less period of time.

How to find people’s emails on LinkedIn through CUFinder?

Working with CUFinder LinkedIn email finder is easier than any other similar marketing tool.

It is an uncomplicated tool helping marketers to manage and save time and to meet their marketing requirements faster and simpler.  

To find people’s emails on LinkedIn in CUFinder requires the user to sign up in a minute on the CUFinder website and then, in part of the Linked email finder, choose one industry and one company category.

CUFinder shows the LinkedIn profiles of all people that have pages on LinkedIn and are active in companies of the selected industry and country.

For instance, if you have chosen Japan and the Computer Science industry, the profiles of all individuals in Japan that are working in science companies are demonstrated in real time.

It may be 10 profiles or 100 or even 1000. It depends on the chosen country and company category.

The CUFinder LinkedIn email finder asks the user to tick the profiles of as many of these people as he wants, and it finds their emails in seconds!

If you have chosen 200 of 1000 profiles, then it extracts the emails of these 200 individuals in a short time.

All the extracted emails are checked and verified (syntax check, domain check, and SMTP verification).

The user can be sure that his email sending reputation would not be affected as all gathered emails are correct and valid.

This is the most powerful email verifier on the market!

The second way enables the user to apply the Google Chrome extension of CUFinder, through which he/she can extract LinkedIn emails fast.

The emails provided by this tool are all correct and checked too. ✅

Accuracy was never as important today!

The technology era has caused data accuracy to be more vital than any time before.

Ten years ago, that email verifier was not known, sending emails to new people was risky, and the users were always worried whether their sent message had been received or not!

But today, with the help of tools like the LinkedIn email finder and verifier of CUFinder, this major problem has been solved.

How to find people’s emails on LinkedIn is no longer a question in your mind if you trust CUFinder.

Related Questions & Answers

Get Email from LinkedIn for Free

Getting email addresses from LinkedIn for free can be challenging as LinkedIn prioritizes user privacy and restricts access to email information. However, there are a few methods you can try:

  1. Direct contact approach: If you are connected with the person on LinkedIn or have mutual connections, you can send them a message requesting their email address. Craft a polite and personalized message explaining your purpose and why you would like to connect outside of LinkedIn. Keep in mind that not everyone may be willing to share their email address, so respect their decision.
  2. Utilize public information: Some LinkedIn users may have publicly listed their email addresses in their profile’s contact information section. While this is not common, it’s worth checking if the person you are interested in has provided their email address there. However, note that this is not a reliable method, as many users prefer not to share their email addresses publicly.

Remember to always approach LinkedIn communication respectfully and professionally, focusing on building genuine connections and providing value to others.

How to Find Someone’s Email

Finding someone’s email address can be challenging, but here are a few strategies you can try:

  1. Use professional networks: Check if the person has their email address listed on their professional profiles, such as LinkedIn or their company’s website. Some individuals may include their contact information, including their email address, for business purposes. Keep in mind that not everyone may have their email address publicly available.
  2. Use email search tools: There are online tools and search engines specifically designed to help you find email addresses. These tools allow you to search for a person’s name or company domain and provide possible email addresses associated with that person. Examples of such tools include, Voila Norbert, or However, note that the accuracy and availability of results may vary, especially if the person has taken measures to protect their email address.

Remember to always respect the privacy of others and use any information you find ethically and responsibly. It’s important to approach reaching out to someone via email with a genuine and professional intention.

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