The company database of CUF is the door to the prospects’ world! CUF, as a lead generation and CRM enrichment service, has recorded millions of companies’ names and their contacts in a comprehensive database and made a standardized global schema for the use of marketing teams.

A company database is a structured collection of information about companies, including their contact details, industry, size, financial data, and other relevant information.

This company database includes the verified,  transparent, and complete data of over 250 million firms and organizations worldwide, both public and private companies.

Company database search has never been as easy as today! Previously you had to search the web and Google for many days, weeks, and even months to collect the contacts of leads and prospects, and the other problem was that after extracting the relevant data, you were still not sure whether the gathered information was correct and real or not!

Both the matter of data accuracy and time are important! Never underestimate them, PLEASE!

The streamlined CUF company database based on country and industry is the best solution to make lead generation take less time and energy and build clean and fresh CRMs.

Our dynamically developing company database plays an important role in simplification of the prospecting process; check it out to see!

CUF company database- the astounding data source never seen before!

Make more defensible business decisions! We help you in this regard…

CUF company database supports 200+ countries, from China and USA to Monaco and Vatican City!

The companies of all European, American, Australian, Asian and African countries are recorded in this database which can be found in alphabetical order seen in the picture below.

Explore Over 250M Companies from Dozens of Countries in CUF Company Database

The CUF company database is the most comprehensive source of companies’ contacts and data, which not only has recorded the companies’ names but also has the emails, phone numbers, website domains, address, location, city, state, country, postal code, and even their profiles on social media like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Better to say that whatever contact a marketer needs is here!

It has recorded the data of over 250 million companies of all scales, both private and governmental. All small and medium-sized companies, as well as large enterprises, are stored.

Forget opaque and ill-defined data of companies! The data and contacts gathered in this company database are checked and verified with the latest verification algorithms.

You can ensure that you are connecting the right people and companies which really exist and are valid.

It can be perfect to reduce business scams and fraud too.

CUF company database saves you invaluable time, not only by providing the contacts of thousands of companies in seconds but also by giving accurate data and leading you to real leads in a short time.

There is non-need to call or send a message and email to many unknown people and companies to see which of these contacts were accurate, and they will answer your message.

In this way, a real human being is behind any contact you connect with.

In addition to country, users can choose one of the +400 industries recorded in CUF to get the data of companies active in that certain industry.

You can see some of these industries in the picture below.

Explore Over 250M Companies from Dozens of Countries in CUF Company Database

We help the marketing teams do right with valid data! CUF is paving the way to a faster and more accurate lead generation process.

How to work with the CUF company database?

First, sign up on the CUF website easily with your email and name in a minute.

Then, after entering your CUF dashboard, click on the company search demonstrated on the left side of the dashboard.

Two lists of companies’ categories and countries are shown below.

Explore Over 250M Companies from Dozens of Countries in CUF Company Database

You can choose one of these companies’ categories and one country.

Then CUF shows the names and contacts of all companies active in the selected industry and located in the chosen country. For instance, as shown in the picture below, China and Real Estate are chosen.

Explore Over 250M Companies from Dozens of Countries in CUF Company Database

After clicking on “Find Companies”, the results are shown as follow:

Explore Over 250M Companies from Dozens of Countries in CUF Company Database

As you can see, 6456 companies are active in the Real Estate industry of China. The website URLs of 1117 of them and the LinkedIn profiles of 782 of them are recorded in CUF that can be purchased at around 645 $.

This price is for the time that you buy the whole data. If you want to pay less or need the data of a lower number of these companies, you can easily reduce this number to anyone you want.  

After determining the number of companies that you need their data, click on “Buy Companies List” a summary of your order and an invoice will be demonstrated.

Explore Over 250M Companies from Dozens of Countries in CUF Company Database

You can easily pay it through PayPal, Stripe, VISA, etc.

The purchased companies’ data can be downloaded in any file format you want like Excel and CSV, in real-time.

This is the art of CUF to provide companies’ information in the shortest possible time, even if the contacts and data of thousands of firms are asked.

Where does the data recorded in the CUF company database come from?

Companies’ information and contacts in CUF have been drawn from official and up-to-date sources and assembled using a consistent methodology to facilitate the lead generation process for marketers.

CUF uses various methods to extract the names and contacts of companies from many official sources, including:

  • Companies registration offices
  • Chamber of commerces
  • Tax bureaus
  • Bureau of customs
  • Third-party sources
  • Market research & analysis
  • Official magazines & newspapers
  • Public records
  • Google map
  • Websites
  • Conferences
  • Web archive data
  • Published books
  • Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook &, etc.
  • Commercial partnerships
  • Contact directories
  • Business listings
  • Industry surveys

Let’s take a look at various company databases of CUF, from the USA and China to databases of small countries.

CUF Italy company database

CUF Italy company database has gathered unique information of all types and sizes of private or governmental companies and organizations of Italy in a comprehensive database.

It includes the names and contacts of around 1 million Italian companies and organizations that are all checked before the demonstration.

So a clean, reliable, and verified list of Italian companies and their individuals’ contacts are provided in minutes with no error and no latency.

This data includes companies’ emails, phone numbers, locations, addresses, website URLs, postal codes, and even their profiles on social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

With a passion for applying technology for the good of marketers, CUF has designed and created a complete source of Italian companies accessible by anyone in any corner of the world.

CUF technology is purpose-built to perfectly manage massive volumes of companies’ data.

CUF Australia company database

The data and contacts of around 900,000 companies and businesses are recorded in the CUF Australia company database, firms of all types and sizes.

We guarantee that this is the most complete source of Australian companies’ contacts, including the URLs of companies on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the whole data is verified and checked to build a trusted business environment for the users.

It is the best application for growing your company sales as it provides accurate and reliable contacts leading you to real clients faster than competitors.

Australian companies are in your hands! Start!

CUF Netherlands company database

CUF Netherlands company database with the data of over 600,000 companies and organizations is the best and the most comprehensive company data source available for people who are looking for accurate contacts of companies and individuals registered in the Netherlands.

Rich and quality leads of the Netherlands company database of CUF assist you in finding prospects faster and entering new markets of any country you want in a short while.

We are responsible for providing error-free records of Netherlands’ companies for users, so our strategies are updated continuously and without daily pause.

CUF Qatar company database

Over 20,000 organizations and firms are recorded in the CUF Qatar company database. You’ll be empowered to generate highly relevant prospects if you trust CUF.

This company database works based on company category. It means that you need to choose Qatar as the country and one of the 400+ companies’ industries recorded in CUF, to get the complete list of contacts of the companies and individuals active in that certain industry in Qatar.

CUF UAE company database

Around 200,000 small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises are recorded in the CUF UAE company database. CUF has focused on the highest-probability leads and valid companies to reduce business scams.

It is an easy-to-use company database in which you should choose UAE as the country and one industry to see all sizes of UAE companies that are active in the selected industry.

Lead generation is not as difficult as in previous years because modern automatic tools like CUF are available for users worldwide.

Fabulous prices, a huge amount of information, 98% data accuracy rate, transparent and fresh data, and also high speed in data extraction and verification are all the main reasons that made CUF UAE company database become a major tool in marketing campaigns.

CUF Switzerland company database

There are over 300,000 companies stored in the Switzerland company database of CUF. As the contacts of all members of these companies are recorded in this database, you can easily and directly engage their decision-makers and build a reliable and safe marketing environment.

The contacts of all members of Switzerland companies are given to the user. You can send a message to the WhatsApp of their managers, call them directly or email them.

No need to send an email to @info email addresses of companies and connect with secretaries first and spend many levels to be connected with CEOs finally.

In digital marketing today, data is understood to be the key to improving the lead generation process and building a safe and reliable business environment.

CUF, with its high ability to provide accurate contacts of leads, plays a great role in this field.

CUF Sweden company database

Over 360,000 companies recorded in the CUF Sweden company database can be a perfect source for prospecting and lead generation. In-depth and high-quality data provided by CUF helps any person in search of Sweden businesses, especially non-residents far from Sweden who like to work with Sweden companies.

You can find quality leads and prospects quickly as you access the correct contacts of public and private companies and their decision-makers.

Screen and analyze firms just with a few numbers of clicks.

Data has become the main raw material in the new world, which should be accurate and reliable to be worthy and useful. It is better to get no data instead of the wrong one!

CUF Finland company database

The transparent data of over 185,000 companies in Finland are stored in the CUF Finland database helping marketing campaigns to focus on real leads and verified companies instead of Googling many hours to find the correct contacts of Finland companies.

You need a change or even a revolution in the methods of lead generation to find prospects and sign contracts faster than competitors, and if you persist in old methods of marketing, you will lose many opportunities.

If you want to build a more detailed, up-to-date, and accurate CRM, invest in the CUF company database.

CUF Japan company database

At least 1.4 million companies are saved in the Japan company database of CUF.  You can use CUF resources to compile a list of Japanese companies based on a specific industry. Over 400 industries are available in CUF.

For example, you can choose Japan and accounting as the company type.

The best Japanese entity data are gathered in CUF to improve efficiency and to let marketers compare companies and decide better.

CUF South Korea company database

Over 150,000 firms’ names and their contacts are recorded in the CUF South Korea company database. It has established a unique and complete database for any person looking for leads in South Korea.

The gathered data is checked before the demonstration, so you can rely on it. As we guarantee a 98% data accuracy rate, you can leverage the CUF information more confidently.

Find the best business chances, create helpful sales plans, and understand your prospects better with the help of CUF.

CUF Saudi Arabia company database

To grow your business, you have to focus on high-quality leads, and if you ignore them, the speed of lead generation reduces, and the possibility of scams increases.

CUF, as the pioneer in creating various automatic marketing tools, has gathered the data and contacts of thousands of Saudi Arabia companies in a high-quality database.

Companies’ names and their contacts like emails, domains, profiles on social networks, telephone numbers, address, location, city, number of employees, etc., are given.

The user just should choose Saudi Arabia and one company industry from the offered lists of countries and industries of CUF.

Then CUF finds all businesses active in the selected industry in Saudi Arabia fast and presents it in an excel file that can be downloaded easily.

CUF has tried hard to bring innovation, data accuracy, and high speed to its company databases.

CUF Kuwait company database

Get B2B names and contacts of firms and organizations in Kuwait easily with the help of CUF.

The Kuwait company database of CUF is an essential tool if you want to expand your business in Kuwait.

16,000 companies recorded in this database have built perfect market coverage, including different types of companies registered in Kuwait.

Over 400 industries are supported in this database. It means that after choosing Kuwait as the country, you can select one of these industries and see the names and contacts of the companies active in that industry in Kuwait after a few seconds.

The provided results can be downloaded in an excel file.CUF brings simplicity to the process of lead generation and prospecting and reduces the risks by providing reliable and checked data of companies.

CUF Armenia company database

CUF Armenia company database can help you create detailed company lists based on industry. It means that you can get the contacts of chemical companies in Armenia or the contacts of marketing companies.

It totally depends on your decisions and requirements.

Make the right and the best business decisions! CUF answers all your marketing questions by providing the best and the most professional lead generation tools.

Your CRM can be turned to a world of innovation by CUF. Easily enrich and refresh the data you hold on your leads and enjoy the result!

CUF Russia company database

The contacts of over 500,000 Russian companies, like their website addresses, telephone numbers, emails, Instagram profiles, Facebook accounts, and many other contacts, are stored in the CUF Russia company database.

Just select Russia and one company industry to get their data in seconds in an excel file ready to be downloaded easily.

A PC or a cell phone and an internet connection are the only things you need to access the Russian company database of CUF.

CUF Israel company database

Around 155,000 companies located in Israel are saved in the CUF Israel company database. Both their names and all their contacts are available. As you see below, 2171 companies work as retail businesses in Israel.

CUF expert team helps your marketing team to double their efficiency and to make a marketing world full of creative ideas!

CUF South Africa company database

Filter your search in the CUF company database and choose South Africa and one company type from a list of 400+ industries.

Then CUF shows all companies and businesses in South Africa that are active in the selected industry.

For instance, you can select South Africa and the chemical industry. A list will be given to you in which all chemical firms of South Africa are mentioned, both private and governmental ones.

If you want to see that the CUF South Africa company database is the right choice for your needs, try our free trials and enjoy the contact list of over 600,000 South African companies recorded in CUF.

CUF Azerbaijan company database

Do you still persist with outdated lead generation strategies like searching the web days and nights to find the names and contacts of prospects? Or are you a fan of modern automatic tools that find and collect this data for you in seconds?

CUF has a complete and certified Azerbaijan company database in which over 15,000 companies are recorded, both their names and full contacts.

These companies are active in various industries, and the user, by choosing Azerbaijan and one industry, can have access to them.

CUF plays a huge role in the lead generation process as it has gathered the companies’ information from reliable sources mentioned in this article’s first article.

We are masters of prospecting with a focus on data correctness, both quality and speed in data extraction and verification.

CUF Greece company database

Did you know that the contacts and data of over 120,000 companies are recorded in the CUF Greece company database?

The contacts of small to large enterprises active in any industry (over 400 industries) that the user asks for are gathered in this company database.

We at CUF believe that accuracy is the foundation of modern data management tools, so the latest verification algorithms are used by CUF to check the validity of contacts before storing them.

You can easily acquire real leads and all their contacts like emails, addresses, websites, and many other data through a few numbers of clicks.

You’ll be able to cast a much wider network of prospects while enriching and enhancing your CRM data by CUF.

CUF Belarus company database

CUF is a critical player in the process of finding Belarus leads and prospects as it has provided a comprehensive Belarus company database which has compiled the contacts of over 33,000 organizations and companies of Belarus from various industries and of different sizes.

Error-free and transparent data gathered in this company database helps the marketers and data scientists access real and valid leads easily and rapidly.

CUF’s online data platform supports over 400 industries.

CUF Georgia company database

The contacts of around 300,000 private and public firms registered in Georgia are recorded in CUF. When we say contacts, we mean the emails, phone numbers, their profiles on social media, websites, registered address, location, and even the city of the companies.

CUF presents more opportunities for your marketing and drives a better return on investment as you can get the data of thousands of companies in a short time.

Your marketing budget and your employee time can be used for many other important parts rather than lead generation.

In the year 2022, the need for accurate and reliable data is more urgent than ever. Marketing teams are no exception.

They must go further from the outdated marketing strategies and replace them with modern tools like CUF, which can verify the data with the help of artificial intelligence before the demonstration.

Together we will build your lead generation easier! You just need to trust us and we do the rest from A to Z!

CUF Ireland company database

The data of around 130,000 companies are stored in the CUF Ireland company database, which is a leading provider of trusted companies’ contacts.

CUF Argentina company database

CUF Argentina company database offers a variety of companies registered in Argentina in different sizes with endless options for you to select.

Our work is to ensure that your company has access to reliable contacts of businesses while accelerating your marketing process.

Trusted by many data scientists and marketers across the globe, CUF is your best friend in the process of lead generation, turning a time-consuming and boring process into a fast and efficient one.

Just choose Argentina and one company industry from a list of over 400 companies’ industries offered by CUF; the rest is up to us! After a few seconds, the list of all companies active in the selected industry and registered in Argentina will be given that can be downloaded in Excel format.

CUF Jordan company database

50,000 Jordanian companies are available in the Jordan company database of CUF. This data is accessible based on companies’ industries.

For example, you can choose the advertising industry or retail industry. 400+ industries are recorded in CUF.

CUF’s highly specialized marketing tools help users access the correct contacts of leads, not those shown on yellow websites with low-quality data. Prospects are waiting for your message! Find them faster than the competitors and grab their attention.

Everything is ready for signing a great contract if you trust technology!

CUF Austria company database

Rely on CUF in every step of marketing. We show you how to unlock the power of accurate lead generation.

One of our assistants is the Austria company database which includes the data and contacts of thousands of Austrian businesses of all types and sizes.

We help the people who like to work with Austrian companies and business individuals in any part of the world.

It would be difficult for a person outside of Austria to find relevant companies for his/her business purposes as the data on the web is usually scattered and unreliable.

An automatic tool like CUF, which guarantees the accuracy of the provided data, can be really efficient and useful.

Complete market coverage, accurate contacts and rapid services of CUF guarantees the health of your data!

CUF Chile company database

The full contacts of Chilean companies are collected in the CUF Chile company database, which has compiled the data of around 210,000 Chilean businesses.

This database is updated on a regular basis and is checked and verified.

Prospecting and marketing can create meaningful business relationships if you access rich and clean information about future clients.

CUF Chile company database helps you make quick and informed decisions about potential customers.

An in-depth understanding of any company you like in any part of the world is possible by CUF company databases full of invaluable and fresh data.

CUF Colombia company database

Almost 400,000 companies and businesses registered in Colombia are saved in CUF. CUF is the pioneer Colombia company database that enables marketing teams to align marketing work with strategic company goals.

By using various official sources of companies’ data, CUF guarantees a high data accuracy rate of over 98%! We help you find leads faster and sign business contracts with confidence.

CUF helps brands turn manual Google search of companies’ contacts into an efficient, automatic, and easy channel for empowering the process of lead generation.

CUF Jamaica company database

Different types and sizes of Jamaican companies are recorded in the CUF company database, which has made the most comprehensive source of Jamaican companies with the data of over 40,000 businesses registered in Jamaica.

CUF Scotland company database

The emails, website domains, phone numbers, address, location, Twitter accounts, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles of 130,000 companies registered in Scotland are available in the Scotland company database of CUF.

It is highly recommended to purchase qualified leads instead of Googling and web searching hours and days to find prospects’ contacts.

CUF allows you to find the businesses that match your goals and connect directly with decision-makers of firms.

CUF Tanzania company database

25,000 companies are recorded in the Tanzania company database of CUF, which is updated weekly to add new contacts and delete any outdated data.

No matter where you live, this database is available for anyone in any part of the world just by using a PC or mobile and connecting to the internet. Everything is available online.

CUF empowers companies to find the best prospects based on their needs and expectations.

In order to succeed in the marketing process, CEOs usually form companies’ data departments, pivoting their focus into lead generation professionally.

But we cannot ignore that if the marketing campaigns only focus on Googling and manually web searching, the results will not be valuable as the gathered contacts and data are not checked, which is time-consuming.

Instead, an automatic tool like the CUF company database can be an efficient method, one that provides verified and up-to-date data in a short time.

CUF Cyprus company database

CUF focuses on providing the complete lists of contacts of the companies registered in Cyprus, from emails and phone numbers to their profiles on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Therefore the names and contacts of over 20,000 companies in Cyprus are stored in CUF, which is accessible to any interested person in any part of the world.

CUF’s long success record of helping companies to improve their marketing strategies has built a professional and experienced team using artificial intelligence and new modern verification algorithms to provide only valid and worthy data.

CUF Ecuador company database

It is astonishing to mention that over 100,000 companies of all sizes and types are recorded in the CUF Ecuador company database.

It includes various sizes of Ecuadorian companies active in 400+ industries. Both their complete names and their contacts are recorded.

The broad range of data given by CUF assists any marketer in finding the companies he/she looks for faster and finally connect with prospects sooner than other competitors.

It is worth mentioning that both public and private sector organizations are recorded in the CUF Ecuador company database.  Over 400 industries are supported too.

CUF Venezuela company database

Almost 100,000 Venezuelan businesses’ names and their contacts are gathered in CUF. CUF helps businesses collaborate with each other easier by trusting the power of accurate information.

The time of calling the wrong business people and getting a high bounce rate in email marketing is finished! We are here to save your business from time-wasting and energy loss. 

We welcome the marketers who look differently at the process of digital marketing! And we serve them with the most innovative and automatic services in the marketing field.

CUF Afghanistan company database  

Around 18,000 companies registered in Afghanistan and active in various industries are recorded in CUF.

The users will be given emails, phone numbers, websites, and many other interesting data about the small, medium-sized, and even large enterprises registered in Afghanistan. 

Marketing managers should choose and try modern and innovative marketing gadgets and let their employees’ time be used for other important tasks rather than Googling in search of companies’ contacts which is so confusing and boring.

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San MarinoSan Marino Company Database

The best data (name to email, name to the LinkedIn page, name to the logo, domain to name, email to name) converter & company domain finder in CUFinder.

Related Questions & Answers

Free company database

Finding a completely free company database that offers comprehensive and up-to-date information can be challenging. Most reliable company databases require a subscription or payment for access to detailed company data. However, there are a few options you can explore for basic company information at no cost:

  1. Government resources: Some government agencies provide free access to company databases or registers. Check the official websites of government bodies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Companies House in the UK. These databases often contain public filings and information on registered companies.
  2. Online business directories: Online directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, or Google My Business can provide basic company details for free. These directories may include company name, address, contact information, and industry classification. While they may not offer extensive data, they can serve as a starting point for general company research.

Remember that free company databases often have limitations in terms of the data they provide or the depth of information available. For more comprehensive and accurate company information, it is advisable to consider paid databases or subscription-based services that specialize in company data and provide more extensive details about businesses.

The last word

Accelerate your company sales cycle by finding quality prospects and leads in the CUF company database. It supports the whole world (+200 countries) and over 400 industries.

The data and full contacts of over 250 million companies of all sizes and types are saved in the CUF company database, which helps data scientists and marketers to focus only on verified information.

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