A lot of people ask how often you should post on LinkedIn. To be honest, there is no definite rule for that. Different LinkedIn experts have different ideas, but most of them believe that it’s better not to get too frequent like on Twitter. People might tweet 10 times a day, but LinkedIn is a different world. Yet many of these experts suggest publishing posts 2-5 times a week.

It's recommended to post 2-5 times a week on LinkedIn, but the optimal posting frequency can vary based on your industry and audience.
How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

You might think people like Arianna Huffington publish a lot of posts in one day, isn’t that better to do the same and focus users’ attention on us? It is a perfect plan if you have the ability. Can you post high-quality content daily? It is enough to post high-quality content, whether it is a text, video, photo, etc. every now and then to fulfill your mission of posting on LinkedIn.

High-quality content vs. frequently posting

How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

As mentioned, many users ask: how often should you post on LinkedIn?

How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

Let me tell you, it really doesn’t matter that much! What matters is the quality of your post. Some things are so regular or boring that people just simply scroll them and some are too engaging that will stick on your feed for a while if it doesn’t go viral of course. Which one do you think is more beneficial? The content that has perfect quality and is more engaging, is much more likely to encourage potential clients and recruiters to check your profile and your website.

If you post regularly every day but don’t get that much feedback, I suggest you think about reevaluating your content. Maybe your content is not as perfect as it should be. People really don’t care if you had a cup of coffee for breakfast or tea; they have no interest in knowing if you saw something interesting on Instagram or not. LinkedIn users are more eager to know what you think about a matter, what skills you have, etc. So instead of insisting on posting 4-5 times a day, it is much better to concentrate on creative and high-quality posting.

Monthly, weekly, and daily posting on LinkedIn

How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

Regular posting on every social network is one of the most important tasks that each user is to do, especially if he/she wants to be successful and attract people to him/herself.

On LinkedIn, it matters much more because it is a business-oriented network.

In fact, you are attracting lead generators, recruiters, and users with shared interests by posting good content.

The minimum activity on LinkedIn is to post a few times a month. This is not a much-suggested schedule, though, unless you think that you don’t have enough time to produce a high-quality post.

This schedule might end up forgetting to post even once or twice a month, and what happens then?

People will forget about you and your business or when you finally post, they might ignore it.

The worst thing is to post and disappear for a long time! You should interaction with other users to get the ideal result of being on LinkedIn.

So if you can’t be that much active on the network, setting the alarm to remind you to post is recommended.

Make it a monthly regular thing or post every two weeks, but don’t forget that you should post something on LinkedIn.

The best posting schedule for LinkedIn regular users is to post every 2-3 days, and don’t forget the high-quality content.

Try to produce an engaging post and try to interact with the ones who comment on your post. What is recommended is that if you are looking to promote your brand, don’t try to produce a post at once or all by yourself.

You need a plan not to get exhausted from producing high-quality content.

Have a strict plan and get help from a team of content writers and content producers. Two brains always work better than one! And don’t forget the stats.

The daily content posting on LinkedIn is what LinkedIn influencers usually do. But is it possible for regular users too? Well, yes, it is possible.

It’s not like LinkedIn wouldn’t allow you to post multiple times a day. Are you capable enough to do that? It’s not like influencers like Huffington create every post only using their head.

They always have a professional team of content production, and that’s how their every post is so high-qualified.

Use the instructions we mentioned above and keep up with the speed you are required to post daily on LinkedIn.

Benefits of frequently posting on LinkedIn

There are different benefits of posting regularly on LinkedIn. It will elevate your profile’s value for the users who visit your profile.

As you might know, getting successful on LinkedIn is through a growing network of connections.

The best way to attract people to your direction is to improve your profile, and the best way of doing that is by producing high-level content.

With a vast network connection, it is more probable that your post will get compelling views. And keep in mind that there are millions of posts on LinkedIn every day.

If you want people to notice your posts, concentrate on producing exciting and engaging posts.

When you do that, your connections may decide to share that post which might result in people starting following you on LinkedIn.

Posting valuable content regularly can build up your reputation as an industry leader. You might soon become an unofficial LinkedIn influencer. Who knows?

Also, regular LinkedIn posting can improve your ability to write valuable content, because you can see a real-time response from your target society.

Did they like what you had to say? Was their response to the post you’ve published well enough to turn them into potential clients? All you need is the stats.

You are promoting your business by frequently posting on LinkedIn. People forget things that are not a part of their lives just as quickly as Dory used to forget things in “Finding Nemo” and this gets worse when it comes to names and brands.

So reminding them of your brand constantly by using the strategy of frequent posting might engrave your name in their memory at some point.

It also helps LinkedIn AI to show your posts to more relevant users.

Related Questions & Answers

What Should You Post on LinkedIn

When posting on LinkedIn, it’s important to share content that is professional, valuable, and relevant to your audience. You can post a variety of content types on LinkedIn, including industry insights, thought leadership articles, career advice, success stories, job opportunities, and professional achievements. You should aim to provide useful information, spark meaningful discussions, and showcase your expertise.

Consider sharing articles, blog posts, or videos related to your industry or area of expertise. Share your insights and opinions on industry trends or current events. Highlight your professional achievements, such as awards, certifications, or successful projects. You can also share tips, advice, or lessons learned from your professional experience. Additionally, engage with other LinkedIn users by commenting on their posts, participating in relevant groups, and sharing valuable resources.

Overall, your LinkedIn posts should demonstrate your professionalism, expertise, and passion for your field. They should provide value to your network and help build your professional brand and reputation.

How Often Should You Post on Linkedin as a Business

As a business on LinkedIn, the frequency of your posts will depend on several factors, including your resources, goals, and audience engagement. It’s generally recommended to maintain a regular posting schedule to stay visible and engage with your followers. Posting at least once a week can be a good starting point, but you can experiment and adjust based on your specific needs.

Consistency is key, so try to establish a routine that works for your business. Pay attention to the engagement and response you receive from your audience and adapt accordingly. If you notice that your posts are generating positive interactions and driving meaningful conversations, you may consider increasing your posting frequency. Conversely, if you see little engagement or your audience is not responding as expected, you can reassess your content strategy or frequency.

Remember, quality is just as important as quantity. Focus on providing valuable and relevant content that resonates with your target audience. This can include industry insights, company updates, product launches, customer success stories, or thought leadership pieces. Experiment with different content formats and monitor the performance to refine your approach over time.

In conclusion

How often should you post on LinkedIn is an important question to ask, still a more important matter is the quality of the content you post.

A low-quality post would get you nothing, it is just better than not posting and being as silent as a stone. But good content can promote you, your skills, and your business.

It definitely matters to post more frequently. It can help your connections to grow and increase the number of people who visit your profile.

But does it happen with not exciting and engaging posts? Not at all.

People will comment on good posts and might even share them with their connections.

It is a self-promoting method to use. Why not? Start posting high-quality content 2-5 times a week to build your reputation on LinkedIn.

But don’t go for daily posts until you are sure of your capability to produce creative and high-quality content.

Start it right now!


How often should you post on LinkedIn to gain most followers?

The frequency of posting on LinkedIn can vary depending on your goals and audience, but generally, posting once a day or at least a few times a week is a good starting point to engage with your followers and potentially gain more. Consistency is key, so aim for a schedule you can maintain consistently over time. Additionally, focus on the quality and relevance of your content rather than just quantity. Monitor the engagement and response to your posts to fine-tune your posting frequency and timing to match your audience’s preferences for maximum follower growth.

Do you need to post everyday on LinkedIn?

Posting on LinkedIn every day is not a strict requirement, but it can be a beneficial strategy for some users. The key is consistency and quality over quantity. Regular posting, whether it’s daily or a few times a week, can help you stay engaged with your network and potentially gain more followers. However, the most important factor is the relevance and value of your content. Focus on sharing meaningful and informative posts rather than posting just for the sake of frequency. It’s more important to maintain a schedule that you can consistently manage and to gauge your audience’s response to your content to adjust your posting frequency accordingly.

How many posts per week on LinkedIn is optimal?

The optimal number of posts per week on LinkedIn can vary depending on your goals and audience, but a general guideline is to aim for at least 2-3 quality posts per week. Consistency is more important than quantity. Regularly sharing valuable content that resonates with your target audience can help you stay engaged with your network and potentially gain more followers. However, it’s essential to prioritize the quality and relevance of your posts over the quantity. Monitor engagement metrics and adjust your posting frequency based on your audience’s response to find the right balance for your LinkedIn strategy.

How much is too much posting on LinkedIn?

Posting too frequently on LinkedIn can overwhelm your network and potentially lead to disengagement or unfollows. While there’s no fixed limit, it’s generally advisable to avoid posting multiple times a day, especially if your content lacks quality or relevance. Bombarding your connections with posts that offer little value may lead to a decline in engagement and credibility. It’s crucial to strike a balance between staying active and sharing meaningful content. Pay attention to your audience’s response, and if you notice a drop in engagement or people disengaging from your content, consider reducing your posting frequency and focusing on delivering valuable posts that resonate with your network.

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