You may have come across challenges in which you entered individuals’ LinkedIn pages to find an email, but you could not detect their email addresses.

You no longer need to concern yourself about how to find the email address of LinkedIn users, as well as you don’t even have to spend a considerable amount of money, time, and energy on it.

To find the email address of a LinkedIn user, you can check their profile's "Contact Info" section, send them a message on LinkedIn to request their email, or use external email finder tools.

All you need

How to Find Email Address of LinkedIn User?

to perform is to uncover the most appropriate email extraction tool.

And we are here to assist you with how to find the email address of a LinkedIn user and the best LinkedIn email finder!

The best LinkedIn email extractor

CUFinder harvests and processes millions of public data wherever and anywhere through its extensive database to provide the best, fastest, and most reliable LinkedIn email extractor for any leads or market.

The CUFinder LinkedIn email extractor is an incredible gadget to uncover verified email addresses of professionals in a matter of seconds. Also, it is all you need to reach out to any lead generation and qualified prospect easier than ever in the digital marketing world.

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Hours of prospecting quality email address lists are shrunk to milliseconds by employing the CUFinder email extraction tool.

The CUFinder LinkedIn email finder’s benefits

  • 👉 Improving email bounce rate
  • 👉 Providing free credit service and the lowest price
  • 👉 Offering high-quality and easy-to-use service
  • 👉 Accessing high-speed data service
  • 👉 Finding email addresses of any person or company in bulk
  • 👉 Accessing to 98% accuracy result

98% accuracy result via the CUFinder free email verification tool

The CUFinder provides a complete verification service along with the email finder to validate the accuracy of emails.

The CUFinder free email verifier is an accurate instrument that checks the status of your emails in four ways:

  • 👉 format status
  • 👉 domain status
  • 👉 email deliverability
  • 👉 professional status

It is worth noting that the CUFinder email verification service is the only free and quality email checker in the world so that you can verify people’s emails in bulk and in a breeze.

The best ways to find the email address of the LinkedIn users by the CUFinder

If you’re wondering how to find the email address of a LinkedIn user, as well as the best way to do it, the CUFinder LinkedIn email finder is accurately what you need.

Here are two effective and best methods you can employ whenever you need to prospect anyone’s email address from a LinkedIn profile:

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🥇 Prospecting email address by the CUFinder LinkedIn email extractor

In this way, with just the last click, you can swiftly and directly find a personal or business email address from the CUFinder. At first, you must:

👉 Step 1: Select an industry and a country from 427 industries in 250 million worldwide companies that have been recorded in the CUFinder database.

👉 Step 2: All individuals, the active LinkedIn accounts in the selected industry and country are exhibited in no time by the CUFinder result page.

👉 Step 3: Pick someone or as many people as you like. In this step, the CUFinder result page displays the chosen individuals’ emails in a flash.

🥈 Uncovering email address by CUFinder email finder Chrome extension

To look up an email address through the CUFinder email finder Chrome extension, you must:

👉 Step 1: Open the Google Chrome extension on someone’s LinkedIn page you want

👉 Step 2: Collect and get your email address using the CUFinder Chrome extension results page only with one click

Besides, both methods are very user-friendly and instantaneously find the email address of a LinkedIn user, and it does not matter which one you choose.

Related Questions & Answers

How to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn for free

Finding someone’s email address on LinkedIn for free can be a bit challenging since LinkedIn does not openly provide email addresses of its members. However, here are a few strategies you can try:

  1. Check their LinkedIn Profile: Visit the person’s LinkedIn profile and see if they have included their email address in their contact information. Some users may choose to display their email address publicly.
  2. Utilize Mutual Connections: If you have mutual connections with the person you’re trying to contact, reach out to them and ask if they can provide you with the person’s email address. Mutual connections may have a closer relationship and could be willing to help.
  3. Search on Other Platforms: Look for the person on other social media platforms or websites. Sometimes people provide their contact information, including their email address, on their personal websites, blogs, or other professional networking sites.
  4. Guess the Email Address: If you have an idea of the person’s company domain (e.g.,, you can try guessing their email address by using common email formats like or
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Remember to always respect the privacy and preferences of LinkedIn users. It’s essential to use any obtained email addresses responsibly and for genuine professional purposes.

Does LinkedIn premium show email address?

Yes, LinkedIn Premium does provide access to certain features that can help you find and view the email addresses of other LinkedIn members. One such feature is called “Open Profile,” which allows Premium members to send InMail messages to other LinkedIn members, even if they are not connected. InMail messages can be a way to directly contact someone and potentially obtain their email address.

Additionally, LinkedIn Premium offers advanced search filters and expanded search results, which can help you find relevant profiles and potentially discover email addresses. However, it’s important to note that not all LinkedIn members choose to display their email addresses publicly on their profiles, even to Premium members. Some users may have privacy settings that restrict access to their contact information.

While LinkedIn Premium offers additional tools and features that can assist with finding email addresses, it is not a guarantee that you will always be able to see or access someone’s email address. Respecting other users’ privacy and adhering to LinkedIn’s terms of service is crucial when using any premium features or contacting individuals on the platform.

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