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Are you looking to boost your professional growth? Well, look no further because we have the perfect solution for you: LinkedIn Business Premium!

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the LinkedIn Business Premium subscription and its features and compare it to other LinkedIn Premium plans.

So, you’ll find out which ones are worth paying for and whether you should upgrade your free account to a LinkedIn Business Premium account.

Enhance your professional journey with LinkedIn Business Premium. Access advanced features that streamline your networking, learning, and career advancement. Gain insights into who's viewed your profile, unlock expanded search capabilities, and send InMail messages to connect with valuable contacts. Elevate your skills with LinkedIn Learning courses and stay informed with business news and trends. LinkedIn Business Premium empowers you to build meaningful connections and make informed career decisions, enhancing your professional growth and opportunities.

Now let’s check out the LinkedIn Premium plans and their features.

LinkedIn Premium Plans

Boost your professional growth with LinkedIn Business Premium! This plan is just one of five LinkedIn premium plans that puts forward a range of powerful features & tools for networking & promoting professional growth beyond the standard LinkedIn experience. Don’t you believe it?!

LinkedIn Premium Plans

LinkedIn is a professional platform offering several plans for users to take advantage of; Each is developed for personalized use & specific applications. Users will encounter different features, prices, and facilities in each plan, leading them to easy planning and achieving specific goals.

It’s worth noting that “Basic LinkedIn” is free, but you must pay to use all the Premium LinkedIn subscription plans.

So, if you want to improve your professional growth, you should know the types of LinkedIn Premium accounts and get familiar with the features & benefits of each one.

So that you can finally choose your desired package from them that are in harmony with your career & professional goals and business field or help you to learn a new skill or pursue a specific target.

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A LinkedIn Premium account is generally offered for 5 categories:

A LinkedIn Premium account is generally offered for 5 categories

1.LinkedIn Business Premium

It doesn’t matter if you own a small or large business; with the LinkedIn Business Premium plan, you can gain many insights about your business, expand your professional network, and achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

2. LinkedIn Premium Career

LinkedIn Premium Career

LinkedIn Premium Career Subscription is one of the cheapest & most economical LinkedIn membership levels, which is an excellent tool for job seekers.

This package offers many extra features compared to the free LinkedIn account, including profile views, free InMails, more information on job postings, using LinkedIn Learning courses, comparing your profile with job seekers, etc.

3. LinkedIn Premium Recruiter

This subscription is ideal for large recruiting teams & employers hiring on a larger scale. Because it improves the level of cooperation and saves a lot of time in the recruitment process.

LinkedIn Premium Recruiter

4. LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite

A Linkedin Recruiter Lite account is ideal for employers, HR, and business owners who recruit on a medium scale and don’t need expensive & advanced hiring features.

LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite

5. LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator

This plan is best for professional sellers, marketers, and big businesses.

Most LinkedIn users with a Premium membership also subscribe to Sales Navigator for its prospecting and lead generation features, advanced search filters for companies & persons at a wide level, and more.

The table below shows a complete list of the types of Premium LinkedIn accounts and their costs that you can see:

LinkedIn Account Type

Monthly Price




Getting started

Premium Business


Growing your network

Premium Career


Finding the best job

Premium Recruiter


Hiring on a massive level

Premium Recruiter



Finding the target candidate

Sales Navigator



Unlocking the sales opportunity

Sales Navigator



Looking for full access to buyers & clients

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

Custom pricing

Full access to prospects plus advanced enterprise integration



Learning new skills

So are you ready to choose? We bet you can’t decide which plan is best for you because we’ve been where you’re, and we know it can be challenging.

Maybe you’ve chosen a Sales Navigator package to upgrade your LinkedIn account or want to join the LinkedIn Business Premium plan.

Let’s compare the Premium Business plan with Sales Navigator levels to know which is right for your business.

LinkedIn Business Premium vs. Sales Navigator: A Simple Comparison

Among LinkedIn’s Premium plans, two popular subscription options for professional users & businesses are designed by LinkedIn.

Let’s look at these two services and see how they compare.

1. LinkedIn Business Premium

The Linkedin Business Premium plan is perfect for business owners who want to grow their business, connect with potential business partners, and become one of the influential thought leaders.

Here are some features of a LinkedIn Business account:

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Premium

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator account has more features and credentials than a Premium LinkedIn Business profile.

This package is an automated sales tool that allows you to find the target audiences & ideal prospects and access your saved searches anytime.

However, it’s ideal for business owners and sales professionals who understand the power of LinkedIn and social selling.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Premium

All Linkedin Sales Navigator plans, such as Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus, have LinkedIn Premium accounts’ features (both Career Premium & Business Premium). Still, there is much more to this account type:

  • You get 50 InMail credits monthly to communicate with people you haven’t connected with.
  • You get advanced searches that let you filter your audience by location, job title, and more.
  • You get automated lead recommendations to increase sales based on your previous sales lead searches.
  • You can create custom lists to keep track of your target contacts and prospects you want to save for later.

Now let’s compare the key features of LinkedIn Business Premium and the Sales Navigator plans in a table:


LinkedIn Business Premium

Sales Navigator


Sales Navigator


Sales Navigator

Advanced Plus

Target audience

Small to medium


Large businesses & any professional

Sales professionals & teams

Enterprise sales teams

InMail credits

15 monthly

50 monthly

50 monthly

50 monthly

Direct messaging

See Who’s viewed your profile in the past 90 days

Unlimited & saved searches

Advanced searches


Sales spotlights

Track engagement

CRM sync & integrations

Job seeker

LinkedIn Learning

Lead & account recommendations

Sales preferences

LinkedIn Premium Career vs. Business: A Simple Comparison

Now it’s time to compare the two main LinkedIn Premium subscription options, Business and Career.

Both plans offer many features and benefits to enhance your LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn Premium Career vs. Business: A Simple Comparison

1. LinkedIn Premium Career:

This plan is an appropriate tool for getting hired & staying ahead in your industry.

Among its main features are the following:

  • Gain insights into who’s viewed your profile and insights into applicants
  • Send direct messages to people outside your network
  • Connect with potential employers and recruiters by sending 5 free InMails per month
  • Access to 16,000 LinkedIn Learning courses

2. LinkedIn Business Premium:

As the name of this account suggests, this package is perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales & marketing professionals looking to advance their industry and business.

On top of that, with a LinkedIn Business Premium subscription, you can discover and interact with influential decision-makers and audiences in large & prominent industries or companies.

In addition to the features mentioned in the LinkedIn Career plan, purchasing the Premium Business Plan gives you access to the following:

  • Get 15 InMail credits per month
  • Gain insights into business
  • Access to unrestricted people browsing

If you’d like to take a closer look at the key differences between LinkedIn Premium Careers and Business, see the table below:


LinkedIn Premium Career

LinkedIn Business Premium


InMail credits

5 per month

15 per month

Who viewed your profile

LinkedIn Learning

Access to who’s viewed your profile insights

90 days

365 days

Business Insights

Unlimited individual searches

Unlimited private searches

Applicant insights

Direct messages

LinkedIn Business Premium Features

In the following, we cover the features of LinkedIn Business Premium.

Knowing these features can help you make the right choice to purchase a Premium LinkedIn account and quickly upgrade your LinkedIn account based on your business needs and goals.

LinkedIn Business Premium Features

These facilities & features include:

1. Free Trial Business Premium:

LinkedIn allows you to use a free Business Premium for one month only, and after that, you have to pay to get an active account.

2. See Who’s Viewed Your Profile:

You can see the people who have visited your profile in the last 90 days. Unless users have set the private mode for their profile.

3. Free InMail Credits:

Every month, you get 15 InMail credits that you can use to send messages to people you’ve never connected with.

4. Extensive Business Search:

In this LinkedIn Premium plan, you’ll have access to much detailed information about the business you want to review.

5. Business Insight:

To get more information about the growth process of different industries, you’ll have access to information related to your business insight.

6. Unlimited Profiles Views:

You can use the unlimited search in the LinkedIn Business Premium plan to see unlimited profiles in your search.

7. Business Analytics Tool

Using Business Analytics tools gives you access to your company’s performance.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to evaluate the performance of your campaigns and make the necessary changes to improve the results.

8. LinkedIn Learning Courses

When you purchase the LinkedIn Business Premium subscription, you’ll also have access to all of LinkedIn Learning’s online videos & courses.

LinkedIn Business Premium Benefits

LinkedIn Business Premium Benefits

LinkedIn Business Premium provides various benefits to help you and your business succeed professionally.

Here are some key features:

1. Advanced and Unlimited People Search:

Find the right talent, prospects, competitors, or partners with powerful search filters in your premium business dashboard.

2. InMail Messages:

Send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn, even if you’re disconnected.

3. Who Viewed Your Profile:

Gain valuable insights and information about who viewed your profile over the past 365 days and then act on it.

4. Online Learning Courses:

Access thousands of online training courses to enhance your professional skills and stay ahead of your industry.

5. Business Insights:

Gain deeper insights into companies, industries, and labor markets to make informed decisions.

6. Unlimited Profile Search:

Expand your network by searching profiles of professionals and connecting with professionals worldwide.

7. Distinguished Badge:

Stand out from the crowd with a Premium gold logo on your profile and gain more trustworthiness.

8. Opening Profile:

Let non-connections message you to increase networking opportunities.

9. Save Searches and Access Offline:

Save profiles, messages, and job postings you’ve already searched for offline viewing.

Bottom Line: Is LinkedIn Business Premium Worth It?

By reading this article, you’ll certainly know the answer to this question – although it depends on your type of use, the plan you’re considering, and your professional needs & purposes.

Many prominent businesses worldwide use LinkedIn‘s Premium Business plan to achieve their career goals and develop their business & industry.

However, it’s better to try the one-month free trial of the LinkedIn Business subscription first, and if it’s useful for you, extend its duration.

Having said that, boost your professional growth with the LinkedIn Business Premium plan.


What does LinkedIn Business Premium offer?

The LinkedIn Business Premium offers more advanced features than the free account, such as unlimited search, direct messages, and InMail, insight into who’s viewed your profile, full access to LinkedIn Learning courses, etc.

How much is LinkedIn Business Premium 2023?

LinkedIn Business Premium plan costs $59.99 per month in 2023

What is the difference between LinkedIn Premium Career and Business?

A LinkedIn Premium Career plan is a subscription suitable for people who want to enhance their job search and networking. Overall, this package focuses on individual career development. On the other hand, LinkedIn Business Premium is designed for businesses and organizations, offering business insight tools, unlimited people browsing, and more. Also, it focuses more on business needs.

Does LinkedIn premium boost your reach?

Yes, LinkedIn Premium can enhance your visibility and reach on the platform. Users with Premium often appear higher in search results, increasing their chances of being noticed. Additionally, features like “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and InMail credits allow for direct interactions with potential connections or clients, thus further expanding your network and outreach capabilities.

Is LinkedIn premium worth it for B2B?

For many B2B professionals, LinkedIn Premium can be a valuable investment. The platform facilitates targeted networking, with advanced search capabilities and insights that can assist in identifying and connecting with potential business partners, clients, or industry peers. The InMail feature allows for direct communication, even if the recipient is not a connection, making outreach more strategic and personalized.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn premium for marketing?

LinkedIn Premium offers multiple advantages for marketers. First, it provides detailed analytics and insights about who’s viewing your content and profile, enabling more targeted marketing strategies. Second, with InMail credits, marketers can directly approach potential clients or partners without prior connection. Lastly, Premium users benefit from advanced search filters, ensuring more refined audience targeting for campaigns or posts.

How do I use LinkedIn Business Premium?

To make the most of LinkedIn Business Premium, start by setting up a robust profile with complete details. Use the advanced search filters to identify potential leads or business partners. Take advantage of the InMail credits to approach potential collaborators or clients directly. Regularly check who has viewed your profile to gauge interest and potential opportunities. Additionally, leverage the platform’s learning resources to enhance your industry knowledge.

The relationship between BCG Matrix and growth potential on LinkedIn marketing

The BCG Matrix, also known as the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, is a strategic tool used for portfolio analysis and categorizing businesses or products into four quadrants based on their market growth rate and relative market share. While the BCG Matrix is commonly applied to analyze a company’s product portfolio, it is not typically used directly within the LinkedIn platform itself. However, businesses can use the BCG Matrix concept to assess the performance and growth potential of their LinkedIn marketing efforts by categorizing their different LinkedIn campaigns or strategies based on their market growth and market share in the professional networking space.

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Which LinkedIn premium is best for business?

“LinkedIn Premium Business” is generally the most recommended for business professionals, given its features geared towards business growth and networking. It provides advanced search capabilities, more InMail credits, and deeper insights into who’s viewing your profile. However, the ideal choice may vary based on specific needs, such as recruiting or sales, so one should evaluate each option’s features against their individual business goals.

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