Ever heard of the InMail feature on LinkedIn? What is InMail on LinkedIn? It is too popular so it is hard not to ever hear the name, even if you never really have seen it. As LinkedIn itself claims “InMail messages is a premium feature, and it allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member that you’re not connected to. If you have a Basic (free) account, then you can only directly message LinkedIn members that you’re connected to. You must upgrade to a Premium account to use InMail messages.” So you need a premium account to be able to use InMail. To be honest, they never were my favorite, considering the cost of their credit. But still, they are one of the most popular contact ways on LinkedIn, especially since you can message people who are not in your network with them.

What Is InMail on LinkedIn?

InMail on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social platforms and the fact that it is a business-oriented social media makes it so appealing to connect with different people using LinkedIn. Doesn’t matter who they are. Are they your colleagues? Friends and family? Or do you want to contact them just for your business’s sake? Like what marketers do to extract leads and find prospects or investors do to find the best opportunities to invest. What if you are not connected with that person? Well if you know how to contact someone you do not know on LinkedIn, you can contact some of them, but what if they are out of your network? There are some occasions when you cannot connect with someone on LinkedIn in any of the common ways that are when you either need InMails or you need to message their email address. You need to know that if a user chooses not to receive InMail messages in their message preferences settings, you cannot message them even through InMails.

What Is InMail on LinkedIn?

InMail allows people to message another one directly even when they are not connected. But you need to bear in mind that you get a limited number of InMail credits every month depending on your account type. A basic account will not have any In Mail credit. Yeah, the bitter truth is that we live in a capitalistic world where there are not many free things, but still so many, people work with LinkedIn basic accounts with no problem. So should we even consider using InMail if the regular messages work so well? Don’t we just need to know how to contact someone on LinkedIn without InMail? Well, that can be a good strategy but InMail response rates are so much higher than regular emails and free messages. While the email response rate is estimated to be 3% on average, the latest data suggest that the InMail response rate is 18-25% on average. There are actually ways to increase this rate even more!

What Is InMail on LinkedIn?

Set a goal for each InMails

People usually think of InMail as a selling tool, which can be correct but at the same time, it can be used as a strong networking and/or career advancement tool. Remember that you always need to build trust first and then try to sell anything. So first you need to gauge the prospect’s interest.

Subject line matters

We will talk about the best subject lines soon but you need to know that this little phrase, word, sentence, etc. is your message’s first impression. So, make it appealing to the recipient.


This is very critical to personalize your InMail. You see, people might receive so many messages, emails, and InMails every day. When you just send them a general message, they might delete it without reading your message even when it is an InMail. Do some background research about the recipient and try to mention some points like “hey Xiao Xing, I just read your article on the valley effect, it was so perfect! It was really helpful for my research on the Olympics macroeconomics.”

Be concise, to the point, and clear

People hate reading long messages, just like they hate long commercials. They get tired easily, their eyes can get tired, and also their brain can easily lose words. It means that so many people will never read your long and unclear message, they just delete it.

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It is one of the best ways to attract the recipients’ attention. Of course, the point here is to consider your recipient’s relationship with you and never overdo the humor, just enough to let them know that you are a human, not a robot.


A call to action is always too important to be ignored. Your recipient needs to know what she/he is expected to do next, is it an invitation to visit your account? Should they click on a link? Do you want them to visit your website? Tell them what you want them to do after they read your InMail.

How to send InMail on LinkedIn and its tips

So, you know that InMail lets us message other LinkedIn members that are out of our network or we are simply not connected to them. These kinds of messages are only available for the paid account. Their subject line can include up to 200 characters and the character limit of the body would be up to 2000 characters, which is quiet enough for a message. Just as we mentioned, one of the most important things you need to keep in your mind is to keep your InMail short and to the point. There are a lot of benefits in using emails which we will get to in a minute, just know that they are considered to be much more formal, which is great to message an investor, find a mentor, etc. but how are we to send an InMail?

How to send InMail on LinkedIn and its tips


  1. Enter your account (note that it must be a paid kind)
  2. Search for the person name whom you would like to send a message in the search box
  3. Enter their profile
  4. Click on the “More” button
  5. Select Message [Name of the member] from the dropdown menu
  6. Type the Subject field (optional) in the new message pop-up window
  7. Type the message in the text box
  8. Click Send


We do mostly everything on our smartphones these days, so why not send InMails through the LinkedIn application?

  1. Open the LinkedIn app
  2. Enter your account (note that it must be a paid kind)
  3. Search for the person name whom you would like to send a message in the search box
  4. Enter their profile
  5. In the introduction section tap Message
  6. Type the subject in the Subject field (optional)
  7. Type the message in the text box
  8. Tap Send


The fact that InMail enables people to connect with everyone on LinkedIn and those people with basic accounts need to find other ways to connect with someone without InMail, makes this feature pretty useful. But you need to know some points to decrease their ignorance rate since they are too expensive to be ignored and just go to waste.

connect with someone without InMail

We just said that the response rate of InMails is so much higher than the regular cold emails, but unfortunately, the recruiters made this valuable feature look spam-like. That is why so many job candidates now ignore the InMails they receive, for they believe that most of them are spam. So I decided to make some tips that will help you to decrease the ignorance rate:

  1. Try to make that connection first. If you are a recruiter or marketer or anything else, it is only logical to make a connection first. I mean, people recognize recruiters and marketers by instinct. So they know who you are and they already know that you are trying to sell them something and/or offer them a job, but most of us are so unwilling to accept an offer the second we receive it. So keep your offer for the later steps and start with a conversation first.
  2. Find an interesting subject line. Subject lines are actually important in every kind of messaging and we will talk about them later again. But for now, you need to know that more than 35% of people only open your InMail if the subject line gets them intrigued. So keep it attractive, personal, and direct.
  3. Start with a short and warm greeting. Most of the spam opens their dialogue with “hey (name of the user)” and that is why so many people just skip reading these kinds of messages.
  4. A brief introduction must be included. Just as in real life we can’t just jump into the deal. You don’t start your conversation with a customer or candidate, etc. who you just saw in the middle of the street with “so, I have a job offer for you young lad.” We always first make an introduction and LinkedIn is just like that. You have to make a brief introduction first and then start the conversation.

InMail LinkedIn examples

Best LinkedIn Inmail Templates & Examples The INC 5000 Use [100+Leads/Week]  | Anyleads

So, LinkedIn InMail messages are encrypted and they are still a mystery to a lot of people. That is why so many of the users either do not use them or simply waste them because they do not have a sample of how to use them. That is why I dedicated a whole subtitle to it. To stop this waste once and for all. Here I visualized some scenarios and gave you some real samples that I and my friends and colleagues sent.

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Reach out to a potential collaborator

Subject lineAre you still providing SEO services?
InMail messageHey Samuel, my friend recommended you.
Right now we are desperately looking for a capable SEO expert, so one of my dearest friends referred you and I decided to reach out to you, due to our website needs for getting optimized ASAP.
Do you still provide SEO services?
If the answer is positive, let me know to discuss it further.
Thank you in advance,
Jenny Michaels
L.S holding groups
<Email address or LinkedIn URL>

This sample is clear, short, starts with an introduction and reason, has references, etc.

Invitation to an event

So, events are kind of a Big deal on LinkedIn, so you need to know how to invite your leads to them.

Subject lineJoin us for marketing business in Metaverse
InMail messageHello Sara,
CUFinder is organizing an event on the future of marketing business in Metaverse in Plaza hotel on December 21, 2022. Our goal is to gather marketing professionals and discuss the future of this industry in Metaverse.
Since you are one of the most trusted experts in the marketing and the virtual industry, I thought it would be interesting for you to check it out. The main topics and the speakers are listed in the attached pamphlet.
If you have any questions, my contact information is listed below.
Best regards,
Daniel Laws
Head of CUFinder PR section
<Contact info>

In this InMail, we see that research is done on the recipient and Daniel knows who she is. Then he mentions that considering her occupation, she might be interested in participating in the event.

10 Essential LinkedIn Inmail Tips: Stop Getting Ignored

Offering a service/product to a decision-maker

Subject lineNeed help with your CRM?
InMail messageHello Tina,
Have you decided to complete your CRM data and you feel trapped? We are helping so many marketing experts all around the world with their CRM. I see that you are the Head of Marketing at SMU, so I thought you can see the value of our service. CUFinder can provide you with a lot of different services like email finding, LinkedIn URL finding, prospect name finding, lead generation, and beyond.
I would love to have a chat with you to explain how CUFinder can help you solve any client’s data problems.
Have the best day ever,
Anne Peterson
Head of Sales

Reach out to a lead as a recruiter

Subject lineLoved your LinkedIn post on the future of content marketing in the digital world
InMail messageHello Zara,
I loved your LinkedIn post on the future of content marketing in the digital world. It intrigued me to reach out to you as you seem to be a suitable person for the position of digital marketing strategist at Simon Loop Co. I also see that you studied Marketing at the Columbia business school which I find to be a great asset to this role.
As you might have guessed I am a recruiter at Simon Loop Co. I would love to continue this conversation if you are interested. Here is a link to the job description <the URL>.
Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions.
Betty Sedaris

There are samples on the internet for any scenarios you may even think of. So first, before you send that InMail, take a look at them.

LinkedIn InMail template for recruiters: First introduction to a candidate

Best subject line for the LinkedIn message

We are not here to show you subject line samples, in this subtitle, I am going to tell you some points to be able to select better, more appealing, and more interesting subject lines to stand out in your recipient’s notification section.

So, why is the subject line so important when you are sending InMails?

You have probably received a connection request or an email before, right? So you know how important the subject line is for an email, message, and InMail to stand out in the mailbox and the notification section. The goal for a subject line is to persuade your recipient to open your InMail and read it.

Best subject line for the LinkedIn message

Find the correct sender

People have a strong tendency to trust people with authority, executives, and experts much easier. So it is really logical to send InMails through these people. It is to affect people who received your InMail and decide to view their profile. When they do that, they might get impressed by their deep knowledge of the topic of that InMail and a lot of them will trust you. So, optimize the sections below.

  • LinkedIn URL
  • LinkedIn background photo
  • LinkedIn profile photo
  • LinkedIn profile headline (tagline)
  • LinkedIn Summary
  • LinkedIn portfolio
  • LinkedIn work experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Education
  • License & certifications
  • Skills & endorsements
  • Recommendations
  • Interests
  1. Humor

Using humor is a great way to make your subject line eye-catching. Think about it! Do people constantly receive InMails titled “hello <their name>” or “special offer!” etc. what about when they receive an email that says “Knock Knock”? That is attractive. or “Hey Johanna! Just kidding hi Sara” Not only are you making an illusion that you used the wrong personalization tag for their name, but they will also get attracted to the way you first said another name.

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The topic vs. the who

You always need to keep your recipients in your mind while selecting a proper subject line. Is he/she a student? A job-seeker? A CEO? Different people need different subject lines. For instance, as I know that CEOs are very busy people, I always just get to the point, like “quick question on IT” “looking to connect”, or “quick question on <the company name>”.

How many InMail credits per month do we have and what is their cost?

LinkedIn InMails are only usable for paid accounts, but as I mentioned, they are limited and that is why you are to use them correctly. So the allotment of InMail credits gets renewed on the first day of every billing cycle. The date will be the date of your sign-up, which you can find on your premium page.

How many InMail credits per month do we have and what is their cost?

How many InMails do you get every month? That depends on your account type:

  • Basic account: 0
  • Premium career: 5
  • Premium business: 15
  • Sales navigator: 50
  • Recruiter lite: 30

What if you run out of InMail credits and you still need them for the rest of the month? You can always buy more credits (not an economical idea). LinkedIn InMail costs $79.99/month for 50 credits of InMail. But here is an interesting point, when you send an InMail out there, you get your credit back for the response (whether it is positive or negative). As we are not sure if people would respond to our message and considering these InMails are too valuable to get wasted, we are to make them as attractive as possible. The purpose here is not only to get people convinced to do the thing we want them to do, but also to take as many credits back as possible.

Does LinkedIn InMail go to email?

Yes, LinkedIn InMail goes to email. InMail is LinkedIn’s messaging feature that allows you to send messages to people who are not in your network. When you send an InMail, the recipient will receive a notification in their LinkedIn account and an email notification to the email address associated with their LinkedIn account.

InMail messages are delivered directly to the recipient’s email inbox and can be accessed through their email client. This means that if the recipient has their LinkedIn notifications enabled, they will receive an email notification that they have a new InMail message waiting for them.

What is InMail credits in LinkedIn?

InMail credits are a currency on LinkedIn that allows you to send messages to people who are not in your network. InMail credits can be purchased in various packages and are required for each InMail message you send to a recipient who is outside your network.

When you purchase InMail credits, you can use them to send messages to anyone on LinkedIn, regardless of whether you’re connected or not. This can be a useful tool for reaching out to potential clients, partners, or employees who may not be easily accessible through other means of communication.

It’s important to note that InMail credits are non-transferable and expire one year after the purchase date. Additionally, there are certain restrictions on InMail usage, such as a limit on the number of InMails you can send per month and the ability for recipients to block or report unsolicited messages.

LinkedIn InMail vs message

LinkedIn InMail and messages are both messaging features on LinkedIn, but they serve slightly different purposes. InMail is a premium feature that allows you to send messages to people who are not in your network, while messages are for communicating with your existing connections.

InMail can be a powerful tool for reaching out to potential clients, partners, or employees who may not be easily accessible through other means of communication. In contrast, messages are typically used to stay in touch with your existing network, share updates, and engage in conversations. While both InMail and messages can be effective for building relationships and communicating on LinkedIn, it’s important to use each feature strategically and ensure that your message is relevant and valuable to the recipient to increase the likelihood of a response.

How many InMails can I send on LinkedIn Premium?

The number of InMails you can send on LinkedIn Premium varies depending on the subscription plan you have. LinkedIn offers different Premium plans, each with its own set of features and benefits.

As of 2023, the LinkedIn Premium Career plan allows you to send up to 5 InMails per month, while the LinkedIn Premium Business plan allows you to send up to 15 InMails per month. However, it’s important to note that the number of InMails you can send is subject to change and may vary based on your specific subscription plan or any promotions that LinkedIn is offering at the time.

Regardless of the number of InMails you can send, it’s important to use them strategically and ensure that your message is relevant and valuable to the recipient to increase the likelihood of a response.

LinkedIn InMail ads

LinkedIn InMail ads are a type of LinkedIn Ads that allow advertisers to send sponsored messages directly to their target audience’s LinkedIn inbox. InMail ads appear in the same format as regular InMail messages but are marked as “sponsored” to distinguish them from regular messages.

InMail ads can be highly effective for reaching a specific target audience with a targeted message. They allow advertisers to send personalized messages that are more likely to be read and engaged with by their target audience. However, it’s important to use InMail ads strategically and ensure that your message is relevant and valuable to the recipient to increase the likelihood of a response. Additionally, there are certain restrictions on InMail usage, such as a limit on the number of InMails you can send per month and the ability for recipients to block or report unsolicited messages.


What is InMail on LinkedIn? InMails are one of the LinkedIn premium features that let you send important (or not-important) messages to every single one on LinkedIn. Doesn’t matter if they are colleagues, investors, or total strangers, you still can send them a message. But since the InMail credits are limited and they are expensive to purchase every time, it is suggested to use them wisely. Since there is a huge difference between the response rate of InMails and other types of messaging. Maybe that is why marketing experts love using InMail for marketing! But the problem is that if you do not know how to use your InMails correctly, people can easily get your message for spam.


What is the difference between LinkedIn InMail and message?

InMail and message are both communication tools on LinkedIn, but with a key distinction. A message is a direct communication method between two LinkedIn users who are already connected. InMail, on the other hand, allows you to directly contact any LinkedIn member, even if you’re not connected to them. It’s a feature available to LinkedIn Premium subscribers.

How do I use InMail on LinkedIn?

To use InMail on LinkedIn, navigate to the profile of the member you wish to contact. Click on the “More” button (or a similar call-to-action) on their profile, then select “Send InMail.” Craft a concise and relevant message, ensuring you have a clear purpose for reaching out. After writing, click “Send.” Remember, effective InMails are personalized and specific about why you’re initiating contact.

How many InMails do you get on LinkedIn?

The number of InMails you receive on LinkedIn depends on your subscription type. Standard LinkedIn Premium subscriptions often come with a set number of InMail credits per month. If you don’t use them, they typically roll over to the next month, up to a certain limit. Always check the terms of your specific LinkedIn Premium plan to determine the number of InMails available to you.

Does InMail go to email?

Yes, when you send an InMail to a LinkedIn member, they will receive a notification both on their LinkedIn account and in their associated email inbox, alerting them that they have received an InMail. This ensures that the recipient is aware of the InMail even if they aren’t actively checking their LinkedIn account.

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