The CUFinder business contact database has become the prominent source of companiescontacts and data, along with the information of business individuals. This B2B contact database is the special symbol of accuracy, comprehensiveness, and speed.

Business contact databases can be found through providers like ZoomInfo, UpLead, and, which offer comprehensive collections of contact information for businesses and professionals.

Whose data has been gathered in the CUFinder business contact database?

  • Companies: both the data of private and public companies of the whole world are available in CUFinder.
  • Individuals: the information of the business people working in private and public companies of the world is recorded in the CUFinder B2B contact database.
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What data has been recorded in CUFinder?

  • Contacts: the firms’ and persons’ contacts, like their phone numbers, emails, profiles on social media, addresses, locations, website URLs, etc., are available in CUF.
  • General data: by general information, we mean companies’ industry, No. of employees, founded year, revenue, logo, product/services, etc., or individuals’ job title, interests, job summaries, etc.

What is the data accuracy rate of CUFinder’s data?

CUF business contact database guarantees a data accuracy rate of over 98%. The real data recorded in CUFinder is fresh and clean and has been verified several times through the latest verification algorithms.

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In CUFinder, we believe NO DATA is better than WRONG DATA.

False contacts of companies just mislead you and waste your time and budget. Therefore, if you find the accurate contacts of relevant companies and people, you have passed half of the way. Then if you offer quality products/services with a professional negotiation, you can grab the clients’ attention and win the competition.

How fast is the data given to the user?

CUFinder has an offline business contact database containing the information of over 250 million companies. When the user asks for a request, CUFinder checks this offline database and other online websites simultaneously in the shortest possible time.

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The whole process happens punctually, on schedule, and with no latency.

Where does the data from the CUFinder business contact database come from?

  • Companies’ registration offices
  • Chamber of commerces
  • Tax bureau
  • Bureau of customs
  • Third-party sources
  • Market research & analysis
  • Official magazines & newspapers
  • Public Records
  • Google map
  • Websites
  • Conferences
  • Web archive data
  • Published books
  • Social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook &, etc.
  • Commercial partnerships
  • Contact directories
  • Business listings

Other features of CUFinder B2B contact database

  • CUF B2B contact database is the complete source of companies’ and individuals’ data, including the information of over 250 million firms of all sizes and types.
  • CUF supports over 400 industries like web and internet, wholesale, retail, export and import, art, design, computer, electronics, media, science, marketing, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, fashion, jewelry, supermarkets, hotels, foodstuff, etc.
  • Various search criteria are designed in the CUF business contact database to narrow down the results and help the user to get the data of the most relevant firms and organizations.
  • API and Google Chrome Extension support.
  • Free trial for quality test.
  • Provide the data in various formats that can be downloaded easily.

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Creating a business contact list involves gathering information from various sources, such as networking events, trade shows, online directories, and professional social media platforms. It’s important to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the contact information by verifying and updating it regularly. Building and maintaining a business contact list helps businesses establish and nurture relationships with potential customers, suppliers, partners, and industry professionals.

A business contact list can be organized and managed using various tools and software, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or spreadsheet applications. It’s important to keep the contact list secure and comply with data protection regulations to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals or companies listed. Regularly reviewing and updating the contact list ensures that it remains a valuable resource for connecting with the right people and growing business opportunities.

Simple contact database

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Creating a simple contact database can be done using various methods, such as using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Each contact can be assigned a row in the database, and the relevant details can be filled in the corresponding columns. This allows for easy sorting and filtering based on specific criteria, making it convenient to search for and retrieve contact information as required.

A simple contact database provides a centralized location to store and manage contact information, making it easier to stay organized and maintain communication with clients, colleagues, or other contacts. It eliminates the need to search through multiple sources for contact details and helps streamline various business processes, such as sending emails, making phone calls, or mailing marketing materials. By keeping the database up to date and regularly adding new contacts, individuals and businesses can ensure they have a reliable and accessible source of contact information.


CUFinder business contact database with the data and contacts of over 250 million companies and businesses of all industries and sizes has been created to ease the process of marketing and lead generation.

To generate more leads in a shorter time and with no delay, the CUFinder B2B contact database is the best solution that can lead you quickly to success. CUFinder has focused on data accuracy and data validity along with data gathering speed.

Test the CUFinder business contact database now to see how different and innovative it is!

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