If you’re a professional member of LinkedIn, you must be aware of its various services and features, such as job postings. Many users of this employment-oriented platform may ask you these questions regarding this feature, what is a job poster on LinkedIn? And what is its use? Or they may not even know what a job poster is.

Job posters include job advertisements that introduce and promote the jobs of companies and organizations to attract their employees.

In this way, it’s easy to define job posters on LinkedIn:

A Job Poster on LinkedIn refers to an employer or a recruiter who posts a job opening on the LinkedIn platform. Job Posters can create job postings and manage applicants through LinkedIn's applicant tracking system. They can also use LinkedIn's various recruitment tools to find suitable candidates for the job opening. Job Posters can showcase their company, its culture, and their brand to attract top talent to their organization.

The job posting is a unique feature on LinkedIn

Luckily, thanks to the Internet and popular social media like LinkedIn, you have a strong and professional weapon in direct connection with the business world.

LinkedIn is the largest database and the best resource for both companies and recruiters looking for job candidates, job postings, and job seekers.

Now, if you have a business and you don’t know how to use job posters to hire your employees or even as a job applicant, you’re looking for company profiles, job posters on LinkedIn can be the most useful and best service that can help you achieve your career goals quickly.

With the possibility of a job posting feature, LinkedIn provides access to LinkedIn users for job posters to get jobs.

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What is the use of a job poster on LinkedIn?

  • Vibrant search for top job positions
  • Easy and quick access to your targeted job posters’ full profiles

As an employer or recruiter, how to share your profile with job posters on LinkedIn?

As mentioned on LinkedIn, with the job posting service on LinkedIn, as an employer, you can automatically share your complete profile whenever you want by clicking on the Apply option on the website of job advertising companies to complete your job applications.

How to share your profile with job posters on LinkedIn via desktop and mobile?

Through your desktop, you can share your full profile with job posters in three ways, including:

  • The Job Details page
  • The Settings tab
  • The Settings & Privacy page

To share your complete profile with a job poster via mobile, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Click on your profile picture and
  • Step 2: Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner
  • Step 3: Select the App option by clicking on the privacy option,
  • Step 4: By clicking the share option, your complete profile will be shared with job posters.

As a LinkedIn user or job seeker, how to contact job posters for a job?

To connect with job posters, all you need to do is identify the proper job poster.

In the rest of the article, you’ll learn how to connect with a job poster on LinkedIn.

By choosing targeted job posters, you can directly send a message to them to gain a job efficiently and quickly by dint of an InMail. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Take a look at your job listings and opt for the job favorite application
  • Step 2: To view the job details page, click on the job poster you’re interested. In this step, if the job posters share their profiles or make their complete profile visible on the job posting, you can see the contact option on the right side of the job details section.
  • Step 3: Click on the contact section and See more to see more details on the right side of the job poster. In this section, the contact information of the companies and individuals who posted this job ad is offered, which contains the hiring manager’s name, picture, and LinkedIn profile link. Hence, with this data, you can effortlessly apply for the job you wish.
  • Step 4: In the section below the name and title of the job poster, click on Send an InMail. In this step, you’ll be requested to do so if you haven’t already purchased an InMail subscription.
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Related Questions & Answers

Your profile was shared with the job poster means

When you receive a notification that your profile was shared with the job poster, it means that your LinkedIn profile has been presented to the individual or company who posted a job opening. This can happen if you have applied for the job or if LinkedIn’s algorithms have identified that your skills and qualifications match the requirements of the position. It indicates that the job poster has been provided with visibility into your profile to consider you as a potential candidate for the job. It’s a positive indication that your profile has been noticed and you may be considered for the opportunity.

How to Remove Job Poster from LinkedIn

To remove a job poster from LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Go to the job posting that you want to remove from your view.
  • On the job posting page, locate the “More” button (three horizontal dots) and click on it.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the “Hide” option.
  • LinkedIn will confirm if you want to hide the job posting. Click “Hide” to remove it from your view. By hiding the job poster, you won’t see their job postings in your search results or recommendations. This can help you customize your job search and focus on opportunities that are more relevant to your interests and career goals.


While certainly, many employers have used job posters on LinkedIn to promote their business and to attract job applicants and job seekers, and LinkedIn users have also found their relevant career through job poster profiles, but many people may not know about the ability to post a job on LinkedIn and the question comes to their mind, what is job poster on LinkedIn?

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It’s hoped that beginners can dispel their doubts in this regard by reading this article.


What is the meaning of job poster?

A “job poster” refers to an individual or entity that lists or publishes a job vacancy on a job board, website, or platform. This person is typically responsible for providing details about the job, such as qualifications needed, job responsibilities, and compensation. In many cases, the job poster is either the employer looking to hire, a recruiter representing the employer, or an HR professional tasked with filling the vacancy. The term is often used on platforms like LinkedIn to indicate the person who has listed a specific job opportunity.

What are the benefits of job poste

The benefits of being a job poster, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, include:

  1. Visibility: Posting a job ensures that it reaches a wide audience, attracting potential candidates from various backgrounds and expertise.
  2. Targeted Recruitment: Advanced tools allow job posters to target specific demographics, skills, or regions, ensuring the job reaches the most suitable candidates.
  3. Efficient Filtering: Digital platforms offer tools to sort and filter applicants based on set criteria, streamlining the selection process.
  4. Engagement: Posting jobs online allows for direct interaction with potential candidates, enabling quicker feedback and communication.

In essence, being a job poster facilitates a more efficient, targeted, and interactive recruitment process.

What is the purpose of a hiring poster?

A hiring poster, often referred to as a job poster, serves to advertise and communicate specific job vacancies to potential candidates. The primary purposes of a hiring poster are:

  1. Attract Candidates: It showcases job details, requirements, and benefits to entice qualified individuals to apply.
  2. Provide Information: The poster offers essential information about the job, such as responsibilities, qualifications needed, location, and compensation.
  3. Facilitate Recruitment: By reaching a broad audience, it aids employers or recruiters in filling vacancies more efficiently and finding the best-fit candidates for the role.

In essence, a hiring poster acts as a bridge between employers and potential employees, simplifying the recruitment process.

Should you reach out to a job poster?

Reaching out to a job poster can be beneficial for potential candidates:

  1. Direct Engagement: Initiating a conversation can offer clarity on job specifics, expectations, or company culture, which may not be detailed in the job post.
  2. Stand Out: Proactively reaching out can demonstrate your genuine interest in the position and make you more memorable to the recruiter or employer.

However, it’s essential to approach with professionalism. Ensure your message is concise, relevant, and expresses your interest in the position without being overly persistent. Checking the company’s preferred application method before reaching out can also be crucial to respect their process.

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