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Marketing is vital for every business, and knowing how to create a LinkedIn business page is necessary these days. To achieve success on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to make your company page distinguished and noticeable amidst the enormous community of users.

This can be accomplished by creating a professional and captivating page that grabs viewers’ attention and motivates them to engage. You can achieve this by sharing original posts, videos, and articles, especially about marketing that are native to the platform, and also by actively interacting with other users by reacting to their posts and leaving comments.

Creating a company LinkedIn account is crucial for doing LinkedIn marketing effectively and for establishing and advertising your brand. However, it is equally important to attract followers to the page. Although users tend to spend only a limited amount of time on LinkedIn, creating a company page provides an accessible business listing and improves visibility.

create a linkedin business page

Additionally, it enables the display of the business logo on team profiles and acts as a focal point for potential clients, employees, collaborators, and suppliers to discover more about the company. Hence, investing in a LinkedIn company page is highly recommended.

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Business Page?

LinkedIn has emerged as a dominant force for companies seeking to enhance online visibility, engage with customers, and generate potential business opportunities. To make the most of the platform and create an effective LinkedIn business account, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

1. First step:

The first step is ensuring your LinkedIn business profile is complete and accurate. Get that professional cover photo and logo in place, along with an engaging overview of your company that highlights your expertise, products, or services and what makes you unique. Remember to complete all the relevant profile sections, including your products and services pages.

2. Second step:

Next, let’s optimize your LinkedIn business page for search. Sprinkle in some relevant keywords and phrases in your profile summary, job titles, and descriptions to increase your chances of being discovered in LinkedIn searches. This will help attract more potential customers and boost your visibility on the platform.

3. Third step:

Next, it is essential to consistently share premium quality LinkedIn post such as industry-related articles, company updates, success stories, etc. It should be captivating, informative, and pertinent to your target audience. This positions your business as a thought leader and keeps your audience interested.

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Business Page?

4. Fourth step:

Time to engage with your audience! Respond to comments and messages promptly and dive into industry-related discussions to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information. This builds relationships with potential customers and enhances your credibility on the platform.

5. Fifth step:

Maximize the power of LinkedIn’s incorporated tools and characteristics to enhance your reach and interaction. Consider setting up Showcase Pages to highlight specific products or services, using sponsored content to target specific audiences, and joining relevant LinkedIn Groups to network and exchange information with others in your industry.

By following these guidelines, you can establish an effective LinkedIn business page that aids you to use LinkedIn for achieving your marketing goals and gives you a competitive edge.

How to Create a LinkedIn Account for Your Business?

If you want to create a professional LinkedIn business page, rest assured that it’s relatively straightforward. By the way, You can have numerous business accounts on this platform. This feature enables you to display each of your product lines individually. Whether you’re using desktop or mobile, I’ll guide you through creating an engaging LinkedIn business page step-by-step.

Desktop instruction:

The main way to create a LinkedIn business page is always using the desktop.

1. Log into your account.

2. To reach the features related to your work, click on the ‘work’ symbol in the upper right section of your feed page.

3. Click ‘+Create a Company Page.’

4. Choose the type of business page, whether a small, medium, or large business, showcase page, or educational page.

5. Fill in the required boxes with relevant company information.

6. Click ‘Create page.’

Mobile instruction:

Smartphones are a part of our daily lives today, so let’s see how to create a LinkedIn business page below.

1. Open your phone browser, ideally Firefox.

2. Go to LinkedIn.

3. To reach more choices and configurations on the page, click the icon with three dots in the upper right section.

Mobile instruction

4. Activate desktop mode.

5. Once in desktop mode, click the ‘work’ icon on the top right of your Feed page.

6. Click the ‘Create a Company Page +’ button.

7. Choose the type of business page.

8. Enter the necessary company information.

9. Click ‘Create page.’

A LinkedIn business page is crucial for effective marketing, communications, employee recruitment, and branding. It expands your presence on the platform and unleashes its full marketing potential to drive business growth. Remember, creating an engaging business page and optimizing it correctly can lead to incredible results that will shape your business’s future. Why wait?

Can You Create a LinkedIn Company Page Without a Personal Profile?

Creating a company profile without a personal profile is not possible. A personal LinkedIn account is required to set up and manage a company page. This is because the company page is linked to the personal profile of the individual who creates it and serves as the page administrator and manager.

Connecting a personal profile to your company page is beneficial in multiple ways:

  • Enhances your online presence
  • Simplifies interaction with your followers,
  • Enables you to design a distinctive and captivating experience for your audience.

Consequently, creating your LinkedIn profile before establishing a company page is crucial.

After setting up a personal profile, creating a company page is straightforward. Creating a company page is easy. Follow the instructions and provide the necessary details like the company name, logo, overview, and other important information. Let me know if you need any more help with that!

How Do I Make A Business Page On LinkedIn Strategy?

Create a LinkedIn page to boost your business or expand its online presence! The biggest platform for professionals is LinkedIn, which presents a great chance to display your business and connect with potential clients and partners. Additionally, it allows you to cement your authority in your field of work. But just creating a page won’t cut it! Having a clear strategy to make your page impactful would be best.

How Do I Make A Business Page On LinkedIn Strategy?

Here are some steps to consider for a successful business page on LinkedIn strategy:

A. Define your goals:

Before creating a business page on LinkedIn, define your goals and objectives. These include increasing brand awareness, generating leads, driving traffic to your website, or establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Your goals will dictate your content strategy and overall approach to your LinkedIn business page.

B. Know your audience:

Understand your target audience, including their interests, needs, pain points, and demographics. You can create content that resonates with your audience, encouraging them to engage with your page by doing this.

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C. Optimize your page:

Improve your business page with relevant keywords. Create a clear value proposition. Use eye-catching visuals, you can even site your YouTube channel there. Keep all fields up-to-date. This will simplify discovering, tracking, and interacting with your page.

D. Create valuable content:

Share valuable and engaging content regularly on your page that is relevant to your audience. This could include original content, industry news, thought leadership pieces, case studies, and user-generated content. Share content that educates, inspires, entertains your audience, and provides value.

E. Engage with your followers:

Engage with your followers by responding promptly to comments and messages, asking questions, and soliciting feedback. This will assist you in forming connections with your audience and fostering a feeling of togetherness within your online platform.

F. Promote your page:

Promote your business page on LinkedIn by sharing it with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. You can also run LinkedIn ads to target your desired audience and increase your reach.

Promote your business page on LinkedIn by sharing it with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

G. Measure your results:

Monitor your page’s performance using LinkedIn analytics to help you identify what content performs well and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Regularly measure your progress towards your goals, and make adjustments as needed. By following these steps, you can create a successful business page on LinkedIn that helps you achieve your marketing and business objectives.

Is It Free to Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

Creating a LinkedIn Business Page is completely free! You need a personal LinkedIn account to create your business page. LinkedIn provides businesses a free platform to build their professional presence on the site. By creating a LinkedIn business page, you can showcase your brand, products, and services to a vast audience of millions of users on the platform.

Setting up your business page is accessible and involves simple steps like verifying your email, adding your logo and cover image, entering business details, and publishing your page. After publishing your business page, you can interact with your followers by sharing updates, job opportunities, and promotional posts to increase engagement.

You can also assess your business page’s performance by utilizing LinkedIn’s analytics tool, which provides insights on views, engagement, and audience demographics. Building a LinkedIn business page can boost online visibility. It provides an excellent opportunity to network. The page can help attract potential clients. It can also attract potential candidates.

Why Can’t I Create A Business Page On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to help businesses connect with potential customers and build their brand. When you cannot create a business page on LinkedIn, there might be different reasons like:

1. New LinkedIn account:

LinkedIn requires that you have a personal account before you can create a business page. This personal account must also be at least seven days old to create a business page. You can only form a business page if you have a personal account or have not existed for at least seven days.

2. Restricted page creation:

LinkedIn may occasionally restrict business page creation due to technical issues, updates, or maintenance. Should an error notification pop up or any obstruction hinder the process, referring to the LinkedIn Help Center or LinkedIn Status page might provide some insight into existing issues.

3. Permissions and administrative access:

To create a business page on LinkedIn, you must have specific administrative access and permissions. For example, you must be an administrator of the LinkedIn Page Admin Center or a listed employee of the company with a confirmed email address. If you cannot create a page, you may need to double-check your permissions or contact your company’s LinkedIn page administrator to seek help.

Why Can't I Create A Business Page On LinkedIn?

4. Company size requirements:

In some cases, LinkedIn may have size requirements for companies that want to create a business page. For example, some sources have suggested that LinkedIn may require a company to have at least five employees before creating a page. This requirement may be in place to ensure that only active and legitimate businesses can have a presence on the platform.

A variety of factors may impede the creation of a LinkedIn business page. By understanding these potential issues and contacting LinkedIn support for additional help, you can take steps to resolve the problem and create a successful LinkedIn page for your business.

Can I Convert My LinkedIn Profile to a Business Page?

LinkedIn is a social networking site professionals and businesses use to establish connections, exchange industry-related insights, and promote offerings. A significant feature of LinkedIn is that businesses can create a page for their company where they can exhibit their brand, post updates and news for their followers, and interact with their intended audience.

Although users cannot directly transform a personal account into a company page on LinkedIn, they can create a business page from the beginning by carrying out a few uncomplicated steps.

Can I Convert My LinkedIn Profile to a Business Page?

Can I Merge a Personal and Business LinkedIn Account?

Yes, you can. Merging LinkedIn Pages for a company may be necessary; the super admins in charge can request it. Still, specific criteria must be met to ensure a successful merge, such as both Pages being duplicates, regional, acquired, subsidiaries, and divisional Pages for the same company.

There should also be at least one employee associated with the company Page that will be merged, and the names on both Pages must match, while both Pages must be for organizations, excluding member profiles or groups. Merged Pages cannot be reversed; employees and followers are the only ones migrated to the retained Page.

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Admins of merged Pages do not automatically become admins of the retained Page. Furthermore, acquired Pages and Showcase Pages cannot be merged into the parent company’s Page. To request a merge, super admins must contact LinkedIn and provide the company names, URLs, and reason for the merge.

Can I Merge a Personal and Business LinkedIn Account?

Is LinkedIn Good for Small Business?

For small businesses aiming to have an influence, it’s a valuable resource. With over a billion professionals, LinkedIn offers ample opportunities for small businesses to connect, grow, and gain visibility. LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for small businesses for several reasons:

Professional Networking:

LinkedIn provides a professional networking environment where small businesses can connect with potential clients, customers, partners, and industry professionals. It allows you to build and expand your network, strengthening relationships within your industry.

Brand Visibility:

By creating a LinkedIn company page, you can establish an online presence for your small business. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand, share company updates, and highlight your products or services. LinkedIn users can follow your page and stay engaged with your business.

Targeted Advertising:

LinkedIn offers robust advertising options that allow you to target specific demographics, industries, job titles, and more. This can be especially beneficial when you want to reach a niche audience relevant to your small business.

Thought Leadership and Content Sharing:

LinkedIn allows you to position yourself or your small business as a thought leader in your industry. You can share blog posts, articles, industry insights, and valuable content to establish credibility and engage with your audience.

Talent Acquisition:

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for finding and attracting top talent. LinkedIn can be used by small businesses to post job opportunities, hunt for potential employees, and exhibit their organizational atmosphere to draw in potential recruits.

Industry Insights and Collaboration:

LinkedIn Groups allow professionals in specific industries or interests to connect, discuss trends, share knowledge, and collaborate. Joining relevant groups can help you stay updated with industry news and connect with like-minded individuals.

Success on LinkedIn for small businesses depends on objectives and audience. Effort invested in constructing and sustaining a presence is vital. With a strategic plan, LinkedIn can be a fantastic brand enhancement and networking resource.

LinkedIn Groups allow professionals in specific industries or interests to connect, discuss trends, share knowledge, and collaborate.

How Can I Promote My Business On LinkedIn for Free?

Small businesses can leverage LinkedIn effectively and without cost to showcase and market their products and services. There are several ways to promote your business on LinkedIn for free:

1. Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page:

This includes completing your company profile and adding a cover image and logo. Make sure to offer detailed details about your business, products, and services, along with a clear outline of your company’s nature and the extent of its operations.

2. Share engaging content:

Create and share educational content relevant to your business, industry, and the specific group you are trying to reach. This can include blog articles, industry news, videos, infographics, and images. Encourage your employees to share and engage with your content as well.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups:

Look for groups related to your industry or target audience and participate in conversations or share your content with the members. This can increase exposure and credibility for your brand.

4. Use LinkedIn’s built-in analytics:

Check your company page’s insights to determine which content best resonates with your audience. Consistency is essential. Share fresh content regularly, and track your performance.

5. Leverage employees as brand ambassadors:

Encourage your employees to create and share content about your company and its products/services and to share your business’s posts, leveraging and growing the organic reach of your LinkedIn page.

By taking advantage of these free LinkedIn features, you can effectively promote your business, increase visibility, and establish a credible brand presence.


Having a LinkedIn business page is important for small businesses to connect and network with potential clients, partners, and employees. Knowing how to create a LinkedIn business page that is professional, engaging, and optimized can enhance your brand visibility and give you a competitive edge.

By following the best practices for LinkedIn, small businesses can share valuable content, engage with their audience, and promote their offerings effectively. The platform provides various free features, such as LinkedIn Groups, analytics, and employee brand ambassadors, to increase visibility and credibility of your brand. These free features can attract more followers, enhance online visibility, and help small businesses achieve their marketing objectives.


How do I create a LinkedIn business page 2023?

To create a LinkedIn business page in 2023, first, make sure you have a personal LinkedIn account. Then, click on the “Work” icon in the top right corner of your homepage. From the dropdown, select “Create a Company Page” and choose the appropriate category for your business. Fill in the required details such as company name, website, and industry. After completing the necessary information, click “Create page.” Remember to customize your page with branding, like a logo and banner image, to make it appealing.

Why can’t I create a business page on LinkedIn?

If you’re unable to create a business page on LinkedIn, it might be due to several reasons. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile with several connections (usually recommended to have 50 or more). Your account should be older than seven days, and the email address you’re using must be a company domain email, not a generic one. Ensure all these requirements are met, and if you still face issues, it could be a technical glitch or restrictions set by LinkedIn.

Can I add a business page to my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, you can add a business page to your LinkedIn profile. If you’ve created or are an admin of a LinkedIn business page, it will be linked to your personal profile under the “Experience” section. When you add a new position to your profile and select the company name, it will automatically link to the company page if it exists.

How to create a company page on LinkedIn mobile?

LinkedIn’s mobile app doesn’t allow users to create a company page directly. However, you can use your mobile browser to access LinkedIn’s desktop site. Once there, follow the same steps as on a computer: go to the “Work” icon, select “Create a Company Page,” and input the necessary information.

Create LinkedIn company page without personal profile?

To create a LinkedIn company page, you need a personal LinkedIn profile. This requirement ensures the authenticity and credibility of the company pages on the platform. Once the personal profile is set up and meets the criteria set by LinkedIn (like a certain number of connections and a verified email), you can then proceed to create a company page.

LinkedIn company page login?

To access your LinkedIn company page, you first need to log in to your personal LinkedIn profile. Once logged in, click on the “Work” icon at the top right corner, and under “Your Pages,” you’ll find the company pages you manage. Click on the desired company page to access its dashboard and make edits or updates.

LinkedIn for business owners?

LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for business owners to network, recruit, and promote their business. Business owners can create a company page to showcase their products, services, and updates. Additionally, they can use LinkedIn Ads to target specific audiences, participate in relevant industry groups, and share insights as thought leaders in their respective fields. The platform serves as both a B2B networking tool and a channel to connect with potential clients.

How to Delete LinkedIn Business Page?

To delete a LinkedIn Business Page, first ensure that you’re an administrator of the page. Log into your LinkedIn account and navigate to the business page you wish to delete. Click on the “Admin Tools” dropdown menu at the top right of the page and select “Page Admins” to verify your admin status. Once confirmed, return to the “Admin Tools” menu and choose the option for page deletion or closing. LinkedIn may ask for confirmation to ensure you want to proceed with the deletion. After confirming, the page will be permanently deleted. Keep in mind that this action is irreversible, so be certain about your decision to delete the page.

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