Can you have more than one LinkedIn business page? You are not allowed to have more than one personal account on LinkedIn, but thankfully nothing can stop you from having multiple company pages.

A lot of us lead so many different professional characters. For example, I am a content marketing manager, and at the same time, I have a huge passion for carpentry and writing short stories.

Yeah, I am leading a triple life, and I love it. Who says I only need to be a marketing strategist? I have three different company pages and they all are working well in their own industry. Here is where I will give you some strategies to manage multiple company pages on LinkedIn.

Yes, you can create multiple LinkedIn Business Pages to represent different brands, products, or business units within your organization. Each Business Page is independent and requires a unique email address and company name to set up. You can also customize the content, imagery, and branding for each Business Page to align with your specific goals and audience.

Can you have more than one business page, and how to manage it?

As I mentioned, unlike the fact that you cannot have multiple personal accounts on LinkedIn, you can have as many company pages as you like, you just need to be able to manage them as best as reachable.

Can You Have More Than One LinkedIn Business Page?

It was in 2018, when LinkedIn introduced company pages to help corporations to have more influential activities on the most business-oriented social platforms. Right now, there are about 60 million company pages on LinkedIn and it is huge since this happened in less than five years.

Now, this strong suggestion is to have one company page and focus on it. Yes, it is a hard task to do.

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Honestly, having different company pages at once and with no other admins was an absolute nightmare for me! I confess that on some occasions, I used to post unrelated content on the pages.I can remember that once I published this long article about carpentry

techniques and some new machines that just got introduced in this industry. It was a perfect article and nothing was wrong with it, yeah, the only problem was that I published it on the company page that I had for my SEO activities! carpentry and search engine optimization?

That is a no-no! And the worse thing was that I did not recognize this error for a while, right until one of my dearest friends called me and asked why I published this article on my SEO company page. Can you imagine my expression at that moment?

Can You Have More Than One LinkedIn Business Page?

In another incident, I totally forgot to publish any content on one of the company pages for three weeks, which is a long time when you are trying to make people notice your brand and your company page.

First of all, it is free to create a company page on LinkedIn, which is a huge positive point. It means that you don’t need to have a budget for it and you don’t even have to be a premium user to have a company page to develop your brand and promote it on LinkedIn.

But there are some limitations for the company pages, for example, you cannot follow people or other companies as a company page.

You also could not react, comment, or share different posts as a company page in the past, at least not directly and there was this complicated method to do so. But you can do that easily right now.

You just need to click on your profile photo under any posts in your feed and select the account you like to react to or comment under a post.

A very important rule to remember is to try to separate content streams, even if your company pages are in the same industry.

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For example, if you have this web design company page and at the same time you are promoting an app development business account, you have to separate them, even though they are both working under the IT services industry.

When people are looking for a specific service or product, they usually do not want to see other things.

This is exactly why I like websites like Amazon since everything is categorized and you won’t see cherry cake ads while you are trying to purchase an HP laptop.

Maybe your followers are just looking for someone to design them an application and they really don’t want to see some web design stuff.

To notify people of the company pages you are managing, it is suggested to give the users who are viewing your profile some hints about your activities. For example, you can talk about them in the summary section.

You are allowed to write up to 2600 characters in this section, which means you can talk about what you do in this very important section. Remember that your summary section is no less important than the headline.

Can You Have More Than One LinkedIn Business Page?

You can also leave some hints in different conversations, in comments, or in group discussions. It is better to have a non-marketing approach in these conversations and try to attract those people who are interested in the topic.

Let them know that you are a reliable source of information. You can make sure that they will view your profile and a lot of them will visit your company pages, and who knows how many of them will follow the page.

Another very important strategy on how to manage multiple company pages on LinkedIn is to comment on related posts.

Usually, people who are interested in one specific industry, show reactions or leave comments under some specific posts.

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Commenting on these posts will lure these people to your company pages and the author of that post who is already publishing related content might also get interested in your brand.

Adding some relevant experiences to your profile can also be very beneficial. Personally, I check the admins’ profiles on every company page (especially if it is a high-tech company) that I want to work with since I believe that if they ever worked in a related job, they know what they are talking about.

It can be good to have their advice and maybe even to use their products and/or services.

Can You Have More Than One LinkedIn Business Page?

It also is suggested to have a brand name that sticks to people’s minds. Since there are more than 58 million companies on LinkedIn, sometimes it can get hard to keep the track of different companies that people might encounter, in one day.

So it is better to select a name that is unforgettable. For instance, I saw this farmer’s company page on LinkedIn, the name was “An Apple a Day”. You see the point, right? Will you ever forget such a name? I never did during the last four years!

To wrap up

Can you have more than one LinkedIn business page? There is no rule that you cannot have multiple company pages.

In fact, it can be an excellent idea to have multiple business accounts to manage multiple unrelated businesses.

For example, if you are an accountant and you teach math at the same time, you can have two company pages and manage to promote your brands separately so as not to get your audience bored by the topics they are not interested in.

So if you have this other job besides your full-time job, make that business account and start your branding on LinkedIn.

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