Nowadays how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn has become a significant question that has occupied many marketers’ attention due to the huge number of companies and individuals that have pages on LinkedIn.

I as a marketer cannot ignore 810 million members of LinkedIn, can you? Any of them can become our next prospect!

To find someone's email on LinkedIn, you can try sending them a connection request and, once connected, check their contact info or reach out through LinkedIn messaging to request their email.
How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn?

This has encouraged the CUFinder team to design and establish the best LinkedIn email finder in the market through which emails of individuals and companies can be extracted from LinkedIn in real time and with no delay.

Time management is vital for busy marketers and if it is done appropriately, they can prioritize all their work tasks.

New opportunities and sustainable business manners are the results of time-saving.

Moreover, the matter of email accuracy is as important as the speed of email extraction.

CUFinder verifies and checks the gathered emails to see whether they are true or not and to deliver only valid email addresses.

Getting real and correct emails from business individuals in seconds becomes even more wonderful when provided just by a few clicks of the mouse!

CUFinder LinkedIn email finder is an easy-to-use service that needs no special knowledge of computers.

How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn?

Any person at any age and with any level of computer proficiency can work with this simple tool.

How to find someone’s email on LinkedIn via CUFinder?

In two ways, you can find individuals’ email addresses on LinkedIn by CUFinder.

  • 👉 The first method asks the user to select one company’s industry and one country.
  • 👉 Then the LinkedIn accounts of all individuals that are active in that certain company industry and the chosen country are demonstrated in real time.
  • 👉 The user must select one or as many individuals as he wants.
  • 👉 Then CUFinder shows the emails of those selected people instantly.

For example, if the user has chosen Italy as the country and Art as the company industry, CUFinder may show the LinkedIn accounts of 1000 employees that are working at Art firms in Italy.

The user can ask CUFinder to show the email of all those 1000 people or fewer of them.

It depends on the users’ requirements and goals.

If you want you can also go to the LinkedIn page of any individual and employee that you like and then just by one click get the emails of that person through the Google Chrome Extension of CUFinder.

Both explained methods of CUFinder LinkedIn email finder provide accurate and valid email addresses that are accomplished at the earliest time possible, usually in a few minutes.

Do not destroy your reputation as an email sender by sending emails to the wrong people.

How to Find Someone's Email on LinkedIn?

Inaccurate email addresses waste your time and energy and impact your reputation.

CUFinder LinkedIn email finder helps you to improve your email bounce rate and to achieve goals faster.

When we can get the emails of thousands of companies’ employees on LinkedIn at once, why do we persist with the old methods of searching LinkedIn pages manually?

Get email from LinkedIn for free

To get email addresses from LinkedIn for free, you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect with the person on LinkedIn: Send a connection request to the person whose email address you want to obtain. If they accept your request, you’ll have a direct connection with them on the platform.
  2. Send a direct message: Once you’re connected, you can send them a polite and professional message through LinkedIn’s messaging system. Introduce yourself, explain the reason for contacting them, and politely ask for their email address. Be clear about your intentions and provide a valid reason for wanting their email address.
  3. Wait for a response: It’s important to note that not everyone may be comfortable sharing their email address, especially if they don’t know you well. Respect their decision if they decline to share it. However, some individuals may be willing to provide their email address if they see a genuine reason or benefit in doing so.

Remember to always approach the request with professionalism and respect for the other person’s privacy. Building a genuine connection and fostering professional relationships on LinkedIn can lead to more opportunities for communication and collaboration in the future.

How to get contact info from LinkedIn without connection

Getting contact information from LinkedIn without a direct connection can be challenging, as LinkedIn emphasizes privacy and limits access to personal contact details. However, there are a few indirect ways to gather contact information:

  1. Utilize shared connections: If you have mutual connections with the person you’re interested in contacting, reach out to those connections and ask for an introduction. Explain your purpose and politely request them to facilitate an introduction or share contact details on your behalf.
  2. Visit their external website or social media profiles: Many LinkedIn users provide links to their personal websites, blogs, or social media profiles in their LinkedIn profiles. Visit those external sources to see if they have listed their contact information there. Some professionals may include their email addresses or contact forms on their websites, making it easier for you to reach out to them.

It’s important to respect the privacy and preferences of LinkedIn users. If someone has chosen not to share their contact information on LinkedIn or through other public channels, it’s best to honor their decision. Focus on building meaningful connections, engaging in discussions, and leveraging the LinkedIn platform to network and establish professional relationships.

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