Can I message someone on LinkedIn without premium? Frequently, individuals inquire about methods for connecting with others on LinkedIn, regardless of their acquaintance. Building connections on the platform is viewed as an effective means of securing employment, and acquiring more connections increases the likelihood of uncovering opportunities.

Yes, you can message someone on LinkedIn without a Premium subscription. If you are connected with the person, you can directly send them a message through the messaging platform. However, if you're not connected, you typically need to send a connection request first. Once they accept your connection request, you can then send them a message. Without Premium, you won't have access to the "InMail" feature which allows you to directly message someone without connecting first.

While connecting with strangers on LinkedIn is not recommended, there are still ways to do so. You can send a personalized message explaining why you’d like to connect, find mutual connections for an introduction, or join relevant groups. LinkedIn used to discourage contacting people you didn’t know, but they have since launched the Plus One Pledge to encourage users to reach beyond their existing networks.

To message someone on LinkedIn without a Premium account, try connecting with them first and including a personalized message. After your request is accepted, you can send a message. LinkedIn is an incredible lead-generation source for recruiters, salespeople, job hunters, and business developers.

Can You Message Without LinkedIn Premium?

Can You Message Without LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn serves many purposes for various professionals, such as those searching for jobs, recruiters, businesses, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. With over a billion members, it offers many opportunities and resources. The ability to network and connect with other professionals is essential on LinkedIn, and messaging is one of the crucial ways to do so. However, many users may wonder if they can send messages on LinkedIn without paying for a Premium account.

The answer to the question “Can you message without LinkedIn premium?” is yes! LinkedIn provides users with free and Premium features to facilitate communication, even without a connection. Users without a Premium account can send a message request to anyone with an open profile, allowing them to initiate communication with anyone on LinkedIn.

As a platform with over one billion members, LinkedIn offers invaluable opportunities for job seekers, businesses, recruiters, and professionals across diverse fields. In this case, contacting them first and waiting for confirmation is best.

Users with a Premium LinkedIn account have access to more options when it comes to messaging. They can send an unlimited number of InMails, proprietary messages to people they are not connected with, and free InMail messages to another LinkedIn user who is a current coworker. Users who pay for LinkedIn Premium have the added benefit of knowing how to block someone and being able to block individuals from messaging them for not wanting to receive unwanted or unsolicited messages.

In terms of sending messages, numerous options are available on LinkedIn, regardless of whether the sender is connected with the recipient. Open profiles allow you to initiate communication with anyone, while InMail is available exclusively for Premium LinkedIn users. LinkedIn’s free messaging functions make it easy to network with other professionals and optimize your LinkedIn profile for better job opportunities and career growth.

How Do I Message On LinkedIn For Free?

LinkedIn is a popular medium utilized by professionals to engage in networking activities, with advantages including seeking employment opportunities, fostering connections with potential business partners, and staying informed on industry developments.

How Do I Message On LinkedIn For Free?

Perhaps the most notable perk of LinkedIn is the simple process of connecting with fellow professionals in your particular field. However, messaging someone on LinkedIn who is not a part of your network can be tricky. Many users may hesitate to upgrade to a premium account just to message someone they’re not connected with.

On the internet, LinkedIn is a widely used professional networking platform. To initiate communication with someone on this platform, a good approach is to send them a connection request and a customized message detailing your reason for wanting to connect. This method effectively introduces yourself to new individuals without appearing overly aggressive. Once the person accepts your connection request, you can message them and start a conversation.

Another option is to join relevant LinkedIn groups. This may include groups related to your industry, profession, or interests. You can connect with professionals who share similar interests through engagement in these groups.

Adding thoughtful comments to their posts can lead to stimulating discussions. Additionally, reaching out through direct messaging to members of a particular group is an option, but it should be done considerately and in moderation.

Additionally, you can keep an eye out for open messaging options. Certain individuals on LinkedIn permit messaging from those not in their network, streamlining the process of contacting prospective connections. To determine if someone allows open messaging, look at their profile settings.

LinkedIn premium members can send InMail LinkedIn messages to anyone on LinkedIn, even if they're not connected

Finally, LinkedIn premium members can send InMail LinkedIn messages to anyone on LinkedIn, even if they’re not connected. Utilizing this function may not be feasible without a premium account.

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Conversely, sending a message to someone outside your LinkedIn network doesn’t need to be arduous or costly. By following these tips and being polite and professional in your approach, you can expand your network on LinkedIn without spending a dime.

How Many Free LinkedIn Messages Can I Send?

For those who utilize LinkedIn for job searches or to connect with others in their field, it’s natural to question the extent of permissible free messaging on the platform. There are no bounds to how many free messages one can send on LinkedIn, but various factors and restrictions should be considered.

First, it’s important to note that LinkedIn has different account types – Basic, Premium, Sales Navigator, etc. Basic accounts have access to the most fundamental features; however, they offer only restricted admission to premium features.

Premium accounts come in various tiers and offer additional features, while Sales Navigator is geared towards sales professionals and recruiters. Your account type determines the number of free messages you can send on LinkedIn. If you have a Basic account, you can only send messages to those already part of your network on LinkedIn.

You can send up to 15 free messages monthly, which may vary based on specific account restrictions or LinkedIn policy changes. Additionally, you can only send free messages to individuals within your network who have not specified more restricted messaging settings.

If you have a Premium or Sales Navigator account, you have more flexibility and can send free InMail messages to individuals you are not connected with. InMail is a feature on LinkedIn that permits users to communicate with individuals they are not connected with. This tool is beneficial for those seeking new job opportunities or potential clients. Despite its advantages, there are restrictions to the number of complimentary InMail messages one can send.

LinkedIn’s messaging tool, InMail, is a valuable resource for connecting with individuals outside your network. It’s beneficial for job seekers and clients looking to expand their reach. Nonetheless, there are restrictions on the number of free InMail messages available and for more emails you are to buy more InMail credits.

Premium accounts generally offer a certain number of InMail credits per month, ranging from five to up to thirty messages, depending on the tier. If you use all of your credits for the month, additional messages can be purchased as needed.

How Many Free LinkedIn Messages Can I Send?

It’s essential to use these limited free message credits strategically. Consider customizing your message to demonstrate your interest in the recipient and be clear and concise about your intentions. Sending too many messages at once might flag your account as spam or annoying and could damage your reputation on the platform.

The number of free messages you can send on LinkedIn depends on your account type and their varying features. Basic accounts are limited to fifteen free monthly messages to people they are already connected with. Premium and Sales Navigator accounts offer free InMail messages that are credited monthly, ranging from five to thirty per month. Regardless of your account, it’s important to message strategically, as excessive messaging could be perceived as annoying or spammy.

Why Can’t I Send a Message on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers an effective method of connecting with a range of professionals. The capability to send messages is a significant feature of LinkedIn. However, there are circumstances where users encounter obstacles that hinder their capacity to convey messages. One possible reason you can’t send a message on LinkedIn could be technical glitches or temporary errors.

In such situations, LinkedIn’s server might be down or have limited service, and users may experience difficulty sending messages. If this is the reason, you should try again after some time or check for any notifications from LinkedIn regarding the problem.

The reason why you can’t send a message on LinkedIn could be due to your effort of reaching out to an individual who has yet to become a member of your network or endorse your request to connect. LinkedIn has security measures to prevent unsolicited spam messages.

Therefore, if you are not connected with someone, LinkedIn might restrict sending private messages until the recipient accepts your connection request. After accepting your connection request, you can send messages to the person who became your new contact.

If you are encountering technical problems or incorrect use of features, you can visit the help center on LinkedIn’s website for assistance. LinkedIn offers resources for addressing issues and the option to request customized assistance through ticket submission.

Why Can't I Send a Message on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an active and helpful social media platform, but glitches and errors are bound to occur like any technology service. However, through proper use and familiarization with its features, you should be able to connect with others and use LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

Can You Message Directly on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can send messages directly on LinkedIn. LinkedIn facilitates communication through its messaging system, enabling users to interact regardless of any prior connection.

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The first step to message someone on LinkedIn is to find the person’s profile. In case the profile is accessible, press the ‘Message’ button to commence a dialogue. However, certain users might have their profiles set to ‘LinkedIn private mode’, which hides their activity from non-connections. Clicking on the ‘Message’ button can initiate a conversation, provided the profile can be accessed.

To secure your LinkedIn profile and avoid receiving messages from someone, follow an easy process. By opening their profile page, look for the three dots positioned at the top-right corner and select them. From there, click ‘Report/Block’ to open the menu and select the appropriate option. This will prevent the user from messaging or seeing your profile and reporting them to LinkedIn.

Another option to message someone on LinkedIn who is not connected to you is to send an ‘InMail ‘. Sending a message to an unconnected person is possible through InMail messaging, although there are certain restrictions.

InMail messages are only available to LinkedIn Premium account holders, and the user receiving the message must also have an active LinkedIn account. However, LinkedIn does offer a limited amount of free InMail messages to all users.

Messaging directly on LinkedIn is a straightforward and useful feature that enables users to communicate with other professionals within the platform. With features like InMail and message requests, even users who are not connected can communicate with one another and expand their network on LinkedIn.

How to Send Private Messages on LinkedIn App?

LinkedIn is now a leading platform for professionals across diverse industries. It is excellent for creating business networking opportunities, searching for jobs, and fostering relationships with clients and business partners. While a social network, LinkedIn allows its users to make private messages to have personal conversations with other users without compromising their professional image.

Initially, access the application and log in to your LinkedIn profile. Locate the messaging icon at the upper right-hand side of your device screen. It looks like a speech bubble with a small number next to it indicating the number of unread messages. Tap the messaging icon to open the messaging tab.

How to Send Private Messages on LinkedIn App?

To initiate a new conversation, access the messaging tab, locate the “+” sign at the top right, and click it. Select a recipient from your messaging list or manually type the intended recipient’s name. In the messaging section or while conversing, employ the text box at the screen’s bottom to craft your message.

After completing the message, click the send button on the blue arrow on the right side of the text box. To insert media files like photographs, videos, or papers into your message, locate the paperclip icon on the left of the text box and tap on it. Please select the appropriate file from your device and send it by tapping the send button.

Maintaining professionalism and politeness when sending messages on LinkedIn is crucial as it is a professional networking platform where users must respect each other’s boundaries and communicate cordially.

LinkedIn’s private messaging feature is valuable for networking, forging connections on the platform, and following the guidelines mentioned in this guide. Users should not have difficulty sending private messages through the LinkedIn app. It is paramount to maintain a standard of respectful and professional communication while interacting with other users on LinkedIn.

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn Example & Tips

Initiating a dialogue, fostering connections, and networking in your field becomes possible by sending messages to persons on LinkedIn. However, it’s vital to ensure that your approach is adept.

1. Start with a friendly greeting – Begin your message with a friendly greeting that shows you’re a real person, not a spam bot.

2. Introduce yourself and explain your reason for messaging – Tell them who you are, your profession, and why you’re reaching out.

3. Be concise – Too much information could overwhelm or intimidate the recipient. Make sure your message is concise and gets straight to the point.

4. Personalize your message – Include something specific that caught your attention about the person’s profile or post. Demonstrating your efforts to delve into their history indicates a sincere desire to establish rapport with them.

5. Make a call to action – After introducing yourself, clarify what you would like to happen next. Make it clear and specific whether to arrange a meeting or speak on the phone.

6. Be professional – LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so always keep your message professional and respectful.

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn Example & Tips

Example Message:

“Hi [Name], I stumbled upon your LinkedIn profile and was impressed by your experience in [field]. Indicating the effort made to investigate their past and a sincere desire to learn about their experience, I am keen to connect with you and gain insight into your accomplishments as a [field] enthusiast. Let’s set up a brief meeting or telephone conversation soon. Your time and attention are greatly appreciated. Best, [Your Name].”

Sending a message on the LinkedIn platform can serve as an efficient approach to establishing and cultivating business connections. Following these tips and example message can increase the likelihood of a positive response and meaningful interaction.

LinkedIn Message Examples

Let us see some examples of LinkedIn messages:
1. Hi [Name], I hope this message finds you well! I came across your profile and was really impressed with your experience in [specific field]. I’m currently working on a related project and would love to hear your thoughts. Would you be open to connecting to discuss this further?

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2. Hello [Name], I saw you work at [Company Name] and thought connecting would be great. I’m interested in learning more about the company culture and potential job opportunities in [department]. Would you be open to connecting and chatting about your experience at the company?

3. Hey [Name], we share mutual connections in [specific industry/field]. I’m currently working on [specific project], and I would love to hear your thoughts on it since you have extensive experience in [specific area of expertise]. Would you be open to connecting to chat more about this?

4. Hi [Name], I hope you’re doing well! I noticed that we both volunteer with [specific organization], and I wanted to connect to learn more about your experience with them. How long have you been volunteering, and what kind of opportunities have you had with the organization?

5. Hello [Name], I saw that you recently posted an article on [specific topic] and found it fascinating. I have yet to see many people talk about this particular issue, which is essential. I’d love to hear more about your perspective on the matter. Would you be open to connecting to chat about it further?

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn about a Job?

When reaching out to someone on LinkedIn regarding a job, it’s crucial to be respectful, professional, and clear. Here’s a guide on how to do it:

Crafting the Introduction: After navigating to the person’s profile, click the “Message” button. Start your message by introducing yourself, mentioning any mutual connections, common interests, or past encounters that might make your message more recognizable.

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State Your Intent Clearly: Clearly explain why you’re reaching out. For example, “I came across the [job title] position at [Company’s name] and am very interested in learning more about it.” Or “I believe my skills in [specific skills] could be a great fit for [job title or company].”

Be Respectful and Open-Ended: Ensure you express appreciation for their time, and make your query open-ended. For instance, “Would you be open to discussing the role further at a time convenient for you?” or “Could you provide any insights into the responsibilities of this role or the company culture?”

Closing the Message: End with a thank you, and possibly a statement that shows you understand if they’re too busy to respond. Example: “Thank you for considering my message. I understand if you’re swamped right now, but any insight would be greatly appreciated.”

Always proofread your message to ensure it’s error-free, and wait patiently for a response. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network, so it’s crucial to maintain decorum.

How Do You Love a Comment on Linkedin

To love a comment on LinkedIn, simply hover your mouse over the comment you wish to engage with. A small heart icon will appear on the right side of the comment. Click on the heart icon to love the comment. This action will indicate your appreciation or agreement with the comment and can be a way to show support or acknowledge the person who made the comment. It’s a simple and effective way to engage with others on the platform and foster positive interactions within your LinkedIn network.

Why Can’t I Connect With Someone on LinkedIn?

There could be several reasons why you’re unable to connect with someone on LinkedIn, including the possibility that the person has reached the maximum limit of 30,000 connections, they have already declined your connection request, or their account settings restrict connection requests from certain users. In some cases, LinkedIn may also limit connection requests if you’ve previously sent a high number of requests that were ignored or declined.

How to Message Someone on LinkedIn Without Premium?

If you are not connected with someone on LinkedIn, you can only message them if you have a Premium account and use the InMail feature or if they have allowed open messaging in their account settings. Alternatively, you can try connecting with them first and include a personalized message to introduce yourself and explain why you would like to connect. Once they accept your connection request, you can send them a message.

How to Contact Someone on LinkedIn without InMail?

To contact someone on LinkedIn without InMail, you can try connecting with them by sending a personalized invitation message. You can also try finding their contact information outside of LinkedIn, such as their email or phone number, and contacting them directly. Additionally, you can engage with their posts and comments on LinkedIn to get on their radar and potentially start a conversation.

Can You Send a Message on LinkedIn without Being Connected?

Yes, you can send a message on LinkedIn to someone you’re not connected with, but there are limitations. LinkedIn offers a feature called InMail, available to Premium account holders, which allows you to send messages to anyone on LinkedIn regardless of your connection status. However, for those with a basic (free) account, direct messaging is generally limited to your connections.


In a nutshell, messaging on LinkedIn is a fundamental aspect of professional networking that can help uncover new opportunities and secure employment. Whether users have a basic or premium account, there are many ways to reach out to new individuals, including sending personalized messages, finding mutual connections, or joining relevant groups.

I offered an elaborate guide on sending messages on LinkedIn on this blog, including tips for addressing messaging issues and the maximum amount of messages one can send at no cost. I also emphasized the importance of maintaining professional communication and provided examples of effective LinkedIn messages. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can leverage the messaging function on LinkedIn to expand their networks, foster connections, and optimize their profiles for career growth.

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