Briefly, a B2B contact database is a set of data and contacts of private and public companies and the individuals working in those companies gathered in a consistent database used as a business reference primarily for lead generation.

Determining the best B2B contact database providers is subjective and can vary based on specific needs, but some popular options include ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg (now part of ZoomInfo), LinkedIn Sales Navigator, InsideView, (now part of ZoomInfo), and UpLead.

These individuals may be simple employees or employers, CEOs, and decision-makers of companies and organizations. The recorded companies usually include both private and public ones. However, the data comprehensiveness of B2B contact databases depends directly on their quality and the AI technology they use.

Where to use a business contact database?

B2B data providers usually provide the names of companies and the individuals working in those companies, plus their contacts. By contacts, we mean their emails, phone numbers, domains, social media profiles, etc.

Even some of them provide some other interesting data like the No. Of employees of companies, individuals’ interests, job titles, job summaries, etc. It totally depends on the innovation level of this database!

However, all B2B contact business databases are not the same. The more contacts and data a database provides, the easier your job as a marketer will be, the faster connecting with customers will be, and the more benefits will return to you.

Prospecting and lead generation happen faster and easier by using this data and contacts unless the quality of the given information is low!

You can easily send emails to many leads’ email addresses or call them directly through their phone numbers. You can visit their websites to check their backgrounds and achievements or directly send a message to their social networks like LinkedIn.

The more data a B2B contact developer gives, the more channels are opened for you to connect with leads.

In this article, we will introduce all contact databases on the web. Still, it is necessary to know what features a perfect data provider of companies and leads should have before introducing all available databases. Then finding the best B2B contact database in the market is easier for you.

How to recognize the best online company contacts database?

Complete: The B2B contact database you choose should be comprehensive. The more data recorded in it, the more channels of connecting with prospects are available. Emails, phone numbers, and domains are not enough. Choose the one with at least the companies’ social media URLs too.

Employees & employers: Try the database, which has the data and contacts of companies and their leads, including employees and employers.

Verified data: Just trust the one which checks the accuracy of all contacts and the extracted data with the help of artificial intelligence. Verified contacts greatly speed up the lead generation process, connect with real prospects, sign contracts, and finally achieve the predetermined targets.

Rapid: You need a service that can extract the data of companies and leads from its database in the shortest possible time. You use an online database to speed up the lead generation process, so waiting a long time for the results is awful!

Up-to-date: A B2B contact database that does not update its recorded data daily, weekly, or monthly is not valuable enough to trust. Outdated emails increase your bounce rate, and outdated phone numbers just increase your telephone costs! It’s better not to forget its time-wasting too!

Price: The prices of marketing services are always essential for any company, especially SMEs and startups. But remember that if you find a very high-quality and precise B2B contact database, don’t take it hard! Some databases are really worth paying more money for.

The rest of this article introduces all online B2B contact databases of the market through which you can extract businesses’ data in bulk and in real-time.

Their upsides and downsides are all mentioned based on the reviews of people and marketers that have been published on the web.

Keep on reading; it will assist you!

1. CUFinder

CUFinder, as a German CRM data enrichment website, has created various automatic tools and gadgets to increase the amount of data recorded in your CRM and boost the data quality to a higher degree.

It has a comprehensive and complete B2B contact database through which getting accurate and full data and contacts of companies and individuals is no more a dream!

What data has been recorded in the CUFinder business contacts database?

  • It has recorded the data and contacts of companies like the companies’ names, websites, social media profiles, emails, phone numbers, revenue, industries, addresses, summaries, logos, and so many other interesting data.
  • Also, the complete contacts and data of companies’ individuals, from their simple employees to decision-makers, have been gathered in CUF.

How to work with CUFinder B2B contact database?

  • To get the data of companies, you should select 5 various filters including industry, location, revenue, No. employees, and products/services. Then based on the filters you have chosen, CUF provides the contacts and data of companies.
  • To get the data of leads, you should select 8 filters offered by CUF including industry, location, job title, interests, No. of employees, companies’ domains, revenue, companies’ products/services. Then based on the chosen searching criteria, the list of individuals’ names and data are given.

Of course, in both cases, the more filters you choose, the more relevant data will be given. So try to narrow down the results as much as possible by determining more filters unless you really need a wide range of information.

Based on your chosen filters, the result may include a small amount of data or a huge one.

Suppose you ask for the data of all American companies active in the IT industry. In that case, the result is much more than the time you ask for the data of the marketing agencies registered in Adelaide city of Australia, which have less than 10 employees.

In the first example, only 2 filters of location and industry were active, and the chosen country was also a big and populated one. In contrast, 3 filters were selected in the second example, including location, industry, and No. of employees. Also, the chosen location was a city with less than 1.5 million residents!

CUFinder B2B contact database

CUFinder features

AI technology: Any extracted data first is checked with AI technology, then added to the CUF B2B contact database.

  • Fresh: Only up-to-date and accurate contacts and information are recorded in CUFinder.
  • Firm + person: Both the data and contacts of companies and individuals are given by CUFinder.
  • Rapid: Data extraction and verification happen in a short time.
  • Full-scale: The data of over 250 million companies are recorded in CUFinder.
  • Cheap purchase: Compared with the benefits you will achieve using the data of CUFinder, the money you pay to buy CUFinder plans is a bit!
  • Full contacts: all contacts of people and firms are given including emails, phone numbers, domains, social media profiles, addresses, locations, and many other useful contacts.
  • Full data: In addition to contacts, other helpful information are provided too like the job summary, interests, job title, etc. about the individuals and revenue, founded year, logo, No. employees, etc. about the companies themselves.
  • Complete filters: Various filters are designed to narrow down the results given by CUF like location and industry. To be more exact, 8 filters are designed for search of individuals and 5 filters for companies.
CUFinder B2B contact database features


This B2B database provider has collected companies’ and individuals’ emails and phone numbers in a structured database. B2B contact database
  • Individual search: After selecting some search criteria, the names of individuals working in the selected industry and location are shown plus the name of their companies, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Company search: After selecting some search filters, the names of companies plus their industries and contacts are provided. B2B database positives

  • CRM integration
  • Phone support
  • 5 free trials negatives

  • A bit pricey
  • Low accuracy rate of the given emails
  • Low number of filters
  • Limited given data
  • Only the emails & phone numbers of people are given

3. Leadspace

Leadspace B2B companies’ and leads’ data is collected in a database that works based on various filters. Leadspace is offered to marketing teams, salespersons, entrepreneurs, and data scientists to find business contacts.

Leadspace B2B contact database

Leadspace helps growing organizations and businesses effectively by unifying multiple data sources. Today, any marketing team that is not equipped with automatic tools is alone in the big world of business, and its efforts usually remain inconclusive.

Leadspace B2B contact database

Leadspace positives

  • CRM integration
  • Companies’ & persons’ data
  • Marketing automation programs

Leadspace negatives

  • Delay in access after signing up!!!
Leadspace b2b contact database
  • Poor quality service
  • Some of its features take a long time
  • Pricey
  • Slow
  • Low data accuracy of the companies outside America

4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo can find B2B contact information of firms and individuals in real-time. This American multi-platform operating system helps salespeople find more prospects for their services/products and grab their attention faster than the competitors.

ZoomInfo B2B contact database

Also its recorded data can help recruiters and even job seekers. The first group finds the data of potential business people to offer a job to them, and the second group can find the contacts of the companies to send a job inquiry.

ZoomInfo B2B contact database

ZoomInfo positives

  • Single and bulk request support
  • CRM integration
  • Free trial

ZoomInfo negatives

  • Low data accuracy rate
  • Unresponsive support team
  • Ambiguous home page
  • Pricey

5. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch has a respective data source that has recorded only the data of the American people. It doesn’t contain the data of people outside the USA and doesn’t have a company contact database.

ZabaSearch B2B contact database

The limited amount of data in ZabaSearch, only related to American individuals, does not fulfill all expectations and needs of marketers and data scientists. Though it is a contact database free, many people prefer to use similar services providing both the data of companies and persons in and outside of the US.

ZabaSearch B2B contact database

ZabaSearch positives

  • Free
  • Only names & locations of people are needed to find the contacts
  • Reverse phone number check
  • More data like leads’ social networks (With extra fee)

ZabaSearch negatives

  • Only the American people’s data
  • No company data
  • No bulk support
  • Expensive when you need detailed data

6. BeenVerified

The data and contacts of American people and businesses, as well as the information on vehicles and properties, are recorded in BeenVerified. It needs a person’s full name to provide their contacts and data.

BeenVerified B2B contact database

Noteworthy that it cannot provide data in bulk, and only single requests are responded to through manual search.

BeenVerified B2B contact database

Some of the data provided by BeenVerified are shown in the picture below.

BeenVerified B2B contact database

BeenVerified positives

  • Free
  • Various types of services

BeenVerified negatives

Low data accuracy rate

Only American people and business data

Limited data

No bulk support

7. Lead411

Lead411 is a sales intelligence solution and a B2B contact database provider in which, based on some filters chosen by the users, the phone numbers and emails of companies and individuals are given in real-time.

Lead411 can be a good assistant in the process of lead generation, which fuels the growth of your marketing.

Lead411 B2B contact database

Lead411 positives

  • 7-day free trial
  • Whole world support
  • CRM integration
Lead411 B2B contact database

Lead411 negatives

  • Limited contacts
  • Low accuracy rate/outdated data
  • Few filters
  • Relatively high prices

8. Whitepages

Whitepages allows users to search the name of a person or a business to get their contacts and data extracted from its company contact information database. It only provides American individuals’ and companies’ data. Not supporting other continents has made it a limited source of data.


As you see in the above picture, there are 4 main parts in this free business contacts database:

  • People search
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Reverse address lookup
  • Business/company search

The data given by Whitepages is demonstrated in the picture below.


Whitepages positives

  • Background check of people
  • Free of charge
  • Both people and companies’ data
Whitepages B2B contact database

Whitepages negatives

  • Only American people and businesses’ data
  • No bulk request support
  • Unreliable background check data
  • Low data accuracy rate

9. EasyLeadz

EasyLeads, as a B2B custom data provider, has a Chrome Extension that can extract people or companies’ phone numbers from their social media profiles.


It has claimed in its website that the provided data is 100% accurate! Frankly, I cannot believe it! In my view no online marketing service can claim that it provides data with absolutely no error and deficiency!


EasyLeadz positives

  • Chrome extension
  • 5 free trials

EasyLeadz negatives

  • Only phone numbers are given
  • Only work through Chrome Extension
  • Limited features & capabilities

10. Lusha

How to get someone’s contact information from Lusha?

Lusha asks for the names of people as input and then provides their data and contacts in real-time to enrich CRMs and establish a faster and easier connection between you and your prospects.

No need to waste hours and hours for manual lead generation from the web. Instead, Lusha and other similar tools simplify the process of finding individuals’ and companies’ contacts and verifying them.


Lusha positives

CRM integration

Both companies’ & peoples’ data

5 free credits

Lusha negatives

· Low data coverage

· Poor quality customer services

· Low data accuracy rate

11. AeroLeads

To find contact details of people and companies, AeroLeads is a good choice for helping data experts and marketing teams to have access to a broader source full of the data needed for lead generation.

Sales automation, contact management, and CRM data enrichment are all performed by AeroLeads rapidly and more accurately.

AeroLeads B2B contact database

Various filters are available in AeroLeads to be selected by the user. The more filters he/she selects, the more relevant data will be given.

Remember that AeroLeads provides only phone numbers and emails. It would be better if it could find other data, too, like social networks of people and firms.

AeroLeads B2B contact database

AeroLeads positives

  • Single and bulk search
  • Easy to use/user friendly
  • Various searching filters
  • Free trial
  • CRM integration

AeroLeads negatives

  • Low accuracy rate
  • Not guaranteed data correctness rate
  • Slow data extraction
  • Limited given contacts

12. Uplead

Uplead is a contact and email database provider, professional enough to provide data for both firms and people with a 95% data accuracy rate.

Uplead B2B contact database

The extracted data and contacts of Uplead database are verified and checked before recording to build a cleaner CRM, reduce email bounce rate, decline phone costs, and help the users to connect with real and qualified leads faster than the competitors.


Uplead positives

  • 7 day free trial
  • 95% accuracy rate
  • Google chrome Extension
  • Single and bulk search support

Uplead negatives

  • Limited amount of contacts
  • Outdated information
  • Unresponsive support team

13. RocketReach

The users of RocketReach – corporate contacts database – can select from dozens of offered search criteria to narrow down the data given about companies or persons. Location, occupation, company domain, job title, revenue, industry, education, etc. are some of these filters.


B2B contact databases like RocketReach are fine for finding the right business people and companies. Among thousands and millions of companies and leads worldwide, which of them are more suitable for your business targets? Select the best filters to find them!

RocketReach positives

  • Single & bulk search support
  • Chrome Extension
  • Free credits
RocketReach B2B contact database

RocketReach negatives

  • Inaccurate data
  • High prices
  • Needs the exact & complete input to find the data

14. Clearbit

The contacts and information of around 20 million companies registered in various parts of the world have been collected in the Clearbit B2B contact database.


Clearbit helps users easily and quickly identify prospects, focus on their negotiations with prospects rather than lead generation, and turn more prospects into clients and loyal customers.

Clearbit B2B contact database

The features of Clearbit can be seen in the picture below.

Clearbit positives

  • CRM integrations
  • A wide source of data
  • Various kinds of services and features

Clearbit negatives

  • Low accuracy rate
  • Sometimes outdated data
  • Sign-up is needed to show just a demo!
  • Late response of the supporting team

15. Ampliz

Ampliz is another B2B contact database that provides the information and contacts of companies and individuals in real-time. It contains over 10 million companies’ profiles.


This tool gives the data based on some search criteria chosen by the user.

Ampliz B2B contact database

It is interesting that Ampliz has a complete list of physicians who can be used to sell healthcare products and services. Its healthcare list of businesses is the most comprehensive part of Ampliz database.


Ampliz positives

  • Easy to use
  • Chrome Extension
  • LinkedIn prospector
  • Free trial

Ampliz negatives

  • Limited amount of data
  • Most of its data is related to the USA
  • Few search criteria
  • Choosing all filters is obligatory

Related Questions & Answers

B2B Data Providers and Vendors

B2B data providers and vendors offer valuable databases and information to businesses seeking to enhance their marketing and sales efforts. They include companies which provide detailed contact information, company profiles, and industry-specific data. These services help businesses identify and target potential clients, improve lead generation, and enhance their overall B2B marketing and sales strategies. Choosing the right data provider is essential for accuracy and effectiveness in reaching and converting target prospects.

B2B contact database free

A B2B contact database refers to a collection of business contact information that can be used for marketing, sales, and networking purposes. While there are paid options available for accessing comprehensive B2B contact databases, there are also free resources that can provide some level of B2B contact information.

One way to access a B2B contact database for free is by leveraging professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows users to search for and connect with professionals in various industries and organizations. You can use its advanced search filters to narrow down your target audience based on specific criteria such as industry, job title, location, and company size. This can help you find and connect with relevant contacts in the B2B space. Additionally, many industry-specific websites and directories may provide free access to certain contact information for businesses in their respective sectors. While the level of detail and accuracy may vary, these sources can be a starting point for building your B2B contact database.

It’s important to note that while free B2B contact databases can be helpful, they may not offer the same level of depth and accuracy as paid options. Paid databases often provide more comprehensive and up-to-date information, allowing for targeted outreach and better lead generation. Additionally, when using any B2B contact database, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with applicable data protection and privacy regulations and to use the contact information ethically and responsibly.

B2B database company contacts intelligence

B2B database companies provide valuable contact intelligence for businesses seeking to expand their reach and engage with potential clients or partners. These companies specialize in collecting and curating large databases of business contact information, including details such as company names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and more. They employ various methods to gather this data, such as online research, data mining, and partnerships with data providers.

The contact intelligence offered by B2B database companies can be a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their marketing and sales efforts. It allows companies to target specific industries, regions, or job roles with their campaigns, resulting in more effective and personalized outreach. The data provided by these companies is often verified and regularly updated to ensure accuracy and relevance. This helps businesses save time and effort by accessing reliable and comprehensive contact information in one place.

However, it’s important to choose a reputable B2B database company that adheres to data privacy regulations and ethical data practices. Due diligence should be exercised in evaluating the quality and reliability of the contact intelligence provided by these companies. Additionally, businesses should be mindful of the legal and ethical considerations when using contact data, such as obtaining proper consent for communication and respecting privacy rights.

Best B2B Contact Database Providers for Sales and Marketing

Finding the best B2B contact database providers for sales and marketing is essential for businesses looking to connect with potential clients and boost their revenue. These providers offer accurate and up-to-date contact information, enabling companies to target their outreach effectively and maximize their marketing efforts.

Always recommended!

In 2022, still using a B2B contact database for lead generation or simply ignoring it and relying on manual Googling and searching has occupied many marketers’ minds!

When most of your competitors are using technology-based and automatic online marketing gadgets to find more reliable prospects for their services/products in a shorter period, is it an intelligent decision to persist with manual searching?

Of course, it isn’t!

B2B contact databases find more leads’ and companies’ contacts and data, verify the actual data, and let you download the results in a second in an excel file easily!

However, remember that any B2B contact database you see on the web is not reliable and helpful! To pick the litter, read this article carefully and try the offered services one by one to see which one meets your expectations and requirements better.

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