Obtaining a free list of CEO email addresses can be one of the hardest things you encounter in lead generation process. The crucial aspect is ensuring the email address is valid; otherwise, it may bounce back. Another area for improvement is finding an email address that still needs to be inundated with spam messages.

Obtaining a free list of CEO email addresses in 2023 can be challenging, but a few approaches can be explored. Start by checking the official websites of companies, as some CEOs may have their contact information listed there. Additionally, search for CEO directories or business databases that offer limited free access.

Numerous articles suggest various ways and sources to identify the most accurate information. Despite this, many methods are tedious, and it can take time to determine which sources are trustworthy and current.

free list of ceo email addresses

In this article, I will talk about how to get a free list of CEO email addresses in 2023 and show you a good, very credible way to do it with a bit of money.

How Do I Find A CEO’s Email Address?

Regarding cold emailing, getting the contact information right for the recipient is crucial. After all, it does not matter how well-crafted, professional, or compelling your email is if it lands in the wrong mailbox or goes unnoticed in a string of generic inboxes. Finding contact information can sometimes feel like you are searching for a needle in a haystack.

Luckily, there is a way to get accurate CEO contact information that can be scaled to your needs. Utilizing data-focused instruments and efficient manual approaches can assist you in producing a current and correct roster of CEO email addresses. This step will enhance your communication with the desired audience, allowing you to target them more efficiently.

1. Use Sales Intelligence to Create CEO Email Lists

Manually searching for email database lists of CEO CFO email addresses is time-consuming and imprecise. Fortunately, you can use sales intelligence and prospecting tools like Cognism to create accurate CEO email lists and save time.

Use Sales Intelligence to Create CEO Email Lists

CUFinders’s Seniority filter, available on Prospector, enables you to swiftly pinpoint CEO email addresses within your targeted accounts. This platform facilitates the creation of CEO email lists with predetermined criteria to guarantee that the potential customers on your list fit your preferred customer profile.

CUFinder provides global coverage and accuracy, which makes it the ideal business email provider for team prospecting. Furthermore, Cognism complies with global data regulations, including GDPR, in Europe.

Thanks to the CUFinder browser extension, you can view CEO email addresses and mobile phone numbers from corporate websites and enrich LinkedIn profiles and SalesNavigator lists.

In addition, it functions seamlessly with Salesforce, Outreach, and HubSpot, eliminating the need to switch between platforms to enhance your records. It benefits Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) as it saves significant time.

2. Search on LinkedIn

Enterprise-level CEOs tend not to disclose their contact information on LinkedIn and usually have gatekeepers to reduce the volume of bulk emails they receive. But you can use data enrichment tools to enrich LinkedIn profiles or Sales Navigator lists with email, direct dials, or mobile numbers.

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This is where the CUFinder browser extension comes in handy. In just three clicks, it can reveal fresh CEO emails and export the data directly to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process with 98% accuracy.

Search on LinkedIn

To get started, use LinkedIn to either search for CEO’s name (if you have it) or look up the company’s LinkedIn page and check the People tab. You could also find small and medium business owners’ email addresses in their contact information.

Another tactic is to attempt to connect with CEOs on LinkedIn, which can sometimes uncover email addresses. Additionally, you can request an introduction from someone connected to the CEO on LinkedIn or use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a paid option.

3. Use Google Search Operators

Another cost-effective CEO email-finding method is to use Google search operators to create a list of CEO email addresses. This way is perfect for when you are on a limited budget or looking for specific people. Boolean search techniques will help you find their CEOs’ names if you have a list of target companies.

Here are some basic search operators that you can use to search faster.

Quotation marks: CEO name and with a relevant keyword, e.g.:

“James Isilay” email

“James Isilay” contact information

AND: Return results for two or more specific keywords, e.g.:

CEO AND Cognism

OR: Return results for two or more related variables, e.g.:


Minus: This allows you to exclude a specific term from a search. For example:

“John Doe” email -companyxyz.com

Site: adding a site address allows you to contain a search to a specific website, e.g.:

“James Isilay” email site:crunchbase.com

You can combine different search operators for an advanced search. Remember to maintain a spreadsheet to keep track of the business, names, and contact information you find.

Use Google Search Operators

4. Cold Call the Company

Contrary to popular belief, cold calling isn’t dead in 2023. If all you have is a phone number, try to get the CEO’s email address that way. This tip is solely for those who prefer taking the traditional sales route.

This method of getting senior executives’ email addresses can be highly successful if appropriately executed. Have someone on your team call all the companies you want to reach.

A receptionist or executive assistant will likely meet you in larger organizations. So make sure you nail your opening line and give a compelling reason why you want to get the chief executive’s email address.

Generate phone number lists with a tool like Cognism to avoid company gatekeepers. It provides the most accurate mobile numbers and global coverage.

5. Send a Direct Message on Twitter

Everyone tries to find the CEO on LinkedIn or buy an email list online, but they might overlook an easier path, especially if they already follow the CEO on Twitter. Many CEOs and senior executives are active on Twitter, and a well-crafted direct message can cut through the noise if you both follow each other or they have open direct messages. Remember that DM messages should not be a sales pitch; the goal is to discover the CEO’s contact details.

6. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Even if you are not directly connected to the CEO on Twitter, you can still use Twitter’s advanced search functionality to find the CEO’s email address.

Use Twitter's Advanced Search

7. Subscribe to the Company or CEO’s Newsletter

Another overlooked method for locating CEO email addresses is the company’s email newsletter. Many CEOs either contribute to the company’s newsletter or have their own separate newsletter.

If the CEO has their newsletter, you can craft a thoughtful reply, and they’ll be much more likely to see and respond to it.

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Even if you can only find the company newsletter, somebody on the marketing or support team will be responsible for reviewing all replies.

This method works particularly well for small to mid-sized companies where the CEO is still directly involved with many customers.

8. Search in Press Releases and the News

Many CEOs frequently provide quotes in press releases, news, or trade publications. In the best case, you’ll stumble upon a place where the CEO has shared their contact information, like in the footnotes of a press release.

9. Don’t Buy Lead Lists

Buying a lead list from a vendor is a quick and easy way of finding CEO email addresses. However, despite hundreds, if not thousands, of offers, buying or renting B2B contact databases to create CEO email lists or find CEO phone numbers comes with some big risks, such as:

  • Basic and inaccurate data
  • No exclusive right to the purchased contact data
  • Risk of ruining your reputation as a spammer
  • Potential email compliance violations
Don't Buy Lead Lists

Instead, it’s best to rely on reliable sources like sales intelligence tools and manual searches to get contacts for lead generation.

CEO Email Address Example

As a marketer, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or even an employee, it can be helpful to have CEOs’ email addresses. But how should we make them notice our email.

Once you have located the appropriate CEO email address, here are some tips that can help your outreach email stand out from the masses:

1. Personalization:

Addressing a CEO by name, whether found on LinkedIn, their company website, or other sources, shows that you have taken the time to research the recipient and intend to connect with them.

2. Conciseness:

Remember that CEOs are busy and likely inundated with emails, so keep your message brief while stating your purpose clearly. Long-winded emails can lose the reader’s interest and sideline your chances of a response.

CEO Email Address Example

3. Relevant Value:

Examine the CEO’s current priorities and focus your message on the value of your product or service and how it aligns with their goals. Avoid communicating too much information unrelated to what they care about, as that can distract from the central message.

Here are two examples of how these tips can be applied in the business landscape:

Email Sample 1:

Subject: Cost-saving Automation Solution for [Company Name]

Dear [CEO’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am the founder of [Your Company], an innovative technology startup focused on helping businesses reduce electricity costs through automation.

I recently came across [Company Name]’s dedication to sustainability and cost-saving initiatives, which align perfectly with our mission. Our app has been proven to significantly reduce energy consumption by automating various processes within commercial spaces. I believe our solution could greatly benefit [Company Name] by reducing electricity costs and contributing to your sustainability goals.

I would love to schedule a call to discuss how our platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of [Company Name]. Is there a time that works best for you next week? I am eager to share more details and learn about your current challenges and objectives.

Thank you for considering our solution. I look forward to the opportunity of working together and helping [Company Name] achieve its cost-saving and sustainability targets.

Best regards,

[Your Name] [Your Position] [Your Company] [Your Email] [Your Phone Number]

Email Sample 2:

Subject: Exploring New Supply Chain Opportunities with [Manufacturing Company]

Dear [CEO’s Name],

I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. I recently purchased [Product Name] from your website and was thoroughly impressed with its quality and design. My name is [Your Name], and I am the founder of [Your Company], a startup aiming to diversify our supply chain and collaborate with innovative manufacturers like [Manufacturing Company].

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After researching [Manufacturing Company]’s exceptional reputation in the industry, I believe there could be a great synergy between our companies.

I would love to discuss how [Your Company] can source products from [Manufacturing Company], opening up new possibilities for both of us. Let’s schedule a call next week to explore this further. I am eager to hear about your current capabilities and discuss how we can mutually benefit from working together.

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with [Manufacturing Company] and creating a successful and sustainable business relationship.

Warm regards,

[Your Name] [Your Position] [Your Company] [Your Email] [Your Phone Number]

CEO Address to Employees Tips

As a CEO, you may need to send emails to your employees. There are always some tips involved here to keep in mind.

1. Know your audience: Before crafting an email, consider the audience you are communicating with and what tone would resonate best with them.

2. Be Clear: Ensure you are saying everything clearly and straightforwardly. Avoid using complex language or jargon that might confuse employees and cause miss understanding.

3. Be timely: Send emails on time to avoid keeping employees waiting too long.

4. Address the subject line: Your subject line determines whether or not recipients will open the email. Make sure to address it appropriately.

5. Be mindful of your tone: Use a professional and respectful tone, even when addressing difficult news, conflicts, or challenges.

CEO Address to Employees Tips

6. Be communicative: Encourage two-way communication and ask for employee feedback.

7. Be transparent: Share company updates or changes openly and transparently.

8. Implement consistency: Maintain consistent communication among employees to create a reliable communication habit.

9. Be encouraging: Celebrate when things go well. Be positive and motivate your employee, even if everything is too hard.

10. Proofread and make corrections: Always proofread your email and ensure no grammatical, spelling, or factual inaccuracies.

List of Company CEO Email Addresses XLS in CUFinder

Let me tell you how CUFinder can change your life as a marketer, especially when you are looking for the email addresses of CEOs. CUFinder is an exceptional website that offers unmatched enrichment services. It provides a free trial with 15 free monthly credits and a range of free services, including logo API, and email verification.

Moreover, CUFinder features six different subscription plans designed to suit every budget and requirement. It maintains an impressive 98% data accuracy, making it easy to use with complete assurance.

List of Company CEO Email Addresses XLS in CUFinder

An added benefit of CUFinder is its comprehensive database of data enrichment services, boasting over 150 million email addresses, 85 million complete company profiles, and 260 million full-profile contacts. It also includes 45 million phone numbers with 100% accuracy.

Moreover, CUFinder offers a user-friendly platform that is much simpler to navigate than other enrichment websites. By logging into your dashboard upon subscribing, you can access Enrichment Engines and the CEO’s Email Finder tool. Upload a list of company names, and you can swiftly download a verified list of CEO emails, complete with first and last names, company domain, job title, and job title level, all in Excel or CSV format.

Evidently, CUFinder makes it easy to get in touch with CEOs. So, if you are looking for a fast and reliable way to secure CEO contacts, CUFinder is the perfect solution.


Different ways exist to find a free list of CEO email addresses. The problem is to make sure that the provided data is credible enough. Also, you need to make sure that the CEO notices your email. Since they are usually too busy people who receive dozens of emails daily and usually only open some of them. But since reaching them is far too important for any successful marketing, you need to know when and how to reach them and grab their attention.


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