One of the problems that you have probably faced in your marketing job is contact CEO. Yes, it is usually complicated to reach these people. You have to make an appointment in advance to meet them. You have to wait on the phone line for a long time so that you can talk to them a bit. You have to make a lot of effort to find their email address.

Contacting a CEO of a company in 2023 can be done through several methods. Start by researching the company's official website or LinkedIn profile to find their contact information. Craft a professional and concise email introducing yourself, explaining the purpose of your communication, and highlighting how your proposal or inquiry aligns with their company's goals. If you have mutual connections or colleagues, consider asking for an introduction. Alternatively, you might explore attending industry events or conferences where CEOs might be present, providing an opportunity for in-person interaction. Remember to be respectful, clear in your communication, and mindful of their busy schedule.
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In this article, I want to show you a way to easily find the exact email of CEOs, and how you should message them to get their attention.

How to Contact A CEO of A Company?

As I said, communicating with CEOs, especially as a B2B marketer, can be very difficult but yet essential for high-quality lead generation. Face-to-face meetings or phone calls can be good ways to contact the CEO.

As a marketer, you can never meet such a high-level person in a company and talk to them directly. The best way to think about it is to send them an offer in an email that they can’t refuse.

Well, there are different ways to track these people’s email (because they are very interested in hiding their email addresses, especially from marketers). Here I want to tell you some ways to find the email address of CEOs.

How to Contact A CEO of A Company?

1. Use the email search tool

An email lookup service can be a reliable way to find someone’s email address. Simply enter their name and/or website, and the tool will scan its database for relevant email addresses associated with the person. While many free email finder tools are out there, their accuracy could be more reliable. Therefore using CUFinder is recommended, it gives you 15 free credits per month and offers customizable plans based on your needs, not to mention the initial free trial.

2. Use alternative search engines

DuckDuckGo is a great alternative search engine that can help you find email addresses associated with a specific domain. Perform an exact match search using “” to discover publicly available email addresses associated with that domain.

3. Explore Twitter

Many people list their email addresses in their bios or tweets. Twitter’s advanced search feature can be useful for finding such tweets. You can also ask for their email address through direct messages or Twitter posts, using a clear and concise message to maximize your chances of getting a response.

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4. Use Google

Google is a perfect tool for finding contact information. Combine your prospect’s name with keywords like “email address” or “contact” for efficient results. Refine your search by including additional information about your prospect, such as their company or location. Use commands like “site: + [name] + email” to search for email addresses on a specific website.

Google is a perfect tool for finding contact information. Combine your prospect's name with keywords like "email address" or "contact" for efficient results

5. Export LinkedIn connections

If you have the name CEO, check LinkedIn. Your email address may be their.

6. Make an educated guess

Common email address formats can direct you to a customer’s email address based on their name and domain. If you have the email address of someone else who works at the same company, analyze the structure and use informed deductions. Patterns like “[Name]” can also help.

List of Company CEO Contacts and How to Use Them in B2B?

Our era is the world of communication in business, so naturally, creating good communication plays a direct role in a company’s success and vice versa. CEO communication can be the most important communication you must make in marketing. These people are the final decision-makers of any company. That’s why many B2B marketers always try to communicate with the CEOs to create new partnerships, attract new customers, and ultimately grow their business.

Why CEO?

There are reasons why everyone tries to get to these people.

1. Decision-making

CEOs have the power to make final decisions about their company, including who they do business with. A company can gain access to new customers, partnerships, or financing opportunities by building a relationship with a CEO. In addition, CEOs often have extensive networks of professionals and investors to whom they can introduce their contacts.

CEOs have the power to make final decisions about their company, including who they do business with

2. Creating brand awareness and credibility

Building a relationship with the CEO can help build brand awareness and credibility. Being able to say that you have connected with the CEO of a reputable company can add value to your company’s credibility. By building relationships with other CEOs, a company can also demonstrate that they are well-connected and capable of leading and succeeding in the business world.

3. Better experience

Finally, it is worth saying that CEOs are focused on more than just financial profits. Many successful CEOs tend to mentor and guide other businesses to success. By building a relationship with a CEO, a company may gain valuable insight and guidance that can help them grow and develop.

How to communicate with them?

In the above section, we mentioned several ways to find the CEO’s email. Here I want to tell you other ways to communicate them.

1. Browse the company’s website:

A company’s website is usually the first place to start when searching for CEO contact information. Many companies have a “Leadership” or “About Us” section on their website that includes contact information for senior executives.

Browse the company's website

2. Refer to business guides:

Many online business directories include contact information for top executives. These directories allow you to filter your search by industry, company size, and other relevant criteria.

3. Read news articles:

News articles about a company or CEO might include their contact information. A quick Google search for recent news articles can turn up valuable contact information.

How should these lists be used?

You have a list of contact data of CEOs of different companies. It’s time to use it, right? Here are some ways to use this list:

1. Business partnership opportunities

One of the most valuable benefits of having access to CEO contact information is the ability to create partnership opportunities. If your company and another company have complementary offerings, contacting their CEO can lead to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Business partnership opportunities

2. Sales

Another way to use CEO calls is to set up sales opportunities. If your company offers a product or service that could benefit another company, contacting its CEO can open new sales opportunities.

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3. Planning and strategy

Access to high-level managers can also be valuable in strategic planning. CEOs often have valuable insights and perspectives on their industry and market trends. Scheduling a call or meeting with a CEO can lead to valuable information that can shape your company’s strategy.

4. Networking

Finally, access to the CEO’s contacts is valuable for networking purposes. Attending industry events and conferences can provide opportunities to network with high-level executives. If you have a CEO, they can introduce you to other CEOs in their network and expand your reach even further.

Having a list of contact data of CEOs is very important for any business. Communication with these people opens many doors to different business opportunities, provides valuable insights to businesses, and strengthens their communication network.

Is CUFinder the Best Way to Find CEO Contact?

In the above sections, I introduced different ways to contact CEO Data. But using Data Enrichment services is the best. Other ways are also good, but they are complicated and time-consuming and cannot be as accurate.

Is CUFinder the Best Way to Find CEO Contact?

CUFinder is one of the best websites that provides enrichment services. This website has a free trial, gives you 15 free credits every month, and has a series of free services such as logo, API, and email verification.

In addition, it has six different subscription plans that everyone can choose from according to their budget and needs. It is not only easy to work with but also guarantees 98% data accuracy.

Another significant thing is that CUFinder has one of the most complete databases of data enrichment services:

  • More than 150 million email addresses,
  • More than 85 million complete company profiles,
  • More than 260 million full-profile contacts
  • 45 million phone numbers with 100% accuracy

Another advantage of using CUFinder is that it is much easier to use than other enrichment websites. Just log in to your dashboard after subscribing. At the top of the page, click on Enrichment Engines, and then CEOs Email Finder.

Choose a name and then upload the list of names of the companies you want to get their CEO’s email in Excel format. Then you can download a list of verified emails along with the first and last names, company domain, job title, and job title level of the people you want in Excel or CSV format.

Do you see how easy it is to use CUFinder? In the blink of an eye, you have a complete and valid list of CEOs’ email addresses. This is precisely why CUFinder is the best way to get CEO contacts.

How Do You Contact the CEO In Email?

We all know that CEOs have no desire to participate in e-mail campaigns, and often either they do not open e-mails that contain marketing content or do not respond if they do open them. That’s why you should give them an offer that they can’t refuse. In this section, I want to tell you how to email them to get their attention.

How Do You Contact the CEO In Email?

1. Do your research

Before emailing the CEO, research the company and the CEO. This will give you valuable insight into the company’s culture, values, and goals. It also helps you tailor your email to their interests and needs.

2. Use professional language

Keep in mind that the CEO is a busy person who receives hundreds of emails every day. Your email should be professional, clear, and concise to get their attention. Use proper grammar, spelling, and tone to ensure your email stands out.

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3. Keep it short

CEOs are often pressed for time, so keep your email short and to the point. Start with a brief introduction about yourself and your company, then explain the purpose of your email. Be specific about what you’re looking for and what value you can bring to the CEO and their company.

4. Use a catchy theme

Your email subject is the first thing a CEO sees. Make it eye-catching and relevant to the CEO and their company. A good subject can increase the chances of opening and reading your email.

How to make them notice?

CEOs are busy and may receive dozens or hundreds of emails daily. Your email should be written to attract their attention and is so attractive that it compels them to read and answer it to the end.

How to make them notice?

1. Personalize your email

Personalizing your email with the CEO’s name and other relevant information can make it more engaging and show that you’ve done your research. This increases the chances of your email being read.

2. Highlight your value proposition

In your email, specify what value your company can bring to the CEO and their company. This could be in the form of a new product, service, or partnership opportunity. Remember that value is the key to winning over the CEO.

3. Show your confidence

Confidence is key when approaching a CEO. Show that you believe in your company’s proposition and are confident in your ability to help the CEO and their company achieve their goals.

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?

1. Request for a meeting

Subject: Meeting request

Dear [CEO Name],

I hope you are fine. My name is [your name] and I am the founder of [your company name]. We specialize in [your company’s proposition] and have helped many businesses increase their [your proposition’s business impact].

I am interested in meeting with you to discuss how [your company name] can add value to your company. As someone who values [CEO Value], I believe that [Your Company Name] can help you achieve your goals.

Please let me know if you are available for a session. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this further.

With respect,

[Your Name]

2. Sales inquiries

Subject: [Regarding the CEO and their company’s sales inquiry]

Dear [CEO Name],

I am writing to [your company name] to introduce myself and my company. We are a [Your Company Offer] company specializing in [Your Offer Benefits].

I learned about your company and was impressed by your focus on [CEO-relevant value]. I believe our company can help you increase [the impact of your proposal on businesses], which will contribute to your overall goals.

If you are interested, I would love to contact you to discuss further. Please let me know if you are available.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Email Signature: [Your Name]

3. Offer to participate

Subject: Proposal for participation: [Regarding the CEO and their company]

Dear [CEO Name],

I hope you are fine. My name is [your name] and I am the founder of [your company name]. We specialize in [your company’s proposition] and have helped many businesses increase their [your proposition’s business impact].

I am reaching out to propose a potential partnership between our companies. I have analyzed your company’s offerings and believe we can work together to provide a more comprehensive solution for our clients. Our company’s strengths match your company’s needs and I am confident that a partnership will be mutually beneficial.

I would love to contact you to discuss further. If you are interested, please let me know and we can make arrangements.

Thank you for your time and attention.

With respect,

[Your Name]


The initial inquiry comes up again: How to contact a company CEO in 2023? Despite the difficulty of obtaining a CEO’s email address, it is achievable. Employing online research methods such as Google or LinkedIn, you can access the email addresses of a company CEO, but the accuracy of this information isn’t guaranteed. Alternatively, using specialized email locator services like CUFinder’s CEO Email Finder increases the likelihood of obtaining the CEO’s contact details.


  • How can I contact a CEO? You can use CUFinder’s CEO Email Finder
  • How do you contact the CEO in email? There are things you should keep in mind like keeping the email short and interesting. We talked about it in the section above.
  • Where can I find CEO email? Google, CUFinder, websites, etc.

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