You scratch my back, and I scratch yours. This proverb is so applicable in every situation, whether in real life or in a virtual society. Most LinkedIn experts agree that the best way of receiving endorsements is to endorse your friends and colleagues, there is a very high probability for them to endorse your skills as a response. So let’s see how to endorse someone on LinkedIn and why this is important.

To endorse someone on LinkedIn, go to their profile and scroll down to the "Skills & Endorsements" section. Click on the plus sign next to the skill you want to endorse them for. If the skill is not already listed, click "Add a new skill" and type in the name of the skill. You can also write a personal message to the person you are endorsing. Click "Endorse" to confirm the endorsement.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

The skills were always somehow critical for employers, and they still are essential . In fact, they are equal to the experiences section, if not more critical.

Because they can act as your keywords, they are the features that define if you are the one the employers are looking for.

These keywords are also how they find you, and with some endorsed skills in your profile, well, it gets much easier for them to trust your claims.

I mean, there are other ways to do that, but a certificate cannot get you in the search results, and also, it is much more worthy of having the skills that people whom you worked for or with approved.

The endorsements give your skill section credibility and weigh up your profile, for you did not brag about your capabilities; these approvals are coming from other people.

How to endorse someone on LinkedIn?

Did you decide to endorse someone on LinkedIn to get some endorsement in return? Log in to your profile and search for that connection you want to endorse their skills in the search box and open their profile.

  1. Scroll down to reach the skill section
  2. and find the skill you want to endorse,
  3. and click on the endorsement button.
  4. A notification will go for that connection that informs them you’ve endorsed their skill
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Whether or not they return the favor is up to them; you did the thing you should have done.

Remember that people you want to endorse their skills must be among your first-degree connections.

It is recommended to endorse the skills that they put among the top three. I mean, it is just fine to endorse the other ones too, but the skills on top s seem to be much more critical for that user.

It is also essential to optimize your profile when you decide to try and attract some endorsements.

Imagine that you have so many endorsements and attract some recruiters to your direction; what is the point of this when you have an incomplete or unqualified profile? It is like having a ruined hut behind a golden gate.

Also, don’t think that every person you endorse their skills will return the favor, strangers usually do not do it, but fortunately, most colleagues and friends do it.

That is why it is strongly suggested to endorse the skills that your connections proved to have while working with you. They will consider your ethical approval and will return this favor willingly.

Also, it is suggested to ask your connections for endorsements. Yeah, it is a bit odd, but still is the best way to increase the endorsements density in your profile.

However, it is not a perfect approach to start spamming and begging for your connections endorsements.

A better strategy is to publish valuable posts and write a CTA at the end of each one. These valuable call-to-action sentences will probably encourage them to review your profile and endorse some of your skills. Do you see?

All you actually need is to know how to endorse someone on LinkedIn correctly. So go for those endorsements; better sooner than later!

Related Questions & Answers

How to Endorse Someone on Linkedin Example

To endorse someone on LinkedIn, go to their profile and scroll down to the “Skills & Endorsements” section. Here, you’ll see a list of their skills. Click on the plus icon next to the skills you want to endorse them for. For example, if you want to endorse them for “Project Management,” click on the plus icon next to that skill. You can also write a personalized message to accompany your endorsement, highlighting why you think they excel in that particular skill. Once you click on the plus icon, LinkedIn will notify the person that you’ve endorsed them. Endorsing someone is a simple way to show your support and validate their skills and expertise on the platform.

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Why Can’t I Endorse Someone on Linkedin

There could be a few reasons why you may not be able to endorse someone on LinkedIn. Firstly, make sure that you are connected with the person on LinkedIn. You can only endorse people within your network. Additionally, double-check if the person has listed any skills on their profile. If they haven’t added any skills, you won’t be able to endorse them. It’s also possible that the person has disabled endorsements on their profile settings, which would prevent you from endorsing them. Lastly, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that you are using an updated version of the LinkedIn website or mobile app. If you’re still unable to endorse someone, it’s best to reach out to LinkedIn’s customer support for further assistance.


What does it mean to endorse someone on LinkedIn?

Endorsing someone on LinkedIn means you’re vouching for their skills or expertise in a particular area. When you endorse a connection, you’re essentially confirming that they possess the skills they’ve listed on their profile. This can help add credibility to their profile and increase their chances of being noticed by potential employers or professional contacts. Endorsements are a quick and easy way to show support and recognition for your connections’ abilities. You can endorse specific skills listed on a person’s LinkedIn profile with just a click, and they, in turn, can endorse your skills as well, which can boost your professional credibility within your network.

When should you endorse someone on LinkedIn?

You should endorse someone on LinkedIn when you genuinely believe they possess the skills you’re endorsing. It’s important to endorse others based on your firsthand knowledge of their abilities. Endorsing skills without a true understanding of a person’s expertise can diminish the value of endorsements on LinkedIn. You can endorse someone after working with them, witnessing their skills, or if you have personal knowledge of their capabilities in a particular area. Endorsing others is a way to show support and appreciation within your professional network, so it’s best to do it when you have confidence in the skills you’re endorsing.

Can anyone endorse me on LinkedIn?

Yes, anyone in your LinkedIn network can endorse you for skills listed on your profile. When you connect with people on LinkedIn, they have the option to endorse you if they believe you possess the skills you’ve mentioned in your profile. However, it’s best to encourage endorsements from connections who have a genuine understanding of your skills and work, as these endorsements hold more credibility and can enhance your professional reputation. You can also manage which endorsements appear on your profile by choosing to display or hide them.

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Where is endorsement in LinkedIn?

Endorsements on LinkedIn can typically be found on your LinkedIn profile, specifically in the “Skills and Endorsements” section. To locate this section, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on your profile picture or your name at the top of the LinkedIn homepage to access your profile.
  3. Scroll down your profile page until you come to the “Skills and Endorsements” section.
  4. Here, you will see a list of skills you’ve added to your profile, along with the number of endorsements you’ve received for each skill.

This section allows you to showcase your skills and the endorsements you’ve received from your connections. It’s also where others can endorse you for the skills you’ve listed on your profile.

Do LinkedIn endorsements matter?

LinkedIn endorsements can matter to some extent. They serve as a way for your connections to vouch for your skills and expertise, potentially providing credibility to your profile. Having endorsements can make your profile more appealing to potential employers or business partners, as it shows that others recognize and appreciate your skills. However, endorsements are not as significant as recommendations, which involve personalized testimonials from connections, and they shouldn’t be the sole factor in assessing your qualifications. The real value of endorsements lies in the overall impression they contribute to your LinkedIn profile, but they should be complemented by other elements like a strong summary, detailed work experience, and genuine recommendations for a more comprehensive professional image.

How many times can you endorse on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to endorse a connection’s skills once with a single click. However, you can endorse multiple skills for the same connection if they have added more than one skill to their profile. There’s no specific limit to how many endorsements you can give or receive, but it’s best to endorse skills that you genuinely believe your connections possess, as this adds value to their profiles and the LinkedIn community as a whole. Quality endorsements from connections who truly understand your skills are more valuable than simply accumulating large numbers of endorsements.

Should you thank someone for endorsing you on LinkedIn?

Yes, it’s a good practice to thank someone for endorsing you on LinkedIn. It shows appreciation and helps maintain positive professional relationships. You can send a brief thank-you message through LinkedIn’s messaging system to express your gratitude. This simple gesture can foster goodwill and may lead to more meaningful interactions within your LinkedIn network.

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