To get the website URL based on a company name, you can use online search engines or company database platforms. Enter the company name in the search field, and the search results will often include the company's official website URL, which you can click on to access the website.

Get Company Name from URL

To get the company name from a URL, you can use various methods depending on the structure and format of the URL. One common approach is to extract the domain name from the URL and then parse it to obtain the company name.

For example, if the URL is in the format “,” you can use string manipulation functions or regular expressions to extract the “company name” part from the URL. Additionally, some URLs may include subdomains or path segments that need to be considered when extracting the company name.

Another approach is to use online tools or APIs specifically designed for extracting company names from URLs. These tools can automatically analyze the URL and retrieve the associated company name. Simply enter the URL into the tool or make an API request, and the company name will be provided.

It’s important to note that not all URLs will have a direct association with a company name. In some cases, the URL may be generic or represent a specific web page rather than a company. In such cases, extracting the company name may not be possible or accurate. Therefore, it’s advisable to verify the extracted company name using additional sources or information to ensure accuracy.

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The URL Finder simplifies the process by quickly identifying and extracting website URLs associated with specific company names. By incorporating this tool into Google Sheets or Excel, you can efficiently process bulk data and retrieve multiple website URLs simultaneously. Additionally, the URL Finder’s API integration allows for seamless integration with other systems and workflows. With the assurance of SSL encryption, this solution ensures secure and reliable data retrieval. Whether you are conducting research, lead generation, or market analysis, utilizing the URL Finder in combination with Google Sheets or Excel offers a streamlined approach to obtaining website URLs based on company names, facilitating your information gathering and enhancing your business insights.

How Do I Find a Company’s Website?

The CUF helps you find a company’s website based on name. To do a quick search, go to the CUF website and upload your Excel file. If the company has a website, it should appear in the search results.

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