SERP APIs by real-time SERP scraping on large scales give users access to Google and other search engines’ SERP data such as knowledge graphs, news, URLs, snippets, Meta titles, descriptions, ads, events, etc.

Enriching companies' database using SERP API involves leveraging the API to extract relevant data from search engine result pages and update the database with valuable information.

For complete and intelligent data harvesting and non-stop web parsing, SERP scraper APIs are powered by proxies that rotate IP addresses, support various programming languages, optimize the scraping process, and bypass CAPTCHAs.

To enrich leads data, CUF has been applying ALL-SERP– the best and the most invaluable SERP scraping tool of the market through which scraping the data recorded in SERP results of all search engines happens instantly with no limitation in nua mber of searches.

As many automated search queries as you want based on location, language, device, time, etc., are managed in this way, and the gathered public information is given in a structured format to CUF.

This is the best way to surpass the Google limitation, which doesn’t allow performing more than a certain number of searches per hour manually and blocks the user.  Unlimited concurrent requests are supported in this ultra-modern strategy.

Constantly changing algorithms of Google will no more push us out of line!

CUF has saved the clean contacts and general information of all types and sizes of companies registered in all countries and the individuals working there by using this newfangled SERP API.

No more struggle with messy company data banks. The structured, easy-to-analyze, and new data stored in the CUF company data warehouse lets you overcome marketing limitations and shortage of accurate leads data.

CUF company data enrichment by using SERP API

The following data of over 257 million companies are recorded in CUF company data inventory extracted from Google with the help of futuristic SERP API:

SERP scraper extracts the full spectrum of data with all titles, links, and descriptions from the company’s websites and their social networks, along with the official websites of registration offices, chamber of commerce, tax bureaus, bureaus of customs, third-party sources, market researches & analysis, official magazines & newspapers, public records, Google map, archived data, books, contact directories, and business listings published on the web.

The users can access this wealth of data by selecting some filters like industry, location, revenue, number of employees, and products/services of the companies he/she is looking for.

This way, the users clearly tell CUF what they are searching for and what purposes they aim to meet.

One marketer may need the list of data analytics companies in India, pharmaceutical companies in the UK with over 20 employees, or agrochemical companies in the USA.

Various requirements are met by CUF ahead of schedule!

CUF contact enrichment by using SERP API

The following information of all people working in over 257 million companies are recorded in CUF data bank too gathered through the comprehensive SERP scraping by ingenious SERP APIs:

  • Individuals’ contacts: the persons’ social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter plus emails, cell phone numbers, and even the contacts of the companies in which they are working, such as their domains, addresses, locations, social media profiles, emails, and phone numbers. This data is to the greatest extent!·       
  • Individuals’ general data: his/her first and last name, industry, job title, job summary, interests, location, name, revenue, and the number of employees of the company in which he/she is hired.

As previously mentioned, this enormous volume of data has been extracted from the web (various search engines including Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Ask, Ecosia, etc.) with an automatic robust SERP API at once. Weekly updates are also performed to refresh the paid and organic information and remove any errors.

To receive your desired data related to individuals, you should determine some filters like industry, location, job title, etc., to explain your order transparently to CUF.

One marketer may need the data of optometrists working in Denmark, pilots of Qatar, or Indian IT specialists! The results are given in any kind of order, sooner than anticipated.

Worth it!

Getting the clean and well-grounded data of companies, employees, CEOs, and managers with no inconsistency and no irrelevance to the objectives of the user from CUF is beyond your wildest dreams!

Thanks to the technology of SERP scrapers used in CUF with extraordinary powers, CUF has got the most full-scale record of SERPs’ data about companies and their people. This is out and out!

However, the whole extracted information is checked in CUF through various strategies powered by AI technology to minimize mistakes and irregularities to the least. In consequence, over 98% of CUF data is unerring!

Complete yet accurate! What is superior to this?

Related Questions & Answers

List of enrich companies database using serp api

Serp API provides access to a wide range of enrich companies databases. Here is a straightforward list of some popular databases that can be accessed using Serp API:

  1. Crunchbase: Crunchbase is a comprehensive database of companies, startups, investors, and other business-related information. It offers detailed company profiles, funding rounds, key personnel, and more.
  2. Clearbit: Clearbit provides a rich dataset on companies, including firmographics, technographics, and contact information. It offers valuable insights such as company size, industry, revenue, and employee count.
  3. ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo is a robust B2B database that offers accurate and up-to-date company information, including firmographics, contact details, technographics, and organizational hierarchies.
  4. Owler: Owler is a crowdsourced business data platform that provides company profiles, news updates, and competitive insights. It offers information on company size, funding, leadership, and industry trends.
  5. DataFox: DataFox is an AI-powered company intelligence platform that provides comprehensive data on millions of companies. It offers company profiles, news alerts, firmographics, and other valuable data points.

These are just a few examples of the enrich companies databases accessible through Serp API. Each database offers unique features and datasets that can be leveraged for market research, lead generation, and competitive analysis.

Enrich companies database using serp api examples

Serp API provides access to various enrich companies databases, allowing you to gather valuable information for your business needs. Here are a few examples of how you can use Serp API to enrich your company database:

  1. Retrieve company details: With Serp API, you can fetch company details such as name, industry, location, website, and social media profiles. This information can be used to build a comprehensive database of companies and their key attributes.
  2. Access financial information: Serp API enables you to gather financial data of companies, including revenue, funding rounds, and investor details. This information can help you evaluate the financial health and growth potential of companies in your target market.
  3. Obtain employee count and hierarchy: Using Serp API, you can access data on the size of a company’s workforce and its organizational hierarchy. This information allows you to understand the structure of companies and identify decision-makers or key personnel.
  4. Gather technology usage insights: Serp API provides technographic data, allowing you to identify the technology stack employed by companies. This insight helps you tailor your offerings or target specific industries that align with your products or services.

By leveraging Serp API and enriching your company database with these types of information, you can make more informed business decisions, conduct market research, and create targeted strategies to effectively engage with potential clients or partners.


CUF has harvested the full data of over 257 million companies from the web by utilizing advanced real-time SERP APIs.

Through these APIs, Google SERPs are investigated carefully based on the search query to immediately collect the data and contacts of enterprises and the people working there, creating a safe and compliant environment for the CUF clients.

Additionally, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, etc., are investigated by SERP scrapers too.

In this way, manual SERP scraping challenges are removed, and no block will be forced by Google if the number of searches increases. 

A lot of value will replace the typical search engine scraping problems as soon as you use a professional SERP API capable of controlling proxies, solving CAPTCHAs, rotating IP addresses on every request, and covering the whole world.

To enjoy the results of all efforts made by CUF and SERP APIs, sign up on the CUF lead generation website!

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