This page explores CRM data enrichment records and their benefits, uses, and examples. It also investigates how CRM data can be enriched efficiently by introducing the leading CRM data enrichment services in the market.

What Is CRM Data Enrichment?

CRM data enrichment is the process of adding new contacts and information to your existing CRM to make it more comprehensive and widespread. The more data you obtain about your leads, the more likely you are to convert them to customers.

What Is CRM Data Enrichment?

You can find data by manually searching the web and adding it to the CRM, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. You can also utilize automatic CRM data enrichment tools to save time and resources.

Imagine you have the names of a group of companies in your CRM with their emails, domains, and addresses. Are they enough? Can they help you to convert these leads to customers easily? Isn’t it better to have more contacts and details about these companies and even about their employees and decision-makers?

Mastering CRM Data Enrichment

Through CRM data enrichment, you can add more details to your CRM about these companies, including their social media links, telephone numbers, revenues, locations, industries, and number of employees. You can even find and add their decision makers’ emails, cell phone numbers, social media URLs, skills, education, locations, etc., to your CRM.

Why Should You Enrich Your CRM?

CRM data enrichment is significant if you want to boost your lead generation and conversion. When you have more communication options in your CRM for connecting with leads, it is more likely that the leads get your message. When you only have emails from companies, you only can connect with them through email. But when you enrich your CRM and get their phone numbers, you can call them and increase the chance of getting responses.

Why Should You Enrich Your CRM?

Moreover, CRM data validation and enrichment boosts customer retention. If you find details about customers, you can customize your messages based on their needs and preferences. You can offer them based on their requirements. It strengthens your relationship with customers and helps you retain them in the long term.

CRM data enrichment is more important than at any time before, as today, people are overwhelmed with messages, and they only respond to those that meet their requirements and wishes.

CRM Data Enrichment Examples

Let’s elaborate on CRM data enrichment with some clear examples.

Unlocking Contact Details with CRM Data Enrichment:

Your CRM contains the names and addresses of 1000 companies. You can add the contacts of these companies through CRM data enrichment. You can get and add their emails, phone numbers, social media URLs, website addresses, etc.

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Adding Industry Insights with CRM Data Enrichment:

Your CRM has the names and complete contacts of 1000 companies. It doesn’t have the details like the industry. Via CRM data enrichment, you can purchase their general data like revenues, industries, number of employees, etc., and add them to your CRM to make a more complete version of your CRM.

Identifying Key Players with CRM Data Enrichment:

Your CRM has the complete contacts and general information of 1000 companies. But it doesn’t have the data of the people who are working in those companies. You can buy the contacts and data of the decision-makers and employees of these companies and add them to your CRM. This data includes their emails, cell phone numbers, job titles, skills, education, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Enriching Your CRM Data?

CRM enrichment expands the communication options that you can have with the leads. For instance, you do not have the cell phone numbers and leads’ email addresses. If you add them to your CRM, you will have two new ways of connecting with them.

What Are the Benefits of Enriching Your CRM Data?

Moreover, when you know more details and information about leads, you can improve customer experience. You know their needs and preferences, so you can tailor and customize all lead generation or customer retention steps based on the users.

Let’s read a list of the CRM enrichment benefits:

  • Improved prospecting and conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Better relationship with customers, leading to loyalty
  • More informed decision-making
  • Extended communication options for connecting with leads
  • Time, energy, and cost savings

What Are CRM Data Enrichment Uses?

Let’s explore some CRM data enchainment use cases to see how it can make your marketing process more profitable.

When you enrich your CRM with infographic, firmographic, or psychographic data, you can segment them based on various factors like age, gender, location, industry, etc. Then, you can run more targeted campaigns.

What Are CRM Data Enrichment Uses?

CRM data enrichment allows you to personalize your campaigns based on the detailed data of leads. It leads to more customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

You can even make lead scoring models based on data such as the individual’s job titles and behavior or the company’s revenue and industry. Detailed customer profiles help you find out which lead is more likely to be converted to a customer.

Moreover, you can predict the behavior of leads based on the additional data you know about them. The company revenue is one of the data that can help us make predictions.

CRM Data Enrichment vs. CRM Data Cleansing

CRM Data enrichment is the process of adding and appending new data from companies or individuals to previous CRM data. For example, you may add the emails of leads to your CRM, or you may add the job titles of company employees to your CRM. There is no difference; in both cases, you have enriched your CRM.

CRM Data Enrichment vs. CRM Data Cleansing

On the other hand, CRM data cleansing is the process of finding inaccurate data from CRMs and replacing them with accurate data. It may be syntax errors, duplicate records, inconsistent data, outdated contacts, etc.

CRM Data Enrichment Techniques

There are two main techniques for CRM data enrichment. These manual and automatic processes of CRM data enrichment can be helpful based on the context of your business and your needs.

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1. Manual Search

Your staff can find new data for your CRM through various manual ways, which are mentioned below.

CRM Data Enrichment Techniques
  • Websites: Searching various websites to find any relevant data and add it to the CRM
  • Social media: Searching LinkedIn and other social media accounts to find relevant information
  • Surveys: Performing surveys to collect additional data about leads by directly asking them on the surveys.
  • Build groups: Open groups on social media and add your customers to it. Engage with the group’s members. Through polls and questions, gather additional data.

It is worth mentioning that the manual process of CRM enrichment has several downsides. First, it is risky, and the gathered data may be inaccurate or invalid. Moreover, the process of entering this data into the CRM may cause errors and duplication. This process is very time-consuming and tedious.

2. Automatic Search

Automatic CRM data enrichment happens with the help of data enrichment software. Let’s explain it with a simple example:

You have a list of company names. You give it to a CRM data enrichment service; it converts the names to their corresponding emails, phone numbers, addresses, domains, etc.

Automatic CRM data enrichment happens with the help of data enrichment software

These tools are rapid and only need a few clicks. They are efficient and boost your CRM data enrichment.

How to Choose the Best Data Enrichment Companies?

Several factors are important to keep in mind when you want to choose a CRM data enrichment service.

First of all, you should select a CRM enrichment tool that guarantees data accuracy. It is clear that to have no data is better than having inaccurate data! So, if your CRMs’ cells are incomplete, their enrichment can be helpful just if you use reliable enrichment services with high data accuracy.

Second, your CRM enrichment tool should have a comprehensive database. The more leads and contacts are stored in an enrichment database, the better the results of the CRM enrichment will be.

How to Choose the Best Data Enrichment Companies?

Third, select intuitive and simple-to-use CRM data enrichment platforms. The one that enriches your CRM with a few clicks in the shortest possible time.

Fourth, it’s better to try the free trials before any payment. Select a service that offers free credits for tests. Also, look for services that have transparent pricing plans that are explicit on their website.

What Is the Best Enrichment Tool to Enrich Your CRM?

CUFinder is a leading CRM data enrichment and lead generation service with many tools for enriching CRM data and finding new leads.

CUFinder has around 30 CRM enrichment tools, which seamlessly integrate into your CRM, including HubSpot, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Pipedrive, Zoho, Copper, Close, Zapier, Airtable, etc.

What Is the Best Enrichment Tool to Enrich Your CRM?

Let’s explore what CRM enrichment tools CUFinder has:

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In addition to benefiting from a widespread world of CRM data enrichment tools, CUFinder has other positive features that make it different from competitors:

  • CUFinder data integrity and precision exceed 98%
  • It has the data and contacts of both companies and individuals
  • It has data from over 262 million companies.
  • It has data from over 417 million employees and decision-makers.
  • CUFinder benefits from a simple-to-use and intuitive dashboard.
  • Data extraction and verification happen in seconds in CUFinder.
  • CUFinder offers free trials for quality checks, which renew monthly.
  • The data enrichment pricing plans of CUFinder are flexible and transparent.

Other CRM Data Enrichment Tools

Some of the well-known CRM data enrichment tools on the market are presented in this part. They help you get the best contact data in a minimum of time.

Data enrichment best practices:

  • ZoomInfo: Established in 2007 in the USA, ZoomInfo is capable of data enrichment, deduplication, and cleansing.
  • Apollo: Established in 2015 in the USA, Apollo enriches CRMs and CSV files in real time and in bulk.
  • Cognism: Established in 2015 in the UK, Cognism continually updates your CRM data in seconds.
  • Lusha: Established in 2016 in the USA, Lusha automatically enriches the CRM data to complete it with new contacts and information.

CUFinder and the other B2B data enrichment tools introduced in this article help you perform your data enrichment in the best manner. By the best manner, we mean fast and easy data enrichment, which provides accurate and complete lead data.

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