You might never really ask “does LinkedIn show who viewed your profile?” Even if you are not curious, I must say yes, it does. But why is it important to know? What can someone do with this information? Is it for free or should we pay for it? So many questions can be asked about if LinkedIn notify people when someone views their profile.

Does LinkedIn Show Who Viewed Your Profile? Yes, LinkedIn notify people when someone views their profile.

LinkedIn profile views

Human relationships have been formed around connections since the beginning of history. We were social animals from the beginning and it was our relationships that determined how successful we would be in reaching our goals.

LinkedIn profile views

Yes, well, the hard work and the 5 AM club and other things can be considered as well. But apart from these words of success coaches, the connections you make will determine how much easier or harder it will be to reach your goal.

They know this and fortunately, we also know that with more connections, our chances of success increase, but, not just any connections.

This is where it becomes important to know who has seen your profile on LinkedIn. This platform is a very popular social media platform and it currently has more than 870 million users and more than 55 million real companies are active in it.

This network is currently the only platform that deals with professional and business relationships entirely. If you check its features, you will notice the emphasis on developing business relationships on LinkedIn.

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Well, one of these features is the one that tells you who has checked your profile. All of us, whether we are regular or premium users, can consciously change and optimize our profiles. Also, the content production and publishing strategies can determine the quantity and quality of people who visit our profile.

But do these people decide to connect with you or do they pass by you like all those 870 million other users? That is up to them and at the same time up to you.

It depends on whether the quality of your content is high enough to convince the person that you know what you’re talking about, and if you match their goals and expectations or not. For example, are they looking for a nurse with LinkedIn or a programmer?

When your profile is so well optimized that it appears on the search results for recruiters, regular users, and companies, it is not surprising that you receive many profile view notifications every day.

Maybe this statistic is useless on a platform like Facebook, but LinkedIn is built differently. When someone checks out your LinkedIn profile, they may be interested in your product or service, want to hire you, partner with you, etc.

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These visits are like lottery tickets. The more tickets, the more chances you will have to win the big prize. The more visits to your profile get, the percentage of your sales will increase, and the more different job opportunities may appear on your way.

Not everyone who sees your profile is going to send you a connection request. But this means you can check their profile, the content they have shared on their company page, and the content they have published on their feed.

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This can help you decide if these people are a good fit to be in your connection network or not. It also tells you that your strategies are working on LinkedIn, both in terms of profile optimization and content that other members notice, in terms of quality and whether it is published at the right time.

Not to mention how important it is for lead generation and how much it will make your sales and marketing campaigns. But how to see these notifications?

How to see who viewed your LinkedIn profile for free and what to do with it?

It is very easy to see who viewed our profile for free. First of all, all basic accounts notify you whenever someone sees your profile. But this statistic for these accounts is not more than the last 5 people and to see them you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Click the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  3. Click on “View Profile” in the drop-down menu
  4. Scroll down to see the ‘Analytics’ section
  5. Click on ‘profile views’

So, what are we going to do with this information? Good question. You should know that checking LinkedIn profile views is one of the best ways to achieve success, especially for SMEs and almost new businesses.

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I think this one reason is enough for you to understand the importance of this section. The reason why people use LinkedIn is to promote their and their company brand (if any) more and more.

This means that they should increase their online visibility. But is everyone who views your profile the right person to connect with? No! It is very important to choose relevant and appropriate people to add to our LinkedIn network.

Maybe that’s why LinkedIn shows you who viewed your profile; to help you find the right connections. However, it may be difficult to find people who might be interested in your products and services or the work you do, your abilities and achievements, and the content you publish among more than 870 million people.

Still, there is a very small part of this huge population that will help you in your career growth. I mean prospects, recruiters, investors, mentors, etc.

I honestly enjoy knowing who viewed my profile, it gives me a sense of control. That’s why I love this feature of LinkedIn. I can see exactly who from what industry and in what position is roaming around my profile with just one click.

What is My LinkedIn Profile Missing?

Well, someone who took the trouble of opening my profile among so many other users must have seen something interesting. Who knows what opportunities for success may lie behind their names?

Unfortunately, most users find this information practically worthless and never find anything to do with it. Only when people’s names appear in our notification section, most of us often say to ourselves, “Huh, wonder what this guy wants?” And then we get back to what we were doing.

Of course, some of us may decide to check that person’s profile, but in most cases, we just look at their profile and then go on with the rest of the day; like we are obliged to pay back their visit.

But is that enough? Well no. Many more useful things can be made from this LinkedIn feature.

I want to talk about what you can do with this information in different scenarios here. Let’s dig into it:

If you are currently looking for a job, you should seize every opportunity you get. LinkedIn is your best friend right now. Different people may view your profile, and each of them may have an opportunity for you.

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If a hiring manager viewed your profile

Well, sometimes you apply for a job and after a few days, while you are browsing the profile section, you see that the hiring manager of that company has checked your profile! This is a good sign, isn’t it?

Yes, of course, it is. This means that the hiring manager of your desired company wants to know more about you, but please don’t get too excited, be patient and wait.

The worst thing you can do right now is to send him/her an over-eager connection request immediately. consider that it is possible that this review was only part of the recruitment process.

So what if there are no updates from them after a while? In that case, you have the contact information and profile of the hiring manager, and you can follow up on the situation after two weeks. Whatever it is, it is better than that generic address of the human resources section.

If someone from an awesome company viewed your profile

Sometimes someone may view your profile while you don’t know him/her or the company that they work in. But when you do some research, you understand that it is a great enterprise that can be a very good employer for you.

Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Tell Your Story - Higher Education Jobs -  Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

I suggest that you first refer to the “jobs” or “employment” section of the company’s website and see if they’re currently hiring for any positions that fall in line with your experience. If there is a job position, apply for it.

The next step is to go to the profile of that person and send him/her a connection request. Remember that attaching a short personalized note can increase the response rate of the request greatly. Something like:

Hi Sarah,

Great to connect with you here!

I see your work as a Marketing Manager at Company X. I recently submitted my application for an open Social Marketer position there, and am looking forward to finding out more about the opportunity—it seems like an awesome place!

Best wishes,


Freelancers and projects

Well, not everyone is supposed to be seeking a part-time or full-time job. If you are a freelancer and you don’t mind getting one or two new projects that can help you in terms of income, I must say that LinkedIn is the best tool for this.

LinkedIn is a great center for attracting different freelance projects and you can find people who may be interested in your portfolio, skills, experiences, etc., and even want to order a project for you based on viewing your profile.

I tried this many times when I was a freelancer. just mind one thing: it’s better to be selective in this matter, don’t send messages to anyone who has seen your profile. Do some research and see if that person is in your industry at all and if they are an appropriate employer. But if you spotted a good opportunity, jump on it.

You only need a personalized message to start the conversation, for example:

Hi John,

I hope you are fine!

My name is Cynthia, and I’m a freelance developer based in New York. I see you work for company X. I’ve admired their work for a while, so I thought I’d connect with you here!

John, I look forward to communicating.



If you are expanding your network

As I mentioned, not everyone looks for a new job on linkedIn. In this case, it may be time to expand your network a little, for example, send 100 requests a week!

Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile's Visibility

Why not? LinkedIn is designed for this. All the features of this platform are there for its users to have more and better professional and related connections. From searching tools, the invitations section, the “Profile View” section to the “My Network” section are all there to fulfill this purpose.

You can use the data in the “Profile View” section to visit the profiles of people who have reviewed your information and see if you have something in common with them. For example, a common group, a common page in the interests section, a common college or industry, etc. If you found something like this, make sure to include it in the message you send with your invitation.

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Hi Philip,

Hope you have a great day!

My name is Tina, and I’m an independent reporter based in New York. I always look to expand my network of contacts, so I like to communicate with you here.

I look forward to communicating and finding ways to help each other.

The best,


How to check who views your profile on the LinkedIn premium?

Well, as you probably know, we have four types of premium accounts.

  1. Premium Career
  2. Premium Business
  3. Sales Navigator
  4. Recruiter Lite

Although these accounts have some differences here and there, at the same time, they share some features. One of these common features is the “Profile View” section. Accessing this section is just like the instructions I mentioned in the subtitle above. But there are features that it is better to know about this section in premium accounts.

  1. The list of viewers can be seen in the last 90 days.
  2. You can see the weekly statistics of these views.
  3. You can filter viewers.
  4. Analytics Graph Activate to view larger images.
  5. Unlike the basic mode where you cannot see the names of the wares if you have activated the private mode, in the premium account you have access to these names in the private browsing mode.
Who is viewed your profile?

Can you view someone on LinkedIn without them knowing?

How do I stop LinkedIn from showing I viewed the profile? Why you should want to view someone’s profile anonymously is none of my business. You should know that there was no way to see people’s profiles without logging in, in previous years. I discovered the way I want to teach you, just a few months ago.

Can you view someone on LinkedIn without them knowing?
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Find the person whose profile you want to see in the search box
  3. On the results page, right-click on the name and select “copy link address”.
  4. Open an incognito tab in the Chrome browser using Ctrl+Shift+N or any other method
  5. Copy the link in the address bar and press enter

Now you can easily check the profile without LinkedIn letting the person know that you have given their profile.


The fact that LinkedIn tells you who has viewed your profile (both in basic and premium accounts) may seem worthless to many, but as you can see, this information can be used for many things.

This data is not worthless it can help you expand your connections network and reach your goal on the platform much easier.

It doesn’t matter if you want to find a job, you are building your prospecting database, or you are a partner, you want to hire someone, you want to know your brand, etc. You will always need quality connections.


Can someone tell if I viewed their LinkedIn profile?

Yes, unless you’ve adjusted your privacy settings, when you view someone’s LinkedIn profile, they will receive a notification and can see that you’ve visited. The information they see can range from your exact profile to an anonymous designation, depending on your settings.

Can you view someone’s LinkedIn profile without them knowing?

Yes, you can. To do this, adjust your LinkedIn privacy settings. Go to “Settings & Privacy,” then “How others see your LinkedIn activity,” and select “Profile viewing options.” From there, you can choose to be completely anonymous or provide limited information when viewing profiles.

How do I stop LinkedIn from showing I viewed the profile?

To prevent LinkedIn from showing that you’ve viewed someone’s profile, navigate to “Settings & Privacy.” Under “How others see your LinkedIn activity,” select “Profile viewing options.” Here, you can choose to display as “Anonymous LinkedIn Member,” ensuring your visit remains private.

Does LinkedIn show who viewed your profile from Google?

No, LinkedIn does not specifically identify viewers who accessed your profile via Google. If someone visits your LinkedIn profile after finding it on Google and they aren’t logged into LinkedIn or have their viewing settings set to anonymous, they will appear as an anonymous viewer in your “Who viewed your profile” section.

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