A. Ercan Gegez

A. Ercan Gegez

Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi

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A. Ercan Gegez, With an exceptional h-index of 12 and a recent h-index of 9 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi, specializes in the field of Pazarlama, Uluslararası Pazarlama, Pazarlama Araştırmaları.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

Children in marketing: A review, synthesis and research agenda

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Top articles of A. Ercan Gegez

Children in marketing: A review, synthesis and research agenda


Ozge Sigirci,A Ercan Gegez,Hilal Aytimur,E Eser Gegez

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Children have received much research attention in many different academic disciplines within social sciences, including marketing. The main objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive overview of the marketing literature to investigate the historical evolution of the studies on “children” and shed light on possible gaps which could serve as new research areas for future studies. To the authors' best knowledge, there have been a few attempts on the topic, mostly with a narrow focus on only some aspects of this important concept. The significance of this current research is that it reviews 423 articles from marketing‐related journals and evaluates the development of thought on “children” from every marketing‐based perspective that once has been a subject of scholarly attention. In this study, we examined leading articles, authors and institutions, methodologies used, countries data collected from, and the age …

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A. Ercan Gegez FAQs

What is A. Ercan Gegez's h-index at Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi?

The h-index of A. Ercan Gegez has been 9 since 2020 and 12 in total.

What are A. Ercan Gegez's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Children in marketing: A review, synthesis and research agenda

are the top articles of A. Ercan Gegez at Istanbul Arel Üniversitesi.

What are A. Ercan Gegez's research interests?

The research interests of A. Ercan Gegez are: Pazarlama, Uluslararası Pazarlama, Pazarlama Araştırmaları

What is A. Ercan Gegez's total number of citations?

A. Ercan Gegez has 1,594 citations in total.

What are the co-authors of A. Ercan Gegez?

The co-authors of A. Ercan Gegez are Randi L. Sims, Ph.D., Svend Hollensen, Ömer Baybars Tek, Fatma Müge Arslan, muge leyla yildiz (müge leyla yıldız), Serdar Pirtini, Ph. D..


    H-index: 29
    Randi L. Sims, Ph.D.

    Randi L. Sims, Ph.D.

    Nova Southeastern University

    H-index: 24
    Svend Hollensen

    Svend Hollensen

    Syddansk Universitet

    H-index: 21
    Ömer Baybars Tek

    Ömer Baybars Tek

    Yasar Üniversitesi

    H-index: 18
    Fatma Müge Arslan

    Fatma Müge Arslan

    Marmara Üniversitesi

    H-index: 16
    muge leyla yildiz (müge leyla yıldız)

    muge leyla yildiz (müge leyla yıldız)

    Marmara Üniversitesi

    H-index: 15
    Serdar Pirtini, Ph. D.

    Serdar Pirtini, Ph. D.

    Marmara Üniversitesi


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