Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is used by not only job seekers but also companiesemployees for business purposes. So marketers as a huge community that use LinkedIn can benefit from it to extract the contacts of companies and their members like emails, phone numbers, website domains, etc.

Email marketers are always in search of companies’ emails

To find someone's email from LinkedIn, you can try reaching out to them through LinkedIn's messaging feature or utilize external tools or services designed for email lookup and verification by inputting their name and company information.

How to find someone’s email from LinkedIn while millions of emails are recorded on it? Do you prefer a manual search or an automatic one?

How to Find Someone's Email from LinkedIn?

I think the answer of most of you to this question⁉️ is clear! No one likes to waste lots of time and make himself tired of searching days and nights on LinkedIn to detect and extract individuals’ emails.

CUFinder automatic LinkedIn email finder does it instantaneously- no retardation! In the era of technology, time wasting is meaningless as all people are searching and using quick tools for various purposes.

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Any new automatic tool that helps users to save time and energy is appreciated by most modern markets who are very sensitive to time management.

Magic business by the best LinkedIn email finder on the market- CUFinder!

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How to find someone’s email from LinkedIn by CUFinder?

The first way is to enter the CUFinder dashboard after signing up and go to the CUFinder LinkedIn email finder part. Select a country and one industry from the lists.

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The CUFinder shows the accounts of all people that are working in companies active in the chosen industry and country.

You can choose as many of these LinkedIn accounts as you want.

Finally, CUFinder shows the emails of the chosen accounts.

The second way is the Chrome extension provided by CUFinder which can extract the emails of any LinkedIn page instantly in the shortest time.

Both of them are fast enough to provide accurate and reliable results. This is the art of technology in the marketing era. Try it now!

Related Questions & Answers

Get email from LinkedIn for free

LinkedIn does not provide a direct method to obtain email addresses of its users for free. The platform prioritizes user privacy and restricts access to personal contact information. Therefore, as a regular LinkedIn user, you cannot freely access or extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

To connect with other LinkedIn members and obtain their email addresses, it is recommended to build genuine professional relationships on the platform. Send connection requests and engage in meaningful conversations with individuals. Once you are connected, you can send messages through LinkedIn’s messaging feature and politely ask for their email address if it aligns with your professional intentions.

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Alternatively, you can try to find the person’s email address through external means such as their company website, professional networking websites, or public directories. However, it’s important to respect privacy and follow ethical guidelines when attempting to obtain someone’s email address. Always ensure that you comply with relevant laws and regulations and maintain professional conduct in your interactions.

How to get contact info from LinkedIn without connection

Getting contact information from LinkedIn without a connection can be challenging as the platform prioritizes privacy and restricts access to personal contact details. However, there are a few ways you can try to obtain contact information from LinkedIn profiles without being directly connected:

  1. Utilize the “Contact Info” section: Some LinkedIn users choose to provide their contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, in the “Contact Info” section of their profile. If the user has made this information public, you can view it even without being connected. Simply navigate to their profile and look for the “Contact Info” section located below their profile summary.
  2. Utilize shared LinkedIn Groups: If you and the target individual are members of the same LinkedIn Group, you may be able to send a direct message without being connected. Navigate to the group page, locate the person you want to contact, and click on their name to send a message. However, keep in mind that group members have the option to accept or reject messages from fellow group members.

Remember to always approach contact requests with professionalism and respect the privacy preferences of other LinkedIn users. Building meaningful connections and engaging in professional conversations will increase your chances of obtaining contact information from individuals on the platform.

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