Many marketers and sales teams require phone number lists of companies’ individuals and members to offer their products and services to prospects through a phone conversation or by sending messages to their WhatsApp. It would be great to connect with companies’ employees and employers directly through cell phone and WhatsApp, wouldn’t it?

Finding phone number lists typically involves using lead generation services, database providers, or purchasing contact databases. These lists can be tailored to your specific needs, such as business leads, consumer leads, or industry-specific contacts. It's important to ensure that any phone number lists you acquire comply with relevant data privacy regulations, like GDPR for European contacts.

But how to find someone’s phone number? Googling or searching various search engines is not helpful as it takes a long time, and the gathered data may be incorrect too. How do you verify the phone number lists you get by manually searching? Can you call them one by one to check their accuracy?

Instead, marketers use phone number finders, the best tools to find phone number lists of people and firms’ members in bulk and in seconds. Here we will introduce and compare 3 of these phone number extractors helping sales campaigns make the marketing process take less time.


To find phone number lists is one of the main capabilities of CUFinder, which along with other automatic lead generation services of CUFinder, has made a comprehensive company database.

CUFinder phone number finder

How to find someone’s phone number by CUFinder? CUFinder gets the person’s name from the user and instantly shows his/her phone number.

It also can convert lists of people’s names to phone number lists then and there. The gathered numbers are all verified and fresh with the minimum amount of error and inaccuracy.

It is not important in which country the person whom you are looking for his/her number is located; CUFinder supports everywhere from east to west and north to south!

CUFinder’s easy-to-use service phone number finder also provides companies’ landline phone numbers for the users. Its high speed in data extraction and verification helps marketers to focus on other parts of their jobs rather than searching Google for contacts which may be totally wrong too.

CUFinder potentialities

  • How many contacts are recorded in CUFinder? OVER 130 MILLION
  • Requests type: BULK, SINGLE, & API
  • Location support: THE WHOLE WORLD
  • Types of phone numbers: COMPANY & INDIVIDUALS
  • Reverse phone number search: POSSIBLE
  • Data Accuracy Rate: OVER 98% GUARANTEED
  • Capacity: UNLIMITED


Another recommended phone number finder is Clearbit. This service provides phone number lists in real-time, but the user must purchase its premium service to access its phone number finder, which is a bit expensive. So it would not be a good choice for people looking for phone numbers and do not need the other services offered in Clearbit premium service.

clearbit phone number finder

CRM integrations and user persona searches are available in Clearbit. However data accuracy in Clearbit is not guaranteed and its error rate is high. Today everything depends on time; even one wrong contact of a company can waste hours of our time. Therefore it is recommended to choose marketing tools which respect our time and energy.

Clearbit potentialities

  • How many contacts are recorded in clearbit? OVER 80 MILLION
  • Requests type: BULK, SINGLE, & API
  • Location support: THE WHOLE WORLD
  • Types of phone numbers: ONLY COMPANY
  • Reverse phone number search: IMPOSSIBLE
  • Data Accuracy Rate: NOT SPECIFIED BY THE OWNER


If you are looking for a free phone number finder supporting only the USA, this is the recommendation of many marketers. As it provides public information, it is free of charge but important to mention that working with BeenVerified is time-consuming as the user should work manually.

BeenVerified phone number lookup

BeenVerified can find the phone numbers of a single person or the landline number of one company but it can’t find the phone number lists. In other words it just provides single services, not bulk. Moreover, accuracy rate in BeenVerified is low as any person can interfere with this publicly available information.

BeenVerified potentialities

  • How many contacts are recorded in BeenVerified? NOT SPECIFIED BY THE OWNER
  • Requests type: SINGLE
  • Location support: USA
  • Types of phone numbers: COMPANY & INDIVIDUALS
  • Reverse phone number search: POSSIBLE
  • Data Accuracy Rate: NOT SPECIFIED BY THE OWNER

Related Questions & Answers

Free website to find phone numbers

There are several websites that offer free phone number lookup services, allowing you to find phone numbers associated with individuals or businesses. One popular and reliable website for finding phone numbers is Whitepages. It offers a search feature where you can enter a person’s name, location, or other relevant details to find their associated phone number. The service is free to use, but keep in mind that certain details may be limited unless you sign up for a premium subscription.

Another website you can try is Truecaller. It is a community-based phone directory that allows users to search for phone numbers and caller information. Truecaller collects phone number data from its users, making it a comprehensive database for finding phone numbers. The service offers both a website and a mobile app, and it’s free to use for basic searches.

While these websites can provide valuable information, it’s important to note that not all phone numbers may be available or accurate. Phone number availability and accuracy depend on various factors, such as the individual’s privacy settings and the completeness of the database. Additionally, be mindful of respecting privacy and using the information obtained for legitimate purposes.

Find someone’s phone number for free

Finding someone’s phone number for free can be challenging, as personal phone numbers are often considered private information. However, there are a few methods you can try. First, you can search for the person’s phone number on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Some individuals may have chosen to make their phone numbers public on their profiles. Another option is to use online directories or search engines specifically designed for phone number lookup. Websites like Whitepages, Truecaller, or Spokeo may provide limited information for free, but keep in mind that more detailed information might require a paid subscription. Additionally, you can try reaching out to mutual acquaintances or friends who may have the person’s phone number. They might be willing to share it with you if they have the person’s consent. However, it’s essential to respect people’s privacy and use the information responsibly and ethically.

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