Everything you keep in mind, such as how to get a contact number for your prospect online, may not always seem as simple as you assume. So you need impressive and solid methods to help you uncover new lead generation. Here, we attempt to cover how to find someone’s phone number by utilizing online contact number finder tools, websites, and social media.

To get a contact number, you can ask the person directly for their phone number, exchange contact information through business cards or contact sharing apps, or search for their contact details in online directories or social media profiles if they have made them publicly available. It's important to respect privacy and obtain contact information in a legal and ethical manner.

To reap contact numbers of people, you need to weigh the pros and cons of different methods and, at last, determine which solution is the best for you.

This is precisely what this article is all about.

How to find someone’s phone number in the only possible way?

Today, thanks to increasing progress in artificial intelligence technologies, much work can be carried out on how to get the contact number of someone. In the thick of the available ways, we can allude to a better and swifter way: to exert online telephone number finder services to explore people’s information, which will give succor to meet a personal number.

1. CUFinder is your best bet

To attain the best results in hunting for business and people’s information, CUFinder is one of the most state-of-the-art, prompt, and best contact number discovery gadgets on the web.

As CUFinder boasts millions of contact numbers recorded and the widest database of over 250 million contact data of companies from further than 400 various industries across the world, gives you leave to simply and briskly quest via the phone number, name, address, email, domain, and social media profile, etc.

At the heart of CUFinder’s mission is the fact that CUFinder only puts forward lookup services it truly believes in.

The emblem of security

Meanwhile, CUF uses public and accessible data sources to discover owner names for unknown or suspicious phone number lookups. That’s why, according to the owners of this website, the revelation of contact details of individuals and companies is entirely legitimate by CUFinder and firmly protects the privacy of its users.


Some other features of CUFinder include:

  • 24/7 customer support and over 98% uptime warranty
  • User-friendly and handy to use
  • High rapidity and time-saving
  • Bulk lookup service
  • Reverse phone number lookup service
  • API search service
  • High data exactitude
  • personal and professional data enrichment


It can be said that the only drawback of CUFinder is that it is not possible to use all CUFinder search services and products completely free of charge.

Free credits

Although CUFinder lets you have 15 free searches on trial, you need to cough up a modest fee than phone number search services to hunt for further details of individuals and companies. It’s worth noting that its prices are pretty reasonable and affordable.

Always remember that as a rule of thumb, in most cases, free search tools and engines in the digital world don’t guarantee valid and accurate results to their users.

However, it is recommended that you employ CUFinder number search services to get results with a 98% data quality and accuracy rate or even higher.

So you can test it now!

How to use it?

To know how to get the contact number of anyone by CUFinder, you must just do these simple steps, as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the CUF page and pick its phone number lookup service
  • Step 2: Type in the complete name of someone you want to call and then hit the search button
  • Step 3: Then download the obtained contact numbers for your target location and name

2. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a free reverse phone lookup for cell phones, landlines, and VOIP and searches for information based on phone numbers, people, addresses, and email.

Spy Dialer


  • Unlimited reverse phone number lookup
  • Personal and business phone number search
  • Free reverse phone number lookup
  • Free to use


  • The process of searching for phone numbers is time-consuming.
  • It doesn’t cover all countries and just works in the United States.
  • It doesn’t offer a bulk phone number search.
  • It’s no guarantee to provide correct and up-to-date data.
  • Its process of searching is by far slow and manual.

How to use it?

To receive phone numbers of people by Spy Dialer, you need to go through the Spy Dialer and opt for the people option. Then, you must enter the first name, last name, city, and state of someone you contact. Finally, you can see phone numbers by clicking on the search box.

3. Whitepages

Whitepages is a directory website of phone numbers that works based on phone books, and it’s an excellent way to look up landline phone numbers in some areas.



  • Reverse search for phone number
  • Simple to use
  • Very fast
  • Huge database in the USA


  • There’s no bulk lookup feasibility of contact numbers
  • With Whitepage, you can only comb in the USA
  • The results provided by Whitepages may not be very up-to-date and precise
  • No free cell phone number discovery

How to use it?

It’s simple! Just open the Whitepages website, enter a person’s name and location, and ultimately click on the search icon next to the send button.

How to find someone’s phone number by using social media?

As mentioned earlier, while there are assured ways to get a person’s contact number online, one of the most efficient is through social media like LinkedIn. AS there is a possibility of fruitfully uncovering dial numbers by dint of social networks.


Since LinkedIn is one of the top social networks and a business-related search service provider with registered information regarding hundreds of million users, you can reap contact data of people and businesses via checking the LinkedIn profiles.

linkedin main page


  • Free of charge
  • High quality and acceptable results
  • Business and personal lookup
  • Easy to use
  • The largest database


  • However, you may not be lucky enough to look for people’s phone numbers on LinkedIn. For some of them might remove their telephone number from their profile, consequently, this solution is not almost always efficient and appropriate.
  • Additionally, given that some people can find out who has searched for them on LinkedIn, this isn’t the only choice.

How to use it?

All you have to perform to fetch anyone’s number is to head to your LinkedIn profile and look for someone’s name you wish to stay in touch with in the LinkedIn search. Then go to the person’s profile on LinkedIn and click on the contact info tab. At last, you can see her or his contact number.

Related Questions & Answers

Find Phone Number by Name

Finding a phone number by name can be a challenging task, especially if you’re looking for someone’s personal mobile number. Here are a few general approaches you can consider:

  1. Contact the person directly: If you know the person whose phone number you’re trying to find, the most reliable and direct method is to reach out to them directly and ask for their phone number. This could be through personal conversation, email, or social media messaging.
  2. Use online search engines: Perform a search engine query using the person’s name along with additional details like their profession, location, or any other relevant information you may have. This might help you find public records, professional listings, or online profiles associated with that person, which may include their contact information.

Remember, it’s important to respect privacy and use any obtained information responsibly. Always prioritize obtaining someone’s consent before sharing or using their contact details, and be mindful of any legal and ethical considerations when searching for someone’s phone number.

How to Get Someone’s Phone Number for Free

Getting someone’s phone number for free can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have direct access to their contact information. Here are a few options you can consider:

  1. Ask the person directly: The most straightforward and reliable method is to approach the person and ask them for their phone number. This could be done in person, through a phone call, or via messaging platforms. Be polite and provide a valid reason for needing their contact information.
  2. Search online directories and social media platforms: Use online directories, such as White Pages or Yellow Pages, or search through social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Enter the person’s name and any additional details you may have to narrow down the search results. Keep in mind that not all individuals may have their phone numbers publicly listed, so this method might not always be successful.

It’s essential to respect privacy and legal regulations when attempting to obtain someone’s phone number. Ensure you have a valid reason for wanting their contact information and use it responsibly. Always be mindful of the person’s consent and privacy preferences.


Nowadays, it’s pretty essential for marketers and professionals to prospect for superior quality and reliable lead generation. That said, compared to other mobile number detectors on the web, CUF is several steps ahead in terms of high speed of access to search results, data accuracy and quality, and simplicity of the search process.

Let’s get started if you’re as ebullient as we are to make the most out of the CUF’s incredible ransack services!

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