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Abdelkader ZERROUK, With an exceptional h-index of 1 and a recent h-index of 1 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef, specializes in the field of Genie Civil, Structure, Materiau.

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Comportement des édifices en matériaux locaux sous l'effet des actions accidentelles et climatiques: vers une réhabilitation des constructions

Many earthen buildings are in such a vulnerable situation that makes the permanent loss of this heritage only a matter of time. The lack of proper maintenance caused by economic and social changes, together with the fragility of the material itself, are the main threats of this heritage. Therefore, it is necessary to find new intervention techniques for earthen buildings. Preservation of earthen constructions is challenging because the durability capacity of this structural system is significantly instable in presence of water, as it has been demonstrated in previous floods worldwide. The objective of the present work is to investigate the possibility of stabilizing the soil with cheap, easily available and renewable local raw materials such as lime and cement. Human hair fibers, chicken feather fibers can be used to reinforce rammed earth leading to improved performances of the building material. It is also studied in this thesis, the valorization of the tuffs in the building construction as well as for use as a component in the foundation layers of road structures. The experimental work includes two parts. The first one is carried out at the University of Houston Texas (USA) using Bentonite, kaolinite, Fly ash, Crushed Bricks, Sand and Cement. The second one is conducted at the University of Chlef using tuff, cement, lime and clay from Zebabdja quarry for brick making. After the characterization of the materials, the tests performed included compaction test, unconfined compression, liquid limit, and plastic limit by using different mixtures of kaolinite and sand, Bentonite and sand, and Bentonite, kaolinite and sand. The results found show that specimens stabilized by …


Abdelkader ZERROUK

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Improving properties of modified clay with cement containing random chicken feather fibers

Over the past decades, the poultry meat processing industry’s growth has generated a huge amount of feather “waste”. This waste has given rise to a number of environmental concerns and had a low value-being when used in many industrial applications. Promoting the use of sustainable materials is now a pole of interest in engineering construction. Aiming to recover this waste in enhancing the properties of problematic soils, an experimental study is conducted using these materials. An earth material named Zebabdja clay is treated by the cement to improve its properties. The inclusion of waste byproducts such as chicken feather fibers would improve the characteristics of the soil with low load bearing capacity. The present work attempts to valorize this kind of natural fiber in the field of building and solve an environmental problem using local materials. The control parameters evaluated herein include cement content (6%, 8%, 10% et 12%) and chicken feather fibers contents (1%, 2% et 3%). The unconfined compressive and direct shear tests were measured at different curing times. The results found show that 10% is the needed amount of cement to be used in order to stabilize the clayey soil treated. An increase in chicken feather fibers up to 2% indicates an improvement of the mechanical performances of the clayey soil, which may constitute a very interesting engineering solution for the weak soil.


Abdelkader Zerrouk,Abdelkader Kadri,Abdelkader Bougara


Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures «JMES»

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What is Abdelkader ZERROUK's h-index at Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef?

The h-index of Abdelkader ZERROUK has been 1 since 2020 and 1 in total.

What are Abdelkader ZERROUK's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Comportement des édifices en matériaux locaux sous l'effet des actions accidentelles et climatiques: vers une réhabilitation des constructions

Improving properties of modified clay with cement containing random chicken feather fibers

are the top articles of Abdelkader ZERROUK at Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef.

What are Abdelkader ZERROUK's research interests?

The research interests of Abdelkader ZERROUK are: Genie Civil, Structure, Materiau

What is Abdelkader ZERROUK's total number of citations?

Abdelkader ZERROUK has 8 citations in total.


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