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Abdelhakim Benoudjit

University of Surrey

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Europe-United Kingdom

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Abdelhakim Benoudjit, With an exceptional h-index of 1 and a recent h-index of 1 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at University of Surrey, specializes in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), programming, remote sensing.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


remote sensing

Top articles of Abdelhakim Benoudjit

Operational mapping of the flood extent and depth from SAR images

Flood is causing devastating damages every year all over the world. One way to improve the readiness of the different stakeholders is by providing flood extent and depth maps promptly after the disaster, preferably in an automated way to reduce costs. The availability of these flood maps becomes particularly vital to assist the local authorities to plan rescue operations and evacuate the premises promptly. In the event of flooding, a clear cloud-free image acquired instantaneously, is necessary to have a synoptic view of the affected area. In this context, remotely-sensed images are suitable to map inundations, particularly when harsh climatic conditions are encountered and the access to the affected site is impractical. Moreover, satellite-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors have been extensively used in the last two decades to monitor many flooding events by taking advantage of their ability to operate independently of the sunlight, and in cloudy conditions which are common during inundations. In the majority of previous studies working with SAR images for the detection of floods, the inundation extent is essentially the only information extracted. Although, for certain applications like the assessment of the damages caused, additional inundation characteristics are needed to give a thorough analysis of the inundation hazard, like the water level. The major advantage space-borne acquisitions have specifically over gauging stations is the global-availability and the spatial-continuity of their data. A semi-automated process was proposed in this thesis to estimate the flood depth locally in the vicinity of an inundated building from a pair of high …


Abdelhakim Benoudjit

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Abdelhakim Benoudjit FAQs

What is Abdelhakim Benoudjit's h-index at University of Surrey?

The h-index of Abdelhakim Benoudjit has been 1 since 2020 and 1 in total.

What are Abdelhakim Benoudjit's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Operational mapping of the flood extent and depth from SAR images

are the top articles of Abdelhakim Benoudjit at University of Surrey.

What are Abdelhakim Benoudjit's research interests?

The research interests of Abdelhakim Benoudjit are: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), programming, remote sensing

What is Abdelhakim Benoudjit's total number of citations?

Abdelhakim Benoudjit has 55 citations in total.


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