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Abdelaziz El-Minshawy, With an exceptional h-index of 12 and a recent h-index of 5 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Alexandria University, specializes in the field of morphlogy, taxonomy and biology of insects.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

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taxonomy and biology of insects

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Scanning Electron Microscopy of Ferrisia Malvastra (Mcdaniel)(Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)

In the present study Ferrisia malvastra (McDaniel) is recorded for the first time in Sudan, since only four species were recorded there, i.e. Planococcus citri (Risso), Ferrisia virgata (Cockerell), Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green) and Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley. The present study deals with the morphology of the female of this mealybug by using electron microscope. The ultrastructure of antennae, claw and its digitules, anal opening, valva, cerarius, circulus and wax producing pores were examined and illustrated. The result revealed that antennae consists of 8 segments, they were measured and their sensella were described. The claw denticle is absent and its digitules are knobbed. The circulus is present. There is only one pair of stout conical setae cerarii on the anal lobe, all of these features are used to distinguish between genera of Pseudococcidae. Also, the wax producing pores were illustrated; they are two types, the trilocular pores which produce the fine coiled wax filaments covering the body and forming the lateral wax filaments and the multilocular pores which surrounding the valva and produce the ribbon like wax which form ovisac.


Hedaya H Karam,MAH Alziber,AM El-Minshawy,Hanan M Ramadan


Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Sciences

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Abdelaziz El-Minshawy FAQs

What is Abdelaziz El-Minshawy's h-index at Alexandria University?

The h-index of Abdelaziz El-Minshawy has been 5 since 2020 and 12 in total.

What are Abdelaziz El-Minshawy's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Ferrisia Malvastra (Mcdaniel)(Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)

are the top articles of Abdelaziz El-Minshawy at Alexandria University.

What are Abdelaziz El-Minshawy's research interests?

The research interests of Abdelaziz El-Minshawy are: morphlogy, taxonomy and biology of insects

What is Abdelaziz El-Minshawy's total number of citations?

Abdelaziz El-Minshawy has 598 citations in total.

What are the co-authors of Abdelaziz El-Minshawy?

The co-authors of Abdelaziz El-Minshawy are Esmat Hegazi, Mohamed Awad Soliman Al-Eryan.


    H-index: 23
    Esmat Hegazi

    Esmat Hegazi

    Alexandria University

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    Mohamed Awad Soliman Al-Eryan

    Mohamed Awad Soliman Al-Eryan

    Alexandria University


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