Abdelali Barakat

Abdelali Barakat

University of South Dakota

H-index: 32

North America-United States

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Abdelali Barakat, With an exceptional h-index of 32 and a recent h-index of 19 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at University of South Dakota, specializes in the field of Plant genomics and bioinformatics.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

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Plant genomics and bioinformatics

Top articles of Abdelali Barakat

MicroRNA profiles in Sorghum exposed to individual drought or heat or their combination

Sorghum is largely grown for food, fodder and for biofuel production in semi-arid regions where the drought or high temperature or their combination co-occur. Plant microRNAs (miRNAs) are integral to the gene regulatory networks that control almost all biological processes including adaptation to stress conditions. Thus far, plant miRNA profiles under separate drought or heat stresses have been reported but not under combined drought and heat. In this study, we report miRNA profiles in leaves of sorghum exposed to individual drought or heat or their combination. Approximately 29 conserved miRNA families represented by 80 individual miRNAs, 26 families represented by 47 members of less conserved or sorghum-specific miRNA families as well as 8 novel miRNA families have been identified. Of these, 25 miRNAs were found to be differentially regulated in response to stress treatments. The comparative …


Chandra Obul Reddy Puli,Yun Zheng,Yong-Fang Li,Guru Jagadeeswaran,Angbaji Suo,Bingbing Jiang,Pradeep Sharma,Robert Mann,Govindan Ganesan,Nirmali Gogoi,Asha Srinivasan,Aparna Kakani,Vijaya Gopal Kakani,Abdelali Barakat,Ramanjulu Sunkar


Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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Abdelali Barakat FAQs

What is Abdelali Barakat's h-index at University of South Dakota?

The h-index of Abdelali Barakat has been 19 since 2020 and 32 in total.

What are Abdelali Barakat's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

MicroRNA profiles in Sorghum exposed to individual drought or heat or their combination

are the top articles of Abdelali Barakat at University of South Dakota.

What are Abdelali Barakat's research interests?

The research interests of Abdelali Barakat are: Plant genomics and bioinformatics

What is Abdelali Barakat's total number of citations?

Abdelali Barakat has 6,455 citations in total.


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