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Aaron Bartnick, With an exceptional h-index of 2 and a recent h-index of 2 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Harvard University, specializes in the field of International Affairs, National Security.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

Asia Whole and Free? Assessing the Viability and Practicality of a Pacific NATO

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International Affairs

National Security

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Asia Whole and Free? Assessing the Viability and Practicality of a Pacific NATO


Aaron Bartnick

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Managing China’s resurgence will be the fundamental challenge for America’s next generation of foreign policy leaders. Since Chairman Deng Xiaoping began introducing market reforms in 1978, China’s GDP has grown from $219 billion to $13.6 trillion, lifting nearly 800 million Chinese out of poverty and transforming China into a global peer of the United States. With this newfound power have come opportunities for cooperation, like President Barack Obama’s climate negotiations with Chairman Xi Jinping that paved the way for the Paris Climate Accord, and competition, like President Donald Trump’s trade war and attempts by both sides to blame the other for the coronavirus pandemic. Neither president’s approach to China has been one of universal partnership or conflict; rather, each has chosen to occupy a different position on the collaboration-competition spectrum on a suite of issues ranging from military posture and regional diplomacy to economic policy and technology development. As China escalates its military aggression in the South China Sea and diplomatic efforts across the globe, policy leaders are beginning to debate whether a military alliance like NATO would be an appropriate tool to balance China’s growing ambition and clout in the Indo-Pacific.This report will address four questions in the Pacific NATO debate. First, is there a historical precedent for a Pacific NATO? This report does find a precedent in the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), though it was largely unsuccessful due to its lack of regional adoption, weak mutual defense provisions, and ultimately became tainted by the Vietnam War. Second, would …

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Aaron Bartnick FAQs

What is Aaron Bartnick's h-index at Harvard University?

The h-index of Aaron Bartnick has been 2 since 2020 and 2 in total.

What are Aaron Bartnick's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Asia Whole and Free? Assessing the Viability and Practicality of a Pacific NATO

are the top articles of Aaron Bartnick at Harvard University.

What are Aaron Bartnick's research interests?

The research interests of Aaron Bartnick are: International Affairs, National Security

What is Aaron Bartnick's total number of citations?

Aaron Bartnick has 17 citations in total.


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