A. Matiz-Chicacausa

A. Matiz-Chicacausa

Universidad de Los Andes

H-index: 2

Latin America-Venezuela

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A. Matiz-Chicacausa, With an exceptional h-index of 2 and a recent h-index of 2 (since 2020), a distinguished researcher at Universidad de Los Andes, specializes in the field of Computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, wind energy, fluid mechanics.

His recent articles reflect a diverse array of research interests and contributions to the field:

Flow Control with Synthetic Jets on a Wind Turbine Airfoil

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Computational fluid dynamics


wind energy

fluid mechanics

Top articles of A. Matiz-Chicacausa

Flow Control with Synthetic Jets on a Wind Turbine Airfoil


Andrea Matiz-Chicacausa,Sebastian Molano,Omar D Lopez

Published Date


View Video Presentation: https://doi.org/10.2514/6.2023-3526.vidSynthetic jets (SJs) have been successfully used as flow control devices in the aeronautical field, hence they have the potential to improve wind turbine performance by controlling boundary layer separation on airfoils. However, the extent of their impact on wind energy yield is not fully understood. In this paper, a numerical study that investigates the unsteady flow behavior over an airfoil designed for vertical-axis wind turbines subjected to a synthetic jet effect is presented. The SJ is modeled using two approaches: a simplified model with an oscillatory boundary condition imposed on the airfoil surface, and a more detailed model that includes geometrical features such as the cavity and the outlet. The differences in the flow interaction mechanisms that produce the delay in the boundary layer separation are discussed. Numerical results indicate that …

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A. Matiz-Chicacausa FAQs

What is A. Matiz-Chicacausa's h-index at Universidad de Los Andes?

The h-index of A. Matiz-Chicacausa has been 2 since 2020 and 2 in total.

What are A. Matiz-Chicacausa's top articles?

The articles with the titles of

Flow Control with Synthetic Jets on a Wind Turbine Airfoil

are the top articles of A. Matiz-Chicacausa at Universidad de Los Andes.

What are A. Matiz-Chicacausa's research interests?

The research interests of A. Matiz-Chicacausa are: Computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, wind energy, fluid mechanics

What is A. Matiz-Chicacausa's total number of citations?

A. Matiz-Chicacausa has 17 citations in total.

What are the co-authors of A. Matiz-Chicacausa?

The co-authors of A. Matiz-Chicacausa are Omar D Lopez Mejia.


    H-index: 15
    Omar D Lopez Mejia

    Omar D Lopez Mejia

    Universidad de Los Andes


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