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The job market continues to evolve, and LinkedIn has changed the recruitment game for everybody. Do you recall the days of waiting for job postings in newspapers or flyers? Nowadays, all it takes is an account and knowing how to start a conversation on LinkedIn.

Starting a conversation on LinkedIn is straightforward. First, find a common point of interest, such as shared connections, groups, or recent posts. Craft a personalized message introducing yourself and explaining why you're reaching out, whether it's for networking, a job opportunity, or professional advice. Be concise and polite in your message, and make it clear how the recipient can benefit from connecting with you. Remember to respect their time and be mindful of their profile information. A well-thought-out initial message can lead to meaningful connections and opportunities on the platform.

Creating a positive impact at the beginning is vital in various spheres of life, whether leaving a lasting impression at a social event or building a reputation in politics and conflict. Each action matters when reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn, and having the right approach is crucial.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the strategies behind messaging employers on LinkedIn effectively. This article will provide you with essential tips and message examples that you can use to approach recruiters on the platform with confidence.

Why Should You Start a Conversation on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a superb online platform for professionals who want to network, cooperate, and progress in their careers. And building professional relationships and expanding networks are essential in any business!

By engaging in conversations on LinkedIn, you can establish relationships with individuals with comparable interests, skills, or professional objectives. Engaging in this method presents an excellent chance to acquire fresh perspectives, share ideas, and stay informed about the most recent advances within your field.

Why Should You Start a Conversation on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers various tools like conversation ads, messaging, InMail, and chat to enhance user engagement and make reaching out to others in your industry easy. You can share career insights, ask questions, collaborate on projects, and more.

LinkedIn is advantageous not only for people pursuing their careers but also for organizations. It provides networking opportunities, sharing job openings, and expanding the target market by getting more valuable LinkedIn connections. By showcasing company culture and values, businesses can build long-term relationships, attract clients and partnerships, and generate leads for their products or services.

Starting conversations on LinkedIn is an effective way to strengthen existing professional relationships and forge new ones. With its wide range of options, LinkedIn offers a valuable platform for everyone to achieve their career objectives and preferences.

How Do You Start a Conversation On LinkedIn Examples?

Starting a conversation on LinkedIn requires careful thought and a professional approach. Here are a few examples of starting conversations:

1. Describe something specific from the person’s profile or recent activity. For example, “Hi [Name], I noticed your recent post about [topic]. It resonated with me, and I wanted to connect and explore it further.”

2. Express genuine interest in the person’s work or achievements. For instance, “Hello [Name], I came across your profile and was impressed by your extensive experience in [industry]. I’d love to connect and learn from your expertise.”

3. Join LinkedIn groups related to your field and start conversations within those communities. Engage in discussions, share insights, and ask questions to foster meaningful connections.

4. Utilize LinkedIn’s messaging or InMail feature to reach potential connections directly. Craft a personalized message that introduces yourself and highlights common interests or goals.

5. Use the LinkedIn Chat feature or the LinkedIn app to initiate casual conversations with your existing connections. However, be mindful of maintaining professionalism in your interactions.

How Do You Start a Conversation On LinkedIn Examples?

How Do You Start a Conversation With An Unknown Person On LinkedIn?

Starting a conversation with a stranger on LinkedIn can be daunting, but it can become a meaningful professional relationship with the right approach. Starting the process requires you to conduct thorough research on the individual with whom you intend to forge a connection.

This can be achieved by examining their profile, work experience, and previous content they have shared. By understanding their professional history and interests, you can establish a connection on a more personal level.

Once you have reviewed their profile, the next step is to find a common interest or background. You can look at their education, certifications, or shared connections. Having something in common can help break the ice and create a more conversational tone. Another great way to initiate a conversation on LinkedIn is to comment on a relevant post or share.

LinkedIn offers the feature to leave a comment below a post, which can help start a valuable dialogue. If you’re reaching out to someone you don’t know, leaving a message introducing yourself and highlighting an area of shared interest can be helpful. This technique facilitates establishing a connection and commencing developing a professional relationship.

What Are Good Conversation Starters On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful social network for professional networking and career development. Establishing the first impression is crucial when connecting with someone using this platform. Therefore, it’s essential to be informed about good conversation starters.

A good LinkedIn conversation starter is asking people about their career aspirations. Most people join LinkedIn to find new job opportunities, so this approach shows that you share their interest in professional growth. Inquire about their current job, the aspects they appreciate in the role, and their career objectives while pushing for professional growth during interactions on LinkedIn.

Another way to start a conversation on LinkedIn is to comment on the content the person publishes. Commenting on any content, an individual post, such as blogs, articles, or other updates, can initiate discussions. It is possible to ask questions about the topic, voice opinions, and stimulate meaningful debates in LinkedIn discussions. This will show the person that you are interested in their work and passionate about the industry.

Another excellent conversation starter is to mention something you have in common. This could be a professional association, a college or university, or a mutual connection. This can create an instant connection between you and the other person and help build rapport.

How to Start a Conversation with a New LinkedIn Connection?

Navigating how to initiate a conversation with a new LinkedIn connection can be challenging. Especially if the individual inspires you or you aspire for an enduring professional relationship with them. However, there are several tips you can use to initiate a dialogue and build meaningful connections.

Check their profiles beforehand:

before sending a message to your new connection, check their profile thoroughly. Look at their work history, education, accomplishments, and any shared interests you might have. Scrutinizing their LinkedIn profile can provide insights into their occupational history, education, achievements, and shared interests, enabling you to decide on possible discussion topics.

How to Start a Conversation with a New LinkedIn Connection?

Sending a personalized message:

Once you understand their background well, start by sending a personalized message instead of a generic one. Personalizing messages and showing how you can contribute to each other’s professional lives is a constructive strategy in LinkedIn outreach. When both parties share common interests, mention these and suggest sharing insights during the communication.

Opinions matter:

Requesting their expert opinion about topics in their fields implies that you highly regard their knowledge and are eager to get insights about their expertise. Offering your opinions or asking follow-up questions enhances the conversation and enhances the possibility of establishing long-lasting professional connections.

Be to the point:

Finally, be respectful of their time. Please keep your messages short and avoid simultaneously bombarding them with too many messages.

Top 10 Conversation Starters for LinkedIn

In the modern professional world, LinkedIn is vital in connecting individuals within their industry, expanding networks, and obtaining insights from industry experts. Although approaching a stranger on LinkedIn could be difficult, I have covered you! Here I offer ten LinkedIn conversation starters to help you break the ice and start meaningful conversations with other professionals.

  1. “Hi [Name], I noticed we share a similar professional background. I would love to connect and hear more about your experience and insights.”
  2. “Congratulations on your recent professional accomplishments! I’m interested in learning more about that project of yours.”
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  3. “I saw your profile and noticed you have experience in [specific field/skill]. Would you be open to sharing any advice or insights on the industry?”
  4. “You’re currently working at [company]. Would you be open to discussing potential job or networking opportunities there?”
  5. “I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on the steel industry trends and how they may impact the future of our field.”
  6. “You volunteer with [charity/cause]. Can you tell me more about your involvement and how others can get involved?”
  7. “Your LinkedIn profile caught my attention. I’m intrigued by your work on “Conversation ads” and would love to learn more about what you do and how you got to where you are today.”
  8. “I’m curious about your experience working with the Da Vinci robot. Robot surgery is an area I’m interested in learning more about, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.”
  9. “You often share insightful articles and content on LinkedIn. I’d love to discuss and exchange ideas on topics you’ve shared in your latest article.”
  10. “I’m impressed by your network and the connections you’ve made. Would you be open to sharing tips or insights on growing a professional network?”
Top 10 Conversation Starters for LinkedIn

How to Continue a Conversation on LinkedIn?

Continuing a conversation on LinkedIn is all about maintaining engagement and building a meaningful connection with the other person. Here are some tips to help you continue a conversation:

1. Show genuine interest:

Demonstrate that you value the conversation and the person you’re speaking with. Respond to their messages promptly and thoughtfully.

2. Ask open-ended questions:

Keep the conversation flowing by asking open-ended questions and encouraging the other person to share more about their experiences, opinions, or expertise. This can help deepen the discussion and generate valuable insights.

3. Share relevant insights or experiences:

Contribute to the conversation by sharing your thoughts, ideas, or experiences related to the topic. This can help show your expertise and add value to the discussion.

4. Be a good listener:

Pay attention to what the other person is saying and show you are actively engaged. Acknowledge their points, ask follow-up questions, and provide thoughtful responses.

5. Offer relevant resources or suggestions:

If you come across an article, blog post, or any other resource that aligns with the topic of discussion, consider sharing it with the other person. This demonstrates your willingness to contribute and provide value.

Offer relevant resources or suggestions

6. Find common ground:

Look for shared interests, experiences, or goals that can serve as a basis for further conversation. Building a connection based on commonalities can help foster a more robust professional relationship.

7. Be respectful and professional:

Remember to maintain a professional tone and respect the other person’s opinions and perspectives. Avoid controversial or sensitive topics that may hinder the conversation or damage the relationship.

8. Suggest a follow-up action:

If the conversation goes well and you feel there is potential for further collaboration or networking, suggest a follow-up action such as meeting for coffee, scheduling a call, or exploring a specific project together.

Building relationships takes time, so be patient and nurturing in your approach. Keep the conversation focused, meaningful, and respectful.

How to Start a Conversation on LinkedIn Template?

Here is a template for how to start a conversation on LinkedIn:

“Hi [Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I saw your profile and noticed [specific aspect or achievement you found interesting]. I was impressed by [mention something specific that stood out to you].

I’m [your name] and [briefly introduce yourself and mention your professional background or current role]. I’m especially interested in [mention a common interest, industry, or topic you share].

I would love to connect and learn more about your experiences and insights in this field. Conversation and exploring potential collaboration or knowledge exchange opportunities would be great.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and hearing your thoughts.

Best regards,

[Your Name]”

How to Start a Conversation on LinkedIn Template?

Feel free to personalize this template based on your specific situation and the individual you’re contacting. It’s essential to be genuine, concise, and respectful in your message.

What Topics Are Most Popular On LinkedIn?

When starting a conversation on LinkedIn to lead someone into the prospecting funnel, it’s important to remember that overtly pushing products or services can come across as too aggressive. Instead, focus on building your relationship with the prospect by discussing relevant topics related to your industry or their areas of interest.

Some popular topics for initiating conversations on LinkedIn include

– Events within your industry

– Professional aspirations

– Shared experiences or interests

– Insights into industry trends

You can also ask for their opinions on specific topics, share mutually beneficial resources or articles, or discuss common challenges and how you have overcome them.

Starting these conversations can help create a connection and build trust with the prospect. This can allow for a gradual introduction of your product or service and gauge their level of interest. It’s essential to start the conversation informative, captivating, and non-threatening, creating a friendly ambiance for both individuals involved.

Tips on How to Start a Conversation with a Recruiter on LinkedIn?

Starting a conversation with a recruiter may seem intimidating, but it is essential for securing your desired job. LinkedIn is a powerful platform connecting you with your desired industry or company recruiters. However, it’s essential to approach recruiters correctly to get their attention and interest. Here are some valuable tips on effectively engaging with recruiters on LinkedIn, which can enhance your visibility and increase your chances of securing your desired job.

Tips on How to Start a Conversation with a Recruiter on LinkedIn?

1. Research:

Before contacting a recruiter, research their company, industry, or specific role to gain a better understanding of their work. This will allow you to customize your message and demonstrate your interest in what they do.

2. Personalize your message:

Avoid sending a generic message or spamming recruiters with the same message. Instead, personalize your message to the recruiter you are contacting and highlight why you are interested in their specific company or industry.

3. Keep it concise:

Recruiters are often busy and receive many messages on LinkedIn, so it’s essential to keep your message short and to the point. Introduce yourself briefly, explain why you are reaching out, and suggest a conversation or call.

4. Highlight your skills and experience:

Highlight your relevant skills and experience briefly to show that you have the qualifications they seek and to stand out on LinkedIn. Ensure you don’t appear too assertive or overly self-promoting when engaging with a recruiter.

5. Be professional:

Remember to be professional in all your interactions with recruiters. Avoid slang, emojis, or being too casual. Treat your message as if you are submitting a job application.

How to Start a Conversation on LinkedIn for a Job?

Building relationships through networking is essential for finding a job, and LinkedIn is a valuable platform for connecting with professionals across industries. However, beginning a conversation with a potential employer or connection can be tricky, especially when seeking a job. take a look at the tips below:

Personalize your message:

Begin by addressing the person by name and mentioning something specific about their profile or recent activity to show that you’ve taken the time to research and connect with them.

Express your interest:

Clearly state your purpose for reaching out, such as your desire to explore job opportunities or express interest in a specific job opening within their company.

Highlight your qualifications:

Briefly mention your relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments that make you a strong candidate for the job or industry you’re targeting.

Request a connection or conversation:

Politely ask if they would be willing to connect with you on LinkedIn or have time for a brief informational interview or phone call to discuss potential job opportunities.

How to Start a Conversation on LinkedIn for a Job?

Be professional and respectful:

Use proper language and tone throughout the conversation, and avoid excessive use of emojis or informal language unless it aligns with the recipient’s communication style. Building relationships and networking is vital on LinkedIn, so be genuine, courteous, and respectful in your approach.

Research the company:

Before reaching out, it’s crucial to research the company you’re interested in and its culture to tailor your message accordingly. This shows that you’re genuinely interested in the company and not just looking for any job opportunity.

Keep it concise:

Avoid writing lengthy messages or paragraphs when initiating a conversation on LinkedIn. Get straight to the point by briefly expressing your interest and highlighting your qualifications.


If you don’t receive a response from the recipient, follow up within a reasonable timeframe. However, avoid bombarding the recipient with numerous messages and respect their time and preferences.

Be personable:

While maintaining professionalism, inject your personality into the conversation to make a lasting impression. This could be through sharing relevant personal experiences or acknowledging their accomplishments, interests, or hobbies.

A well-crafted, personalized message expressing your interest and relevant qualifications can kick-start a conversation on LinkedIn that could lead to a job opportunity. However, be respectful of the recipient’s time and preferences, and keep it concise and professional while being personable.

How Do You Start a Conversation on LinkedIn Examples?

Starting a conversation on LinkedIn begins with the right approach to making a connection. It’s crucial to personalize your first message after connecting by introducing yourself and mentioning something you share in common or admire about their work. Good LinkedIn conversation starters can revolve around a recent achievement they’ve shared, a mutual connection, or even a specific aspect of their profile that caught your eye. 

The subject line should be compelling, making them want to open your message. Remember, the goal is to start meaningful and relevant conversations for both parties, so tailoring your message to the individual is key to engaging in productive conversations.

How Do I Start a New Message on LinkedIn?

To start a new message on LinkedIn, first, ensure you have a connection with the person you want to contact. If you’re connecting for the first time, use your first message to introduce yourself and explain why you’re reaching out. A strong subject line is essential to grab their attention.
For ongoing LinkedIn connections, the “Message” button on their profile is your gateway to starting a conversation. Whether for networking, marketing, or seeking advice, your message should be clear, concise, and personalized, reflecting a genuine interest in connecting and starting a meaningful dialogue.

How Do I Start a New Message on LinkedIn?

How Do You Chat With Someone on LinkedIn?

Chatting with someone on LinkedIn effectively requires professionalism and a personal touch. When initiating a chat, begin by expressing your interest in their profile or work, which shows that you’ve taken the time to learn about them. Good conversation starters can include asking for their opinion on a topic relevant to their expertise, sharing a mutual interest, or inquiring about their experiences. 

Keeping the conversation focused and respectful is essential, aiming to build a genuine connection that could lead to valuable discussions or even an interview opportunity. Remember, every message and conversation is a step towards connecting with new people and expanding your professional network.

LinkedIn Conversation Starters Examples

Effective LinkedIn conversation starters are key to breaking the ice and engaging with new LinkedIn connections. Examples include complimenting a recent post or article they’ve written, asking for insights on a common industry challenge, or expressing genuine curiosity about their career path.
Initiating a conversation with a thoughtful question or a shared experience can pave the way for a deeper connection. Ensure your starters are relevant and personalized, demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to understand their interests and professional backgrounds. This approach showcases your interest and sets the stage for a productive and meaningful exchange.

LinkedIn Conversation Examples

LinkedIn conversations should start with a clear and engaging message that introduces yourself and provides context for your outreach. For example, “Hi [Name], I came across your profile and was impressed by your insights on [subject]. I’m currently exploring [topic] and would love your perspective.” 

This approach shows that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in their expertise. Conversations can evolve from sharing industry insights to discussing potential collaborations or opportunities. Maintaining a professional yet friendly tone encourages a two-way dialogue that can lead to lasting connections.

LinkedIn Conversation Examples

LinkedIn First Message after Connecting

After connecting on LinkedIn, the first message is your opportunity to make a memorable impression. Start by thanking them for accepting your connection request and briefly introduce yourself. Highlight a specific reason why you reached out to them, whether it’s a shared interest, background, or a post they shared that resonated with you. Keep the message concise and focused, inviting them to share their thoughts or experiences related to the topic. This initial contact is crucial in setting the tone for future interactions, aiming to establish a foundation for a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship.

LinkedIn First Message Examples

Crafting a compelling first message on LinkedIn involves personalization and clarity. An example could be, “Hello [Name], thank you for connecting! I’m [Your Name], a [Your Position] with a keen interest in [industry/topic]. I’ve followed your work on [specific topic] and found your insights incredibly valuable. I’m eager to learn more about your approach and would appreciate any advice you could share.” 

This format introduces yourself, states the purpose of your message, and opens the door for further conversation. It’s respectful and concise and underscores a genuine interest in learning from their experiences.

How to Start Conversation on LinkedIn with Alumni?

Starting a conversation on LinkedIn with alumni can leverage shared experiences and backgrounds. Begin your message by mentioning your common alma mater, instantly creating a relatable connection. Please introduce yourself, including your year of graduation and major, and express how you found their profile and why you’re reaching out. Whether seeking career advice, industry insights, or discussing potential opportunities, ensure your message reflects a genuine interest in their professional journey since graduating. This shared background can be a strong foundation for developing a meaningful and supportive connection.


Starting conversations on LinkedIn is crucial for building professional relationships and expanding networks. Understanding the strategies behind messaging effectively and initiating conversations carefully is essential. The platform offers messaging, InMail, and chat tools to enhance user engagement and make reaching out to others in your industry easy.

You can establish relationships with individuals with comparable interests, skills, or professional objectives by creating a positive impact. Personalizing messages, expressing genuine interest, and finding common ground are potent ways to initiate and maintain conversations on LinkedIn. Moreover, keeping the conversation focused, meaningful, and respectful is crucial for building long-lasting professional relationships.


How do you start a conversation on LinkedIn examples?

Starting a conversation on LinkedIn should be professional and purpose-driven. Here are some examples:

  1. “Hi [Name], I came across your recent article on [Topic]. It provided great insights. Do you foresee any upcoming trends in this area?”
  2. “Hello [Name], I saw we both attended [Event/Conference]. What were your main takeaways?”
  3. “Greetings [Name], our mutual connection, [Mutual Connection’s Name], mentioned your expertise in [Topic]. Would love to learn more about it.”

How to start a conversation with a person you just connected with on LinkedIn?

When you’ve just connected with someone on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to be courteous and specific in your introduction. Start by referencing why you connected: “Hi [Name], thank you for accepting my connection request. I was particularly impressed by your work in [specific area]. I’d love to learn more about it and see how we might collaborate.”

What is the best first message on LinkedIn?

The best first message on LinkedIn is concise, personalized, and relevant to the recipient. It might go something like: “Hello [Name], I’ve admired your contributions to [specific field or project]. I’m working on something similar and would value your insights. Would you be open to a brief chat?”

How do you approach someone on LinkedIn?

Approaching someone on LinkedIn should always be done with professionalism. Begin by introducing yourself briefly, stating your purpose clearly, and explaining why you believe connecting would be mutually beneficial. It’s also crucial to be respectful of their time, perhaps by suggesting a short conversation or asking if they’re open to a dialogue.

How to start a conversation with a stranger on LinkedIn?

Starting a conversation with a stranger on LinkedIn requires a delicate approach. Begin by finding common ground, like mutual connections or interests. “Hello [Name], I noticed we both follow [Industry Expert] and have an interest in [Topic]. I recently read about [Specific Detail] and thought it would be great to discuss further.”

How to start a conversation with hr on LinkedIn?

When reaching out to HR professionals on LinkedIn, clarity and professionalism are paramount. An example message could be: “Hello [HR Name], I’m very interested in the [specific position] at [Company Name]. I’ve researched the role and believe my experience in [Specific Experience] aligns well. Could we discuss this opportunity further?”

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