Have you finished your studies and earned your Ph.D.? So do you want to know how to add a Ph.D. to your name on LinkedIn? Should you add a Ph.D. to your name at all? Read the rest of this text to get the answer.

Higher education has been our modern world’s normal for some decades. There are not as many people who never went to college or universities as there were about 50 years ago. Many people have bachelor’s, master’s, or other degrees around you, and many earn their degrees every semester in different fields.

Maybe that’s why it’s been harder to find a decent job with a high school diploma. Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing not to go to college or anything; all we are saying is that there are a lot of more educated people on the market right now.

To add a PhD to your name on LinkedIn, go to your profile and click on the "Edit" button. In the "Name" field, add "PhD" after your last name. Then, click "Save" to update your profile. 

How to Add PhD to Name in LinkedIn?

At the same time, there are people with Ph.D. degrees. I mean PhDs are not as many people with other degrees but still a lot more than they were before.

But why do people choose to include Ph.D. in their LinkedIn name? We don’t see other people do such a thing, do we? I have a master’s degree and never even considered including it in my name.

Well, because being a Ph.D. is an honor. High education is challenging, but a Ph.D. degree is quite an achievement.

People not only share that they have a Ph.D. in their posts, but they also add it to their education and to their names.

How to add a Ph.D. to your name on LinkedIn? There are some ways to do it.

You can add it to the education section, and thankfully LinkedIn allows you to add any suffixes to your name.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Choose “View Profile” from the “Me” dropdown menu in your account’s top right corner.
  3. Click the pencil icon under your cover photo.
  4. Add Ph.D. to your last name box
  5. Click Save.

How to Add PhD to Name in LinkedIn?

Adding Ph.D. to your LinkedIn name pros and cons

That is the way you have to add a Ph.D. suffix to your name, but the experts still can’t agree upon whether you should add it to your LinkedIn name or not, and each group has its own reasons to do so or not to do it.


Future leaders

A lot of PhDs have experienced it. They had to do crap, low-paid jobs just to pay the bills and their student loans. But after a while, they get employed for a decent leadership position. Industries know that PhDs can make perfect leaders.

The respect

Now, there is no argument on this one; it is like an ancient gene in humans. Most of us respect people with PhDs unintentionally, just like the way people used to respect Aristotle, Confucius, Democritus, and many others. Not like they had a Ph.D. or something; it’s about the knowledge and thoughts.



Well, it is a wholly known saying, and you might have already heard it in some interviews you had: “you are overqualified for the available post for you’re a Ph.D.”

So you have two ways. You can either choose to remove the suffix from your name to attract more recruiters (in every field with every job they are looking for candidates for) or just leave it there and wait for the one who is looking for someone with a Ph.D. to lead their company.

It is perfect that you’ve earned a Ph.D. and you can find some very decent jobs now, whether in industries or the education system. You just needed to know how to add a Ph.D. to your name on LinkedIn, and now you do. So, go on and enjoy your knowledge.

Related Questions & Answers

How do I write a LinkedIn headline for a PhD student?

When crafting a LinkedIn headline as a PhD student, it’s essential to highlight your expertise, academic pursuits, and future aspirations. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to write a LinkedIn headline for a PhD student:

  1. Emphasize your specialization: Begin by mentioning your specific field of study or research specialization in your headline. For example, you can include keywords like “PhD Candidate in [Field of Study]” or “Researcher in [Specialization].” This immediately communicates your academic focus and expertise to potential connections and employers.
  2. Showcase your accomplishments and goals: Highlight any notable achievements, such as published research papers, conference presentations, or awards. Additionally, include a phrase that conveys your future aspirations or career goals. For instance, you could mention “Seeking opportunities in [Industry/Field] to apply research expertise” or “Passionate about driving innovation and solving complex problems in [Area of Interest].”

By combining your academic focus with your professional aspirations, you create a compelling LinkedIn headline that showcases your expertise as a PhD student while signaling your ambition for future career opportunities.


How do you put a PhD on LinkedIn?

To add a Ph.D. to your LinkedIn profile, follow these steps:

  1. Log In to LinkedIn: Visit the LinkedIn website and log in to your account.
  2. Access Your Profile: Click on your profile picture or your name to access your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Edit Your Profile: On your profile page, you’ll see an “Add profile section” button. Click on it.
  4. Choose “Education”: From the dropdown menu, select “Education.”
  5. Enter Your Ph.D. Details: In the “Education” section, enter the details of your Ph.D. Include the university or institution where you earned your Ph.D., the degree title (e.g., Doctor of Philosophy), the field of study or major, the dates of your enrollment and graduation, and any relevant honors or awards.
  6. Optional: Provide a Description: You can include a brief description highlighting your research focus, dissertation topic, or academic achievements during your Ph.D. program.
  7. Save Changes: After entering the details, click the “Save” button to add your Ph.D. to your LinkedIn profile.

By adding your Ph.D. to your LinkedIn profile, you emphasize your academic accomplishments and expertise, making your profile more appealing to potential employers and professional connections in your field.

How do you add a degree next to your name on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, you can’t add a degree next to your name as you would in formal email signatures or academic publications. LinkedIn’s profile format doesn’t accommodate degree titles directly next to your name like a prefix or suffix. Instead, LinkedIn offers dedicated sections where you can list your degrees and qualifications, such as the “Education” section. You can provide details about your degrees there, including the degree title, field of study, university, and dates of enrollment and graduation. While you can’t display the degree directly next to your name on LinkedIn, listing it in the appropriate section still effectively showcases your educational qualifications to your professional network.

How do I add a PhD to my name?

On LinkedIn, you can’t directly add a degree like “Ph.D.” to your name in the same way you might use a prefix or suffix in formal contexts. LinkedIn follows a structured format where your name and credentials are separate. Instead, you should include your Ph.D. in the “Education” section of your LinkedIn profile. In this section, you can provide all the details of your Ph.D., including the degree title (Ph.D.), field of study, university, and graduation dates. This way, your LinkedIn profile effectively showcases your academic achievement without altering your name format, maintaining a professional and consistent appearance on the platform.

How do you mention a PhD degree?

When mentioning a Ph.D. degree in your professional communication or documents, it’s typically included after your name and separated by a comma. For example, if your name is John Smith and you have a Ph.D. in Psychology, you would write it as “John Smith, Ph.D.” This format signals your academic achievement and expertise. You can use this format in email signatures, on your LinkedIn profile, in academic publications, or wherever appropriate in a professional context to convey your qualifications accurately.

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