In today’s digital world, if you’re looking to enrich your CRMs, personalize & enhance the visual appeal & recognition of your brand, one of the powerful tools that can help you in this effort is the company logo API. If you need to learn how to get company logo API, don’t worry, we’ll provide you with everything you need. So, let’s dive in!

Obtaining a company logo API can enhance your brand's visual appeal and recognition. Begin by contacting your company's design or marketing team to request access to the logo API. This API allows you to programmatically retrieve your company logo in various formats and sizes, ensuring consistency across platforms. By integrating the logo into your website, applications, or marketing materials, you create a cohesive and professional brand image that resonates with customers and enhances brand recognition. This simple process elevates your brand's visual presence and fosters a stronger connection with your audience.

How to Get Company Logo API?

Before we discuss today, which is about how to get company logo APIs, we must first walk through the key concepts of API and company logo APIs. Don’t you agree? So stay with us!

Here are quick steps to get company logo API free:

  1. Choose the best free logo API provider like CUFinder Logo API
  2. Integrate the provided APIs into your CRM platforms

What Does an API Mean?

APIs are like bridges that allow different software to talk to each other using a set of rules like Google APIs.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In simple terms, it’s a way for different software to communicate with each other.

Think of it as a contract between two applications that define how they should exchange information.

For example, the weather app on your mobile device uses APIs to get daily weather updates from the weather bureau’s software system.

How Do APIs Work?

APIs work by having a client application send a request to a server application.

In the case of the weather example, the weather app on your phone is the client, and it sends a request to the weather bureau’s software system (the server) to get the weather data.

After receiving the request, the server proceeds to provide the client with the desired information in response.

What Do Company Logo APIs Mean?

A company logo API can be used to get company logo details from existing databases and recreate known logos in another application or website.

In fact, this helps websites and apps share and use each other’s data.

When you ask for a company logo using the API, you’ll receive a response in a different format.

To do this, you need online tools that provide the logo API.

Although there are many options available online for accessing company logos, a limited number of them are accurate and perfect, like CUFinder’s Logo API Service.

Now, if you want to know how to get company logo APIs, so in the following, we cover how to do it by the best free company logo API provider.

Quick Tip on How to Get Company Logo APIs via CUFinder’s Logo API?

CUFinder’s free Logo API service allows you to quickly search for the latest version of company logos by using their domain and mentioning the appropriate attribution without any cost or even without signing up on the website.

Quick Tip on How to Get Company Logo APIs via CUFinder's Logo API?

With this free logo API service, there is no more wasted time or hidden costs, and you can easily integrate company logo APIs into your CRMs.

To get company logo API by CUFinder’s Logo Finder for free, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Open the CUFinder website and scroll down to find the Logo API service on the landing page of CUFinder.

Step 2.

At the bottom of the page, from among the services provided, click the “Logo API” service.

At the bottom of the page, from among the services provided, click the "Logo API" service.

Step 3.

On the Logo Finder service page, enter your target company domain in the company name box on the left, and click the “Find” button.

On the Logo Finder service page, enter your target company domain in the company name box on the left, and click the "Find" button.

Step 4.

After a few seconds, the logo of the company you want will be shown, and you can get company logo APIs from the right side of the page.

After a few seconds, the logo of the company you want will be shown, and you can get company logo APIs from the right side of the page.

Hot Tips:

1. Logos are retrieved by domain or company name.

2. Logos are available in file formats such as PNG or JPG.

3. You can gain comprehensive documentation for the logo API at

4. By embedding the API of your desired company’s logo in your CRM or software and system, you no longer need to save the company’s logo.

Now, let’s discuss why people need to get company logo APIs:

Benefits of Getting Company Logos API Free Service

Discovering company logo APIs can be very beneficial for the following reasons:

1. Working Together:

Did you know that you can create more trust and credibility by showing the logo of partner companies or collaborators?

This can let visitors know that your company has meaningful connections and alliances in its industry.

2. Happy Customers & Success Stories:

When you display logos of well-known clients or successful projects, it proves that others have had a positive experience with your company.

This not only increases the confidence of your potential customers but also shows that you have a track record of working with reputable organizations.

3. Industry Involvement & Standards:

Featuring the logos of industry associations, professional organizations, or certifications demonstrate your company’s involvement and commitment to quality.

In fact, it builds your expertise and dedication to meet industry standards.

4. Supporting Reasons & Events:

If you display logos of sponsored events, charities, or endorsements from influential people, it will enhance your company’s reputation and brand image.

It shows that you support causes or events that align with your values and create positive associations.

5. Authorized Partners & Sellers:

If your company is a partner or vendor for another organization, displaying their brand logo will help customers recognize the products or services you offer.

On top of that, it assures them that you’re an authorized provider or seller of a particular brand.

6. Knowing All About the Company:

As a unique company symbol, the logo is the only sign representing everything about the company or organization or its activity.

Using a brand logo is considered an important thing for every person or company today, and seeing the company’s logo everywhere, without a single promoting or representative sentence, people remember the field of activity of this company and their business.

7. Accessing to company logo updates

By acquiring the company logo API, you gain unparalleled access to automatic company logo updates, ensuring their brand image is always fresh and consistent in your CRMs.

In addition, it helps you avoid the hassle of not noticing changing company logos and manual updates.

8. Understanding Your Target Customers Better

By analyzing the logos of companies, you can discover valuable information that helps you understand your target customers.

Logos contain symbols, designs, and colors that convey important messages about a company’s values, industry, and brand.

9. Taking Your CRM to the Next Level

Including company logos in your CRM showcases your attention to detail as a smart marketer.

It creates a visually appealing and comprehensive system by ensuring accurate data from A to Z, including company logos.

The Best Methods to Find Company Logo by Name

When you want to find a company logo with a name, it may be a bit challenging for you. But here are different methods that you can use.

Let’s get started!

1. Search on the Company’s Website or Online Presence:

One of the common and straightforward methods is to visit the company’s official website whose logo you want to find or look for its online presence on other platforms.

As you explore the website, you can go to sections like “About Us” or “Media,” where the company logo is prominently displayed.

Although this is a surefire way to find a company logo based on name, remember that it may take time and effort.

Search on the Company's Website or Online Presence

2. Use a Search Engine:

Another simple way is to do a simple lookup in popular search engines like Google or Bing with the company name followed by the word “logo.”

As you know, this method often leads to search results that include the official logo of your desired company.

Use a Search Engine

3. Use Online Logo Databases or Directories:

Alternatively, if you don’t want to try the above methods, we suggest you use online logo databases or directories that offer comprehensive collections of company logos.

These platforms allow users to search for a specific company by name and access high-resolution logo versions.

4. Search Social Media Platforms:

In addition to the above methods, the professional and popular LinkedIn network, with millions of registered companies, may display company logos on personal profiles or company LinkedIn pages.

Search Social Media Platforms

You can easily search for your target companies using the LinkedIn search engine and find their LinkedIn logo.

LinkedIn search engine

5. CUFinder’s Company Name to Logo Service:

CUFinder Company Name Service to Logo Services is a groundbreaking tool revolutionizing lead generation by seamlessly connecting company names to their respective logos.

Seamless Connection between Company Names and Logos:

This innovative service allows businesses to effortlessly enhance their communication strategies by integrating logos into their connections.

Especially on platforms like LinkedIn, where displaying a company logo can dramatically improve visibility and engagement, CUFinder’s Company Name to Logo service is invaluable to lead generation efforts.

Integration with Other CUFinder Tools:

Additionally, the CUFinder Company Name to Logo service integrates seamlessly with various tools such as Email Finder, SERP API, and URL Finder, ensuring seamless functionality and comprehensive results.

Advantages of Using CUFinder’s Company Name to Logo Service for Businesses:

Using CUFinder’s advanced algorithms and logo recognition capabilities, companies & businesses can significantly achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthen brand recognition and create credibility
  • Promote consistent branding and effective communication
  • Foster meaningful relationships with customers and potential partners
  • Create an attractive visual presence that leaves a lasting impression on the target audience
  • Use logos for successful lead generation across multiple platforms
  • Stand out from competitors and create a professional & recognizable presence
  • Retrieve logos associated with a specific company name, URL, or domain name.

Overall, CUFinder is proud to offer other services as well, including:

  • Company Domain Finder service
  • Email Finder service
  • Logo API Finder service
  • Data Converter service
  • Email to Company Name service
  • Email to Personal Name service
  • Name to Email service
  • Name to LinkedIn Profile service
  • Domain to Name service

Hot Tip:

It’s crucial to remember the importance of respecting copyright and intellectual property rights.

Before including a company’s logo in materials or projects, always ensure that you’ve obtained the appropriate license or permission to use it.

LinkedIn API Get Company Logo

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform, with over a billion professional users and millions of large & small companies worldwide.

It provides a wide range of valuable data points, such as company names, contact information, logos, employees, job title, industries, etc., for talent solutions, sales, marketing, business intelligence, and more.

Using an API to retrieve this data enables companies to incorporate it into their applications, enhancing user experience and enabling the development of new features.

However, accessing this data, particularly on a large scale, can present challenges.

Presently, there are two methods for extracting corporate information like logos from LinkedIn via API:

1) Obtaining official approval as a LinkedIn partner, or

2) Utilizing an unofficial API like Lix’s LinkedIn API.


The bottom line is that integrating a company logo API into your website or business application using CUFinder’s free logo API tool can significantly increase its visual appeal and recognition.

Now that you know how to get company logo API free by CUFinder’s Logo Finder tool, then don’t hesitate and try it right now.

As such, you can improve your company image and stand out in the competitive environment!


  • How do I identify a company from a logo? You can use Logo detector tools, just CUFinder’s free Logo finder that effortlessly lets you discover company logos through their domains and names.
  • How to get company logo API? To get a company logo API, you should use a logo API finder like CUFinder’s free Logo API service that allows you to look up company logos using its domain.
  • How to get company logo API in Excel? By using CUFinder’s free Logo API service, you can easily search for any company’s logo API via its domain and embed it in your project and then export it to an Excel file.

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