Expensive, time-consuming, tedious, and depressing. These are the words that appear in front of my eyes when I hear the name of finding email addresses in marketing manually. Once, as a marketing intern in a small company, I once struggled with a list of emails that I needed to find people’s names based on. Such a disaster it was! Can we find name by address for free? Yes! but is that ideal? No. Also, in the rest of the article, we will review the Company name to company email service

finding names by address for free can be challenging, as personal information is typically not publicly available. Online directories and search engines may offer limited results, but they may not be up-to-date or comprehensive. If you need to find a person's name associated with a specific address, consider reaching out to neighbors or the local community to inquire politely. Alternatively, you may try contacting the local government office or the postal service for assistance. Always respect privacy and ensure that your search is conducted in a legal and ethical manner. Please note that laws and regulations regarding the use of personal information may vary by country and region, so it's essential to be aware of any applicable guidelines when conducting such searches.

I admit I never have heard of email Finder services to this day. But it seems my managers have not heard the name of these services either. Or it could be more expensive for them than it would be to hire interns. Anyway, working with email finder services like CUFinder makes everything much easier.

How to Find Someone's Name by Address of Email?

Have a series of email addresses and want to know the company’s name? It is much easier because most addresses end with the company’s name. It still is not that hard when you have the company name and want the company’s email address. Yet, you can benefit from company email to company name service when you have a very long list of company emails, right? You know, Time and budget-wise.

But what about when you want to find people’s names or emails? that will be so hard, for many do not use their full name in their emails. On the other hand, there are billions of email addresses out there, many of which are so old and out of use. You need accurate email addresses if you want to do email marketing. In this article, I will talk about how to find name by address for free, how to find their cell phone numbers, and so on.

How to Find Someone’s Name by Address of Email?

I remember the first time I was told to find people’s names through email addresses. I looked at my supervisor in surprise for a few minutes. I mean, not everyone’s email address is first and last [email protected], right? Many emails do not even have a sign of that person’s name. So you can’t guess their name based on that.

Finding the company’s name from its email address would not be such a problem, but find name by address for free was a real deal. Doing this manually can be stressful and very ineffective, so I want to introduce you to a series of tools and strategies.


Finding Name by Email Adress

  • Dear Google:

Searching a person’s name in Google is usually the first strategy that everyone uses. This approach can yield information such as websites, or weblogs that mention the email address and provide additional details like their names or even phone numbers. But, the information this method gives you is not always that accurate. For example, my business email user in the company changes almost every month because we do many things with this email. So how do you want to find the person’s name from such an email?

  • Social Media:

Another recommended method is to check social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. It is said that many people put their email there so that you can find their names on these accounts. Well, that is correct, to some extent. You may be able to find a few people’s names from those long lists that you have this way and for free. But to be honest, this is not very useful for most platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and in the case of Facebook, although it is better there, it still is challenging.

Finding Name by Email Adress
  • Email finding Services:

I suggest email and lead-finding services such as CUFinder, Apollo, or Zoho.

Using email finder engines is always the best way. Why? Because they are tools that help users to find correct and reliable email addresses in large amounts easily and without needing to spend much time and energy. This tool provides verified email addresses for individuals and companies based on name and domain.

In CUFinder, not only can you find people’s email addresses, company names, and LinkedIn IDs, but you also can upload a list of emails in bulk to CUFinder and find people’s names based on these email addresses and also to verify email addresses you already have. You can download this information as a CSV or Excel file when the process is done.

We guarantee the accuracy of this information up to 98%, which is very important. Why? Because when you send an email to someone, if you mention the person’s name incorrectly, it will damage the image of the company; in addition, the response rate of these kinds of emails is almost zero, which will lower your sender’s score and may cause the company’s email to be suspended or worse, closed!

The Correct Information Is Power

CUFinder Email Finder Engine uses advanced algorithms to provide accurate and up-to-date email addresses. This tool is especially useful for businesses that need to communicate with customers or prospects but do not have their contact information.

With the CUFinder Email Finder service, users enter the name,domain, or email address of the person or company they want, and the engine returns verified data like names, valid email addresses, etc. This can be done the other way around in our reverse address service. This tool can save users time and effort compared to searching for phone numbers, cell phone numbers, Gmail, online property, etc.

Free Address Lookup

Find a name by address for free or pay a little to get correct and reliable information. But what if we want to find name by addresses for free?

Email addresses are one of the main ways of doing business; that’s why it is crucial to find people’s correct e-mail addresses for marketing your product or service or any other business-related communication. However, this can be expensive, especially for SMEs. That’s why many people always look for free ways to find email.

Free Address Lookup

There are many situations where you might need to lookup someone’s email address, such as:

– Reaching out to a potential client or business partner

– Contacting a former colleague or classmate

– Getting in touch with a customer service representative

– Etc.

1) Free credits:

You can always use the 15 free credits that CUFinder gives you every month. Of course, other services like Zoho also have a free trial, but they only charge you these credits once, and there is no free credit every month (as in CUFinder, whether you want to use the services or not).

2) Social media:

As we mentioned above, one of the ways you can find correct and authentic email addresses is to look for them in people’s social media properties. But which ones? Most social media have strict protocols to protect the privacy of their users.

For example, the only way to find an email on Instagram and Twitter is to ask the user for their address directly. You may find a few emails on LinkedIn, but most users need to share their email addresses, and if the user has activated their private settings on Facebook, you cannot access their email address.

3) Google:

Well, this is the first and very risky way. But sometimes, it works. Search for the person’s name along with the word “email.” If that person has a blog or website, they should include their email address or phone number. A better way is to search for their name and the company they work for. Many times it happens that organizations and companies (significantly bigger ones) list their employees’ email addresses and contact information on their websites.

As mentioned, there are some risks in finding and extracting emails for free; you never know how credible the email addresses you find in most free methods. Even if the address you find belongs to the person on your list, they might not use that email anymore. Also, there are cases of business emails when multiple individuals use that very address and so on.

Find People’s Names by Address For Free: Pros & Cons

As I said, email addresses are crucial in business communications, email marketing, and lead generation. On the other hand, there are billions of email addresses (if not trillions), and it is essential to find the accurate one each time. I want to point out some of the most important reasons for finding an email address.

1. Hit the bull’s eye:

Finding the right target audience is crucial in every business matter. Email addresses must be verified and correct to prevent the reduction of the response rate and, of course, the reduction of the sender’s score. Also, this confirmation will save energy, time, and capital. This allows you to focus on engaging with individuals more likely to convert into valuable leads and eventually become loyal customers.

2. The Score:

Credible email addresses contribute to maintaining a positive sender reputation. Internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs) closely monitor the quality of emails sent. If a high percentage of your emails bounce or end up in spam folders due to invalid or suspicious addresses, it can harm your sender’s reputation.

This can result in future emails being flagged as spam or blocked altogether, severely impacting your email deliverability rates. Using credible email addresses increases the chances of your messages reaching the intended recipients’ inboxes, enhancing the effectiveness of your lead-generation campaigns.

3. Trust:

Finding valid email addresses will help you gain the trust of businesses and customers. These days, when spam and fraud cases are more than ever in online spaces, it is vital to gain people’s trust. This can be done by sending relevant content to people. Of course, this related content requires having accurate and credible email addresses of your target audience.

4. Easier Organi:

Valid and correct e-mail addresses make organizing and accurately segmenting your marketing campaigns much more accessible. The more you know your audience, the easier you can target their needs and pain points in your messages. We have always said that personalized messages have a higher response rate.

Now, you can understand how important it is to have correct email addresses and the names of the right people for lead generation and business relationships. Can you find name by address for free? As I said above, you can do it, but like every other thing in this world, it has advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at the table below:




Google Search

Free and accessible to anyone- Can yield a variety of results- Can be helpful for finding individuals with unique names

May yield irrelevant or inaccurate results- Can be time-consuming to sift through results- May not work for individuals with common names

Social Media (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter)

Can often find contact information on user profiles- Can provide additional information such as occupation and education- Can connect with individuals directly

Not all individuals use social media- Privacy settings may limit access to information- Information may not be up-to-date

Email Lookup Tools (e.g., Hunter.io, VoilaNorbert, CUFinder)

Can provide accurate and up-to-date information- Can often find multiple email addresses for an individual- Some tools offer a limited number of free searches per month

Most tools charge a fee for full access- Information may not be available for all individuals- Accuracy may vary depending on the data sources used

Company Website

Can often find contact information for employees- Can provide additional information about the company and its structure

May not have information for all employees- Limited to finding contact information for individuals associated with a specific company

Reverse Email Lookup

Can provide information about the owner of an email address- Can often find additional contact information for the individual

Limited to finding information for specific email addresses- Accuracy may vary depending on the data sources used- Some services charge a fee for full access

It’s important to note that while these methods can help find people’s names by email address for free, they may only sometimes be accurate or up-to-date. Additionally, some individuals may have opted out of having their information listed in public records databases or on social media. As with any personal information search, respecting individuals’ privacy and using the information obtained only for lawful and ethical purposes is essential.


Find name by address for free is a perfect strategy to lower your expenses, but the risk of accessing false information is too real to not to get considered. There are billions of fake or inaccurate email addresses, and you can mistake people’s or company names.

What will happen then? Not only do all your efforts go to waste, you might even risk your company business email address to get considered a spammer and get suspended or even closed.

Don’t do that to yourself; use email-finding services to find people’s names and contact info. CUFinder guarantees 98% accuracy with a fair subscription fee. You don’t need to mention that you can even verify the emails you already have. As I mentioned, not every email address is credible; they might be old and out of use or even have multiple users. What are you waiting for?


  • How to find someone’s name by address? You can use the CUFinder contact email to name service.
  • How can I look up a person for free? You can use the email finder for free trials and credits or Google search and social media platforms.
  • How do I search by address of email? Please copy and paste the address into the CUFinder database or search it in the Google search bar.