Company URL finder is one of the vital automated services of the CUFinder lead generation website capable of converting companies’ names to their website addresses instantly on large scales lacking any time delay.

To find a company domain based on its name, you can perform a search using domain lookup tools or use a search engine like Google with the company name to identify the official website domain.

CUF company URL search is the pre-eminent automatic substitution for manual domain extraction avoiding any undesirable time-killing, marketers’ energy wasting, financial loss, and chaos at work.

If your CRM lacks many companies’ website URLs or you are not sure about the accuracy of the companies’ domains saved there, CUF company URL finder is strongly recommended.

The necessity of using computerized marketing and prospecting services is felt more than ever. Today’s technology helps companies to find their ideal prospects faster and bring them closer to their competitors.

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Nowadays, not only experienced big enterprises, agencies, and entrepreneurs but also SMEs and startups, every sector is conscious of the notability of benefiting from technology to boost productivity and revenue streams in all steps of business from scratch to the end.

To learn more about one of the most popular companies presenting marketing automation services – the CUF prospecting tool – read the rest of this article.

Company URL finder is only one of the offered marketing services of CUFinder, which, together with many other helpful gadgets, has created an innovative solution answering all marketers’ questions and removing their stress and worries.

Respecting its missions, CUF consistently checks the marketing world to discover any new challenge marketers are facing and struggling with to find the solution, design, and create a fully automatic and expeditious gadget to meet this requirement in the most professional way.

CUF company name to domain converter vs. manual domain finding

How to get a website URL for a list of companies manually?!

Have you ever tried the manual strategy of finding companies’ websites?!

I mean to search the name of a company in Google or any other preferred search engine like Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc. and then investigate the offered websites to find the correct domain of that particular company.

It would be nice if you needed the websites of a few companies. You need to write or copy and paste the name of that company into Google, tap on the search button, and then check the offered websites to see which one is correct.

In the picture below, the searched company name is “Chemical Crunch”. As you see the first demonstrated website is exactly the domain of the company we are looking for.

But the story isn’t always as trouble-free as this!

CUF company name to domain converter vs. manual domain finding

When isn’t it easy?!

  • Many companies across the world have similar or exactly the same names as they are registered in various countries. So to find the actual website of those companies is not an easily accomplished task!
  • Sometimes, the website of your searched company doesn’t have a high rank in Google, and based on Google algorithms, it is not shown as the first offered website (like the above picture), or it may even be presented on another search page rather than the first page. So you may need to check many pages to find it!

Upon these points, would you still persist on manual domain extraction?! If yes, let us take a look at some other cons! Maybe they impact you to reconsider!!!

  • Detecting the correct website of many companies takes a lot of your time! Many days and weeks to complete long lists!
  • The error probability is high, especially when there are many companies with similar names to your requested company.
  • Time-wasting is one side of the issue; this boring and tedious process will cause energy loss for the employees, too, followed by less productivity.
  • The final outcomes do not result in enough outputs, efficientcy, revenue, and benefits.
  • You do not seem to pay any money, but frankly, the imposed costs of manual domain extraction are much more!

The inevitability of using CUF company name to domain API

Why do many marketing teams carry on using CUF company URL finder? What results do they achieve?

  • Stop time-killing
  • Avoid inaccuracy
  • Manage costs
  • Improve revenue
  • Eschew energy drain
  • End inefficiency

Generally, technology helps companies in more accessible access to data, business simplification, simple data retrieval, safer money management, higher business standards, and better communication means.

Automatic lead generation removes the gaps between companies and prospects easier and faster. This improved connectivity is so massive that the companies benefiting from computerized prospecting tools can be called LUXURY businesses!

How to find a company website based on name at a large scale in CUF?

This part answers the question of How to find a company website based on the name by CUF in pictures and details.

Through the 2 following straightforward and swift procedures, you can purchase companies’ websites from CUF domain finder in bulk as easy as pie!

The first strategy for bulk domain search in CUF

First, you should sign up with your email and name in CUF which takes only one minute of your invaluable time.

Then, from your dashboard, purchase one of the offered plans of CUF you see below. However, free trials are also available to check the quality before payment. As far as you can see below, the three plans of CUF all provide bulk domain lookup.

After buying, go to the “List of Services” in the “Dashboard” and then click “Company Name to Domain”, the one you see in the red box below.

On this page, you need to write a name for your bulk search to find it easier when the number of purchased files has increased. It can be any name you like such as List1.

After that, you need to enter the inputs (companies’ names). The first way is to copy and paste them into the big box you see in the picture below. Remember to mention each company name in one separate line.

Clearly, every company name is pasted in one line. Click on “Run Bulk Request” to get the results, the orange button on the right side.

The result history is shown in a flash, as you can see below. When the status is “Completed” (shown in green), you can view and download the results simply by clicking the orange box on the page’s right side.

What you see in the picture below is a part of the downloaded Excel file in which its website URL is written in front of each company name. To find any of these domains, both CUF offline data bank and online websites have been checked simultaneously, and the whole URLs are checked before the demonstration.

The second strategy for bulk domain search in CUF

Sign up in CUF in a minute with your name and email.

Enter the dashboard and purchase one of the preferred plans based on your needs. It is notable that domain check is available in all three plans.

Again like the previous strategy, you need to enter the page of “List of Services” in the dashboard and click the first box you see.

A short explanation will be demonstrated of how to work with this service.

This method also asks for a name for your query. Any name you prefer can be written. It helps you to recognize this list easier in the future when the number of purchased lists has increased.

This way asks for the Excel file of your companies’ names which should be dragged and dropped in the box you see👀 below. Keep in mind that you can add approximately 20,000 companies’ names in each Excel file. If the companies’ names are over 20,000, you can try this tool several times.

Note to name the column in which the companies’ names are mentioned in your Excel file before uploading it. Through this name you will tell CUF🚀 in which column of this file the companies’ names are mentioned.

In this step choose the name you wrote for the column of companies’ names in the uploaded Excel file from the offered list you see below the page. And tap on “Run Bulk Request”.

The result history will be seen in seconds. As soon as the status becomes “Completed”, you can tap on “View and Download” to get the requested Excel file.

The picture below shows a small part of one downloaded Excel file in which the first column has the business names added by the user (inputs), and the second column contains the website addresses found by CUF in seconds (outputs). The offline data warehouse of CUF together with the online websites are checked, and the whole URLs are verified through AI technology.

The positives of CUF company name to URL converter


Through careful and prudent use of time, you will achieve more leads’ data in a shorter period of time. Several days and weeks you need to find the websites of thousands of companies manually from the web can be turned to a very fast, automated, and well-regulated domain extraction with CUF🚀.

Faultless results

Impeccable domains of companies are given by CUF (over 98% data accuracy rate), while the error probability in manual domain extraction is high as many companies’ names are similar or even completely the same.

Responsive support team

CUF support net benefiting from experienced, educated, responsible, and supportive experts answers the questions fast via email and solves any problem in the minimum amount of time.

API support

All plans of CUF support the API. Simply your website, application, and software can be connected with CUF website finder through APIs, an easy talk with each other!


You can ask your employees to focus on many other more urgent tasks rather than the boring and tedious process of manually finding the websites to enhance their efficiency. Save their energy for other more important assignments! Isn’t it better if you concentrate on developing your production line rather than doing tasks manually?

Extensive services

In addition to the company name to domain API, CUF has many other enchanting and fruitful lead generation services like companies’ and individuals’ email finder, LinkedIn email finder, phone number finder, social media finder, and so many other tools respecting data trueness and time-saving.

Good value

Various CUF services are offered at reasonable prices. It is worth what you pay! Besides large businesses, small companies can also afford it simply. Your success is our concern; that’s why we LOVE helping you!


CUF website is designed by competent website designers respecting the importance of website simplicity in use, using attractive colors and precise features, and publishing engaging films, pictures, and tutorials. Also, the users applying cell phones for CUF visit can enjoy this mobile friendly website.


The data of over 257 million companies and their people are saved in CUF which is updated automatically every week. Domain extraction happens by checking this offline database along with an online web investigation as a double and updated checkup.


CUF offline database is updated on weekly plans. Therefore wrong data in this database is so few and far between. Even if a company website changes, CUF understands fast and refreshes it. Also if a company owns more than one website, CUF finds and saves them in its data archive.

Free Trials

CUF gives some free domain searches to any new user by which the newcomer can ensure the quality before paying any money. Try these offered credits at no cost to see how CUF has made an impression in the world of marketing!

CUF gives some free domain searches to any new user

CUF domain to company name converter

The opposite of CUF company name to URL converter is the company domain to company name inverter. It is also known as a reverse domain lookup system.

As its name simply reveals, CUF gets your list of companies’ domains, checks its complete offline database and the online web to find the correct names of these firms immediately with no pause.

The domains and data of all types and sizes of companies are saved in CUF🚀. They may be public or private companies, small or medium-sized firms, or large enterprises from all over the world.

Your company domain lists can be enriched to a more complete list of companies’ names added to them, assisting your CRM to become perfectly comprehensive with minimal errors and mistakes.

It’s noteworthy that CUF was the pioneer in design and creation of company website finder and domain to company name converter.

Faster than any other marketing services website, CUF through careful investigations of the marketing world’s deficiencies, found the necessity of these 2 tools and as CUF key duty is to remove shortcomings, rapidly created them relying on AI technology.

The worth and importance of these two innovative services of CUF are no less than other CUF marketing tools. Therefore the utmost care has been taken into consideration in the process of designing and building these services.

How to work with CUF domain to company name converter?

  • Quickly sign up in CUF with your name and email in a minute.
  • Go to the dashboard and buy your desired plan.
  • Go to the “List of Services” on the left side of the “Dashboard”, and click “Domain to Company Name” that you can see in the picture below in a red box.
  • Afterward, write any name you like for your bulk list going to be created to find it more accessible in the future, such as List1. For instance, you can write the date of your search.
  • Subsequently, copy your domains and paste them into the big box you see below.
  • After clicking on “Run Bulk Request”, you will see your search history. As you can see the status is “Completed” in green color. And by clicking on the “View and Download” button in orange color at the right, you can simply get it in any file format you want like CSV or Excel.

To have a clean CRM is a MUST!

CUF company URL finder respecting all important features that a perfect lead generation platform should have is ready to enrich any CRM related to any business field. By CRM enrichment, we mean:

Completing the data

The empty cells in any CRM are identified by CUF and then filled with accurate data. These empty cells may need the domains, phone numbers, or LinkedIn pages of companies or they may lack the contacts of individuals like their emails, cell phone numbers, location, etc. It is not essential what kind of data is missed, the actual version of any of that will be given in minutes.

Finding the errors

Sometimes the data and contacts recorded in some cells of a CRM are false. These cells may be filled with non-existent email addresses, phone numbers with wrong country codes, companies’ domains with syntax errors, or irrelevant pages on social networks.

  1. In these situations, CUF finds the errors and then it replaces the wrong contact with the correct form, and if the correct version doesn’t exist on the web,
  2. it deletes specific data from the CRM.

An enriched CRM directly impacts your marketing process leading to a significant increase in the business sales and revenue.

The more prospects you reach, the more they reach out to your products/services, the more sales happen, and finally the more money you will achieve! That’s it!

Upgrade marketing or lose customers!

You have to upgrade your marketing strategies otherwise losing a great number of prospects who are prone to become future clients is expected!

Any of the prospects recorded in CUF data bank which has stored the data of over 257 million companies and their individuals can be attracted and grabbed by your competitors sooner than you!

To overtake the opponents, you must accelerate the process of lead generation and the best method for advancing this process is applying automated prospecting tools like cuf.

As a substitute for manual online leads extraction, CUF marketing tools are recommended by many savvy digital marketers across the world to which active, fast, reliable, impeccable, and safe marketing is paramount and can’t be ignored simply.


Some years ago, to find the website addresses of many companies based on their names could be done only through Googling or searching their names in other search engines like Yahoo, but today the market is dominated by automatic marketing tools and any neglect will make many irreparable detriments.

CUF as the best company website finder of the market gets the companies’ names and finds their website URLs from its offline database in company with online sites investigation.

Converting a company name to URL is our deep skill!

The longest lists of companies’ names are converted to their website addresses in seconds and at top speed! Pause, delay, and data inaccuracy are very rare in cuf.

That’s why over 98% of the domains given by CUF are correct and meticulous!

Large enterprises to stop any probable regression and startups to speed up their progress need the help of the CUF marketing website. The prices are so reasonable that even SMEs with a low budget can take advantage.

The best data (name to email, name to the LinkedIn page, name to the logo, domain to name, email to name) converter & company domain finder in CUFinder.

Convert Company Name to URL

This process is straightforward and empowering. Predicting the most likely domain based on a company name and common URL structures is a breeze. For instance, Nippon Inc. could easily translate to a domain like or 

One of the most efficient and empowering ways to do this, especially when you have a long list of company names, is to leverage your dashboard’s Company Name to Company Domain service in CUFinder. Simply upload the company names in bulk and watch as their domains are effortlessly generated for you.

How to Convert Name to Domain Free of Charge?

There are many different online services for this. First, search the company’s name in search engines. You can find the URL when you find the company’s official page. There are platforms that you can use for this. 

How to Convert Name to Domain Free of Charge?

They take the company name and provide possible domains based on availability. You can also use CUFinder’s free trial, which allows you to access all the features of the platform for a limited time, and 15 free monthly credits on this platform. These credits can be used to convert your name to domain free of charge with the Company Name to Company Domain service. This is a great way to test the service and see if it meets your needs before committing to a subscription.

Find URL from Company name automatically!

Users can effortlessly find the domains of different websites in the shortest possible time using online address finders. These tools boast extensive databases that connect company names to various URLs. Based on my experience, these automation tools are a breeze to use and can greatly assist marketers, researchers, and business analysts in quickly gathering detailed website information for multiple companies, saving you valuable time.

How to Find Website URL from Company Name in Bulk?

For finding website URLs from company names in bulk, I strongly suggest you go for lead-generation platforms with domain-related services. These platforms are designed to help you find and verify the domains of companies in your target market. One of these platforms is CUFinder, which has designed several domain-related services, one of which is the Company Name to Company Domain service. You can upload company names in bulk in CSV format to your dashboard and receive a complete list of verified domains within minutes.

How to Find Website URL from Company Name in Bulk?

Get company name from URL

URLs are usually chosen according to the name of the brand or company. One of the reasons for this is that the company’s domain is representative of that company and easy to remember. However, there are tools where you can upload a list of company domains and retrieve company names, which are particularly useful for digital forensics, competitive analysis, and online marketing strategies.

CUFinder Company Name to Domain Service

I used to work in a construction materials company. This company needed many suppliers; therefore, we were asked to find their website domains based on the names of many supplier companies. Now that I’m familiar with CUFinder, I wish I had this service back then.

The Company Name to Domain service offered by CUFinder is not just popular, it’s a game-changer. This service, the most used in the domain finders category, allows you to upload the names of companies in bulk form in a CSV file. 

CUFinder Company Name to Domain Service

In return, you receive a comprehensive list of verified domains in another CSV file. This service is a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing efficient and effective solutions for your business needs. By using CUFinder, you can save time, effort, and resources in finding website URLs from company names.

How Do I Find a Company URL?

Finding a company URL can be done in several ways.

  1. Search the company name in Google
  2. Guess the domain from the company name
  3. Use platforms like CUFinder

Using Bing to find website URLs from company name

Bing, a popular search engine similar to Google, offers a user-friendly method to find the URLs of websites from company names. Here’s how you can do it: simply enter the company name in its search bar and click on the ‘Search’ button. 

You’ll see a list of search results, with the home page of the company you’re searching for typically being the first result. While this method may take some time, it’s a straightforward way to find domains using company names.

Why convert company names to website URLs?

There are several compelling reasons for this. The first reason is that companies’ websites contain a wealth of information that can be used to enhance your business. Converting the company name to its domain facilitates competitor analysis, strategy formulation, and SEO enhancement. This ensures accurate referencing and linking, thereby amplifying online visibility. Consequently, it strengthens your online presence and improves SEO practices.

Why convert company names to website URLs?

Company Name to Company Domain Example

Now, let us look at how the “Company Name to Company Domain” service works. 

1. Log in

Company Name to Company Domain Example

2. Select Enrichment Engine

Select Enrichment Engine

3. Select Company Name to Company Domain

4. Select a name 

5. Upload the list of company names

6. Run Bulk list

Run Bulk list

7. Download the result

 Download the result

Related Questions & Answers

Company name to domain Finder

A company name to domain finder is a tool or service that helps you find available domain names based on your desired company name. It simplifies the process of finding a domain name that matches your business or brand name. By entering your company name or keywords related to your business, the finder scans the available domain names and presents you with options that are still up for registration.

Using a company name to domain finder can save you time and effort in the domain registration process. It eliminates the need for manual searches and provides you with a list of potential domain names that align with your company name. This tool is especially useful when you want to secure a domain name that closely matches your business identity, enhancing brand recognition and online presence. It allows you to explore different domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and suggests alternative names or variations if your desired name is already taken. With a company name to domain finder, you can quickly find and register a suitable domain name for your business.

Free company URL Finder

A free company URL finder is a tool or service that helps you discover the website URL or domain name of a company at no cost. It allows you to search for a specific company and provides you with the corresponding website address associated with that company. This tool can be helpful when you want to visit a company’s website directly or access more information about their products, services, or contact details.

With a free company URL finder, you can easily locate the website of a company without the need for extensive online searches or guesswork. By entering the company name or relevant keywords, the finder scans its database and retrieves the associated website URL, giving you quick access to the company’s online presence. This can be particularly useful for researching potential business partners, competitors, or clients, as well as for verifying the authenticity of a company’s online presence. Overall, a free company URL finder simplifies the process of finding company websites, making it convenient to navigate the online landscape and gather information about various businesses.

That’s a good buy!

The money you pay CUF for bulk domain lookup compared with the benefits you achieve is so reasonable. CUF aims to assist all businesses in any country so it has reduced the prices to let even startups and SMEs benefit from these appealing services.

CUF is a marketing and lead generation service setting a goal to help not only big and famous companies but also newly established businesses with low marketing budgets to help them enhance and feel the power of wins.

Frankly, without using technology, marketing improvement is unattainable in this decade! And the marketing services you choose today to use will definitely specify the future of your business.

Intelligent and careful decisions will separate your business from all other competitors. Look into automation to manage your business with minimal human assistance.

If you feel that you are struggling with manual strategies of lead generation, CUF marketing automation B2B services is the most affordable solution!

The final words

This article is the best response to the question of “How to find URL from company name?

Company URL finder, which converts companies’ names to their website addresses, is only one of the marketing and prospecting tools of CUF created to

  1. simplify lead generation,
  2. save marketers’ time,
  3. reduce errors and mistakes, and finally
  4. manage costs and boost revenue.

List of companies’ names should be given to CUF as the input by the user, and then CUF🚀 converts them to their website addresses on an extensive scale and briskly.

This tool is meaningful while you have many companies’ names with no domain (few numbers of names can be found through Google search) as manually domain extraction is a sample of time and energy killing with high mistake probability when a long list of names should be converted to websites.

Reverse domain lookup capable of converting companies’ website URLs to their names is another service of CUF🚀 helping marketers and data scientists to get rid of Googling and manual web searching.

Along with the company URL finder and reverse domain lookup tool, CUF has designed and created many other efficiently, creative, and appealing services based on the needs of marketers to turn the long, time consuming, tedious, and error-prone process of lead generation to a short, time saving, exciting, and error-free procedure!

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