To find a company URL, you can search for the company's official website using search engines, explore their social media profiles for links, or refer to business directories and company databases. These methods can help you locate the website URL associated with a specific company.

Company URL Finder Free

A company URL finder helps you locate the website addresses of different companies. There are various free tools available that can assist you in finding company URLs. These tools typically allow you to search for a company by name and provide you with the corresponding website address. You can input the company name into the tool’s search bar, and it will generate the associated website URL, if available.

Free company URL finders often rely on web scraping or data aggregation techniques to gather information from various sources. While they can be helpful in discovering company websites, it’s important to note that the accuracy and completeness of the results may vary. Additionally, some free tools may have limitations on the number of searches or the extent of data provided.

Verifying the obtained URLs and conducting further research are always recommended to ensure they correspond to the intended companies. In some cases, paid services or more comprehensive business directories may offer more reliable and up-to-date information for finding company URLs.

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Find Company Website based on Name Excel.

To find company websites based on names using Excel, you can utilize a combination of Excel functions and web scraping techniques. First, compile a list of company names in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, use Excel’s CONCATENATE function to create search URLs by appending the company name to the desired search engine’s URL format. For example, if you want to search on Google, you can create the search URL by concatenating “” with the company name. Next, use Excel’s HYPERLINK function to generate clickable links to the search results. Apply the function to the concatenated URLs in a separate column, and the links will be created. You can then click on the links to open the search results page for each company.

Please note that the accuracy and relevance of the search results may vary as they depend on the search engine’s algorithms and indexing. Additionally, web scraping techniques, such as using Excel’s Power Query or external web scraping tools, can be employed to extract the website URLs from the search results automatically. However, it’s important to be mindful of the legality and terms of service associated with web scraping, ensuring compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.

There are various methods you can utilize to find a company URL. One approach is to visit the company’s profile on LinkedIn and look for their website link within the company profile section. LinkedIn provides a valuable platform for discovering company information, and profiles often include the URL of the company’s website. Additionally, you can leverage Google Sheets or Excel to create a dedicated sheet where you can input company details and use formulas to extract the LinkedIn profile URL. By extracting the LinkedIn profile URL, you can navigate to the company’s LinkedIn page, which often includes the company’s website URL. Whether you are researching competitors, conducting market analysis, or seeking partnership opportunities, these strategies enable you to find the company URL efficiently and gather valuable information for your business needs.

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