If you’re searching for services that provide email listings for free, the following article will serve as an excellent resource, listing the top free email finders and verifiers.

email listings for free

Email is significant in modern business communication, offering an indispensable communication tool for various reasons, including marketing and global reach, customer service, documentation, remote work, and others.

Finding free email listings can be challenging, as quality and accuracy are important. You might consider utilizing online business directories, industry-specific websites, or professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to manually gather email addresses. 

Email marketing teams and data analysts may prefer to use the tools that provide email listings for free if their budget is insufficient for buying email lists.

In this article, we introduce the most famous email finders, which provide free emails too. However, most of the reliable email finders provide a few numbers of emails for a free trial.

Here, we learn more about CUFinder as one of the tools that provide free trials for newcomers and free credits for users every month. Uplead as an email finder with five free credits only for newcomers and 10 other email finders with free credits in the global market.

How Do I Get Free Email Lists?

Email marketing teams can benefit from online email finders and verifiers for getting email listings for free.

Here are the top email providers in the market!

1. CUFinder

CUFinder is one of the famous lead generation and business data enrichment tools available in the global markets for extracting and verifying email addresses of companies and individuals.


You can get free emails from CUFinder, which provides 15 free email searches for newcomers. It also gives 15 free credits to users every month!

It means that your free credits are repeated every month!

You can get free emails from CUFinder, which provides 15 free email searches for newcomers. It also gives 15 free credits to users every month!

Some of the critical features of CUFinder:

  • CUFinder has +180 million email addresses
  • CUFiner has the emails of +1.5 M professors
  • It has the emails of companies & employees
  • It guarantees over 98% email accuracy rate
  • It offers 15 free email search credits monthly
  • CUFinder’s email database is updated monthly
  • CUFinder provides long email lists in real-time
  • CUFinder has provided transparent pricing plans
CUFinder has provided transparent pricing plans

After signing up, you need to enter your account on the CUFinder website. Then click “Prospect Engine” at the top of the dashboard.

After signing up, you need to enter your account in CUFinder website. Then click “Prospect Engine” at the top of the dashboard.

Second, select company search at the top.

Second, select company search at the top.

Then, filter your request to get the most targeted results. The more search criteria you select, the narrower and the more precise the results will become. Five filters are available, including company, location, employee count, industry, and products/services.

Then, filter your request to get the most targeted results.

After choosing the preferred search criteria, the filtered list of relevant companies is displayed.

After choosing the preferred search criteria, the filtered list of relevant companies is displayed.

You can click any of the companies you like to enter its complete report. On the right side, if you click “Emails”, the complete list of the company’s emails is shown. This list contains the emails of the company and its employees.

You can click any of the companies you like to enter its complete report.

2. GetProspect

Sales teams, business developers, recruiters, and marketers can use GetProspect email provider. Some search criteria are added to this platform, including job title, location, industry, company size, etc., to get relevant data.

Additionally, GetProspect has an email verifier to check the accuracy of email addresses by various methods.

You can choose one of the monthly or annual plans of GetProspect to buy email lists.

Also, for email listings for free, you can use its free plan, which allows you to find 50 emails and verify up to 200 emails per month.

LinkedIn extension, API, CSV & XLS, lead enrichment, and team data sharing are some of the key features of GetProspect.

3. Voila Norbert

Users can buy email lists from Voila Norbert. It has an email finder and verifier to find the correct emails of companies and check their accuracy before exporting to your CRM.

Email marketing teams can get email listings for free from Voila Norbert, as this platform gives 50 free credits to newcomers.

Voila Norbert provides single and bulk email search, API, and CRM integrations.

4. MineLead

MineLead helps you to find emails for any company domain. When you enter a company website URL in MineLead, it checks the website to extract the available email addresses.

Its individual email finder gets the full name of a person and the domain of the company in which the person is working to provide the email.

MineLead has browser extensions, API, and CRM extensions. MineLead email verifier is another tool for checking email accuracy. It mentions the email type and the validity of syntax form, server, and status.

It has a free email finder, allowing users to find 25 free email addresses monthly.

5. People Data Labs

People Data Labs is an email provider. You can buy email lists at scale from this email finder, which has +28 million company records.

You can get email listings for free from People Data Labs, as it gives you up to 100 free email accounts monthly.

Email list building is challenging if you want to do it manually. People Data Lab and other email finders can collect emails on your behalf rapidly.

6. Snov.io

Snorv.io can find the companies you need by industry, company size, location, name, and more. Then the emails of these companies are displayed in real-time.

Snov.io provides 150 free credits for a trial. Then it gives 50 free searches per month to users.

Snov.io can be synced to over 5,000 favorite tools. It has an email verifier to check questionable email addresses.

7. ContactOut

ContactOut has emails and phone numbers of professionals. It can help sales teams and recruiters to connect relevant leads.

ContactOut has 3o million company profiles and 250 million professional profiles.

ContactOut has over 20 data attributes, such as location, job title, industry, name, etc., to find targeted results.

After signing up, ContactOut gives you 40 free credits for finding personal or work emails and 3 free credits for finding phone numbers. After this free trial finishes, the user should pay to use its services.

ContactOut supports CRM integration, API, and Chrome Extention.

8. AeroLeads

Email marketing campaigns can use Aeroleads’ email finder to collect leads’ emails. It provides the emails and phone numbers of leads in real-time.

Users can find the leads’ emails through AeroLeads’ filtering system and add 2500 contacts in bulk with only one click.

Email listings for free can be built by Aeroleads. Users have 50 free email searches and 100 free email verification every month.

9. LeadMine

LeadMine is an email finder to buy email lists in bulk. Also, you can get email listings for free, as LeadMine has a free plan with 10 credits per month. These free credits can be used for email lookup or verification.

Sales, marketing, and recruitment departments can use LeadMine to find leads and their emails, verify the email addresses, and find leads from any websites via LeadMine Chrome Extension.

Over 120 million work emails are recorded in LeadMine. Additionally, 10 million companies and 50 million people are stored in this database. Overall, 200 million contacts are available in LeadMine.

10. Tomba

Tomba has various services for lead generation. One of them is the email finder. It can find the companies’ and individuals’ email addresses in real-time.

Tomba builds precision-targeted prospect lists for your marketing or recruitment team. It Boosts your CRM existing data with various data enrichment techniques. API and integrations are feasible in Tomba.

Tomba has a free plan. You can find 50 emails per month free of charge.

11. Wiza

Sales and recruiting teams use Wiza for LinkedIn prospecting and scraping, and email verification. Wiza extracts emails from the LinkedIn profiles of companies and individuals.

You can gain email listings for free in Wiza because it gives 20 free credits to any newcomer.

Wiza email accuracy is 97%, and the email match rate is 86%, as mentioned on its website. Up to 2500 contacts can be enriched in Wiza.

LinkedIn has over 900 million users in 2023. You can make the most of LinkedIn with the help of Wiza to extract email addresses.

HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other CRMs can be synced to Wiza for data transfer.

12. SignalHire

SignalHire is another email finder providing company and professional emails. A filtering system finds emails. You can find emails by name, role, or location.

You can buy email lists from SignalHire or build email listings for free via SignalHire’s five free credits in a month. You can retrieve five contact details; after that, you’ll be asked to upgrade.

SignalHire supports API and Browser Extensions. It has around 10 million companies in its database with their employee emails, phone numbers, and social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

13. Uplead

Uplead is a famous email finder and verifier where you can buy email lists or ask for short email listings for free because Uplead has a free trial with five credits at no cost.

Uplead guarantees a 95% email accuracy rate. It has 50 search criteria and provides the results based on the users’ selected filters. The user can select one filter or all of them. It depends on how narrow he wants the leads list to be.

Manual Email Listings for Free

You can find unlimited emails of B2B leads manually from the web. Two main questions arise:

  • How to find email addresses manually?
  • Why don’t most marketers find emails manually?

First, we reply to the first question. Then, you yourself will find out the answer to the second question!

How to Find Email Addresses of Companies Manually?

Via the four ways explained below, you can find the emails of companies manually and at no cost.


Google is only one of the search engines through which you can search a company name to find its website and then check the domain to extract the company’s email.

Some companies add their employees’ emails to their websites. You need to check their “Contact” pages to extract their emails. This process takes a long time if you want to extract the emails of many companies.

Check Social Media

You can check the companies’ social networks, including their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to find the emails of companies.

It is worth mentioning that finding the emails of persons in their private social networks is not helpful, as most people do not mention their emails on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Ask Directly

You can ask for individuals’ emails directly on Twitter via a simple Tweet, like the one you see in the picture below.


Guessing email addresses can be tricky and may cause a low email reputation.

However, when you can’t find a company’s or an individual’s email, and it is essential to send an email to them, you have no other way rather than guessing!

How to guess an email address?

You can rely on common email formats, including:

If it bounces back, you’ll know it’s incorrect. However, this method can be seen as intrusive and might violate privacy.

Is Manual Email Finding Reliable?

Imagine you want to email a group of 500 real estate brokers. You don’t have their emails, How can you find their accurate emails?

Do you want to search on the web to find the email addresses one by one? Isn’t it time-consuming?

Isn’t it better to focus on other vital parts of your job, like email list template, subject, and content? When real-time email finders can extract the emails, you can work on other parts like writing effective content or designing real estate email templates.

As a substitute for manual email listings for free, we recommend the CUFinder email finder with over 180 million email addresses of individuals and companies saved in its comprehensive and verified email network.

CUFinder’s crawlers scan the whole web and verify the extracted emails weekly. You can use your free monthly credits. And if you want to increase your access, you can pay a little money and get the most targeted, clean, fresh, complete, and correct email lists based on your needs.

The quality of the data you buy from CUFinder exceeds the low money you pay!

Manual Email Listings vs. CUFinder Email Lists

The most explicit difference is the matter of time!

To buy an email list from CUFinder (even long lists) needs a very short time compared with too many days you should spend building the same list manually!

You find emails on the web, copy, and paste them into the CRM. How to ensure these emails’ quality and accuracy rate?

Nevertheless, the CUFinder’s verified emails given in seconds are worth it.

Free email lists for marketing are commonly incomplete records of email addresses. On the other hand, CUFinder’s database, with emails from over 262 million businesses, is the most thoroughgoing email archive in the market.

The CUFinder filters determined by the users help CUFinder to find the emails of the most relevant leads. CUFinder provides the emails of people and firms upon the user’s order.

Weekly updates through AI technology have caused CUFinder email inventory to contain fresh and up-to-the-date emails.

Now what is your first choice?

Based on the mentioned points, do you prefer to get email listings for free by manual searching or use email finders?

Which of the introduced email finders is your choice for making email listings for free?

Due to the clear difference between the quality and accuracy of the emails obtained from these two methods and the essentiality of keeping email deliverability rate and performance high, the second strategy is the best way.

You can check all the email finders introduced on this page, compare them, and select the best based on your needs to get the best email listings for free.


  • How do I find mailing lists? In addition to manual email finding, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, you can use CUFinder’s email finder to collect the emails of companies and individuals in bulk and in real-time.
  • How do I find my CEO email address for free? CUFinder has a bulk CEO Email Finder, which can convert any company name to the company domain, first and last name, job title, job title level, and CEO email.
  • How to get free targeted emails? CUFinder provides 15 free monthly credits for all users to find emails of companies or persons. CUFinder has an advanced filtering system, which helps to find targeted and relevant results.

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