In the ever-evolving world of marketing, B2C and B2B lead generation have become the lifeblood of successful businesses. To effectively manage and nurture these leads, businesses turn to lead enrichment tools.

If you want to get to know the best lead enrichment tools out there, you’re in the right place.

In 2024, lead enrichment tools have become essential for businesses looking to enhance their customer data and improve sales and marketing strategies. These tools use advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to automatically update and augment lead information with valuable data points. They pull information from various public and proprietary sources, providing insights like company size, industry, job role, and social media profiles.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of lead enrichment tools and present the top 13 options available in 2024.

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What Are Lead Enrichment Tools?

What Are Lead Enrichment Tools?

Lead enrichment tools, often referred to as lead generation or marketing automation software, play a pivotal role in enhancing lead management processes for both B2B and B2C businesses.

These tools empower sales and marketing teams to gather valuable information about B2B leads. They transform these leads into well-informed prospects.

Businesses can tailor their marketing strategies and outreach efforts effectively by enriching leads with crucial data, such as

  • contact information,
  • company details, and
  • social media profiles.

Lead enrichment tools are a fundamental component of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and outbound marketing strategies.

They provide considerable benefits to businesses, such as:

13 of the Best Lead Enrichment Tools Available Now

13 of the Best Lead Enrichment Tools Available Now

Now, let’s explore the 13 best lead enrichment tools available in 2024 that can help you supercharge your lead generation and B2B marketing strategies.

1. CUFinder


CUFinder is a powerful lead enrichment tool designed to simplify the process of lead generation for B2B businesses.

Its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for beginners looking to enhance their marketing strategies.

Key Features

  • API Access
  • Excel export
  • Team management
  • Highly accurate B2B data
  • Real-time sales data updates
  • 100% CCPA and GDPR compliant
  • Unlimited free email verification services
  • Global coverage across APAC, EMEA, and NAM
  • Social media and company enrichment services
  • Advanced filtering options for precise lead targeting
  • Vast lead database with millions of contacts and companies
  • Integration with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms


CUFinder is a powerful lead enrichment tool designed to simplify the process of lead generation for B2B businesses.
  • Enrichment Engine pricing plans include Free, Growth, Premium, and Unlimited.
  • Pricing plans start from $34 to $91 per user per month.
  • The free trial provides 15 credits per month.

2. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo is a well-established player in the lead enrichment space, trusted by numerous B2B companies for its extensive database and reliable data accuracy.

Key Features

  • Real-time company insights and data enrichment
  • Detailed company and contact information
  • Automated customer outreach and engagement
  • USA-focused database
  • Email automation


  • ZoomInfo offers a free trial.
  • Its pricing plans include Standard, Preferred, and Premium.
  • To view the prices, you must register on their website.

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3. LeadGenius


LeadGenius is an automated lead enrichment tool that caters to both B2B and B2C businesses. It combines automation and human intelligence to deliver high-quality lead data.

Key Features

  • In-depth company insights
  • Targeted lead lists
  • Contact data tracking
  • Automated outbound sales outreach


  • LeadGenius’s pricing information isn’t available on its website.
  • It offers a free trial option.

4. Cognism


Cognism is a comprehensive B2B lead generation software that combines data enrichment with outbound marketing features, making it a one-stop solution for sales and marketing teams.

Key Features


  • Cognism makes customized pricing plans for users and offers a free trial option.
  • The pricing details aren’t accessible on the website. To view them, you need to request and fill out a form.

5. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder is a B2B sales lead enrichment platform that focuses on website visitor tracking. It helps businesses identify potential leads based on their website interactions.

Key Features

  • User management
  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Verified company details
  • Firmographics & contact details
  • Two-way CRM integrations
  • Website visitor and form tracking
  • Email alerts for lead activity


  • Leadfeeder offers Free and Paid plans.
  • Paid plan starts at $153.60 per user per month.

6. Reverse Contact

Reverse Contact

Reverse Contact is a unique reverse email extraction tool that specializes in reversing contact information. It makes for a valuable addition to your marketing arsenal.

This lead generation software collects up-to-date information with the help of OSINT methods to reveal anonymous sign-ups.

Key Features

  • Personal & business reverse email lookup
  • Email and phone verification
  • File enrichment
  • CRM integration
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • API Access


  • Reverse Contact’s pricing plans include Basic, Growth, and Enterprise.
  • It starts at $99 per user per month.
  • You can get 20 free credits for trying it out.

7. Clearbit


Clearbit is a popular lead enrichment tool known for its accuracy and depth of data. It provides detailed insights into both individual leads and companies.

Key Features

  • Company and employee data
  • Integration with CRM and marketing platforms
  • International coverage: US, APAC, EMEA
  • Easy integration with CRMs
  • Conversation tracking and form optimization


  • A free account option is available, and you can get 25 free prospecting credits.
  • The pricing options include Free, Business, and Powered.
  • The pricing details aren’t available on their website. To view them, you must book a demo.

8. FullContact


FullContact is a versatile lead enrichment tool that focuses on personalizing customer experiences. It offers a 360-degree view of leads by gathering data from various sources.

Key Features

  • Contact data enrichment
  • Social media integration
  • CRM synchronization
  • Data privacy and compliance
  • Website visitor recognition


  • FullContact’s plan package starts at $99 a month.
  • It offers a 14-day free trial to explore its capabilities.

9. UpLead


UpLead is a B2B lead generation and enrichment platform that empowers users to build targeted lead lists and enrich existing leads.

UpLead offers clean prospecting lists with a 95% accuracy rate.

Key Features

  • Lead list building
  • Real-time data verification
  • 50+ advanced search filters
  • Email verification
  • Bulk data points lookup for leads


  • UpLead has three pricing plans, such as Free, Essentials, Plus, and Professional.
  • Pricing plans start at $99 per user per month.
  • You can get 5 free credits with UpLead’s Free plan.

10. Datanyze


Datanyze is a comprehensive B2B lead enrichment tool that specializes in technographic data. It helps businesses identify B2B leads based on the technologies they use.

Key Features

  • Technographic lead enrichment
  • Company insights and signals
  • CRM integration
  • Customizable lead scoring
  • Chrome extension


  • Datanyze offers 10 free credits per month for a short term (three months).
  • The pricing starts at $55 per user per month.

11. Pipl


Pipl is a search engine for people’s data. It provides detailed information about individuals and can be used by investigators and businesses. It has a data enrichment feature for sales teams.

Key Features

  • People and background search
  • Crime and fraud investigation
  • Real-time signup verification
  • Demographic data enrichment
  • Segmentation


  • Pipl’s pricing information is not openly accessible.
  • To view the prices, you need to contact their sales team and fill out a form.

12. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is a versatile lead-generation platform that provides a range of data insights, including personal information and social media profiles.

Also, you can access billions of public records and monitor your online reputation.

Key Features

  • Personal data enrichment
  • Social media integration
  • Vehicle lookup
  • Criminal records
  • Reverse address lookup
  • Reverse phone and background checks


  • It starts at $29.99 per user per month.
  • BeenVerified offers a 7-day free trial.

13. BuiltWith


BuiltWith is a Web technology profiling tool that focuses on technology tracking. It allows businesses to identify leads based on the technologies they use on their websites.

Key Features

  • Technology tracking and lead identification
  • Detailed technology stack insights
  • Integration with CRM and marketing tools
  • Custom alerts for technology changes
  • Completely free individual site lookups


  • BuiltWith offers three pricing packages: Basic, Pro, and Team.
  • Pricing plans start from $295 to $995 per user per month.

Closing Thoughts

Lead enrichment tools are invaluable assets for businesses in 2024, whether they operate in the B2B or B2C space.

These tools streamline lead management, enhance marketing strategies, and boost overall sales and revenue.

As you consider the best lead enrichment tool for your business, remember to assess your specific needs, budget, and depth of data required to fuel your marketing automation and CRM efforts.

Lead enrichment tools are the cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, and selecting the right one can significantly impact your success in lead generation and marketing.

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