Since you may be obsessive regarding choosing your words when writing messages to your LinkedIn network, recalling a message can be a good option to optimize your messages to better connect with LinkedIn members. Now you may be asking how to recall a message on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn does not provide a built-in feature to recall or retract messages that you have already sent. Once you've sent a message on LinkedIn, it becomes a permanent part of the conversation history and cannot be undone. If you need to correct an error or modify the message content, you can send a follow-up message explaining the correction or rephrasing.

Is it possible to recall a message on LinkedIn?

It’s worth mentioning that currently, this option is not available to you in LinkedIn messaging, unfortunately. If you inadvertently sent an incorrect message while chatting with your connections on LinkedIn messaging, instead of recalling, to solve this problem, you can quickly try much simpler solutions such as deleting, editing, or resending the message.

So don’t worry! That’s why in this article, we’re trying to teach you how to delete a message on LinkedIn either individually or in a group. This is effortlessly done in seconds on LinkedIn.

How to delete a message on LinkedIn?

To remove a single message you’ve sent within 60 minutes on LinkedIn, all you need to do is to follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to your LinkedIn account and click the Messaging icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

How to Recall a Message on LinkedIn?

Step 2: From the list of sent messages, select the conversation you’d like to delete a message.

Step 3: Click the More icon or the three dots sign at the top right of the message from the conversation.

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, click the Delete option.

How to Recall a Message on LinkedIn?

How to delete a group chat on LinkedIn?

A conversation thread or a group chat creates when you send a message to one or more of your connections through LinkedIn messaging.

Sometimes you want to remove entire messages of a conversation thread from your LinkedIn message inbox instead of just one message from a conversation. The good news is that this is much easier than deleting a message.

To recall your entire conversation history with one of your connections from the LinkedIn messaging page, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Choose the group conversation you wish to delete from your messaging inbox.

Step 2: Click the More icon in the upper right corner of your conversation thread.

How to Recall a Message on LinkedIn?

Step 4: Select the Delete option from the drop-down menu.

How to Recall a Message on LinkedIn?

Step 5: To confirm the deletion of the targeted conversation thread, click the Yes, delete button from the pop-up window.

How to Recall a Message on LinkedIn?

Notes to bear in mind when you want to delete a message on LinkedIn:

  • The sent message can be edited or deleted only within one hour after sending.
  • You can only delete a sent text message.
  • You can’t retrieve a deleted message or conversation thread.
  • When you delete a message, it will be indicated as a This message has been deleted badge for both the sender and recipient.
  • The conversation thread is only removed from the sender’s inbox, not from the recipient’s.
  • You can remove conversation threads in bulk or individually.

Is There a Way to Delete a Message Sent on LinkedIn?

You can delete messages from the recipient’s inbox within 60 minutes after sending them. Even if the sent message has been accepted or seen by the recipient.

To delete a message sent to both sides on LinkedIn, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the message thread you want to delete and click the three-dot icon. 
  • Select the Delete option. 
  • Then click the Delete button in the pop-up window to confirm.
Is There a Way to Delete a Message Sent on LinkedIn?

Can You Unsend a Conversation on LinkedIn?

Currently, there isn’t a feature on LinkedIn allowing you to unsend messages sent to your connections. 

It’s recommended to carefully review messages on LinkedIn before sending them. While you can remove a conversation thread from your inbox, it cannot be deleted from the recipient’s inbox.

Does Deleting a LinkedIn Conversation Delete Both Sides?

No, deleting a conversation on LinkedIn only removes it from the sender’s inbox, not from the recipient’s. 

This means that if you choose to delete a conversation, it will still remain in the other person’s inbox unless they also delete it. 

Therefore, to ensure the complete removal of a conversation, all parties involved must delete it from their respective inboxes.

Is There a Way to Unsend a LinkedIn InMail?

Currently, LinkedIn does not provide a feature to unsend InMail messages once they have been sent. Unlike some messaging platforms that offer a message recall or unsend option, once an InMail is sent, it cannot be retracted from the recipient’s inbox. 

However, users can delete or edit an InMail message within a conversation within a 60-minute timeframe after sending it. 

How to Delete a Sent Message on LinkedIn Recruiter?

If you mistakenly sent the InMail message to a LinkedIn member, you can delete it within just 60 minutes.

To delete a sent message on LinkedIn Recruiter, on the sent message thread, just click on the “More” option and select the “Delete:” option.

How to Delete LinkedIn Message After 60 Minutes?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete messages after 60 minutes on the LinkedIn messaging platform. Once a message is sent on LinkedIn, it cannot be edited, recalled, or deleted after 1 hour. 

If you need to clarify or correct something in a message that has been sent, your best solution is to replace it with a new one.

So don’t worry, even after days day sending them, you can send a follow-up message to address the issue. 

How to Edit a Message on LinkedIn after Sending?

To edit a particular message on LinkedIn within one hour of sending:

  • Choose the conversation you wish to alter from your messaging inbox.
  • Click the three dots icon located to the right of the message within the conversation.
  • Select Edit to adjust your message and then click Save.
How to Edit a Message on LinkedIn after Sending?

How to Edit Message on LinkedIn Recruiter?

To edit a message on LinkedIn Recruiter, follow these steps:

  • Open LinkedIn Recruiter and navigate to your messaging inbox.
  • Locate the conversation containing the message you want to edit.
  • Click on the conversation to open it.
  • Find the specific message within the conversation that you wish to edit.
  • Hover your mouse over the message, and you should see the three dots icon appear.
  • Click on the “Edit” option.
  • Make the desired changes to your message.
  • Once you’ve made the necessary edits, click “Save” or any corresponding option to confirm the changes.

Please note if editing is not available, you may need to send a follow-up message with the corrected information.

When You Delete a Message on LinkedIn Does the Other Person Know?

When a message is deleted on LinkedIn, the other person in the conversation is notified through a badge that indicates this message has been deleted. 

This notification ensures transparency and informs all participants of the action taken regarding the message.

Why Can’t I Delete LinkedIn Message?

You cannot delete LinkedIn messages because more than an hour or 60 minutes have passed since they were sent, and the “Delete” option is removed from the “More” drop-down menu.

Can I LinkedIn Deleted Messages Recover?

No, once a message on LinkedIn is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Once deleted, the message is permanently removed from both the sender’s and recipient’s inboxes. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the long-term outlook before deleting any messages, as they cannot be restored later on.

To round up

LinkedIn Messaging allows you to easily reach out to anyone in your network and especially send unlimited messages to your first-degree connections. Now, due to lack of time, there may be situations where you couldn’t review your message before sending the wrong message. Do you know how to recall a message on LinkedIn?

According to, you don’t currently have the option to recall the sent messages to your 1st-degree connections. As mentioned before, you can only delete or edit any message you want within 60 minutes of sending it on LinkedIn. Perhaps in the near future, LinkedIn will add this feature to its other capabilities. So it’s enough to wait a bit and try the other methods.


Why can’t I recall a message on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn doesn’t have a native feature that allows users to recall or unsend messages like some other messaging platforms or email clients. Once you send a message on LinkedIn, it’s generally considered delivered and can’t be taken back or recalled from the recipient’s inbox.

If you’ve sent a message by mistake or wish to clarify something, the best approach is to send a follow-up message explaining the situation or providing the necessary clarification. It’s important to be professional and polite in your communication.

Can you recall a message on LinkedIn recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter also didn’t have a native feature that allows users to recall or unsend messages. Messages sent through LinkedIn Recruiter are subject to the same limitations as regular LinkedIn messages. Once a message is sent, it’s generally considered delivered and can’t be taken back or recalled from the recipient’s inbox.

If you’ve sent a message in LinkedIn Recruiter and need to correct or clarify something, the best approach is to send a follow-up message. It’s important to maintain professionalism and clarity in your communication with potential candidates or contacts.

What happens when you archive a Linkedin message?

Archiving a LinkedIn message simply removes it from your primary inbox and stores it in an “Archived” folder. It doesn’t delete the message entirely; instead, it’s a way to organize your inbox. When you archive a message, you can still access it later by going to the Archived folder. This feature is helpful for decluttering your main inbox while ensuring you don’t lose important conversations. Archived messages are not visible to the sender, and they won’t receive any notifications that you’ve archived the conversation. It’s a useful tool for managing your communication on LinkedIn.

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