Many marketers have lists of company domains in their CRMs for marketing purposes. Sometimes their lists are incomplete, and the domains have no company name! Then how to convert the domain to the company name?  Is domain to company name converter a good choice? Have you ever heard anything about CUF domain to company name API?

To quickly convert a domain to a company name, you can utilize domain lookup tools, business directories, or conduct targeted online searches specifically tailored for company name retrieval based on the domain.

Checking the domains one by one to extract company names is tedious and time-consuming. Instead, the domain to company name converter of CUF can convert any long list of company domains to their names in real-time.

This tool of CUF is invaluable as it solves the matter of time-wasting and inaccuracy. Users can be sure of the correctness of the results and get companies’ names in the blink of an eye. 98% data accuracy and high speed are this helpful service’s main features.

How to convert domain to company name by CUF?

Company domains have become an essential part of businesses’ showcases containing various invaluable information about enterprises, from their goals and achievements to their addresses and contacts!

Therefore many marketers or data analysts have lists of companiesdomains. Sometimes their lists are incomplete and do not have the companies’ names. As mentioned before, CUF domain to company name converter can be a valuable choice to convert domains to companies’ names in bulk and instantly.

  • To work with this service of CUF, first of all sign up HERE. The process of sign up happens in only 2 minutes and CUF just requires your email address for subscription.
  • The second step is to enter your “Dashboard”. To do this, click on “Sign in” in the top-right corner of CUF “Home”.  Enter your email and password to easily go to your “Dashboard”.
  • In first page of “Dashboard” you see the bellow picture which shows 4 boxes for 4 main services of CUF. Click on the fourth box that is blue in the bellow picture and enter a company domain to be converted to its name in a second. Enrich your incomplete lists and grow your business simply and rapidly.

How to work with bulk domain to company name converter of CUF?

If you need to convert long lists of domains to company names, click on the “New Bulk” in part of “Bulk Requests” on the left side of “Dashboard”, the one that is shown in orange color in the bellow picture.

Then there are three main steps. The first one is “Setup” in which the user should write a name for its project and also choose the domain to company name converter as the service from the list.  Then click on “Next” which is in orange color.

In this step, you must paste company domains in a separate line. A maximum of 10k companiesdomains can be entered. Do not worry if you have longer lists than 10k. You can add the extra ones to your next project. After clicking on “Next,” the results are shown.

The last step demonstrates the summary of the project. Click on “Finish” to download the results.

The history part is shown after clicking on “Finish”. If you click on “Download”, the results are downloaded in an excel file quickly and in real-time.

Is there any faster way to convert the domain to a company name rather than CUF!?

We answer this question confidently! Indeed, there is no other method faster than Company URL Finder! It is the first website to create the domains to companies’ names API, which works based on the latest algorithms and technologies.

Compare the speed of CUF API in converting domains to companies’ names in bulk with the speed of your employee to do this process! How many days does your employee need to do the job which is done in minutes and instantly by CUF!? Nothing left to say!

No limitation in CUF domain to company name API!

Through the website of CUF, the user can convert 1 to 10K companiesdomains to companies’ names in each of its requests. In other words, there is no restriction on the number of companiesdomains that are converted to names.

For instance, if you have 20k companiesdomains, you need to enter them two times in CUF API, and if you have 3k domains, it 3 times. The process is so simple and fast to help marketers and data scientists enjoy more of their job!

Domain to company name API of CUF is only one of its services!

In addition to the domain to company name converter, CUF has three other extraordinary tools too, including:

  • Company website finder: This service converts companies’ names to companies’ domains. It does precisely the opposite of domains to companies’ names converter of CUF.
  • Company LinkedIn finder: It finds companies’ LinkedIn pages based on their names in bulk and fast. LinkedIn is one of the leading social networks for companies is full of business data and can help marketers significantly.
  • Company email to company name converter: As the name suggests, it converts companies’ emails to their names in bulk and instantly.

Marketing is easier than you think!

Technology has helped humans to find shorter ways of doing tasks and jobs. You can find clients far from you and in other countries faster through a PC! With your intelligent cell phone, you can visit companies’ websites to extract their contacts, and companies’ social network pages help you get more data about businesses’ activities.

Everything is online and works with a simple internet connection. Newer marketing services and tools like CUF company website finder, company LinkedIn page finder, and company domain or email to company name converter are helping you to save more time and energy.

Your time is invaluable! Do not waste it at all! Outstanding business achievements are the results of intelligent choices! What you select to use today by yourself, colleagues or employees make your future.

Domain to company name converter of CUF is only one of the tools created by Company URL Finder that is in service of marketers and data analysts.

Related Questions & Answers

Change domain name free

Changing a domain name for free typically depends on the specific domain registrar or hosting provider you are using. While some providers may offer free domain name changes, others may charge a fee. Here are a few steps to consider if you want to change your domain name for free:

  1. Check with your domain registrar or hosting provider: Visit the website of the company where you registered your domain or purchased hosting services. Look for any information regarding domain name changes or updates. Some providers may offer a free domain name change as part of their service package, while others may charge a fee.
  2. Contact customer support: If you cannot find the information you need on the website, reach out to customer support via phone, email, or live chat. Explain your situation and inquire about the possibility of changing your domain name for free. They will be able to provide you with the specific details and options available to you.

Remember that the availability of free domain name changes can vary depending on the provider and the terms of your agreement. It’s important to review any terms of service or contract agreements before making any changes to ensure you understand any potential costs or limitations involved.

Convert Email to Company Name

Converting an email address to a company name can be a handy tool for professionals, especially in sales or marketing roles. Here’s a straightforward approach:

  1. Examine the Email Domain: Start by looking at the domain of the email address (i.e., the part after the ‘@’). In many cases, the domain can give you a direct clue. For instance, if the email is, the company is likely Apple.
  2. Web Search: If the domain isn’t instantly recognizable, put it into a search engine like Google. More often than not, this will lead you directly to the company’s website or profiles related to it. For instance, searching for “” might bring up results for “Example Inc.”
  3. Professional Networking Sites: Websites like LinkedIn can be especially helpful. By searching for the domain or parts of the email address, you might find profiles associated with that email domain, which can indicate the company name.
  4. Online Tools: There are several online platforms and tools designed for reverse email lookups. Some of these tools can provide details like company names associated with the email domain. However, their accuracy can vary, and some might require payment or subscriptions.

Remember, while these methods are effective, there’s no guarantee of accuracy every time. Some email domains might be used by multiple companies, or the email might be from a personal domain, making it harder to identify the associated company.

Company name to domain Converter

A company name to domain converter is a tool or service that helps you find available domain names based on your desired company name. It simplifies the process of matching your business name with an appropriate domain extension. Here’s how a company name to domain converter typically works:

  1. Enter your company name: Start by entering your desired company name into the converter tool or service. Make sure to input the exact name or a variation that closely resembles your business name.
  2. Generate domain name suggestions: Once you’ve entered your company name, the converter will generate a list of available domain name options that match or closely relate to your company name. It will typically provide you with different domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, and more.

The purpose of a company name to domain converter is to help you find a domain name that aligns with your company branding and is available for registration. However, it’s important to note that the availability of domain names can vary, and the converter tool may not guarantee the availability of a specific domain. It’s always a good idea to double-check the availability of a domain name with a domain registrar or hosting provider before finalizing your choice.

Convert domain to the company name in the shortest possible time and with no latency by CUF. CUF domain to company name API increases your time for other more critical tasks.

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