CUFinder offers a company URL finder free service, enabling users to seamlessly convert up to 15 company names into their corresponding domains instantly and at no cost.

This valuable tool provides real-time results, allowing users to discover the web addresses associated with the specified company names.

A "Company URL Finder Free" is a tool or service that helps users locate the website of a specific company without any cost or charges. It simplifies the process of finding and accessing information about businesses online, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for those seeking company websites for various purposes, such as research or outreach.

The service is efficient and user-friendly, making it a convenient solution for those seeking to identify the online presence of various businesses.

If you want to know “How do I find a website using a company name automatically?” continue reading this page.

How Do I Find a Website for a List of Companies?

CUFinder automates finding a company URL with a company name.

It is a bulk company URL finder, quickly converting company names to their corresponding website addresses.

If you are looking for an easy way to find the domains of companies, try the CUFinder company domain converter.

How Do I Find a Website for a List of Companies?

How Do I Find a Company’s URL by CUFinder?

You should follow the below simple steps to find the company website based on the name in Excel by CUFinder.

Sign in to your account and navigate to the dashboard to use CUFinder’s tool for converting company names to domains.

Subsequently, click the “Enrichment Engine” feature from the top menu.

Sign in to your account and navigate to the dashboard to use CUFinder's tool for converting company names to domains.

Select the “Company Name to Company Domain” service from the available options, the second choice among more than 27 bulk enrichment services.

Select the "Company Name to Company Domain" service from the available options, the second choice among more than 27 bulk enrichment services.

During this step, provide a name for your bulk search to streamline future project retrieval.

Once named, advance to the next stage by clicking “Next,” located in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

During this step, provide a name for your bulk search to streamline future project retrieval.

Accepted file formats, including .xlsx, .xls, and .csv, can be utilized to import your list of company names in this step.

You can drag and drop the file or browse it on your computer. After successfully uploading the file, click “Next” to proceed to the next stage.

Accepted file formats, including .xlsx, .xls, and .csv, can be utilized to import your list of company names in this step.

You will see a list of company names. Click on “Company Name” at the top, and then proceed by clicking “Next” to continue.

You will see a list of company names. Click on "Company Name" at the top, and then proceed by clicking "Next" to continue.

Review your request details. If all the information appears accurate, click “Run Bulk Request.”

Review your request details. If all the information appears accurate, click "Run Bulk Request."

Your results will be generated within seconds. Access a list of all completed projects, with the most recent one at the top. To view your new project’s results, click “View.”

To view your new project's results, click "View."

Receive a comprehensive report on your project by clicking “Download Bulk” to obtain the results.

Receive a comprehensive report on your project by clicking "Download Bulk" to obtain the results.

The Excel file displayed below contains the downloaded results, comprising two parts.

The first column lists the company names, and the second column has the website addresses of the companies identified by CUFinder.

The first column lists the company names, and the second column has the website addresses of the companies identified by CUFinder.

What Is the Best Company Name to Domain Converter Free?

CUFinder extends a generous offer to new users by providing 15 free searches for company names and their corresponding domains.

These free credits are not a one-time benefit but a recurring monthly free chance for all users.

This monthly renewal ensures that both new and existing users can consistently take advantage of using a company URL finder free of charge.

It reflects CUFinder’s commitment to ongoing assistance in converting URL to company name or company name to domain.

Manually Finding Company Domain

Manually finding company URLs can be done by searching for the company names on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and on professional social media like LinkedIn or Facebook.

However, it’s worth noting that this approach can be pretty inefficient, especially when dealing with many company names. Manually searching each name can be time-consuming, and there’s a higher risk of errors, mainly when dealing with similar or identical companies.

Find Company Domain Based on Name Professionally

Converting company names to domains online with CUFinder is recommended for several reasons:

CRM Integration

CUFinder seamlessly connects with various CRMs, automation tools, and spreadsheet applications.

This integration works with platforms, such as HubSpot, Zoho, Zapier, Copper, Close, Salesforce, SalesLoft, Outreach, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, Airtable, and more.

CUFinder ensures a smooth and error-free process, allowing users to convert company names to domains with just a few clicks and deliver results to any CRM or automation service within seconds.

Speed and Efficiency

CUFinder swiftly generates domains within seconds.

This quick conversion is crucial for users who need timely access to relevant data.

Bulk Capability

CUFinder stands out by offering the ability to convert large quantities of company names to domains simultaneously.

This bulk processing feature is precious for users dealing with extensive lists of companies, saving significant time and effort compared to manual methods.

High Data Accuracy

CUFinder prioritizes data accuracy, ensuring the information provided is reliable and precise.

This is essential for users who require trustworthy data for business decisions, research, or other purposes.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to navigate.

Users can seamlessly input their data, initiate searches, and retrieve results without facing unnecessary complications.

Automated Process

CUFinder’s online service automates the process of converting company names to domains.

This automation enhances speed and minimizes the potential for human errors, providing a more efficient and reliable solution.


How to find a company website based on name at the best prices?

The online conversion service by CUFinder eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming searches, saving users valuable resources.

This cost-effective approach allows businesses and individuals to allocate their time and efforts more efficiently.

Moreover, users only pay for valid results, making it an affordable service.


CUFinder has an extensive database containing business names and their corresponding website URLs.

With over 260 million domains from various companies, CUFinder ensures a wealth of information.

This database undergoes monthly updates to eliminate outdated data and incorporate new domains, ensuring users access the most current and relevant information.

Company URL Finder Free

CUFinder provides 15 free credits for all newcomers. This offer is repeated monthly for all old users.

Try the CUFinder company URL search service to experience seamless data extraction and verification.

CUFinder – The World of Prospecting Tools

CUFinder has six engines for prospecting and enriching CRM data.

  1. Prospect Engine
  2. Enrichment Engine
  3. Email Finder Engine
  4. Phone Finder Engine
  5. HR Engine
  6. Academic Engine

Let’s check what the responsibilities of each of these engines are.

Prospect Engine

The CUFinder Prospect Engine finds targeted companies with their complete contacts and details via an advanced filtering system.

It can also find qualified employees and employers with their general data and contacts like emails, phone numbers, addresses, industry, job titles, interests, skills, etc.

Enrichment Engine

Its Enrichment Engine has +27 bulk enrichment tools for updating the CRMs’ data and enriching the information of companies and individuals.

For instance, the company URL finder is one of these tools, which converts companies’ names to companies’ domains.

Email Finder Engine

CUFinder provides the emails of companies based on their domains and the emails of people based on their names and company domains.

Phone Finder Engine

CUFinder finds the phone numbers of companies based on their domains and the cell phone numbers of people based on their names and company domains.

HR Engine

HR specialists can find qualified employees and job seekers for their companies with the help of the CUFinder HR Engine.

The user should select some search attributes, and based on them, CUFinder provides the relevant job seekers and their data in real-time.

Academic Engine

CUFinder Academic Engine finds the relevant instructors and universities for students and data miners in seconds.

It finds the relevant data based on the filters that the user chooses.

How Do I Find The Domain of a Company?

Finding a company’s domain involves a strategic search process that can be simplified with a URL finder or a domain search service. When you know the company name but not its domain, tools for finding company domains come in handy. These services allow users to input company names, and in return, they provide the company’s URL or domain name.
This process is essential for professionals and businesses to connect or collaborate with other companies. A domain finder lets you easily access the company’s website URL, enabling you to explore their services, contact information, and other relevant details hosted on their website.

How Do I Find a Website From a Company Name?

To find a website from a company name, use a URL finder or a service that matches company names with their respective domains. This kind of service typically offers a search functionality where you can enter the company’s name, and it will return the company’s URL or website address.
Tools like these are invaluable for individuals looking to gather information about a company’s online presence and services or to contact them through their website based on the company name. It streamlines connecting with companies, especially when you only have their names.

What Is Your Company URL?

Your company URL, also known as the website address or domain name, is the web address that leads to your company’s online presence. It is a crucial part of your digital identity, allowing users, clients, and partners to find information about your services, products, and company values.
The URL should ideally include your company name or a variation of it to enhance brand recognition and ensure interested parties can find it easily. A well-chosen company domain enhances your visibility online and is a key component in building a professional and accessible digital footprint.

Company URL Finder Free Online

A free company URL finder online is a valuable tool for individuals or businesses looking to locate the website addresses of other companies quickly. These finders are search engines connecting company names to their respective web domains.
By simply entering the name of a company, users can discover the company’s website URL, facilitating easier access to their online services, contact information, and professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn. This service is especially beneficial for networking, job searching, or market research, providing a straightforward solution to finding company websites without extensive searches.

Linkedin Company Url Finder

CUFinder can help you find the companies you want on LinkedIn with a powerful LinkedIn Company URL Finder, from searching for sellers and buyers to job positions or job seekers.

Find Company Website Based on Name Excel

To find a company website based on a name in Excel, you can utilize formulas or add-ins designed for extracting domain names from company names. This method is particularly useful for managing large datasets where you have company names and need to find their website URLs. 

By integrating a URL or domain finder service with Excel, users can automate converting a list of company names into a list of corresponding websites. This approach is highly efficient for professionals engaged in market research, lead generation, or networking, enabling them to quickly access a bulk list of company URLs based on the names provided in their Excel spreadsheet.

Company Name to Website Finder

A company name to website finder is a specialized tool that bridges the gap between company names and their online domains. By inputting a company’s name into the finder, it searches a vast database of domains to match the name with the correct website URL. 

This tool is indispensable for individuals looking to connect with specific companies, offering a direct path to their online portals. Whether for networking, sales outreach, or partnership opportunities, a company name to website finder simplifies locating company websites, making engaging with companies of interest easier.

Company Name to Domain Finder

A company name to domain finder matches company names with their corresponding internet domains. This service streamlines discovering the domain name associated with a particular company, facilitating users to find company-specific information online. 

By leveraging a company name to a domain finder, individuals can bypass the often tedious task of manually searching for a company’s domain, allowing for a more efficient way to access company websites, services, and contact information directly through their domain names.

Company URL Meaning

The company URL meaning encompasses more than just a web address; it represents the digital gateway to a company’s presence online. It consists of the domain name that directs users to the company’s website, where they can explore its offerings, ethos, and contact details. 

A well-crafted URL is the foundation of a company’s online identity and plays a crucial role in branding and marketing. It should be memorable, concise, and reflective of the company’s name or domain to ensure it resonates with the target audience and is easily discoverable.

Bulk Company URL Finder

A bulk company URL finder is an invaluable tool for professionals who need to access multiple companies’ URLs at once. This service simplifies finding company domains on a large scale, making it ideal for market researchers, sales professionals, and anyone engaged in extensive networking.
Users can input a list of company names, and the finder will return the corresponding websites or domain names. This efficient process saves time and resources, enabling users to quickly gather the web addresses of various companies without manual searches.

Company URL Example

For instance, if a company’s name is “Tech Innovations Inc.,” an intuitive company URL example might be “” This URL directly reflects the company name, making it straightforward for customers and partners to remember and search for. Choosing a domain name that closely aligns with the company name domain enhances brand consistency and aids digital marketing efforts.

Final Notes

In summary, CUFinder distinguishes itself by combining speed, efficiency, bulk processing capabilities, high data accuracy, user-friendly interface, automation, and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, manually checking each domain for relevant data further adds to the time and energy invested in the process.

This method may waste significant time, energy, and potentially financial resources.

In contrast, using tools like CUFinder company name to domain service can streamline and expedite the process, providing a more efficient way to get company URLs.

We recommend you use the CUFinder company URL finder free to test the quality of CUFinder and enjoy its high accuracy.

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