To be honest, most of the things we do on a platform like LinkedIn, especially on a company page, are for the sake of successful marketing. From using sales navigation accounts, to directly advertising products and services in the company page posts and even, like, comment and sharing different posts on the company page. Now, joining groups is called to be one perfect marketing strategy in every industry. Can a LinkedIn company page join groups? The short answer would be no!

Can A LinkedIn Company Page Join Groups?

No, a LinkedIn company page cannot join groups. LinkedIn groups are intended for individual members to engage in discussions and share content with one another, rather than for companies to promote their brand.

Unfortunately, joining a group as a business account was never an option on LinkedIn; yeah still very odd considering the nature of the platform. Why did they never think to make the company pages dependable from the personal accounts?

Not only has this limited the marketing abilities of the admins, but there is also a lot of trouble when you need to change the admin of the page for the current one who has left the company or you’ve decided to change them for any kind of reason.

But thankfully, you still can join the group as individuals, and there are many ways to use a group for higher recognition of our brand.

As we mentioned, groups are one of the best LinkedIn places for using marketing strategies. There are so many chances to attract future clients, partners, employees, and even investors if you use the correct tools.

Who knows, your future sales can be very different from the strategies you used in the groups.

How to use groups for your company page?

As we said, people might ask: can a LinkedIn company page join groups? The answer is no, you cannot be a group member on a business page, but there are many ways to use those groups to do some branding and marketing for your company page.

Here I am going to talk about some of them that I personally tested, and boy, they work!

Can A LinkedIn Company Page Join Groups?

LinkedIn is like a professional industry meeting room full of enthused people who are looking to learn and know about that particular industry or subject.

Joining these groups not only will let you have access to a perfect lead generation pool but also will let you demonstrate your expertise in that matter by commenting. Sharing posts, etc., and gaining your target audience’s trust.

I mean, come on, you are in a group of like-minded people, and what else do you need? You cannot sell a sledgehammer in a group that is held over pet shops or pet products; you need to find the most related groups.

It is strongly probable that you can identify the most related groups by having a look at the group lists that your prospects and customers and also the industry influencers are joined in.

When you have found the best groups possible, try to attract the attention of the most interested people by publishing and sharing relevant content like articles, how-to content (especially if the topic is a tech one), guides, and most related posts.

Yes, simple broadcast marketing in social media platforms is changing drastically and is tending toward getting more engaged with the fans of every topic.

You don’t need a massive community of people with different interests to do effective marketing; a close group of the most enthused people on that topic can do the job, you know.

The exciting thing is that you can also use the groups for problem-solving.

Can A LinkedIn Company Page Join Groups?

This is an effective option, you know. It is just that there are people in every group who have already gone that extra mile and know the barriers and problems of the path you have taken.

We all know that problems occur in every business and when they do, you can always ask for the best advice to solve them on LinkedIn groups.

Not only will you find a cure for the issue, but you also will grab the attention of those people who did not notice you before.

Believe me, when you ask questions in a group or answer some of them and try to solve their problems, people will get encouraged to visit your company page to see👀 what you have to offer, I mean you have proven to be knowledgeable, and that is interesting for LinkedIn users.

You can also try to boost your network, using LinkedIn groups. As I mentioned, there can be customers, other entrepreneurs, industry influencers, potential investors, etc., in each group, and trying to contact them individually will definitely affect your selling rate and success in the future.

As you know, connections are your biggest treasure on social media platforms and LinkedIn is no exception.

A critical piece of advice here is to be focused and not overdo it. No one says joining 50 groups will guarantee your success; in fact, it can ruin everything because of the lack of concentration.

Reduce the number of groups in each category and focus on being active and intelligent enough for your marketing sake. You can make some excellent connections with this method.

Can A LinkedIn Company Page Join Groups?

DO NOT SPAM the groups. We said to be active and demonstrate yourself as a thought leader in the industry you are working in.

You can always share posts from your company page, mainly if they contain news about recent updates in every industry.

You also can advertise your products and services and even invite the group members to follow your company page, but it is essential to be moderate.

Spamming the groups, including your own group is a deadly mistake. Not only you and your company page can get reported, but it will also probably cause you to get banned from that group or if you are the group admin, people can leave your own group.

The damage that any of these scenarios can cause to the reputation and success of your brand is unpredictable. So be very careful about spamming the groups.

Related Questions & Answers

How to Join Groups on LinkedIn as a Company

To join groups on LinkedIn as a company, here’s a straightforward process. First, sign in to your LinkedIn company page. Then, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for relevant groups related to your industry or interests. Once you find a group you want to join, click on it to access the group page. Look for the “Join” or “Request to join” button, and click on it. Some groups may require approval from the group moderator, so wait for their response. Once your request is approved, you will be a member of the group, and you can start engaging with other members and sharing insights as a company representative.

Create LinkedIn Group from Company Page

Creating a LinkedIn group from your company page is a straightforward process. First, sign in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to your company page. Under the “Admin tools” section, select the “Create a group” option. Provide the necessary information such as the group’s name, description, and settings. Customize the group’s appearance by adding a logo and cover image. Once you’ve set everything up, click on the “Create” button. Congratulations! You have successfully created a LinkedIn group from your company page. Now you can invite members, manage discussions, and foster a community around your company’s interests and industry.


So, what was the subject? Yes, can a LinkedIn company page join groups? No, you can only join them from your personal account.

But that never means you cannot use them for your business account. I mean, groups are an excellent lead generation source with unimaginable marketing potential chances, so why not use them in the best possible way?

I talked about some strategies to make the best out of joining any groups for making your brand successful on LinkedIn. Do you know any other ways? Let me know about them in the comments section.


How do I add a group to my LinkedIn company Page?

LinkedIn doesn’t provide a direct feature to add groups to your LinkedIn Company Page. Company Pages are primarily designed to showcase your organization, its products, and services. Groups, on the other hand, are community-oriented spaces for discussions among LinkedIn members.

However, you can indirectly connect your Company Page with groups in this way:

  1. Create or Join Relevant Groups: As an individual LinkedIn member, you can join groups that are relevant to your company’s industry or interests.
  2. Participate Actively: Engage in discussions, share insights, and build your presence within these groups as a representative of your company.
  3. Share Company Content: When appropriate, you can share valuable content from your company’s Page within these groups. Be mindful not to spam; your content should genuinely contribute to the group’s discussions.
  4. Mention Your Company: In your group interactions, you can mention your company as needed and appropriate, which indirectly links your individual participation with your Company Page.

Please note that LinkedIn’s features and capabilities can change over time, so it’s a good idea to refer to LinkedIn’s official help center or documentation for any updates or new features related to Company Pages and groups.

How to Create a Group on LinkedIn?

Creating a group on LinkedIn is a straightforward process. To start, click on the “Work” icon in the top navigation bar and select “Groups” from the dropdown menu. Then, click on the “Create a group” button. Follow the prompts to choose a group name, logo, and description, as well as to set the group’s privacy settings. You can choose to make the group open, closed, or private, depending on your preferences. Once your group is created, you can invite members, post discussions, and manage the group’s settings. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with like-minded professionals, share industry insights, and foster meaningful discussions within your niche or industry.

What is the difference between a company page and a group on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Groups serve different purposes:

  1. Company Page: A LinkedIn Company Page is a dedicated page for a business or organization. It’s used for branding, showcasing company information, posting updates, and promoting products or services. Followers of a Company Page receive these updates in their newsfeeds. It’s a one-way communication tool for businesses to share content with their audience.
  2. Group: LinkedIn Groups are communities where members can join discussions, share content, and connect with professionals who have similar interests or are in the same industry. Groups are interactive, allowing members to post and comment, fostering engagement and networking among participants. They are often used for knowledge sharing, networking, and discussions on specific topics.

In summary, Company Pages are primarily for businesses to broadcast information and build their brand presence, while Groups are more interactive and facilitate discussions and networking among professionals with shared interests.

How to Use LinkedIn Groups for Your Company

Using LinkedIn Groups for your company can be a strategic way to engage with your target audience and establish industry authority. Here’s how:

  1. Identify Relevant Groups: Search for LinkedIn Groups that align with your industry, niche, or target audience. Join groups that are active and have members who match your ideal customer profile.
  2. Participate Actively: Once you’re in these groups, don’t just promote your company. Engage in meaningful discussions, share valuable insights, and establish yourself as an industry expert. Building relationships is key.
  3. Share Your Content Thoughtfully: While it’s essential not to over-promote, sharing your company’s relevant blog posts, articles, or webinars can be valuable to the group. Ensure your content genuinely adds value to the discussions.
  4. Answer Questions and Provide Solutions: If someone in the group has a problem that your company can solve, offer assistance without pushing your products or services aggressively.
  5. Create Your Own Group: Consider creating a LinkedIn Group specifically related to your industry or niche. This can position your company as a thought leader and provide a platform for meaningful discussions.

Remember, the goal is not just self-promotion but building relationships, sharing knowledge, and contributing positively to the group’s community. This approach can help you leverage LinkedIn Groups effectively for your company.

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